Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2350, Flowing Time Pill


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


While Ye Hen was reaching his end like a lamp running out of oil, the last battle worsened his physical condition substantially, so his words were no lie. If he could make a breakthrough before his death and advance to the Emperor Realm, then the concerns over reaching the end of his rope would be gone as his life expectancy would also be increased; but if he failed to advance, then he could only return to the Earth.


The only pity was that time would not wait for him!


But this matter could not be blamed on anyone either, only on his own miserable luck. If he had met Yang Kai a few years earlier, then he may have reached the Emperor Realm by now.


Yang Kai flipped his hand over and took out a jade box, slowly pushing it in front of Ye Hen, “This Spirit Pill should be of some help to Sect Master Ye.”


“This is…” Ye Hen looked puzzled at Yang Kai, unsure of why he was handing him this pill. However, he obviously knew that Yang Kai was an Alchemist, so he didn’t dare dally and quickly opened the box.


There inside the box, a longan-sized Spirit Pill with a mysterious glow was imprinted into his eyes, and a fragrance lingered around his nose. Sniffing this pill fragrance, Ye Hen was stunned as he inexplicably felt as if he had grown considerably younger.


He asked, lost in surprise, “Young Master Yang, what sort of pill is this?”


Even though he had never seen a Spirit Pill like this before, he could tell from the feeling that that smell alone gave him that this was no ordinary pill. Moreover, Yang Kai could refine even a Heaven-defying pill like the Extraordinary Treasure Pill, so his work could not be short of amazing.


“I wonder if Sect Master Ye has heard of the Flowing Time Pill?” Yang Kai asked nonchalantly.


“Flowing Time Pill?” Ye Hen raised his brow in confusion for a moment before his body began to tremble and he exclaimed, “This is the Flowing Time Pill?”


Seeing his reaction, it was clear Ye Hen knew about the Flowing Time Pill.


Within the Star Boundary, there were many treasures available to prolong one’s life; however, not one of them was not an extinct treasure from legend. Not to mention a Third-Order Dao Source Realm like Ye Hen, even those Emperor Realm Masters could not get their hands on them.


Ye Hen knew that his own end was near, and he also thought about looking for these elixirs to prolong his life, but not only did he have no clue where to find them, even if he did, it would be next to impossible to obtain them; after all, many Emperor Realm Masters would already be fighting over such a prize.


So, Ye Hen had resigned himself to his fate. All this while, he had been in retreat and looking over the recently found Secret Arts and Secret Techniques, just hoping he could break through his shackles and advance to the Emperor Realm before his death. Even if he failed, he still wanted to leave behind his own insights to Ye Jing Han, so she could avoid some of the twists and turns in her future path.


But right at this moment, there just so happened to be a Flowing Time Pill placed right in front of his face.


He had learned in detail what sorts of elixirs existed in the Star Boundary that could prolong one’s life, and naturally knew of the Flowing Time Pill’s effects.


Strictly speaking, the Flowing Time Pill could not prolong one’s life, because it could not increase a person’s life span, instead, it worked by returning one’s physical state to what it was several dozen years before.


In other words, if Ye Hen were to take the Flowing Time Pill, then the state of his body would go back to several dozen years ago, which is considered a form of life extension. Of course, this effect had a major limitation. It was impossible to eliminate any injuries suffered by the person taking it. If the Flowing Time Pill could even turn back injuries by several dozen years and eliminate them, then that would truly be too Heaven-defying.


Nonetheless, the Flowing Time Pill that Yang Kai took out would be able to restore at least fifty years of life to Ye Hen!


Ye Hen simply could not believe that he could come across such a wonderful thing. He was complaining that time didn’t wait for him, and while his ambitions were only limited by the time he had left, Yang Kai was here to give him a Flowing Time Pill. He was so excited for a moment that he couldn’t contain himself.


He did not doubt Yang Kai because he knew that Yang Kai had gone to the Four Seasons Realm before, and had visited the Flowing Time Temple. The main ingredient of the Flowing Time Pill was the Flowing Time Fruit, which could only be obtained in the Flowing Time Temple.


Yang Kai had obviously obtained the Flowing Time Fruit, which was why he was able to refine this Spirit Pill.


Even though the Flowing Time Pill’s effects only spanned several dozen years, to Ye Hen, it was the best pill in the world right now, and he would be willing to buy it even if he had to give away everything he had.


Yet, Yang Kai had gifted it directly to him. Wasn’t this like what people say, delivering charcoal in a frigid winter?


With this Flowing Time Pill, what else did Ye Hen have to worry about? All he had to do was retreat for a few years and then break through to the Emperor Realm. With this Spirit Pill, he was certain that he could succeed. His bright future was unfolding before him just like a scroll, and he seemed to envision himself leading the Thousand Leaves Sect and restoring it to its past glory.


Ye Hen was overtaken by emotion for quite a while before he was slowly able to calm down. After recovering, he bowed deeply to Yang Kai, “Ye Hen has repeatedly received Young Master Yang’s kindness and has nothing to repay him with. Thus, Ye Hen hereby swears that Young Master Yang will become the greatest benefactor to this Ye and Thousand Leaves Sect. If Young Master Yang has any needs in the future, we will never refuse, and if this oath was to be broken, then Ye Hen and the Ye Family’s descendants will all be possessed by heart demons and be burned to death.”


Ye Hen made his oath firmly and quickly without the slightest hesitation, and he was already done before Yang Kai could react to the situation.


In the next moment, an invisible force seemed to surge into Ye Hen’s body and left an invisible mark on his Soul.


Yang Kai was stunned and smiled bitterly, “Sect Master Ye, there was no need for this…”


He knew very clearly what Ye Hen had just done. That was a Heart Demon oath, made with Ye Hen’s own Soul as the base. There was no possibility for him to regret this in the future. If he were ever to breach the oath, then a heart demon would really possess his body and he would be burned to death.


Moreover, this Heart Demon oath not only affected him, but also Ye Jing Han and any future descendants the Ye Family may have.


The reason why Yang Kai took out the Flowing Time Pill for Ye Hen was mainly that Chi Yue and the others would be staying here. Even though the Sect’s Heaven Grade puppets could be used now, there was no actual Emperor Realm Master to guard the Sect, which would inevitably cause them to be looked down upon.


For the sake of Chi Yue and the others, Yang Kai also hoped that Ye Hen would be able to reach the Emperor Realm and shelter them. That was why Yang Kai refined the Flowing Time Pill out of the Flowing Time Fruit and decided to give it to Ye Hen.


He had no idea that he would get this in return from Ye Hen.


Ye Hen shook his head, “Young Master Yang has revived our Ye Family and the Thousand Leaves Sect, what is the harm of this Ye making this trivial oath? Rest assured, Young Master Yang, this Old Master will take care of Chi Yue and your friends, not allowing even a single strand of their hair to be harmed so long as he lives.”


“Then I will thank Sect Master Ye in advance.” With Ye Hen’s Heart Demon oath, Yang Kai could now also be completely at ease. He knew that, unless the Thousand Leaves Sect was destroyed, Chi Yue and the others would not meet with any danger.


With the capital that Thousand Leaves Sect now possessed, unless some top Sect were to take action personally, no one could destroy them.


“By the way, Sect Master Ye. There is something I want to ask you about.” Yang Kai changed the topic.


Ye Hen responded, “Whatever it may be, please do not hesitate to ask, Young Master Yang.”


“I wonder how much does Sect Master Ye know about a Sect called Netherworld Sect?”




Three days later, Yang Kai departed from the Thousand Leaves Sect. After obtaining the Flowing Time Pill, Ye Hen immediately went into retreat. He probably couldn’t wait to refine the medicinal efficacies of the pill and then continue studying the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques.


Ye Jing Han and Chi Yue sent him on his way, following him for a thousand kilometres.


Naturally, Chi Yue and the group were reluctant to part with Yang Kai; after all, they had just been reunited in the Star Boundary, and now Yang Kai was leaving again. However, they knew that Yang Kai was worried about Xiao Xiao, so none of them attempted to stop him, only telling him to take care on his journey.


Yang Kai naturally kept that in mind.


Out on the beaten path, Yang Kai stopped and looked at the group, “You should go back now. I will come back to visit another day.”


Gui Ze grinned meaningfully, “Sect Master has to stay well. We will be waiting for you to establish the Sect once more in the Star Boundary, and we will all be there to support you when that happens.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That day will come eventually.”


Then, he turned to Chai Hu and said with a complicated expression, “Senior Chai Hu, will you do it, or should I?”


It was a vague question but nobody was surprised. They seemed to have understood what he meant. Chai Hu let out a soft sigh, “Let me do it. Please have a safe trip, Sect Master Yang.”


“Then, let us part here, everyone. We will definitely meet again in the future.” Yang Kai cupped his fists and summoned his boat artifact before speeding off into the distance.


Right at that moment, a stream of light suddenly shot out from behind a small outcropping to the side, a stream of light that contained a delicate body, clearly that of a young woman’s. As soon as she got close, she brandished her long sword and stabbed it towards Yang Kai, shouting, “I’ll kill you!”


Yang Kai glanced indifferently at her and sighed in his heart, having no intention of making a move against her.


The person who ambushed him in order to try and take him by surprise was none other than Luo Bing!


They had not seen each other for just a few months, but Luo Bing had already lost the beauty and innocence that she once had. Now, she looked haggard and her beautiful eyes were dull. Her aura was unstable and even the clothes on her body were no longer vibrant. From her dirty appearance, it could be seen how bad her life had been the past few months.


She was Luo Jin’s daughter, and Luo Jin had done a lot of horrendous things when he was City Lord of Sky Crane City. Now that Luo Jin was dead, those who had suffered his oppression in Sky Crane City naturally wanted to take revenge against him.


Since Luo Jin was dead, they naturally targeted Luo Bing.


Fortunately, despite her spoiled nature, Luo Bing was a decent person at heart, so some of the guards at the City Lord’s Mansion had some loyalty towards her. They protected her and allowed her to flee Sky Crane City. She had been hiding this whole time and had not been able to live a single day at ease since. Thinking that she had been the Little Princess of Sky Crane City before and was used to being pampered, her life had suddenly gone from Heaven to Hell, which was simply overwhelming for her.


No one knew where she got the news that her father died at Yang Kai’s hand, but she now ambushed him here in order to avenge Luo Jin.


But her cultivation was merely at the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm. Yang Kai and his whole group were all Dao Source Realm cultivators, and they were able to sense her aura as soon as they arrived here. The only reason why nobody outed her was that they knew her identity.


The sword light was bright, but Luo Bing did not slash towards him with any murderous intent at all. Her beautiful eyes were extremely dim. She clearly knew that it was unrealistic for her to try and kill Yang Kai with her strength.


Ambushing him here was probably just a request for death, hoping that Yang Kai would kill her in a fit of rage.


But she never would have expected that Yang Kai would just glance at her and then completely ignore her.


Silavin, It’s kinda nice to see a character have such a development. It’s pretty rare. I honestly can’t remember another time a character has developed this much in Martial Peak. Not in terms of strength but in terms of personality and beliefs. This might be one of the few times I like a side character.



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