Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2505, You Shouldn’t Have Saved Me


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After regaining his senses, Yang Kai calmed himself down and turned his attention to Duan Hong Chen again.


Duan Hong Chen’s situation did not look optimistic, his aura and vitality did not stop weakening even after taking in so many healing Spirit Pills.


Yang Kai understood that it was not the problem of those Spirit Pills that he had refined personally, but rather the injury suffered by Duan Hong Chen was too serious to be healed. On top of the injuries from Yang Kai’s Heaven Severing Slash, Duan Hong Chen was already injured during the previous fight with Wu Kuang.


These wounds could not be healed by mere Spirit Pills anymore.


[This is bad!] Yang Kai’s heart sank.


Seeing that the Bustling World Great Emperor’s aura was getting weaker and weaker, to the point that even the light of his life was almost extinguished, Yang Kai decided to go all out. Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai seemed to pluck something from the void, and in the next moment, a green leaf miraculously appeared in his grasp.


The leaf had distinctive veins and was pure, verdant green like priceless jade. This lift contained unimaginable amounts of vitality. Yang Kai held it like he was holding a living creature with real flesh and blood, as its vitality was shockingly strong.


It was a leaf of the Immortal Tree!


Yang Kai had no other choice. He could only try using a leaf from the Immortal Tree as the last resort to save Duan Hong Chen from his hopeless condition.


Like the Soul Warming Lotus, the Immortal Tree was one of the world’s Supreme Treasures. It had existed since the beginning, and there was only one in existence. So long as it existed, there would never be a second one.


Immortal Source Liquid, one of the three Great Divine Waters, was born from the Immortal Tree. It had the miraculous effect of being able to revive someone from the gates of Hell and was a sacred healing treasure that no pill could compare to.


Unfortunately, even though Yang Kai had the Immortal Tree, he did not have the Immortal Source Liquid. Although he had collected some Immortal Source Liquid during the time when he obtained the Immortal Tree, he had used up the last of it a long time ago.


But if Immortal Source Liquid had such a miraculous effect, wouldn’t a leaf from the Immortal Tree have similar potency?


Yang Kai did not know if this leaf could save Duan Hong Chen’s life, but he had to try rather than just watch the Bustling World Great Emperor die.


After plucking the green leaf, Yang Kai immediately threw it into Duan Hong Chen’s mouth, spurring his own Emperor Qi to refine it at the same time.


A gleam of green light bloomed from Duan Hong Chen’s dantian before it quickly enveloped him entirely.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded; however, he clearly felt that this green light contained astonishing vitality. Under the shroud of this green light, Duan Hong Chen’s wounds were recovering rapidly and his dreadfully weak aura had also started to slowly rise.


This discovery made Yang Kai feel relieved, knowing that he had found the right solution.


The Immortal Tree’s leaf did have the ability to save someone from the brink of death, and it seemed to be even more powerful in this regard than the Immortal Source Liquid.


At this point, Yang Kai did not need to help Duan Hong Chen anymore, he just needed to stand guard for him.


The green light bloomed in this dark Void with a mysterious kind of brilliance. Duan Hong Chen’s aura gradually stabilized, his blood started to flow in his body, and his heartbeat became clear and discernible.


After a stick of incense, the green light gradually dissipated, and Duan Hong Chen was no longer in a dying state. Nevertheless, he still did not awake for some reason.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling a sense of fatigue coming from the inside out.


From the time he began to break through to the Emperor Realm, he had barely had a moment to breathe. He had undergone a fierce World Energy Baptism, then been bombarded by a bolt of World Force, then been swallowed into a black hole that formed from an inexplicable burst of energy, after which he faced the invasion of Wu Kuang into his Knowledge Sea to seize him, only to then witness a battle between Duan Hong Chen and Wu Kuang inside his body.


Yang Kai was tense and stressed throughout the whole process. It was not until this moment that everything was settled that he could finally relax his mind.


Staring at Duan Hong Chen in front of him, an unreal feeling abruptly struck Yang Kai.


The name of the Great Emperors shook the Star Boundary whenever they were mentioned as each one was a legendary existence. They always appeared at one moment but disappeared the next; extremely secretive in their movements and traces. A commoner couldn’t see them even once in his or her lifetime.


Ever since Yang Kai came to the Star Boundary, he had never stopped hearing people mentioning the Ten Great Emperors. Everyone who mentioned them would show a face of admiration and worship, as if the Great Emperors were deities…


Yang Kai could not believe that he actually ran into not just one but two Great Emperors at once in the Shattered Star Sea!


What was even more unorthodox was that these two Great Emperors, who were like ancient legends, actually fought to the death in front of him. One of them was known as the greatest evil, as well as the strongest Master in the Star Boundary’s history.


Yang Kai didn’t know if he was lucky or not…


Suddenly, Duan Hong Chen’s eyelids twitched. He, who was sitting in front of Yang Kai, slowly started to open his eyes.


Yang Kai was overjoyed and shouted in a low voice, “Senior Duan!”


Duan Hong Chen looked at him with a puzzled gaze and asked solemnly, “What did you feed this Old Master that could pull him back from the gates of Hell?”


“Oh, it’s nothing, it was just a Spirit Pill that I found earlier. I’m not sure what kind of Spirit Pill it was but I think it was pretty good, so I served it to Senior,” Yang Kai grinned and tried to cover up what he had done.


It was not that he did not trust Duan Hong Chen, but rather that the Immortal Tree was too astounding a treasure, so it was better for him to not disclose its existence. He also believed that Duan Hong Chen would not be able to figure out what he had eaten given that he was in an unconscious state previously.


“Stupid boy!” Duan Hong Chen abruptly stretched out his hand and slapped Yang Kai vigorously.


Yang Kai did not dare to hide and took a hard slap in his face, grimacing in pain as he questioned innocently, “Senior, why did you slap me?”


If the person who slapped him was not the Bustling World Great Emperor, who was willing to sacrifice his life to kill Wu Kuang, Yang Kai would have resisted violently. Even so, he was aggrieved in his heart for being slapped so unreasonably.


In order to rescue Duan Hong Chen, Yang Kai plucked a leaf from the Immortal Tree, even though there were not many leaves in total. Furthermore, he still had no idea if there would be any consequences to the Immortal Tree by plucking a leaf from it.


If the Immortal Tree was damaged because of this, Yang Kai would not have enough tears to cry.


“You… you…” Duan Hong Chen looked distressed, raising his hand to deliver another slap, but unexpectedly, he slapped himself in the end and sighed heavily.


Yang Kai stared at him, dumbstruck. He suddenly had a bad feeling deep down in his heart, and asked tentatively, “Senior, do you have something wrong… with here?”


He pointed to his own head while speaking.


“Go ahead if you want to say that this Old Master has gone insane. This Old Master won’t hit you!” Duan Hong Chen snorted coldly.


[Look who’s talking now.] Yang Kai secretly blamed Duan Hong Chen in his heart for hitting him right after he woke up, but he dared not to speak this complaint out loud.


“You shouldn’t have saved me. You’ve made a terrible mistake!” Duan Hong Chen sighed heavily again, looking deeply depressed and upset.


Yang Kai replied in a deep voice, “Senior, I don’t like the way you are putting it. If Senior can give up his life to save the common people of this world, why can’t this Junior try to save your life?”


Duan Hong Chen was maddened, and just when he was about to snap back, his face suddenly showed an excruciated expression, then it turned distorted and hideous.


Yang Kai’s face paled in shock, he exclaimed, “Senior, what’s happening to you?”


Duan Hong Chen did not answer, his body simply shaking with cold sweat beading on his forehead, and this condition lasted for a while before it gradually subsided.


Yang Kai secretly examined him with his Divine Sense, but he found that there was nothing wrong with Duan Hong Chen. He was bewildered as he did not understand what happened to Bustling World Great Emperor.


“Hahahaha!” Duan Hong Chen suddenly burst into laughter, and his laughter contained a sense of pride that was completely inconsistent with his previous attitude. He looked at Yang Kai with his beaming eyes and praised, “Not bad, not bad! Boy, you did a great job! This King has to thank you for almost wiping me out of this world. Fortunately, the Heavens have decided to spare my life!”


Hearing his words, Yang Kai quickly jumped backwards, keeping his distance from Duan Hong Chen and checking him up and down with his eyes. A horrible thought immediately floated in his mind… 


“Wu Kuang!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and bellowed.


“Oh?” ‘Duan Hong Chen’ squinted at Yang Kai with a sneer, “You found out the identity of this King with just a few sentences? Boy, you’re quite sharp!”


“It really is you?” Yang Kai’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat as he stared forward incredulously, querying in a trembling voice, “You seized Senior Duan?”


“No!” Wu Kuang shook his head.


“Then how can you be here?” Yang Kai asked grimly. He was confident that the one who was currently talking to him was the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, but how was that possible if he had not seized Duan Hong Chen’s body? Nevertheless, what made Yang Kai even more surprised was that he actually succeeded in seizing Duan Hong Chen’s body.


How did he do that? Duan Hong Chen was also a Great Emperor after all, and his strength was obviously not inferior to Wu Kuang based on their performances earlier. In theory, it should be impossible for Wu Kuang to seize him.


Before Wu Kuang could answer, Duan Hong Chen’s face suddenly turned distorted and hideous again, his body shaking violently only to calm down once again a moment later.


His previous aggressive gaze disappeared, replaced by a peaceful look.


Yang Kai’s fear spiked, he probed, “Senior Duan?”


While sighing, Duan Hong Chen gently nodded, “It’s me!”


“What, what’s happening?” Yang Kai was confused, his jaw dropped.


Duan Hong Chen sighed, “After that old thing escaped out of your Knowledge Sea, he invaded this Old Master’s body and attempted to seize it. Of course, this Old Master would never let him get what he wanted, so we fought again; however, both of us were exhausted and wounded, so we couldn’t do anything to each other. Actually, if things had simply been allowed to take their course, this Old Master would still be able to drag Wu Kuang with him to die together, but…”


“But what?”


Duan Hong Chen glared at him, “But this Old Master didn’t anticipate you feeding me some strange treasure that allowed both of us to regain our strength! Not only that, that old dog Wu Kuang also performed a Secret Technique to tie his Soul to this Old Master’s, forcibly occupying half of this Old Master’s body.


“How… how…” Yang Kai gulped while wiping the cold sweat beaded on his forehead, “How is that possible?”



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    1. It’s been a while now, ever since the begining of the shattered world, when he entered seclusion for 2 hole years, i believe his knowledge sea was damaged and he gone mental after that attack he received back there, he was really smart in the past, but age is catching up to him right now, he didn’t even thought to where a SOUL WOULD SCAPE if not body

        1. Remember how wu kuang was able to easily break into yang kais knowledge sea without him even noticing in the first place. so i think he would be able to escape just as easily

    2. He’s going dumb for the past hundreds of chapters because the author wants to reward him so much in return,. This Novel is like a looter-game KEKW…

    1. Looks like my previous guess about higher cultivation equals greater stupidity. Maybe it’s like bodybuilders, where all the mass makes it difficult for brains to function effectively

  1. Heaven devourer and bustling survives yk attack. Hd escapes. Yk doesn’t suspect hd will go to the nearest body? Can he be more stupid? I think the author is down grading yk intelligence just to drag the fight with hd. This is annoying! Not because of hd surviving but by making yk a 10 years old intelligence.

    1. You do realise that bustling world is also a great emperor right? What exactly do you think soul possession is? Do you really think that heaven devouring great emperor can just possess the body of someone with the same cultivation as him? He tried to tale over Yang Kai’s body, but he only had a chance of succeeding because Yang Kai was weaker than him. As we know in order to take over someone’s body, you have to destroy their soul avatars, and we also know that bustling world and heaven devouring are evenly matched in terms of soul strength. So how on earth would he destroy bustling world’s soul avatar inside his own knowledge sea where his soul would have the advantage? Under normal circumstances even if Yang Kai healed bustling world’s body what would happen is heaven devouring’s soul avatar would be destroyed after he failed to take over bustling world. But wu kuang instead managed to somehow fuse his soul with bustling world’s. This is something he shouldn’t have been able to predict. Heaven devouring never had a chance of possessing bustling world.

      If you read the chapter again, you will see that what surprised Yang Kai wasn’t the fact that wu kuang tried to take over bustling world’s body, but that he seemingly succeeded. That’s what surprised him. Because it wasn’t possible in the slightest. Turns out he was right, wu kuang didn’t succeed and he fused their souls instead. People keep saying that he is getting dumber and dumber, but from the looks of it people aren’t really reading the chapters properly.

  2. Somebody said Something about going to read read the bullet points on wiki how if one thinks the chapters are empty. How the author is putting all this flavour so that we will wonder and ponder. Doesn’t still stop the chapters from feeling really empty. I’ll try skipping a few unimportant sentences, just to see that the same unimportant things are still being said but in a different way. Ugh

  3. Yang Kai
    Age: 79 +/-5
    Cultivation level: emperor realm 1st order, emperor grade low rank alchemist
    Daos: space, grand alchemic tone

    Factions: azure sun temple disciple, sect master of high heaven sect, 9 heavens holy land Holy Master, Tong Xuan alchemist guild member, leader of the ancient demon clan

    Special characteristics: sealed ancient demonic qi, black demonic eye, 10000 medicine soup, shadowed star star master, stone puppet soul clone embodiment cultivating heaven devouring battle law, 5 element indestructible sword body, spiritual star chart, coloured glass demon eye of annihilation, demon god golden blood, conflagrated knowledge sea, 7 colour soul warming lotus, heavenly yang wind and thunder wings, golden dragon spirit tattoo, yin-yang joyous unification dual cultivation, golden skeleton

    Attack skills: Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream seal, void crack, heaven severing slash, moon blade, poison dragon spirit, blossoming lotus, golden blood threads, demonic flame, Scarlet Heavenly Arrow, Punishing Heaven Spear, Heaven Covering Hand, profound heavenly sword, evil spirit soul skill, 10,000 swords technique, white tiger and divine ox seal, star mark, burning sun triple blast

    Movement skills: space tear, Flickering Heavenly Shadow, self taught movement

    Defensive skills: 7 points black tortoise formation, soul barrier, Exile, Grand Heavenly Shield, imprisoning heavenly chain, soul palace, unyielding will

    Other skills: dragon transformation, Gong Sun Mu’s inheritance skills, nihility, shocking void roar, domain, space array construction, multiple pill condensing technique, monster transformation secret art, true alchemy enlightenment scripture, yuan control mastery, Capturing Heaven Net, great heavenly attraction, divine sense, beast slave seal, origin of Yang

    Items: mountain and rivers bell, true phoenix fire, ancient demonic war hammer, Purple Sun Profound Light Shield, 6 point star seal , wooden flying boat, Myriads sword, firmament tree, space spirit jade, black jade alchemy furnace, dragon token, ice sword insect queen blood beast, soul sustaining bowl, immortal tree, soul splitting saber, Insect enslavement bracelet, small sealed world bead, star refining art, origin king pill with clouds, life revitalising jade cream, sun’s true essence, soul devouring demon insects, demon mystic tome

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