Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 25, The Incense Burner’s Magical Effect

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After she entered the Contribution Hall, Xia Ning Chang glanced back. When she saw that Yang Kai had already left, she let out a sigh of relief, for she still felt a little bit guilty due to the morning’s incident.

While her feelings were in a mess, she heard Treasurer Meng let out an *ai~yo* sigh from the counter.

“What’s the matter, master?” Xia Ning Chang asked.

“I was just pitying that child.” Treasurer Meng sighed out sobbingly. “He’s a good child; willing to endure hardships, he’s hardy, has a good personality, his character’s not bad…….”

When Xia Ning Chang heard the way her master was praising Yang Kai, she immediately grew angry. In her heart, she thought that he had yet to learn of Yang Kai’s actions this morning. Not only had he stripped naked, he had also sullied this Disciple’s eyes and given this Disciple of yours the worst fright of her life.

On and on Treasurer Meng went, causing her to be more and more infuriated. Unable to bear it any longer, she slapped her hand onto the counter.

*Pa!* the sounded resounded like something had been broken.

As he looked at her, his face contorted and he wailed out: “That was my Earth Grade, Lower Level blood mushroom worth twenty contribution points…”

“That was a Blood Mushroom?” Looking at the already powdered mushroom on the counter top, Xia Ning Chang asked herself whether or not her master’s eyes were failing. [How is this a Blood Mushroom?]

“It’s not… How could your master mistake it.” Treasurer Meng replied as he let out a soft breath. The powder on the countertop then floated outside, like an invisible hand had scooped it up and scattered in the wind.

“Oh, that’s right. Why did you come to find me today?” Fixing his face, Treasurer Meng showed a rare face of solemnity.

“I managed to break through.”

His expression changing, he went to inspect Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation. Soon after, he nodded: “Good, good. It seems like my eyes weren’t wrong, for only people of your physique are suited for this cultivation method. Come; eat this pellet to help stabilize your cultivation.”

*En.* After she took the pellet, Xia Ning Chang hesitated slightly before asking: “How is your injury?”

Laughing softly Treasurer Meng answered: “You don’t need to worry about your master. After so many years, it is not that big of a hindrance.”

Brimming with anticipation and excitement, Yang Kai returned home to his small hut.

Today was the day that he could use the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass that he gathered. Furthermore, the amount of each was also not small, so it should last awhile.

Now he had everything prepared, Yang Kai really wanted to verify, whether or not that incense burner could truly aid him in his cultivation.

The location of the wooden hut was in the most empty and desolate area of High Heaven Pavilion. Practically no one paid any attention to it. Since this was the case, Yang Kai didn’t worry about having his secret exposed. Walking inside, he called out the black book and turned to page three. Then he extracted the incense burner and placed it on the bedside.

He then took out the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass. Afterwards, he stuffed them into the burner and put the lid back on.

All of a sudden a faint scent, akin to a rare perfume started to disperse in the room. Breathing in deeply, Yang Kai began to analyze the perfume. Although the smell was a bit unique, there was nothing special about it.

However, from the holes of the incense burner, the perfume steadily poured out and entered Yang Kai’s nostrils. It was like small, snakes were purposely entering his body via his nose.

Within his body, it was like there was something more. In his flesh and blood, in his meridians and even in his bone marrow a feeling of numbness spread out.

Yang Kai didn’t dare tarry. Carrying the incense burner, he ran outside to begin his cultivation.

Stepping out of his hut entrance into the light took him by surprise. For his foot felt like it was made of lead, it was far heavier than normal. In combination with this step, Yang Kai felt his strength rapidly decreasing.

Taking another step, he began to feel dizzy and almost to collapse; perspiring madly, his muscles tensed. The recently cultivated atmospheric energy in his meridians bubbled about as his bones cracked.

Taking his third step out of his hut, his legs became soft and he fell to the ground. As he fell, Yang Kai’s hands released of the incense burner and it rolled far away.

Hands on the floor supporting his body; immovable like a mountain, he gasped for breath. His chest heaved up and down as he took several deep breaths, his body continued twitched uncontrollably. His tendons, organs, and bones expanded and contracted causing the pain to intensify as time passed. Although Yang Kai wanted to howl in pain, he kept his mouth tightly shut.

His current condition was one of excessive exhaustion; one he had experienced many times previously. Thus Yang Kai was quite familiar with it.

But, he had only walked three steps out of his hut, so how did could he possibly exhaust all his strength? Not only was his physical stamina gone, his mental strength was also exhausted. It was like he had not slept for many nights, even his eyes had started to feel drowsy.

At this point, his three energies were all exhausted to the limit, and he couldn’t even move a single finger.

By this time, the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass’s side effects had started to take effect in Yang Kai’s brain.

The toxicity of these two herbs wasn’t very strong. They were weak enough that normal people could resist them easily, but the prerequisite was that they were healthy. Given the hardships Yang Kai suffered daily combined with his current condition, Yang Kai had trouble withstanding them.

He was afraid that inhaling the incense burners perfume was the reason this type of situation had occurred. Though, regardless of the toxicity of the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass, such strong side effects were something they were unable to produce. The mystery originated from the incense burner; it was able to amplify those two Herb’s toxicity.

Ever since he had obtained the Golden Skeleton, every time he practiced he never became tired or exhausted. And since he was never tired, Yang Kai was unable to reach his limits. Being unable to reach his limits, he was unable to improve.

Though it appeared this was no longer the case anymore. He only took three steps, yet his all his strength had been consumed. But the effect of this incense burner was not as simple as enabling him to reach his limits at this stage, for in the future will there ever be any fear he wouldn’t able to train to his limits again?

Yang Kai always believed that a person’s potential was unlimited, and the important thing was how one uncovered it. Although natural aptitude could help a person mature, one’s own effort was crucial! So, after all these years, even when he knew his own talent was lacking, he diligently struggled and never gave up his drive to cultivate.

Thinking about this, Yang Kai’s spirit was greatly lifted!

Gradually and with much effort, he used his hand to push his exhausted body up; his thighs strained so much that his veins popped out. Gritting his teeth, he slowly pulled himself up.

Almost all of his physical strength had been drained; his consciousness had started to become fuzzy once again. Yet his heart refused to give in, giving him a ferocious burst of strength and energy. Out of his entire life, he had never been this adamant about anything, but he was adamant that he will beat this!

[Stand up! For the place you have fallen, will also be the place from which you rise!] If he stood up he would have broken through his limits, he would have won!

Time had never flowed as slowly as it did now; both his feet had already been planted firmly on the ground. Legs slightly bent, fighting against the trembling, his desire to stand had not diminished in the slightest, and he would do it even if it meant taking it as slow as possible.

Finally, Yang Kai bellowed/roared out, for he had finally stood up straight. Staggering forward, he steadied himself and anchored his feet to the ground.


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