Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2433, Showcasing One’s Ability


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The Source Strength here was truly meagre, and Yang Kai didn’t even attach too much attention to it; after all, he already had the complete Source Strength of Shadowed Star, but when these two yelled at him in such an arrogant manner, it was only natural to become annoyed.


After thinking about it though, Yang Kai didn’t lash out and instead cupped his fists and asked, “Friends, I want to ask you something. I wonder if you can answer my questions?”


The person who spoke first, took a sideways glance at Yang Kai as he asked with a cold snort, “What do you want to know?”


Yang Kai promptly asked, “Did you come here because of the reaction between your Star Seals and the Source Strength here?”


The man glanced at Yang Kai in surprise as he sneered, “Didn’t you as well?”


Yang Kai curled his lips into a smile and replied, “Naturally.”


So, it turned out that the Star Seal really could sense Star Sources. Although Yang Kai had guessed this before, he wasn’t too sure about it as there was no one to confirm his hypothesis with. Now, after listening to the opposite party, Yang Kai understood. The Star Seal on the back of his hand wasn’t just a pass to enter the Shattered Star Sea, but it also seems to have other magnificent functions too.


The man angrily rebuked, “If that’s the case, why did you knowingly ask? How odd!”


Yang Kai replied, laughing lightly, “I just casually asked. Friend, why harbour such anger? Being so enraged only hurts you in the end. Friend, do you know how long the Shattered Star Sea stays open for?”


As soon as he asked this, the two looked at Yang Kai with strange expressions on their faces. They seemed to have gotten the gist of the matter though and one of them stated, “It looks like you don’t know anything about the situation here.”


Yang Kai turned serious and humbly asked, cupping his fist, “Friend, please give me advice!”


He really didn’t know anything about the Shattered Star Sea, and hiding it wouldn’t do him any good. He might find some information by exploring on his own, but it would be faster to just ask others.


Although these two didn’t seem to be good and honest people, it didn’t prevent Yang Kai from asking them.


The other man broke into laughter as he mocked, “Senior Brother, someone has actually come to the Shattered Star Sea without knowing anything? Has your Master, or Sect, or Elders not taught you anything?”


He appeared to be extremely happy as if he had heard some big joke.


Yang Kai stated with a cold look on his face, “I don’t have a Master, a Sect, or Elders for that matter! Is it very funny?”


The man restrained his smile and explained himself, “It’s not very funny, but for someone who doesn’t have a Master, a Sect, or any Elder to come here is really surprising.”


“Friend, you still haven’t answered my question,” Yang Kai urged.


“What would we gain by answering you?” The other party asked back with a cold snort.


Yang Kai replied, “How about I give the Star Source here?” Yang Kai paused before continuing, “I came here first, and as long as you two can answer my question, I will immediately leave. You two can decide who among you will take the Star Source. I won’t interfere!”


The Junior Brother angrily rebuked, “Who would dare to snatch the Star Source that we two brothers have eyed? Why do we need your useless favour?”


The Senior Brother, on the other hand, waved his hand and stated, “Friend, since you’re so easy to talk to, it would be impolite to refuse you.”


The Junior Brother spat in disdain upon hearing this, looking quite unhappy.


The Senior Brother continued, “No one knows when the Shattered Star Sea will close after it opens as the duration of its opening isn’t fixed. According to the ancient books, the duration of each opening of the Shattered Star Sea varies from as short as two years to as long as ten years! And there are no signs of when it closes. Once the Sealed World is closed, all the cultivators here will be expelled, no matter where you are! Friend, is this answer to your satisfaction?”


“There is no fixed period?” Yang Kai was a little surprised; however, it wasn’t the first time he was encountering this kind of thing, so he simply accepted this explanation.


But according to this man, the Shattered Star Sea would remain open for a minimum of two years each time. In other words, he still had at least one year to make up for lost time.


After being silent for a while, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks! Goodbye!”


Even though he still had a lot of questions he wanted to ask, these two were far from generous, so if he continued to question them, they might not tell him the truth. Instead of being misled by them, it was better to explore the Shattered Star Sea on his own or wait to run into an acquaintance.


Having said his thanks, Yang Kai turned and flew off.


But the moment he turned around, the eyes of the Senior Brother, who had just answered Yang Kai’s question, suddenly flickered with a shrewd gleam as a jet-black beam flew out of his hand with the flick of his wrist. In the lightning-fast moment, the beam was already behind Yang Kai.


It seemed that Yang Kai would be pierced by the black beam at any moment, but at the critical moment, he suddenly twisted his body, avoiding the black beam.


The next moment, Yang Kai stood in the mid-air and indifferently asked, coldly glaring down at the two, “What is your meaning?”


The Senior Brother was taken aback and he couldn’t help but murmur, “He actually dodged that? How is that possible?”


His sneak attack had no warning signs, and neither had he shown the slightest bit of murderous intent before he made the move. It was reasonable to say that it was impossible for Yang Kai to perceive this strike, but that was exactly what happened at the critical moment.


[This guy isn’t an easy mark!] The Senior Brother thought to himself.


His Junior Brother, on the other hand, didn’t take Yang Kai that seriously and immediately sneered, “Isn’t it clear what our intentions are? Why ask when you know them clearly?”


“You two want to kill me?” Yang Kai raised his brow and sorrowfully spoke, “You and I ran into each other by chance, and we have neither grievance nor grudge. You two were interested in the Star Source here and I offered it freely to you. I had no intention of fighting with you but you two still wish to kill me using under-handed means? Your conduct truly saddens me. Even the most basic trust between people has been broken!”


The corner of the Senior Brother’s lips twitched as he stated, “If you don’t want to die, you can leave your right hand and then scram.”


The Junior Brother nodded in agreement, “That’s right! If you want to survive, you can cut off your right hand! My fellow brother and I will spare your life if you do, otherwise, next year today will be your death anniversary!”


Yang Kai frowned and asked, “Why do you want my right hand? Don’t you have yours?”


The Junior Brother sneered and stated, “Do you think your right hand is a treasure or something? We don’t want your right hand, what we want is the Star Seal on the back of your hand!”


“We have already entered the Shattered Star Sea, why do you want to steal my Star Seal?” Yang Kai was still confused.


“You really don’t know anything!” The Junior Brother broke into laughter, “My fellow brother and I will be generous and give you a final piece of free advice. It’s very common to snatch other people’s Star Seal in this Shattered Star Sea. As for the reasons and benefits… heh heh, you will come to know about it later.”


The Senior Brother’s face sank before he spoke, “Friend, since you can avoid my attack, I assume you have some impressive skill, but do you think that you can defeat me and my Junior Brother together? If you don’t want to die, obediently cooperate. Otherwise, we will kill you and take away your Star Seal afterwards!”


Yang Kai touched his chin and indifferently stated, “You are really making me curious. What is so good about snatching someone else’s Star Seal? You have made me curious to the point that I want to kill you two!”


“Kill us?” The Junior Brother’s eyes widened after hearing this, but immediately after, he burst into laughter as he pointed at Yang Kai and asked, “Senior Brother, did you hear what he just said? He actually said that he wants to kill us. This guy must be out of his mind!”


The Senior Brother coldly snorted and said, “Friend, since you refuse a toast, you must drink at a loss. We don’t need to be polite to him, attack together!”


Just as he spoke, the Junior Brother’s laughter disappeared as a ruthless look appeared on his face. Immediately after, the two pushed their Source Qi, preparing to attack.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, formed a set of hand seals as a strange and inexplicable energy fluctuation appeared around him, instantly covering the two brothers.


The two, who were just about to attack, inexplicably quivered as a sense of crisis gripped their hearts. They seemed to hear the call of death and their clothes instantly became drenched in a cold sweat.


They wanted to look up to see what kind of profound Secret Technique Yang Kai had used, but what took them aback was the fact that their thoughts seemed to have frozen. They couldn’t even move their bodies now, and more importantly, everything around them was strangely calm and quiet. It was almost as if time itself had stopped flowing, freezing the world in this exact moment.


A low murmur suddenly rang in their ears, causing them to shiver like they had been sunk into a blizzard.


“Time flows on infinitely, like a mighty stream, like an unending dream, Time Flies Seal!”


Just as these words fell, Yang Kai pushed his palms towards his opponents from where he stood and a mysterious seal shot out, striking them before they could even react.


Two muffled groans rang out at the same time as Flowing Time Force madly invaded the two brothers’ bodies, causing their vitality to completely escape in a very short time.


With a speed visible to the naked eye, the black hair of the two men turned grey and then fell out. Even their skin began to wrinkle and their healthy and strong physiques grew old and skinny in just ten breaths. Their footing looked unsteady and they seemed almost incapable of standing upright any longer.


Hundreds or even thousands of years seemed to have passed, leaving only the deep scars of time on their bodies.


The strangest thing was the two still maintained their sluggish posture, seemingly unaware of their own changes, their eyes were completely hollow.


Finally, at some point, the two suddenly recovered and collapsed together.


“Senior… Senior Brother…” The handsome-looking Junior Brother looked no different from an old man who had one foot in the grave now, and his eyes sank as he looked at his Senior Brother, who barely resembled his past self, in horror. A quavering voice escaped from his mouth that had no teeth remaining as he asked, “How did you become like this?”


“Junior Brother, you…” The Senior Brother was also horrified and stared back at his Junior Brother with the same shocked look on his face.


The Junior Brother finally seemed to have realized what happened and touched his face while staring at the wrinkled and withered hands before his eyes. He looked at them in a daze before screaming in horror.


“What… What did you do to us?” The Senior Brother raised his head with difficulty and looked towards the sky, his turbid eyes filled with horror and despair.


He had never seen or even heard of such a strange Secret Technique. In just one move, he and his Junior Brother had been defeated like this without even being able to fight back. He had never seen a Dao Source Realm cultivator as powerful as Yang Kai in his entire life.



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  1. It’s awesome that he got a new power, but isn’t that too op? Okay, it is a secret technique of a Great Emperor, but it was said YK only grasped the basics of Time Principles. How can he defeat 2 cultivators in the same realm with just words? I hope at least the technique drains him at least half his Source Qi

  2. Can this cheat skill be used for growing up herbs? If so he would never ask about herbs age again when wanting to perform alchemy. It would also mean his pills would be made of best quality herbs.

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