Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2353, So What if I Wasted Your Cultivation


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“Who dares cause a stir in the Endless Treasures Pavilion?!” A voice howled across the room from the back hall, followed by the appearance of the burly bald-headed man who injured Liu Xian Yun previously. His iron pagoda-like body gave off a strong oppressive feeling, and the aura emanating from his body was extremely fierce.


As soon as the boy who was beaten silly saw the man come out, it was as if he found his backbone and stumbled towards the man. Hand on his cheek, he shouted, “Sir Deacon, you must seek justice for this lowly one! That man began hitting me indiscriminately as soon as he stepped in. This lowly one was weak and unable to resist. All this one’s teeth had been knocked out by him. Look! Look at how pitiful this lowly one is!”


He sobbed unceasingly. With blood still pouring down from the corner of his mouth, he was indeed a pitiful sight. Anyone who did not know the full story would feel sorry for him if they saw this too.


Only, Yang Kai barely used any force, so while the shop-hand’s injuries looked terrible, they weren’t serious at all. If Yang Kai hadn’t held back, there was no way this shop-hand would be as lively as this.


“You dare act unruly in my Endless Treasures Pavilion, Little Brat? You court death!” The burly bald-headed man’s sharp eyes instantly went to Yang Kai as he barked viciously at him. Then, looking over, he saw Liu Xian Yun standing next to him and seemed to understand something. Sneering, he taunted, “I was wondering what happened, so you’ve brought a little helper over, have you?”


While speaking, he glanced derisively at Yang Kai, “Little Brat, this King does not know what benefits this woman is offering you to get you to step up for her, but you’ve made a big mistake coming here.”


With a wave of his hand, the door of Endless Treasures Pavilion banged shut. Following that, four Dao Source Realm cultivators came out from different directions, surrounding Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun.


This all happened so abruptly that Liu Xian Yun’s beautiful face couldn’t help paling as she subconsciously leaned over to Yang Kai’s side as if to seek a sense of security. Lifting her head to look at Yang Kai though, she could see that he was completely indifferent, as if what was happening right now did not concern him in the slightest.


Infected by his confidence, Liu Xian Yun also calmed down all of a sudden.


“Trying to bully people with numbers?” An amused smile appeared at the corners of Yang Kai’s mouth as he looked around, sweeping his Divine Sense over the four Dao Source Realm cultivators and quickly discovering they were all just First-Orders. As for the burly bald-headed man, he was merely at the Second-Order Dao Source Realm.


Who knew where the man got the courage to shut the door, but from the looks of it, he was just trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and keep Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun here forever.


Hearing Yang Kai’s taunting, the burly bald-headed man only coldly snorted before his cold eyes turned to Liu Xian Yun, “I never planned to do anything to you, but since you can’t appreciate kindness and took the initiative to come back, then don’t blame this King for being ruthless. This King just happened to be lacking someone to warm his bed and your looks are not bad. Obediently kneel in front of this King and you’ll suffer less pain!”


Liu Xian Yun was instantly shaking with anger as she grit her teeth and snapped, “In your dreams!”


This shameless person not only scammed her of her spirit flower and injured her, but now he was even coveting her beauty. How could Liu Xian Yun endure being asked to beg for a man’s pleasure? She was still a rather commanding character in the Grand Desolation Star Field, but even though her status was lowered after coming to the Star Boundary, she still had self-respect.


“Since you refuse a toast, you must drink a loss!” The burly bald-headed man clearly wasn’t the example of patience. When Liu Xian Yun refused him, he waved his hand and said, “Kill the man and capture the woman! Why don’t you open your eyes and see where you are? You actually dare to stir trouble here? You don’t know what you’re in for!”


The four Dao Source Realm cultivators gathered around Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun acted at the same time, all releasing their Secret Techniques. They were all aiming for Yang Kai, murderous intent pouring out, and clearly didn’t plan to hold back, ready to kill Yang Kai as the man instructed.


Endless Treasures Pavilion had a strong backer, so what would they have to worry about killing a few people? It was just a pity that this little brat had eyes but failed to see and came here to cause trouble.


But the four of them soon realized that something was wrong.


The instant they began to move, the air turned heavy in the entire Endless Treasures Pavilion. An indescribably force enveloped the crowd, making it feel as if they had fallen into a mire.


These four Dao Source Realm men weren’t the strongest, but they still more or less had some insight into Principle Strength after advancing to this realm.


They immediately knew that the power restricting their movements and making it feel as if they were being weighed down by a mountain, making it hard to breathe, and even interrupting the flow of their Source Qi, was extremely profound Principle Strength.


The faces of the four men changed dramatically as they desperately tried to break free of this pressure, unfortunately achieving nothing for their efforts.


Yang Kai sneered and released a Golden Blood Thread. In a flash of gold, it garrotted the four men.


*Chi chi chi…*


After a strange noise, the golden light disappeared. The Principle Strength that filled Endless Treasures Pavilion also disappeared at the same time.


But the four Dao Source realm cultivators that attacked Yang Kai were standing still as if they had been immobilized. Their eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.


A short while later, one man’s body suddenly collapsed, falling to pieces on the ground as if he had been cut into countless slivers. Blood and flesh splashed all over the floor.




The other three also broke into pieces. In an instant, a disgusting stench of blood filled the air.


“Ah!” The burly bald-headed man clearly did not expect Yang Kai to be so merciless. He thought that since Liu Xian Yun was only a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, the helper she found wouldn’t be anything to look at either, so he did not plan to take action himself. But now, he knew he was very wrong.


Those four were First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators, and it took much effort for Endless Treasures Pavilion to nurture them, yet they were completely wiped out by their opponent in one move.


How could strength like this be something he could contend with?


The shop hand was even worse off. He was originally standing next to the burly bald-headed man like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might. He had his eyes wide open, wanting to see them kill Yang Kai off in order to vent his anger; however, what he saw was very different from what he expected. His eyes actually rolled back and he fainted directly.


“You… You actually dare to kill in my Endless Treasures Pavilion?” The burly bald-headed man’s face was miserably pale. After realizing that he was definitely not Yang Kai’s opponent, the blood in his body ran cold, and he was no longer throwing his weight around like before.


“What a joke. They wanted to kill me, so of course I’m going to kill them!” Yang Kai laughed coldly and stared sharply at the burly bald-headed man, “Now, it’s your turn.”


When he heard that, the man knew that things were bad. He suddenly formed seals with his hand and a layer of crimson light enveloped his body. At the same time, he spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence. He seemed to have performed some sort of profound Secret Technique. His body shot back like an arrow, wanting to escape this place while he shouted, “Head Shopkeeper, save me!”


“Not even the King of Heaven can save you now!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. He was clearly standing in place without moving, but he had already arrived in front of the burly bald-headed man in the blink of an eye. Sticking to him, he had a cold and harsh look in his eyes.


The burly bald-headed man felt as if he’d lost his soul. With his Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, he was actually unable to see how Yang Kai had appeared in front of him, and he understood the disparity in strength between the two of them even more now. His face couldn’t help but turn ashen and he hated himself for not checking Yang Kai’s cultivation before acting. Now that he had completely provoked the other party, he probably wouldn’t live past the day.


“Stop!” A stern voice suddenly emerged from the rear, followed by a peak Dao Source Realm aura that pressed towards Yang Kai.


In the next moment, an old man with an all-white beard came into Yang Kai’s sight. He seemed to have rushed over from the back hall after hearing the burly bald-headed man’s cry for help.


Before he arrived, the old man had already stuck his hand out towards Yang Kai’s head, trying to force him to withdraw.


The burly bald-headed man was overjoyed and shouted even louder, “Head Shopkeeper, help!”


He thought that he must be safe now with the Head Shopkeeper himself coming out; after all, the Head Shopkeeper was a peak Dao Source Realm cultivator. This young man coming in here to cause trouble may be powerful, but he was definitely not an Emperor, that much he could still detect. With the might of the Head Shopkeeper, he would definitely be able to save him.


Yang Kai glanced at the old man with contempt and casually struck his palm out, forming a solid palm print that flew straight out to meet the old man’s attack.


At the same time, Yang Kai struck his other hand towards the chest of the burly bald-headed man.


The man’s face suddenly changed and his original joyful mood turned cold in an instant. Shocked, he asked, “What are you trying to do?”


But before he could finish speaking, he could feel violent Source Qi running through his body, cutting up his meridians like a sharp blade and wreaking havoc on his dantian. That gut-churning pain was simply unbearable and he cried out in terror.




A sound erupted as Yang Kai’s palm print collided with the old man’s palm. Yang Kai borrowed the force of the impact to back up slightly, landing next to Liu Xian Yun with a calm look on his face.


On the contrary, not only did the face of the old man change after he felt Yang Kai’s power, his hand posture changed several times before he could dissolve that force. After landing on the ground, he still stumbled back several steps.


With a bang, the burly bald-headed man landed right at his feet.


“Cough…” The burly bald-headed man coughed hard, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Then, his face turned grey and he looked at Yang Kai with incomparable hatred, “How dare you waste my cultivation!?”


At this moment, his meridians had been destroyed and his dantian was shattered. All his cultivation had dispersed. Even though such an injury was not incurable, he would need extremely precious elixirs to recover. Even without mentioning how extremely rare such elixirs were, he would not be able to afford to buy them even if he could find them.


“You dared to hurt my Junior Sister, so what’s so strange about me wasting your cultivation?” Yang Kai looked at him as if he were looking at an idiot.


“Why don’t you just kill me?!” The burly bald-headed man howled.


Yang Kai laughed coldly, “Wouldn’t that have been too nice of me if I just killed you?”


The burly bald-headed man’s face became even paler. He knew Yang Kai was right. Death would have been a relief for him. The abolishment of one’s cultivation was the cruellest punishment one could inflict upon any cultivator.



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