Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2529, Desolate City


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Since it was impossible to harvest the remaining trees and spirit medicines without damaging them, Yang Kai figured he could just collect the entire medicine gardens instead!


Such an insane plan could only be accomplished by Yang Kai, since he possessed the Sealed World Bead that could easily accommodate the two gardens.


Anyone else would have no choice but to sigh and lament their loss.


*Hong long long…*


Yang Kai enveloped the medicine gardens with his Divine Sense and lifted them into the sky. They resembled two miniature floating islands as he sent them into the Sealed World Bead and placed them right beside his own medicine garden.


Afterwards, he used his Divine Sense to carefully scan the herbs for signs of damage or wilting before nodding in satisfaction.


However, he didn’t intend to stop here. Completely ignoring his own excessive consumption, he proceeded to spend a great deal of time moving the rest of the ten medicine gardens into the Sealed World Bead.


Seeing that the ancient medical garden was able to cultivate so many ten-thousand-year-old spirit medicines, there must be something miraculous hidden within the soil. If nothing else, there was no doubt they had extremely fertile soil. 


By taking these gardens into the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai could not only expand his own garden, but could also increase the survival rate of the plants he would grow in the future by transplanting them into the enhanced soil.


When he was finally done, he checked the place one last time before leaving with Zhang Ruo Xi.


Half a month later.


Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi shot through the sky on his wooden boat. The lands below them were desolate, with no one in sight as far as the eye could see.


During this period of time, the further they travelled, the fewer people they saw. At first, there may be a city here and there, but eventually, it became difficult to spot even a single person. 


Zhang Ruo Xi didn’t know where Yang Kai was taking them, and she didn’t ask. She silently followed him and refined the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal whenever she was free. Like this, time passed quickly.


One day, a dilapidated city suddenly appeared below them. It looked like it had been haphazardly put together with no regard for aesthetics whatsoever, as the buildings were all in complete disarray.


However, despite its appearance, the city was very lively, with countless tough-looking cultivators running amok.


Yang Kai observed it for a few moments before landing the boat.


Soon, he and Zhang Ruo Xi entered the city.


The city didn’t seem to have a name, but there was no shortage of people coming and going, all of them seemingly in a hurry.


The narrow alleyways were crowded on both sides with stalls and their respective vendors shouted loudly to attract the attention of customers. Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi were bombarded by their voices as soon as they stepped inside.


“This is an Emperor Grade Purple Lunar Jade, which is the best material for nourishing Emperor Artifacts! Don’t miss it, come take a look!”


“High-Rank Emperor Grade spirit medicine, Profound Soul Solidifying Grass! Even direct consumption will bring you endless benefits! Trade only, not selling!”


“This is the Secret Art of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, Sect Leader Duan San Tai of Mountain Sect, which existed over a thousand years ago! If you successfully cultivate it, you will obtain an indestructible metal body! I’m selling this cheap for ten thousand Mid-Rank Source Crystals. I risked my life to bring it back from the Ancient Lands! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”


“What? Who said that it’s fake? Come here and say it louder, I promise I won’t beat you!”


“Selling the location of a Twelfth-Order Six-Tailed Spirit Fox cub! It’s a rare beast that has the bloodline of the Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox! Those who want to tame it can come speak to me personally, and I will provide paid guidance service.”




Zhang Ruo Xi stared wide-eyed at her surroundings, her head whipping from side to side as she tried to take in everything around her. It was all so novel to her. 


After a while, she pulled on Yang Kai’s clothes and asked in a low whisper, “Sir, what is this place? Why are there so many Emperor Grade materials, ancient Secret Arts, and even the locations of Monster Beast pups being sold? And what are these Ancient Lands they speak of?”


She could understand if it were just Emperor Grade materials, but it was truly strange for Secret Arts and locations of Monster Beast cubs to also be sold.


However, after listening for a while, she was able to gather that all of the items being sold here were brought from a place called the Ancient Lands, and the locations of the Monster Beast cubs were also in that place.


The city was chaotic but undeniably lively. Moreover, she realized that almost all of the cultivators here were Dao Source Realms or above. There were even quite a few passing Masters who exuded Emperor Aura!


How was a place like this able to attract so many Masters? Why was it so attractive to them?


Yang Kai responded with a smile, “This place sits at the border of the Ancient Wild Lands. The Ancient Lands they speak of are precisely the Ancient Wild Lands.”


“Ancient Wild Lands?” She repeated in astonishment, evidently never having heard of such a place.


“I know little about the Ancient Wild Lands. It is a place that is extremely dangerous to explore as it is home to countless Monster Beasts and even Divine Spirits, as well as many other lethal threats. Even an Emperor would not be able to guarantee his safety inside.”


“Yet despite the dangers, so many people are venturing inside… That must mean it is a place filled with treasures!” Zhang Ruo Xi realized immediately.


“This world is driven by people, while people are driven by profits. That is the sole reason for which these Masters have gathered here. Although perilous, the Ancient Wild Lands brim with treasures, and most of the items sold by people here contain a sliver of the Ancient Wild Lands’ aura, which means they were all brought out from there. Even the Yuan Ding Great Emperor’s Mountains and Rivers Bell originated from the Ancient Wild Lands.”


“The Mountains and Rivers Bell!” Zhang Ruo Xi’s eyes lit up with excitement. She had also undergone training in the Shattered Star Sea and naturally knew of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, but she wasn’t aware that it was now in Yang Kai’s possession.


Taking a deep breath, she asked, “Sir, are you here to enter the Ancient Lands?”


He nodded, “En, I came for the Ancient Wild Lands.”


According to the information provided by Yin Le Sheng, Xiao Xiao was indeed teleported to the Eastern Territory with him back then. However, Yin Le Sheng was injured at the time and was unable to capture Xiao Xiao, so he simply chose to fall back and lie in wait for an opportunity to subdue the strange creature.


He never thought Xiao Xiao would enter the Ancient Wild Lands to escape his pursuit, however. At the time, although he didn’t know what the Ancient Wild Lands were, Yin Le Sheng had instinctively sensed the danger from this place and was forced to give up his pursuit.


After that, he never saw Xiao Xiao again.


If the information was correct, then Xiao Xiao should still be inside the Ancient Wild Lands.


Under the constraints of the Soul Contract, and unless he knew a Secret Technique that could counter the backlash, it was unlikely for Yin Le Sheng’s words to be false. 


In any case, Yang Kai had to enter the Ancient Wild Lands regardless.


He didn’t know much about this place though, and if he hadn’t come to the Eastern Territory, it was likely that Yang Kai would not have even heard this place’s name. Thus, he needed someone to provide him with information about the Ancient Wild Lands.


Originally, he had a suitable candidate: Qi Hai from Qi Family Fort!


Back when they were in the Shattered Star Sea, this person had urged Yang Kai to visit his Qi Family Fort as a guest which was situated close to the Ancient Wild Lands. Since Qi Hai was a member of the Qi Family, Yang Kai was certain that he knew many top secrets about the Ancient Wild Lands.


With his help, Yang Kai reckoned that his chance of survival in the Ancient Wild Lands would increase significantly.


Alas… the main reason Qi Hai wanted him to visit was for the Phoenix True Fire.


When she was exploring the Ancient Wild Lands, Qi Hai’s wife was inflicted with one of the Ten Extreme Poisons, the Heavenly Frost Earth Rain, instantly sealing her fate. The only possible cure was to undergo nirvana with the help of the Phoenix True Flame.


It was for this reason that Qi Hai entered the Shattered Star Sea, to find the Phoenix True Flame, conquer it, and then use it to save his wife.


However, he didn’t have such good fortune, and now the Phoenix True Flame was being refined by Liu Yan. Liu Yan had been taken to Spirit Beast Island by Jiu Feng, so naturally it would be too shameless for Yang Kai to go to Qi Hai and ask for help now.


Qi Hai had been naive to think that he could save his wife as long as he obtained the Phoenix True Flame, not knowing that refining it was dangerous and time-consuming. 


As Yang Kai was speaking with Zhang Ruo Xi, a man with the head of a buck and the glinting eyes of a rat suddenly approached them and whispered furtively, “Friend, I have an Emperor Grade spirit fruit here, the Nine Heavens Vibrant Cloud Fruit, that I can sell to you at a cheap price. What do you think?”


While speaking, he flipped over his palm, revealing a glowing red fruit that exuded rich Qi. It was only for a second, but the strong Spirit Qi fluctuations caused the surrounding cultivators to simultaneously look over in surprise. Contrary, the handful of stall owners who turned their heads away, all revealing strange expressions.


“Nine Heavens Vibrant Cloud Fruit?” The corners of Yang Kai’s lips arched, revealing a meaningful smile.


Zhang Ruo Xi frowned and took a step back. This man was not only dressed sloppily but also smelled horrible, as though he hadn’t washed his body in several days. Moreover, as he spoke, she could see a mouthful of rotten, yellow teeth.


“Do you want it?” The man lowered his voice, as if he was afraid of being heard, “I risked my life to bring this back from the Ancient Lands. There was even a Twelfth-Order Monster Beast guarding it!”


“A Twelfth-Order Monster Beast guarding it…” Yang Kai looked speechless.


As an Emperor Grade Alchemist, he could tell with a single glance that this Nine Heavens Vibrant Cloud Fruit was fake. The real Nine Heavens Vibrant Cloud Fruit was indeed an Emperor Grade spirit medicine, and it was extremely rare; however, its aura was always restrained and would never exude such strong energy fluctuations. 


The Nine Heavens Vibrant Cloud Fruit would only be guarded by one Monster Beast, and that was the Nine Heavens Thunder Python. It was indeed a Twelfth-Order Monster Beast, but this man’s cultivation was only First-Order Dao Source Realm. If he were to actually encounter the Nine Heavens Thunder Python, there was absolutely no possibility of him returning alive, for he would be swallowed whole in a matter of seconds.



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