Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2454, Gone Crazy


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“I remember the Heavenly Wolf Valley now,” Yang Kai smiled and stated, “When this is over, I have something to ask of Sister Lan. I hope Sister Lan will not refuse.”


Lan He bitterly replied, “If we survive, I will promise you as long as it’s not too much.”


“Don’t worry, we won’t die,” Yang Kai burst into laughter.


Lan He weirdly looked at him. She didn’t know where he was getting the confidence to speak such big words. Was he so blind that he can’t see that he is surrounded by several dozen Dao Source Realm Masters? These people were not ordinary cultivators, they were all elite disciples of great forces. If they teamed up, even an ordinary Emperor Realm Master wouldn’t be their opponent.


Did he think he was better than an Emperor?


“Little brat, you still continue to shamelessly boast!” That burly man suddenly shouted in anger. Suddenly, an axe appeared in his hand with a flip of his wrist. Pushing his Source Qi into the artifact, the aura and pressure exuded by it reached an extraordinary height as he continued, “If you know what’s good for you, you better surrender without a fight and I may leave your corpse intact. But if you dare to remain stubborn…”


*Pthooh…* Yang Kai opened his mouth and spat straight toward that burly man, launching the spitball like an arrow from a bow.


The yelling man’s face immediately changed as he hurriedly dodged to one side. Although the spit wasn’t lethal, it would be too disgusting to be spat upon.


After regaining his footing, the burly man rebuked with a cold face, “Are you a child? You actually spat at me! Don’t you think it’s shameful!?”


Yang Kai sneered as he countered, “So many of you are targeting me, and you still don’t think that’s shameful, but I spat on you and you called me shameless!? How ridiculous!”


Yin Le Sheng snorted and stated, “Whatever you say, you are going to die today for sure.”


“Is that so?” Yang Kai coldly glared at him, he then raised his foot and took a step forward as he majestically proclaimed, “Then this Young Master likes to see who is blind enough to dare to make a move against him. Let this Young Master warn you, if anyone dares to make a move, I will make him die here today!”


Once he said this, everyone’s expression changed as a serious look appeared on their faces.


The amazing strength displayed by Yang Kai earlier was still vivid in their mind, so although it seemed that he was just trying to give them a scare and couldn’t back up his words, it was still somewhat daunting. They were afraid that he would fight a desperate battle if pushed too far which would cost them dearly.


In a flash, several dozen cultivators stood rooted in place, no one was willing to be the first to act and subsequently, the first to die. They were waiting for the others to make a move first so they could become the fisherman and take advantage of the fight between snipe and clam.


Yin Le Sheng could clearly spot this and his face turned gloomy as he shouted, “Since you are being so timid and fearful, after this Yin has snatched his Star Source, you should not get jealous!”


When he said this, he suddenly stretched his hand out and shouted, “Netherworld Purgatory Hand!”


A sinister gale immediately appeared, followed by eerie cries and howls. The next moment, an enormous ghost suddenly appeared and rushed towards Yang Kai with a ferocious look on its face.


This ghost had yet to reach him, but a cold feeling rose from inside Yang Kai as if even his blood was going to be frozen.


Before he could react, Lan He, who was standing next to him, suddenly yelled, “Heavenly Wolf Moon!”


A deafening wolf howl rang out and as Lan He pointed forward, a powerful silver wolf phantom appeared out of thin air. This wolf was enormous, as if it was a true Heavenly Wolf. Next, it opened its enormous jaws and bit toward the ghost.


In a flash, the two enormous entities clashed with each other, fighting crazily.


And at the same time Yin Le Sheng made his move, the several Netherworld Sect disciples around him also attacked. Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian of Brahma Holy Land glanced at each other before quickly forming hand seals as they used their own Secret Techniques.


As soon as the others saw someone taking the lead, they no longer watched from the sidelines. One after another, they summoned their artifacts, or displayed some Secret Techniques to attack Yang Kai.


In a flash, the void glittered with colourful glows as energy fluctuations undulated everywhere.


Lan He immediately turned pale and stood rooted on the spot, dazed. Her eyes seemed to have lost their luster.


With so many Dao Source Realm Masters attacking together, she was completely powerless to resist. Only death was waiting for her.


At that moment, Yang Kai suddenly let out a fierce roar. Immediately, a dazzling flash of light blinded everyone before a wide broadsword appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. The next moment, a majestic Emperor Pressure filled the void as Yang Kai assumed a firm stance like a towering and immovable mountain. He slowly turned the long sword in his hand as he shouted, “Myriad Sword Arts, One Man as a Mountain!”


*Chi Chi Chi…*


Countless sword auras suddenly shot from the long sword, greeting the oncoming attacks like locusts.


Deafening explosions immediately rang out as the sight of countless energy collisions created a shocking scene before everyone’s eyes.


“Emperor Artifact!”


“Where is this brat from!? He actually has an Emperor Artifact as well!”


“Don’t let him go, kill him!”


Although many of the cultivators who had entered the Shattered Star Sea were either elite disciples of major Sects, or descendants and Legacy Disciples of Sect Masters and Elders, Emperor Artifacts were still a rarity among them. Apart from a few top elites who owned an Emperor Artifact, no one else was eligible to have one.


At this moment, seeing Yang Kai actually take out an Emperor Artifact, the blood of several dozen cultivators started boiling.


In their opinion, Yang Kai was simply a huge treasure trove.


Not only did he have a complete Star Source, he also had an Emperor Artifact. If they could kill him and snatch his treasures, they would instantly become rich. They would be the proud owner of an Emperor Artifact!


In a flash, a fire was lit in everyone’s heart.


After the clash, Yang Kai too staggered back as a sweet and sour taste flooded his throat and spurted out of his mouth.


He barely resisted the joint attacks of several dozen cultivators thanks to the might of the Myriads Swords, but he was all alone in the end, so how could he contend with so many people? He could resist their attacks all because they hadn’t used their full strength just now, otherwise Yang Kai would not have only suffered minor injuries.


“Damn you all, you actually dare to jointly attack me!” Yang Kai turned livid with rage as he glared around and shouted, grinding his teeth.


Yin Le Sheng snorted and said, “It’s too late to beg for mercy, you are going to die today!”


Zhang Hao anxiously demanded, “Quickly hand over the Emperor Artifact!”


Although the others didn’t say anything, the greedy look in their eyes was enough to tell what was going in their minds.


Yang Kai grimly smiled before he suddenly teleported to the front of the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


Yin Le Sheng’s expression changed as he asked in shock, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai broke into a burst of loud laughter as he shouted, “What am I doing? Isn’t it obvious? I told you before, if anyone dares to attack me, I will make him die without a burial!”


He swept a cold gaze through the crowd with a crazed look on his face.


“Are you crazy!?” Yin Le Sheng seemed to have guessed Yang Kai’s intentions and his face turned pale while the others were also shocked as their thoughts all froze.


Yang Kai’s face and eyes turned colder as he stated in a frigid voice, “You forced me to do this.”


As he spoke, he lifted the Myriads Swords up high all of a sudden.


“Wait, we can talk about this, there’s no need to act rash!” Zhang Hao yelled in horror.


“You want to talk now? Too late! Go to hell!” Yang Kai shouted as he ruthlessly swung the Myriads Sword at the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


“It’s over!” Yin Le Sheng’s forehead was immediately covered in large beads of cold sweat at the sight of this and he turned around and rushed back without even looking back.


“Run!” Zhang Hao also screamed, “This brat has gone insane!”




As the Myriads Sword struck the Mountains and Rivers Bell, a reverberating tone immediately rang out before sound waves visible to the naked eyes began to propagate outwards.


Yang Kai was the first to bear the brunt of this pulse, and even though he circulated his Source Qi to defend himself, he couldn’t help but stagger. He almost fainted on the spot as he spurted a mouthful of blood.


Dozens of Dao Source Realm Masters had their backs to Yang Kai at this moment, only wanting to escape from this place but unable to do so.


They were trapped inside a Natural Spirit Array, one that had no easy way out, so even if they desperately fled, it was a fruitless attempt. When the sound wave spread, they were swept up in it at once.


On the dark red star before, a young man had only touched the Mountains and Rivers Bell lightly and was blasted to death as a result, but now, Yang Kai had used an Emperor Artifact to strike the Mountains and Rivers Bell with all his strength, causing a shock wave that couldn’t be compared with the previous one.


After being struck by the sound wave, everyone spurted blood and all of their defensive artifacts grew a lot dimmer.


Not only that, but the sound wave seemed to have the power to suppress and lock. After the sound wave swept through everyone, they froze in place as if they were trapped in a quagmire, unable to move at all.




Before they could take a breath of respite, another deafening knell rang.


Everyone’s heart shuddered as they turned their heads and saw that Yang Kai had struck the Mountains and Rivers Bell again. He had a horrifying look on his face and was frantically laughing, “How are you feeling, better? Tell me loudly, how does it feel!?”


“Madman… he’s a madman!”


“This guy has lost his mind!”


“You bunch of wastes, why would you think of provoking someone so crazy! If he keeps this up, everyone will be killed along with him!”


“Stop, stop, we can talk it out. Don’t do this, please!”


“Brother Yang, it’s better to get rid of an enmity than keep it alive! Rather than dying with everyone, it’s better to sit down and talk it out!”


Watching that terrifying sound wave sweep over again, everyone started crying and screamed. Each of them hated Yang Kai to death, but they were forced to please him with a smiling face even against their will.


“I’m not listening, I’m not listening!” Over on Yang Kai’s side, he spat another mouthful of blood as he shook his head wildly. The third time he raised his Myriads Sword, he shouted, “I’m making a profit by taking you guys all with me. So, don’t think about leaving alive today!”


“Senior Yang, I am willing to offer my space ring, please spare my life!” Someone suddenly shouted.


Yang Kai paused for a moment before he snorted and shouted with a voice filled with righteous indignation, “Do you think this Young Master is someone who is moved at the sight of money!? Don’t disgrace this Young Master’s character!”


That man was dumbstruck. He didn’t know how to reply.


Yang Kai quickly asked, “What treasures are in the ring?”


Everyone, “…”


That speaker was also stunned. He didn’t know what Yang Kai meant until a cultivator next to him secretly kicked him. The man suddenly came to realize and hurriedly replied, “There are many, many great treasures inside! I guarantee that Senior Yang will be satisfied.”


Yang Kai suddenly smiled and stated, “You should have said so earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered then. Tell me, aren’t you a miserable wretch?”


“Yes, yes, yes, I’m a miserable wretch!” The corner of that man’s lips twitched as he agreed.



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