Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2392, Your Death Will Be Miserable


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That blood contained rich and fresh vitality, and it had clearly been drawn not long ago. It was clearly the blood of a cultivator who paid attention to their body tempering.


There could be no other explanation for this other than it being Man Kuai’s blood.


Man Kuai had just died an hour ago, and now an hour later, his blood had come over to this place, converging to create a large array that wrapped around them. This was clearly planned, they just had no idea what sort of strange effects this Spirit Array had.


A cup of tea’s time passed before the blood stopped flowing, seemingly having run dry. The Spirit Array on the ground was completely activated by the blood, and a strange aura lingered around giving them chills.


A faint cry and howl could even be heard from it.


Chen Fei and the others on the ground silently circulated their Source Qi to neutralize the poison inside of them, but for some reason, whatever that poison was, the more they tried to neutralize it, the weaker they felt.


Suddenly, She Lan’s face paled and she called out in alarm, “Man Kuai!”


Hearing her shout, Chen Fei quickly looked over and his eyes went wide. That was because an illusory phantom had actually appeared at the centre of the Spirit Array. This illusory phantom looked exactly like Man Kuai, except that it had no spirituality, like a listless soul without a consciousness.


It was Man Kuai’s Soul Avatar!


Not only did the stone slab suck out all of Man Kuai’s vitality, it didn’t let his Soul Avatar off either. From the current appearance of Man Kuai’s Soul, it seemed to have endured great damage. Otherwise, he would not appear so dull. Even without a physical body, a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master’s Soul could still maintain a high degree of coherence and sanity for a time.


“Sang De, what are you trying to do?!” Chen Fei gritted his teeth and shouted as if he couldn’t stand being oppressed by an unknown horror. His psychological defences were already showing signs of collapsing.


Sang De coldly snorted, ignoring his words and instead stomped hard on the ground, “Old Ghost, it’s time to wake up!”


[Someone else is here?]


Chen Fei’s face turned white and he turned his head to look around. She Lan was also looking around in disbelief, wanting to know who the Old Ghost that Sang De spoke to was.


In the next moment, both of them looked in the same direction in unison.


There, an ethereal figure slowly appeared. From the looks of it, it seemed to be a Soul Avatar, but unlike Man Kuai’s, this Soul Avatar seemed extremely weak and could disappear at any moment.


After the figure was revealed, an aura like that of an evil spirit spread out.


Sang De laughed maliciously, “Old Ghost, I brought you some delicious food. What are you waiting for? Hurry and thank me! This Apprentice treats you well, doesn’t he?”


“What?” When he heard this, Chen Fei’s jaw instantly dropped as he stared tongue-tied at the illusory phantom.


Colour also drained from She Lan’s beautiful face, “This is your Master?”


Sang De snorted, “You don’t need to concern yourselves with that, just lie there obediently.”


As Sang De spoke, he frowned at Yang Kai. For some reason, he had the feeling that Yang Kai was too calm in this situation. Even though he was also lying there and not moving like Chen Fei and She Lan, he didn’t even say a word. Had he just become resigned to his fate?


No matter the case, Sang De didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to get this over with quickly.


“What did you mean by food?” Chen Fei asked in disbelief.


But as soon as he was done speaking, he knew the answer. The evil spirit of Sang De’s Master let out a harsh and unpleasant screech before pouncing on Man Kuai’s Soul Avatar like a hungry wolf, opening its big mouth and taking half of Man Kuai’s body away in one bite.


This ghost-like being could even eat Soul Avatars! Such a thing was unheard of and never before seen. Chen Fei and She Lan were both in a daze as they watched this horrific scene, feeling chills running through them from head to toe.


Under their horrified eyes, the illusory phantom ate up Man Kuai’s Soul Avatar in less than ten breaths.


But it was clearly not satisfied yet. Instead, it seemed to have become even more ferocious. Its originally ethereal body had become much more solid. It turned around and stared viciously at Chen Fei. With a howl, it turned into a gust of cold wind and rushed towards Chen Fei.


“No! Stay away!” Chen Fei was terrified and shouted in resistance.


But he couldn’t muster up any strength right now, so how could he resist? The illusory phantom’s figure flickered and disappeared into his body. Following that, Chen Fei’s body began convulsing, his eyes twitching nonstop as his face twisted into a hideous expression, like he was suffering a terrible torture.


She Lan was already pale with fear, so seeing that she would be the next one to experience this, she hurriedly pleaded with Sang De, “Grandmaster, please spare me! I can serve you as your slave in the future to the best of my ability. I won’t disappoint you!”


As she spoke, she also squeezed out a very forced smile, as if trying to make a last-ditch effort to use her beauty to win her another chance at life.


Sang De ignored her and coldly snorted, “You’re a pile of rotten meat that even wild dogs won’t touch, and you dare try and pull this coquettish act with me?”


She Lan’s beautiful eyes dimmed. She knew there was no getting out of this now.


Right at that moment, Chen Fei suddenly stopped breathing, and the illusory phantom rushed out of his body. Eating two Soul Avatars one after another, the illusory phantom’s figure had now become very solid, and some sentience also seemed to have been restored to its eyes.


But it didn’t stop there. Rushing straight into She Lan’s body, it repeated the same process once more.


She Lan cried out miserably. She knew she would surely die, so she cursed Sang De nonstop, cursing him to a miserable death.


Sang De coldly snorted but he paid her no mind, turning his attention to Yang Kai instead, “You don’t seem worried at all.”


Yang Kai grinned, “I’m already the fish on the chopping block, what use is there in worrying now?”


Sang De smirked, “How open-minded. This Old Master can appreciate that.”


“Since Grandmaster appreciates it, how about letting me go? We can become good friends once we’re out.” Yang Kai asked with a smile on his face.


Sang De’s face darkened, “Definitely not! You are the key to this Old Master’s deal with that Old Ghost. I can let anyone else go, but not you!”


“Deal?” Yang Kai keyed in on the information and asked in surprise, “What kind of deal?”


“It’s none of your concern.”


Yang Kai curled his lip, “That’s quite funny, Grandmaster. Since I am the key to the deal, how is it none of my concern? I’m going to be dead anyway, so let’s hear it, not like it’s going to cost you anything!”


Sang De sneered, “You better stay there obediently and not resist, then you won’t have to suffer as much!”


After saying that, he stopped paying any attention to him.


Yang Kai made a light snort, but he didn’t dwell on the topic any longer. Instead, he turned to look at the Sea King Shuttle, “Grandmaster, this being the item you said is required to leave this Sealed World is not a lie, is it?”


Sang De did not change the subject this time and nodded, “This Sea King Shuttle took the Old Ghost his whole life to create just in preparation to leave this place. How could it be a lie?! This shuttle is enough to leave the Sealed World.”


“Wonderful!” Yang Kai praised, but it was not known what he was praising.


By this time, She Lan had also died. After the Yin Soul devoured She Lan’s Soul Avatar, it had completely restored itself, and its eyes appeared lively, no longer rigid and dull like before.


“You’ve restored yourself pretty well.” Sang De scoffed as he looked at the Yin Soul.


The Yin Soul said, “All thanks to this Old Master for accepting such a good disciple!”


“It is only right for me to do this for my Master,” Sang De snorted.


This Master and Disciple pair exchanged a few sentences with shallow smiles, showing no kinship that a Master and Disciple should have at all. Their eyes were completely filled with hatred for each other. It’s a wonder how they came to this point today.


The Yin Soul turned his head to look at Yang Kai, “This is the body you found for this Old Master?”


Sang De responded, “I spent a lot of effort in order to find him.”


The Yin Soul frowned, “How is the power of his Soul? Can he carry this Old Master’s body?”


“I tested him myself. Even if he is a little weaker than me, he is not that much worse. He should have no problems supporting you.”


The Yin Soul nodded, “That would be best!”


Yang Kai looked at the Yin Soul with interest and said with a look of realization, “Are you trying to seize my body?”


The Yin Soul responded, “You know the answer and you’re still asking? Hm, you’re an interesting one. Are you not afraid?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “I’m not the one who should be afraid. Let me warn you, you better not try to seize my body, or your death will be miserable!”


The Yin Soul was clearly stunned for a moment, only then did he turn his head to Sang De, “What is the meaning of you bringing this madman to me?”


Sang De retorted angrily, “Can’t you see that this little brat is just talking big? I think you’ve really gone senile. Stop dallying and hurry it up!”


The Yin Soul pondered for a moment and felt that he did make a fair point. So, he turned his body and turned into a gust of cold wind, pouncing on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was still all smiles and said lazily, “You’ll really die a miserable death.”


The Yin Soul ignored his words and rushed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Inside his Knowledge Sea, the Yin Soul revealed himself and was just about to find Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar and devour it as he had done with the others earlier, but something flashed in his eyes. Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar had taken the initiative to reveal itself and was looking at him with a derisive face.


“This…” The Yin Soul was startled, not by Yang Kai’s audacity, but by what he was currently seeing.


He had never seen such a majestic Knowledge Sea before. The ‘seawater’ gathered here was incomparably deep, rich, and pure, as if it was a real ocean, making one doubt their eyes. What’s more, the water here wasn’t made of water, but burning flames!


This Knowledge Sea was not something a mere Dao Source Realm cultivator could possibly possess. Compared to the Knowledge Seas of the two he had just devoured, it was simply the difference between a stream and an ocean.


[Unfilial disciple!] The Yin Soul cursed Sang De in his heart. [What does he mean he had personally tested his power before? If he said his strength was not far off from his, then how can he explain this difference?] The power of this Soul was clearly countless times greater than his unfilial disciple’s.


[This is an Emperor’s Knowledge Sea!]


The Yin Soul would not be able to defeat Yang Kai here no matter what price he paid.


At this thought, he hurriedly tried to leave. He knew that if he withdrew too late, then he may not be able to escape.



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