Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2349, Future Plans

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Inside the room, Yang Kai, Chi Yue, and the others gathered around to discuss the events that happened to them these past few months.


Actually, there wasn’t much to say. Ever since Qiu Ze brought people over to Thousand Leaves Sect to cause trouble and was subsequently wiped out, the news of the shocking incident had spread like wildfire. The Sects that had suffered huge losses of their elites were all terrified, and a few days later, those Sects sent representatives over to beg for peace, shifting all the blame to the deceased, saying they and the others had no knowledge of the events that took place.


Of course, that was all nonsense. Not even a fool would believe that.


But the Sects all brought abundant supplies in order to make up for the losses incurred by Thousand Leaves Sect during the fight, and they also expressed their intentions to attach themselves to Thousand Leaves Sect. Therefore, Ye Hen did not have them killed.


If this was before, then Thousand Leaves Sect would not have had the ability nor the confidence to force these Sects to submit to them, but now, as the Heaven Grade puppets had resurfaced, making it equivalent to many Emperor Realm Masters keeping watch over the Sect, who within a hundred thousand kilometres would dare challenge them?


Ye Hen agreed to their requests to affiliate themselves with Thousand Leaves Sect and then sent them back.


In other words, Thousand Leaves Sect had become the overlord in the surrounding hundred thousand kilometre radius! One could only imagine how rapidly the Thousand Leaves Sect’s development would be now that it controlled such a vast stretch of territory.


“Did those people from Sky Illumination Palace come too?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.


Chi Yue answered, “They did. The Third Elder of Sky Illumination Palace came personally, and he brought the most generous tribute of all, obviously worried Sect Master Ye would try to settle accounts with them otherwise.”


Yang Kai smiled, “How about Qiu Yu? Qiu Ze was his father, so Qiu Yu wouldn’t just let the fact rest that Qiu Ze died here in the Thousand Leaves Sect, right?”


Gui Zu snickered, “What else could he do? In order to curry favor with Thousand Leaves Sect, Qiu Yu has already been expelled from Sky Illumination Palace and his cultivation was crippled. Right now, he is no longer the Young Palace Master of Sky Illumination Palace, he’s just a man waiting to die.”


Yang Kai sneered, “The Third Elder of Sky Illumination Palace is quite a ruthless man!”


Yang Kai had no idea who this Third Elder was, but he guessed that this man was worried that Qiu Yu would seek revenge with him in the future, so he directly crippled his cultivation and banished him from Sky Illumination Palace.


He couldn’t be faulted for doing so either. If he wanted to keep Sky Illumination Palace intact, then he had to show fealty to Thousand Leaves Sect. Qiu Yu was Qiu Ze’s only son and his father died here. Naturally, Qiu Yu would want to avenge his death.


Thinking about a few months ago, Qiu Yu was still living a prosperous and proud life, but in just a few months, he became like a dog who had been cast away. Yang Kai couldn’t help but sigh a little. On the path of cultivation, one wrong move would lead to the end of one’s life!


If Qiu Ze and the others had not been so overbearing, then would their Sects have ended up like this?


“Yang Boy, there is something we wish to discuss with you,” Ai Ou suddenly said.


“What is it?” Yang Kai looked at them in confusion.


Chi Yue and the others exchanged glances before Gu Cang Yun spoke, “Big Brother, why don’t you say it?”


Gui Zu nodded, “It’s like this. We briefly discussed amongst each other and decided to join the Thousand Leaves Sect. We were wondering what the Sect Master thinks.”


“You wish to join the Thousand Leaves Sect?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Gui Zu answered, “That’s right. Sect Master Ye also brought this up to us before, but you were in retreat so we didn’t give them an answer. We wanted to ask for your opinion first.”


Yang Kai turned his head to look at them and asked, “Do you truly wish to join them?”


Chi Yue smiled wryly, “Since coming to the Star Boundary, we’ve experienced both warm and cold moments. We also thought about joining a Sect before, but we didn’t have the ability or the connections. There was no way we could get into any good Sect like that. Now that Sect Master Ye has personally invited us, we don’t want to miss this opportunity.”


Gu Cang Yun followed up, “Sect Master Yang, you haven’t joined a Sect either, so you should know the difficulties of cultivating alone.”


“I do.” Yang Kai nodded. Even though things had gone smoothly for him all the way till now, it was true he did not have the same conveniences as a Sect disciple. It was not a bad thing that Chi Yue and the others wished to join Thousand Leaves Sect. After a moment of silence, he agreed, “This is a good thing. For Sect Master Ye to invite you personally is enough to show his sincerity. If you are interested, then just stay.”


Earlier, he was still thinking about how he was going to settle Gui Ze and the others in the future.


He was originally thinking of bringing them back to Azure Sun Temple, but he wasn’t an important character in the Sect, so it wasn’t right for him to ask Wen Zi Shan to take them in.


Even though he knew that Wen Zi Shan would not refuse if he asked, if they joined the Azure Sun Temple through a back door, they would definitely be looked down on. Azure Sun Temple was not a small Sect after all.


Ye Hen’s invitation came as a pleasant surprise.


There were many things to be done in Thousand Leaves Sect, so they were in need of people right now, and the future ahead was bright for them. It may be a good thing for Chi Yue and the others to stay here.


With Yang Kai’s merit of restoring the entrance to the Sealed World and bringing back the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques of Thousand Leaves Sect, Ye Hen would definitely not treat his friends badly in the future.


“You agree?” Chi Yue asked.


Yang Kai smiled, “This is your matter, Seniors, what is there for me not to agree with?”


“What about you? Where will you go?” Ai Ou looked at him and asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment, “I’d like to look for Xiao Xiao.”


Among his companions who came with him from the Star Field, besides Wu Dao, all the rest had already reunited. Only Xiao Xiao’s fate remained unknown. Yang Kai was very worried, and he couldn’t feel at ease with each passing day that he did not find him.


“How will you find him?” Chi Yue frowned slightly.


“I don’t know. I may have to look for Yin Le Sheng in the Netherworld Sect. He may have some clues.”


When they came out of the Starlight Corridor, Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun from the Grand Desolation Star Field landed nearby Blue Feather Sect, after which the two of them were forced to join the Sect together. Meanwhile, Chi Yue and the others landed near Sky Crane City. In that case, Xiao Xiao may be with Yin Le Sheng who was similarly from the Grand Desolation Star Field.


If he could find Yin Le Sheng, he may be able to find a clue about Xiao Xiao.


He still remembered Yin Le Sheng telling him that he was a Netherworld Sect disciple. There was a Netherworld Sect in the Grand Desolation Star Field, and in the Star Boundary. As for where the one in the Star Boundary was, Yang Kai wasn’t sure, so he would have to investigate.


“You must be careful. Qing Luo is still waiting for you!” Chi Yue reminded him with a serious expression. They had met with Yin Le Sheng before and knew that the Netherworld Sect must be a rather big Sect in the Star Boundary. Yang Kai and Yin Le Sheng formed a grudge with one another in the Starlight Corridor, so if they met again, the other side definitely would not let things go. What’s more, Yin Le Sheng also knew that Yang Kai was a Star Master and wanted to steal his Star Source.


Star Sources were a rare item in the Star Boundary that were able to help a cultivator obtain insight into Principle Strength, so everyone wanted to get their hands on one.


“I know,” Yang Kai smiled. “For their sake, I will never put my life in danger.”


After that, Yang Kai took out the Spirit Pills he refined and passed them to Chi Yue and the others. He also left them a huge amount of Source Crystals.


These were all things Chi Yue and the others badly needed. Even though they knew that Yang Kai must be living a pretty good life, seeing him take out so many Spirit Pills and Source Crystals at once was still shocking to them.


Thinking back, in order to afford Source Condensing Pills, they had to put themselves in great danger, killing Monster Beasts in exchange for Source Crystals and then using them to buy Source Condensing Pills… Even so, they would never be able to afford more than several dozen each time.


Those several dozen Source Condensing Pills would have to be split among them, and they would receive less than ten pills each, which would be used up in just a few days. Then, they would have to hunt Monster Beasts again, and the cycle would continue!


But now, Yang Kai had just taken out thousands of different Spirit Pills for them.


Such a large amount of Spirit Pills was more than enough for them to use for years to come.


Many of the Spirit Pills had even formed Pill Veins.


Chai Hu was thoroughly shocked. Only now did he realize how high Yang Kai’s Alchemy proficiency was.


An hour later, Yang Kai went to visit Ye Hen.


Ye Hen seemed to be in retreat, but knowing that Yang Kai was visiting, he was still happy to greet him.


After the two sat down, Ye Hen quickly said, “This Ye should have been the one to visit Young Master Yang, this Ye never expected Young Master Yang to come himself. This Ye apologizes.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Sect Master Ye is too polite.”


After asking someone to serve tea, Ye Hen asked, “This Ye wonders what instructions Young Master Yang needs this Ye to carry out today?”


Even though Thousand Leaves Sect had become the overlord of this region, and Ye Hen’s status had also risen dramatically, he didn’t get carried away with himself and still stayed humble in front of Yang Kai.


Seeing him like this, Yang Kai knew that Ye Hen wasn’t an ungrateful man, so he could feel at ease with Chi Yue and the others having chosen to stay.


“I wouldn’t dare give instructions. Only, my Seniors have informed me that they wish to stay in Thousand Leaves Sect, so I came today to ask Sect Master Ye to take care of them in the future, “Yang Kai said genially.


Ye Hen laughed, “Please don’t treat this Ye as an outsider, Young Master Yang. The reason Thousand Leaves Sect is even able to continue on is all thanks to Young Master Yang turning the tides with his strength. Not to mention taking care of them, even if Young Master Yang asks for this Ye’s position as Sect Master, this Ye would not frown.”


[Is this old man still thinking of recruiting me into his family?]


Yang Kai thought to himself as he waved his hand, “I won’t be staying. I still have things to do.”


Ye Hen did not react too much upon hearing this. Perhaps that just now was his final probe so he smiled brightly, “Then this Ye will not bring it up any longer. This Ye only hopes that if Young Master Yang is free in the future, he will come be a guest in Thousand Leaves Sect. Thousand Leaves Sect will always welcome Young Master Yang.”


Since Chi Yue and the others would be staying here, there was no way Yang Kai wouldn’t come to visit. Yang Kai had great potential, so it was definitely the right choice to be on good terms with him.


Even though Ye Hen was old, he still had a sharp eye and understood this very well.


“Naturally.” Yang Kai smiled and changed the topic, “Last time I heard Sect Master Ye say that you would be able to reach the Emperor Realm if given ten more years?”


Upon hearing this, Ye Hen’s expression turned grave, “This Ye had spoken mistakenly last time.”


“Huh?” Yang Kai was confused.


Ye Hen announced proudly, “Five years, this Ye only needs five years to be able to break through to the Emperor Realm! The Secret Arts and Secret Techniques left behind by Old Ancestor Ye Chong are of great benefit to this Ye and the more this Ye studies them, the greater the harvest. Only…” Speaking up to this point, he sighed, “This Ye does now know how long his old body can hold out for.”


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