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Martial Peak – Chapter 240, How Did You Do That?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


“Don’t touch me!”  Leng Shan swatted away Zi Mo’s hand in disgust.


“I’ll let this pass only once!”  Yang Kai said indifferently.  After hearing this, Leng Shan could not help but breathe a sigh of relief because she that as long as she stayed in line, she would not have to experience that inhuman torture again.


“How did you do that?”  Leng Shan hesitated for a long time before working up the courage to ask.


Just before now, she had hit Yang Kai with her Ghost King Seal, only to have it returned to her a moment later along with something else that took root in her conscience. However, because she had not cultivated her Divine Sense yet, Leng Shan was unsure what it was, yet she knew that this thing was what he was relying on to control her.


“I am also very curious about this; could you please tell me?”  Zi Mo smiled charmingly, batted her eyes at Yang Kai, and pursed her lips while putting on a slightly pouting look to form a truly attractive picture.


“It was simple, I just placed a brand onto your Souls,” Yang Kai replied offhandedly.

(PewPewLaserGun: If you are confused about this, we’ll settle it right now.  Everyone has a “Soul”, everyone.  Everyone has a “Divine Sense”, everyone, it’s like your sixth sense and an extension of your Soul.  For most regular people these are inaccessible and ethereal, only cultivators who have reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary can open their “Knowledge Sea” and begin to cultivate their Soul and Divine Sense, strengthening them so they can use Soul related martial skills and techniques.)


Hearing this, the two women were shocked.


How was that simple?  Although they had not cultivated their Divine Senses yet, they knew full well just how hard it was to implant a seal onto another’s Soul. Say they completely ignored the fact that Yang Kai was only a Separation and Reunion cultivator, then even if he was an Immortal Ascension Boundary master, it would still take a massive amount of effort to accomplish this. Not to mention that if he had screwed up even slightly, then he could have badly injured their Souls, which would have left them essentially brain dead.


It certainly was easy to say, but in what world was his casually given answer simple?


Unfortunately, when they thought back on what had just happened to the two of them, the whole series of events could really be described as “simple”.


In Leng Shan’s case, she had sent out her Ghost King Seal and then received it back. The entire exchange took only a few breaths of time, but in that brief exchange, the right to decide if she lived or died had instantly changed hands.


Similarly, Zi Mo had simply retrieved a thread of her Divine Sense, which had been attached to her Soul Controlling Insect, and thereafter suffered the same fate.


On that point, this boy in front of them had killed Jin Hao, but had decided not to leave, so he had obviously been plotting all this from the start, just waiting for Zi Mo to follow the script he had laid out.


Ridiculously, Zi Mo had actually ran over, fallen completely for his act, and behaved exactly how he wanted, which reduced her to being his slave!  Remembering how all of this happened, Zi Mo felt her heart sink as it filled with endless regret.


Even his threat to burn her Soul Controlling Insects was certainly a ploy to force her to recover that thread of Divine Sense.


Obviously, he had branded that thread of Divine Sense in advance!


Staring at Yang Kai, Zi Mo let out a deep sigh, “Are you really only at the Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage?”


To her question, Yang Kai shook his head slowly.

(Silvan: Fucking troll!)


Zi Mo patted her proud chest after hearing his answer and let out a flirtatious laugh, “Good, how could a mere Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage cultivator accomplish all this? What realm have you really reached?”


Yang Kai chuckled as his aura trembled, and an invisible pressure began to spread out from him.  The Yuan Qi in his body swelled up greatly, but soon regained its tranquility.


“Breakthrough…”  Zi Mo and Leng Shan both stared at Yang Kai with a surprised look on their faces.  The scene just now was clearly a breakthrough of a Small Realm.


However… the aura fluctuations he had emitted weren’t very strong. They didn’t even reach the extent of a True Element Boundary cultivator.


“Now I’m Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage!”  Yang Kai grinned stupidly at the two women.

(Silavin: GG. He has gotten stronger :O)


Seeing this, both Zi Mo and Leng Shan’s expressions went stiff as they cursed inside, [So he really is just a Separation and Reunion cultivator!  What he said before was actually true!]


Facing this harsh reality, Zi Mo and Leng Shan blushed bright red with embarrassment.


Between the two of them, one was a True Element Fourth Stage while the other had reached True Element Sixth Stage, and both of them were favoured daughters of Heaven in their respective Sects. However, when facing Yang Kai, both of them had instantly been defeated and reduced to mere servants; a fact that they felt ashamed about.


A wry smile emerged on both of their faces, but the two women simply couldn’t find any words to say.


“Both of you can act freely, although I control whether you live or die, as long as you obediently followed my orders and don’t try to scheme against me, I will not embarrass you too much. So from now on, if you want to kill someone or a Monstrous Beast, feel free to.  If I have need of you, I will summon you.”  Finished speaking, Yang Kai closed his eyes again.


Leng Shan and Zi Mo slowly walked back and finally stopped when they were a few dozen meters away.  Neither of them wanted to stick too close to Yang Kai lest he misunderstand their intentions.


“This boy is really unusual.”  Zi Mo mumbled as she observed the distant Yang Kai.


“Hmph”  Leng Shan pouted and remembered how she had just humbled herself before him. She couldn’t help feeling disgraced, and her smouldering hatred flared up again, “Sooner or later, I’ll make him pay for this!”


Zi Mo glanced at her and giggled, “Only if you have the ability to escape his control first.”


“You as well!”  Leng Shan’s pair of beautiful eyes filled with murderous intent as she glared at Zi Mo, “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about all the humiliation you put me through!”


Zi Mo smiled playfully, “Why are you so upset?  It’s not like I hurt you in any way, and besides, didn’t you enjoy it too?  I know the way you responded to me was definitely real!”


“You bitch!”  Leng Shan screamed in rage, and her face turned a bright shade of red, “If you dare mention that again I’ll kill you!”


Zi Mo sneered at her dismissively, “Whether we live or die is no longer up to us, so you’d be better off putting aside your hatred for me.  The most important thing we should be worrying about is how to survive. You’ve seen his attitude towards us. He doesn’t show the slightest mercy, so if we really make him unhappy, then he’ll definitely kill us.”


“Ha!”  Leng Shan smiled viciously as she taunted Zi Mo, “Now you know how it feels!  How do you like the taste of being another slave?”


“Haa… the two of us are both women caught in this situation, why do you insist on being so bitter?  We should be helping each other from now on!”  Zi Mo frowned.


Leng Shan paused and took a deep breath. Although she still held a lot of resentment, she had to admit that what Zi Mo had said was true, so hesitating for a while she finally asked, “What do you want to do?”


“Seduce him!”  Zi Mo’s face flashed with excitement, “He looks like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old, just a few years younger than us.  No matter how ruthless he acts, in the end he’s still just a young man who thinks with his dick right?   You and I are both world class beauties, so how hard could it be for us to wrap this little brat around our finger tips?


“I think you just want to jump into bed with him!”  Leng Shan mercilessly quipped.


“What are you talking about?”  Zi Mo couldn’t help rolling her eyes before suddenly laughing flirtatiously, “What I said to him before was true though, we Tian Lang Dynasty woman all worship strength. Although his current strength isn’t high, but he still managed to completely dominate me. That is something not even my Senior Brother could accomplish.”


“Do it yourself, I won’t humiliate myself any further!”  Leng Shan scoffed at her before walking away and sitting down to meditate. After falling into a coma twice while being tortured by Yang Kai, she desperately needed to restore herself.


Zi Mo simply sneered at her and thought to herself, [Just wait till I’ve conquered him, then you’ll know who was right.]


This world has always been so. Men conquer the world, and women conquer men. This was a truth passed down since the dawn of time!


Yang Kai sat cross-legged and focused his attention on dealing with his own harvests and experiences, but he still quietly maintained some surveillance of Zi Mo and Leng Shan’s actions via the brand he left on their Souls.


Although he could not hear what they were walking about, through this strange feedback he could still clearly tell what their intentions were.


For now, both of them were being well behaved, or at least neither of them held any thoughts of killing him right now.


Being able to gain control of them was quite a surprise even to Yang Kai, mainly because all of the credit really belonged to Old Demon.


Yang Kai’s original plan was only to incinerate the two Soul Controlling Insects to severely injure Zi Mo, and then wait for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow.


But Old Demon offered a better option.


He showed Yang Kai a special method to brand Zi Mo’s thread of Divine Sense, so that once she recovered it, it would be equivalent to implanting a mark on her Soul and allow him to enslave her.


When he put this plan into action, it had worked even better than he had hoped.


Having succeeded once already, Yang Kai immediately came up with the idea to rope Leng Shan in too. After all, the Ghost King Seal was a Ghost King Valley disciple’s symbiotic martial skill, so it would certainly have a connection to its owners Soul.  In this regard, Old Demon certainly lived up to his expectations, and instantly succeeded in manipulating the Divine Sense thread attached to her Ghost King Seal.


On top of that, the methods used by Old Demon to accomplish all this were very high-end, so there was no fear of his control being removed.  The Soul was a very fragile thing, and now that Zi Mo and Leng Shan’s Souls had been branded with Yang Kai’s mark, even if one of their Sect’s experts wanted to help them remove it, they would still have to worry about whether doing so would damage their consciousness.


“It’s unfortunate, that soul remnant could have helped restore my injuries!” Old Demon suddenly complained.


“It’s even worse for me!”  Yang Kai said even more sullenly, “If I knew that I could do things this way, why would I have killed Jin Hao? I would have instead enslaved another Ghost King Valley disciple…”  Yang Kai complained bitterly.


Old Demon simply grinned.


“You knew beforehand but didn’t say anything right?”  Yang Kai questioned angrily.


Old Demon replied dismissively, “Such a weak enemy would have made an even more useless slave.  If Young Master hadn’t asked if manipulating that Ghost King Seal was possible, Old Servant really would not have thought of it.”


“Forget it, having a man as a slave is a bit hard to accept anyways,” Yang Kai said offhandedly.


After secretly observing Zi Mo and Leng Shan for a moment, Yang Kai quickly immersed himself in his own affairs.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai focused his thoughts and summoned over the Malevolent Golden Shadow Leopard he had previously subjugated.  Placing his hand on its forehead, Yang Kai recalled the Beast Slave Seal he had planted in its Soul.


When this fifth-order Monster Beast regained its freedom, it immediately escaped into the jungle.


Yang Kai did not consider killing it or even chasing it. Instead, he ordered Zi Mo to get her Monster Beasts to capture it and then replant her Soul Controlling Insect inside it.


Finished issuing his orders, Yang Kai no longer paid any attention to her. He summoned the White Tiger Seal in his left hand and the Divine Ox Seal in his right and brought his palms together before pushing them forward.


A ferocious beast roar rang out as the Heaven Shaking White Tiger and Earth Splitting Divine Ox appeared.


Attracted by this noise, Zi Mo and Leng Shan quickly turned to see what had happened and then unconsciously dropped their jaws as they saw the two lifelike beast phantoms.


Neither of them had ever witnessed such a profound martial skill!  It could actually take one’s own Yuan Qi and forge two blood red ethereal Monstrous Beasts.


However, the Yuan Qi fluctuations these beasts gave off were incredibly rich and pure. How did he do this?  Wasn’t he only at the Separation and Reunion Boundary?


While they were observing this scene with fascinated eyes, Yang Kai only let out a sigh, then he reached out and snapped his fingers, which immediately dismissed the two beast phantoms.


After using it numerous times, Yang Kai had found a weakness of this Beast Soul Skill, which was that no matter how he tried, he could only summon one White Tiger phantom and one Divine Ox phantom at a time.


The Beast Soul Skill summons both the beast phantoms; the Divine Ox and the White Tiger. Even if Yang Kai were to combine the two together, he could not conjure up another beast phantom. It was only when he crushed the Beast Slave Seal that he would be able to summon the pair again.


This may be related to the thing that both the powerful Monstrous Beasts had left inside his body.


If he wanted to enhance the Beast Slave Seal’s usefulness, he would have to fully subdue the two beast souls within him.


And so, Yang Kai continuously activated the White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal, then merged them together, as he carefully explored this skill’s hidden mysteries.

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