Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2394, Must Snatch


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Only after putting away the Sea King Shuttle did Yang Kai stand up.


Liu Yan and Hua Qing Si had already been waiting for a long time, and Yang Kai didn’t ask them about what happened to Sang De either. The two of them chased after Sang De with a Heaven Grade puppet, so it would be a huge joke if they let him escape.


In fact, Liu Yan and Hua Qing Si only spent half a cup of tea’s time to annihilate Sang De. The rest of the time, the two women spent exploring the island and taking anything of value away.


After placing Liu Yan and Hua Qing Si back into the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai summoned his own boat artifact to fly back to Clear Sky Island.


Anyone else would not dare to do the same thing he did in the Solitary Void Sealed World, because the amount of Source Qi that would be consumed by flying like this would be too much, and it was also extremely troublesome to have to restore oneself in such a situation. So, no matter which cultivator it was who went out to sea, they would use sea ship artifacts since they weren’t too slow, and they could also conserve Source Qi.


Yang Kai was not worried about this of course as he had countless Source Crystals and the Sealed World Bead. Even if he exhausted his Source Qi, he could just hide in the Sealed World Bead to cultivate for a while to restore his strength.


Now that he had the Sea King Shuttle, he just had to get the location of the exit from either the Ice Heart Pavilion Master or the Clear Sky Island Lord.


Yang Kai didn’t really want to interact with the Clear Sky Island Lord, but the Ice Heart Pavilion Master, on the other hand, he hadn’t had the opportunity to meet yet. Yang Kai felt quite fortunate at this moment that he visited Ice Heart Pavilion before coming to this island and applied to become their Alchemist.


He could be considered hired at the moment, but in the end, the Ice Heart Pavilion Master was still a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master and not someone he could meet as he wished. Even if they did meet, he would still have to keep his guard up if he were to work with a Master like that.


The journey back was peaceful and it didn’t take more than three days before Yang Kai reached the dock at Clear Sky Island.


Many cultivators at the dock who saw him flying all the way back couldn’t help but stare at him, wondering what happened to Yang Kai that caused him to lose both his ship and his companions.


Yang Kai ignored their strange stares and walked into Clear Sky City.


When he arrived at the cave mansion he rented, Yang Kai took out his token to open the barrier and stepped inside. The moment he entered, however, he felt an ominous premonition, so he swiftly raised his hand and palmed towards the void, pushing his Source Qi madly.




A loud noise sounded, shaking the cave mansion greatly. All the various barriers inside flashed wildly from the impact.


Yang Kai was also struck by a huge force and flew out like a rag doll, spitting out a mouthful of blood in mid-air before landing heavily on the ground.


Emperor Realm!


Yang Kai was shocked. He never would have thought that an Emperor Realm Master would ambush him in his cave mansion! Even though the other party was only a First-Order Emperor and did not use their full strength in this attack, Yang Kai still suffered quite a big loss despite his quick response.


He hurriedly jumped up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and turned his eyes to the side in rage.


There, the attacker had a shocked look on his face as if he didn’t expect that his sneak attack failed to take Yang Kai’s life. Instead, it gave him the opportunity to slip away. Yang Kai had no idea what the reason was, but this man’s face was pale and looked as if he had suffered a lot of injuries.


“Pang Guang!” After he saw the person’s face, Yang Kai immediately gritted his teeth and snarled.


The ambusher in his cave mansion was none other than Marsh City’s City Lord, Pang Guang who came here with him!


A few days ago, before Yang Kai left Clear Sky City, he bumped into Pang Guang once by chance; however, the two of them had just brushed each other off on that day, neither of them greeting each other, yet now they had run into each other again here.


Staring ahead, Yang Kai’s face turned dark and a dense murderous intent welled up in his heart.


Because at this moment, Pang Guang had his hand on top of Liu Xian Yun’s head, his strength condensed in his palm, as if he could take Liu Xian Yun’s life away at any moment!


Yang Kai had no idea why Pang Guang was here and why he took Liu Xian Yun hostage, but he had to be cautious about this situation lest she be hurt.


With Liu Xian Yun’s life held hostage, her tender body trembled and her pretty face paled. When she saw that Yang Kai had been hurt, she couldn’t help but yell out to him, “Senior Brother…” Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry and anxiety, as well as a strong sense of guilt and self-blame.


That day, before leaving Clear Sky City, Yang Kai had asked if she wanted to follow him, but Liu Xian Yun chose to stay. Now, it seemed like she made the wrong choice. If she had followed Yang Kai, then she would never have been taken hostage and used to threaten him.


The day before, she had only gone out for a while and did not leave far, just visiting the cave mansion of Ling Yin Qin and the others to get herself familiarized with her surroundings. They were going to be neighbours anyway, so it was good to meet them often. In the meantime, it was an opportunity to move about.


But on the way back, she was targeted by Pang Guang, and as soon as she entered the cave mansion, she was subdued.


“I’m fine!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Liu Xian Yun, “He didn’t do anything to you, did he?”


Liu Xian Yun slowly shook her head, “No, he was just waiting for you to come back!”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel relieved as he turned a cold glare to Pang Guang and said gloomily, “City Lord Pang, isn’t it a little shameful for you to be doing this?”


Pang Guang coldly snorted, but there was a trace of awkwardness in his expression. Indeed, for an Emperor Realm Master like him to sneak into someone else’s home and hold a girl whose cultivation was much weaker than his own hostage, it would definitely hurt his reputation.


“Little brat, I’ll be straight with you,” Pang Guang said in a deep voice that sounded a little out of breath, “This King came here for one purpose only. Hand over your Heavenly Restoration Lotus and I’ll let her go immediately!”


Yang Kai had the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, a fact Pang Guang had known about since they met in Marsh City. He also knew how precious the Heavenly Restoration Lotus was, otherwise, he wouldn’t have sneakily followed behind Yang Kai and Yao Chang Jun. He intended to find an opportunity to fish in troubled waters, but didn’t expect to encounter the Solitary Void Great Maelstrom and be sucked into this Solitary Void Sealed World.


“You want the Heavenly Restoration Lotus?” Yang Kai raised his brow and swept his eyes over Pang Guang, immediately realizing something and grinned, “City Lord Pang, is your dantian damaged, or is it your Soul?”


The use of the Heavenly Restoration Lotus was to repair a damaged dantian or Soul. Yao Chang Jun fought him for it that day because his Soul was injured, and now, Pang Guang clearly wanted the Heavenly Restoration Lotus for a similar reason.


It was no wonder this guy looked short of breath, it seemed he was heavily injured somehow. He must have fought with some Master which ended in him being badly wounded. Even though Pang Guang was a First-Order Emperor, it was still not easy for him to recover his strength in Clear Sky City as there were no powerful Alchemists here, nor any good Spirit Pills.


Fortunately, he knew that Yang Kai had the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, so he set his sights on him.


Pang Guang originally thought that it would be easy for him to ambush Yang Kai despite his injuries, but he didn’t expect this situation. Yang Kai’s quick reactions and counterattack caused him to fail, so he could only rely on the hostage he took.


“That has nothing to do with you! Hand over the Heavenly Restoration Lotus and this Pang will not make things hard for you!” Pang Guang shouted impatiently.


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Looks like life has been tough for you, City Lord Pang. It does make sense though. For an Emperor Realm Master to suddenly appear on Clear Sky Island, I’m sure everyone knows you’re new here and have many good things on you. You’ve been robbed, haven’t you?”


Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun were able to enter Clear Sky Island quietly just by having the right identity tokens; nobody would suspect they were newcomers because people with their cultivation were seen frequently. But Pang Guang couldn’t hide his status because there were only a few Emperor Realm cultivators on the island, so for an extra one to appear, if he wasn’t a newcomer, then what was he?


“Enough nonsense, give me the Heavenly Restoration Lotus!” Pang Guang gritted his teeth and shouted, the power in his hand stirring more violently as his expression also turned impatient.


Liu Xian Yun suddenly let out a low cry and her face looked pained and uncomfortable.


“If you dare hurt one hair on my Junior Sister, I’ll snap your back in half!” Yang Kai shouted angrily.


“That’ll depend on whether you’re cooperative or not!” Sweat was gradually spilling from Pang Guang’s forehead. It was clear from a glance that he was badly hurt.


“You want the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, right?” Yang Kai said with a dark face, flipping his hand over as he said, “Have a look and see what I have here?”


Pang Guang immediately looked towards his palm and his eyes became hot. There was the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, white as snow and completely untainted. As soon as Yang Kai took it out, a faint fragrance wafted out into the cave mansion, and the smell that entered his nose lifted Pang Guang’s spirits. Even his injuries seemed to have been relieved considerably.


“Give it to me!” Pang Guang shouted eagerly. As long as he could get his hands on the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, he could quickly restore his injuries without having to worry about any hidden problems being left behind that would affect his foundation in the future.


Yang Kai sneered, then, under Pang Guang’s dumbfounded gaze, he stuffed the Heavenly Restoration Lotus right into his mouth and chewed it up like a cow chewing on grass. He also had a look of overwhelming joy on his face as if he was enjoying a Heavenly delicacy.


*Baji baji…*


Pang Guang was dumbstruck, his entire person freezing in place as if he had been petrified.


While he ate, Yang Kai laughed like a madman, “You want it? Come get it! Come and see if I’ll spit out a mouthful for you to have a taste!”


“You…” Pang Guang almost had a heart attack from this. Even his face had turned pale from anger.


He clearly had a hostage in his hand, but Yang Kai still dared to act so flippantly.


[Is this brat crazy? Does he really not care at all whether his Junior Sister lives or dies?]


While he was thinking these thoughts and his heart was shaken, Yang Kai closed and opened his left eye, suddenly turning it into a golden vertical pupil. The golden pupil flashed as a strange power poured out from it.


Pang Guang shook as his Soul became unstable, seemingly having been affected by this golden glow.


At that moment, Yang Kai had already summoned his Myriads Sword and released a shower of sword light, cutting towards Pang Guang with ruthless momentum.


The Sword Qi was so strong that before the sword even reached Pang Guang, an aura of death was already upon him.


Pang Guang retreated almost subconsciously.


But in the next moment, his heart jumped. He understood what Yang Kai was trying to do. Gritting his teeth, Emperor Qi gushed out of his hand and he clenched fiercely, wanting to kill off Liu Xian Yun first to teach Yang Kai a lesson for angering him.


But unexpectedly, his hand came up empty.


Liu Xian Yun, who was under his grasp just a moment ago, had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Only a strange energy fluctuation remained while Liu Xian Yun had somehow moved several dozen metres away, avoiding the fatal blow altogether. 



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