Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2455, You Want To Fight Me One-On-One?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“If that’s the case, then I will spare your dog life!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Then he turned to Lan He and ordered, “Sister Lan, go and get his Space Ring.”


“Me!?” Lan He was taken aback. Although she didn’t feel very good about this, she knew that it was a little inconvenient for Yang Kai to move right now, so all she could do was nod, fly to that cultivator and stretch her hand out.


The cultivator took off the Space Ring with a painful look on his face and reluctantly handed it over to Lan He.


Yang Kai shouted with a stoic face, “Who wants to buy their life? If you want to buy it, hurry up before it’s too late.”


“Isn’t… Isn’t he taking advantage of our difficulties to rob us!?”


“Boy, don’t go too far!”


“There are several dozen of us, don’t think we’re really afraid of you! I advise you to exercise prudence.”


“Yes, yes! Brother Yang, when it’s possible to forgive others, one should be forgiving. You should always leave a way out for yourself, only this way, your future will be broader and wider!”


“When it’s possible to forgive others, one should be forgiving?” Yang Kai sneered before he showed contempt and rebuked, “I didn’t see you forgive me just now. But now, what’s the use of this nonsense! I’ll say it one last time, if you want to buy your life, hurry up and cooperate, otherwise don’t blame this Young Master for being ruthless and making you die here!”


As he spoke, he raised the Myriads Sword high again, taking the stance as if he was about to strike again.


The several dozen Dao Source Realm cultivators’ faces turned incomparably ugly.


Yang Kai had only knocked the Mountains and Rivers Bell twice, yet most of the cultivators here were already injured. However, inside this Natural Spirit Array, they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to. If this went on a few more times, they would really die here.


“Don’t compromise! The weaker you act, the more he is going to take advantage of you. Never compromise with him! If you join hands with him, you still may not be able to survive!” Yin Le Sheng suddenly shouted. Among everyone, he was the last one who wanted to see Yang Kai flaunt his prowess. Therefore, when he saw someone trying to compromise, he instantly became anxious.


“Brother Yin is really firm and unyielding, very good!” Yang Kai looked at him and sneered deeply, “Then, this Young Master will wait and see for how long will you remain this staunch.”


Yin Le Sheng’s face turned gloomy so much that one could almost shave off a layer of frost from his face. His expression was extremely ugly to look at.


As soon as the topic was changed, Yang Kai quickly stated, “I’ll only count to three, after three, if you still won’t obediently cooperate, then you can all be on your way to Hell! One…”




Before Yang Kai could even count to three, someone shouted, “Brother Yang, I’m willing to hand you my Space Ring, please let me live!”


“Good!” Yang Kai turned his gaze and looked at the speaker before ordering, “Take the ring off and stand aside.”


Lan He walked up to the man without a word and stretched her hand out.


After that man handed over the Space Ring, he immediately flew to one side.


“I am also willing to hand over my Space Ring!”


“Me too!”


“Me too! There is nothing good inside anyway. It’s better than death.”


In a flash, handing Space Rings over to buy their lives had almost become the general trend. Among several dozen cultivators, most of them had soon chosen to surrender their Space Rings.


Lan He’s mood was extremely complicated. She had thought she would definitely die this time; after all, her enemies were several dozen Dao Source Realm Masters.


But the situation quickly turned around. She and Yang Kai, who were supposed to be at an absolute disadvantage, had their positions reversed and were now leading the same several dozen cultivators around by their noses.


All of this was too abrupt, but it was all Yang Kai’s credit.


In the face of several dozen Dao Source Realm cultivators, he didn’t panic or become intimidated, instead he used the Mountains and Rivers Bell to deter the enemy, bravely and smartly forcing his opponents into a position where they could neither advance or retreat. It was the first time Lan He had met such a courageous and cunning man.


In a short while, she had already received more than twenty Space Rings.


She was the Eldest Senior Sister of Heavenly Wolf Valley and had witnessed many great scenes and storms, yet she was still trembling in excitement a little at this moment. Each of these twenty Space Rings was filled with enormous amounts of treasure.


These were the Space Rings of elite disciples of top Sects, each of them stuffed with wealth. Lan He could hardly imagine the amount of money in these twenty Space Rings.


After another while, those hesitating cultivators didn’t dare to tarry any longer. Yang Kai had raised the Emperor Artifact right next to the Mountains and Rivers Bell, so who knows when he would knock it again?


All of them could only take off their Space Rings in humiliation and hand them over to Lan He. They secretly decided in their hearts that they would make Yang Kai know of the consequences of offending them once they escaped from here.


The several dozen Dao Source Realm cultivators, who had originally teamed up, were now divided into two camps. One that was handing over their Space Rings, and the other filled with those who were still acting stubborn.


The cultivators who were stubborn weren’t that many, however, only five in total. Yang Kai glanced at them and noticed that all these people were the disciples of the Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land.


Next, Yang Kai sneered at Zhang Hao, “It seems Holy Son Zhang Hao wants to die here.”


Zhang Hao furrowed his brow and stated, “Brother Yang, how about we discuss this. Why don’t you let me and Zhang Xian just leave? We will remember today’s kindness and repay you some other time!”


“Some other time!” Yang Kai sneered and said with a cold look plastered on his face, “The matters of some other time should be discussed some other time. For now, all I want are your Space Rings.”


Zhang Hao stated, “Brother Yang, do you really need to do this? You have already offended over twenty Sects, how will you gain a footing in the Star Boundary in the future?”


Yang Kai said with a deep nod, hearing this, “Brother Zhang Hao makes sense. I hadn’t considered this.”


Zhang Hao was gleeful hearing this, but before he could say anything, Yang Kai continued, “You mean to say… after I take the treasure, I should silence everyone? Tsk tsk, Brother Zhang Hao is truly vicious. En, as expected, just as the sea cannot be measured by a bushel, a man cannot be judged by his appearance.”


Zhang Hao wiped off the cold sweat of his forehead as he hastily added, “Brother Yang, you misunderstand, how could I think of inciting Brother Yang to go back on his words and do such a thing? Wouldn’t I be ruining Brother Yang’s reputation? I only wanted to say that it’s better to have more friends than enemies. Brother Yang, what do you think?”


“You want to be friends with me?” Yang Kai slightly smiled.


Zhang Hao cupped his fists and said, “If Brother Yang does not mind, hehe…”


“I do mind. You’re not worthy to be my friend,” Yang Kai’s face turned colder as he rebuked, glaring at him.


Zhang Hao’s smile turned stiff as his flash flushed red. He was extremely embarrassed.


As a Holy Son of Brahma Holy Land, he could be considered a leader of the younger generation in the Star Boundary, yet he wasn’t worthy of being friends with Yang Kai? This brat was just a Dao Source Realm cultivator, yet he dared to boast so shamelessly! And before so many people, too. How could this not cause Zhang Hao to lose all face.


His heart was burning with flames of fury.


Zhang Xian, who was standing next to him, also had an ugly look on his face. He and Zhang Hao both were Holy Sons, so Yang Kai slapping Zhang Hao’s face like this made him also feel hot in his cheeks, as if he too had been ruthlessly slapped too.


“Brother Yang, you refuse to realize the errors of your ways!” Zhang Hao snorted.


Yang Kai snorted back and declared, “If you keep up with your nonsense, this Young Master will take your dog life first!”


“Good, we will remember this! I hope you can still be as arrogant as you are today the next time we meet!” Zhang Hao dropped a ruthless sentence before Zhang Xian and Zhang Hao took off their Space Rings and threw them to Lan Hen. They then turned around and joined the crowd on the other side.


Yang Kai grinned and said, “You only know how to bullshit. If you had the guts, you could come up and fight this Young Master right now. This Young Master will teach you how to show proper respect!”


Zhang Hao stopped for a moment. He was almost provoked by Yang Kai to turn around and make a move, but fortunately, he suddenly remembered the scene of Yang Kai instantly killing a cultivator in the same realm just a moment ago. Before such a terrifying opponent, he asked himself whether he was his opponent. But the only answer he got was even if Zhang Xian and he attacked Yang Kai together, they could only remain undefeated at best, that’s all.


“Another miserable wretch who is only willing to cooperate after being severely educated by this Young Master,” Yang Kai sneered.


Zhang Xian suddenly turned and said, looking at Lan He, “Sister Lan He, although I don’t know what your relationship with Brother Yang is, you have to be more careful. Zhang Hao and I saw him living together with Yu Ying from the Netherworld Sect in the same room. Yu Ying’s clothes were dishevelled when she came out of her flight-type artifact, and you know very well what kind of woman Yu Ying is. Everyone is an Eastern Territory Sect’s disciple, so I hope you don’t fall into this devil’s hands.”


Yang Kai’s face turned ashen after hearing this and quickly declared, “You dare to drive a wedge between us?! This Young Master and Yu Ying are pure and innocent, don’t soil my reputation.”


Zhang Xian chuckled and stated, “Yu Ying said the same thing before.”


After saying so, he walked into the crowd without looking back.

Lan He frowned her black brow as he glanced at Yang Kai, a weird look on her face.


Yang Kai righteously asked, “Sister Lan He, you wouldn’t believe him, would you?”


Lan He stated, “Brother Yang, as long as you have a clear conscience, it’s okay. It’s none of my business!”


Yang Kai thought for a moment before agreeing with a nod, “Good!”


After they were finished, he turned to Yin Le Sheng and stated with a crafty grin, “Brother Yin, now there are only a few of you left? Tell me, are you going to cooperate? How about you? And, you?”


The remaining three were all the disciples of Netherworld Sect. Yin Le Sheng had a very high status in the Netherworld Sect; after all, he was the Sect Master’s Legacy Disciple, so even if his duration in the Sect was short, he was still in charge.


Since he hadn’t made a statement, the other two disciples couldn’t make a decision either.


Yin Le Sheng proudly smiled and stated, “This Yin least likes others threatening him, and anyone who has dared to, didn’t have a good end.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he said, “Coincidentally, I am the same as Brother Yin regarding this.”


Yin Le Sheng stated, “Prideful people always have a lot in common. Yang Kai, if you really want my Space Ring, you have to fight with me. If you win, this Yin will offer you his Space Ring with both hands.”


“You want to fight me one-on-one?” Yang Kai looked at him, narrowing his eyes.


“Is Brother Yang afraid?” Yin Le Sheng sneered.


Yang Kai stated with a snort, “Since Brother Yin is being so refined, then this Young Master will give you a chance!”


Once Yang Kai said this, Yin Le Sheng happily smiled. Although Yang Kai had shown extraordinary strength before, Yin Le Sheng was confident that he would remain undefeated. This was also why he could talk with ease and fluency with Yang Kai, and didn’t panic despite being trapped in the Natural Spirit Array.


If he wanted to leave here, he could leave at any moment; however, he would have to pay a hefty price. He wasn’t willing to do that unless it was a last resort.



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          Yeah true. this desrcribes this light novel so good at times. Great Emperor grade plot armor 🤣🤣… even more powerful than the ancient Mountains and Rivers Bell .

    1. Yes! I was so happy that sit happened last chapter but the author took his red rocked and pissed all over his earlier achievements with stupidly illogical bullshit! Suddenly Yang Kai can control the bell to target specific people?! So how come none of the people directly challenge him? I’m so pissed aaaargh!

  1. How are these people that handed over their space rings safe? Isn’t the sound wave still going to affect them as long as they are in the array? And why is Lan He unscathed? Why is Yang Kai short on word, he who could always scam people and had a tong as sharp as knife can’t even beat a side character in word games? Is it just me or is yang kai’s potential running out

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