Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2530, Wild Wine


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In this nameless city, snakes and vipers crept around among dragons. Yang Kai was unfamiliar with this place, but he was familiar with that principle, so he didn’t pay it much heed.


It was most likely that this person chose to target Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi because they looked young and new to the city, easy to swindle and make a fortune off of. 


Yang Kai didn’t want to pay attention to this kind of person, but a similar figure suddenly surfaced in his mind.


Thinking back when he first encountered the Bustling World Great Emperor in Maplewood City, he had also looked this sloppy…


When he thought about Duan Hong Chen, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little worried and wondered how he was doing after his Soul fused with Wu Kuang’s.


“Can you give me an answer, friend? If you don’t want it, I’ll go find someone else!” The man couldn’t help but urge when he saw Yang Kai become absentminded.


Yang Kai glanced at him and then released his Emperor Pressure for a fleeting moment.


The man’s face immediately paled. He stumbled back and then said with a look of amazement, “So it turns out that Sir is a mighty Emperor Realm Master!”


As a cultivator in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, this man wasn’t exactly a weakling, but compared to an Emperor, he was like an ant. Yang Kai’s act of releasing his Emperor Pressure made him realize that this unremarkable-looking youth was not to be provoked.


Amidst his horror, he gave an ugly smile and said, “Since you don’t need it, Sir, this lowly one will take his leave.”


Who was he kidding? He only dared to swindle cultivators in the Dao Source Realm and was in no way courageous enough to provoke an Emperor Realm Master. If he didn’t leave now, the young man might make him suffer the consequences of disturbing him!


“Wait!” Yang Kai suddenly called out.


The man’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat.


“Y-Y-Yes, Sir?” he answered, trembling.


“It appears that you have been here for a long time?”


“Yes, Sir. This lowly one has resided in this city for over thirty years now.”


“Thirty years!” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow, “In other words, you must be quite familiar with the Ancient Wild Lands?”


His amiable attitude seemed to be infectious, for the sloppy man gradually calmed down and hurriedly responded, “Naturally.”


“I have some questions for you then,” Yang Kai said lightly.


“About the Ancient Land?” The man was quick-witted, immediately grasping the implications behind Yang Kai’s words.


Yang Kai nodded, “Is there a place here that we can talk?”


“If you don’t mind, Sir, this lowly one can guide you to a place. However, it is a little… expensive.”


“Very well. Lead the way!” Yang Kai waved his hand.


The man was overjoyed and quickly led the way.


Before long, the three of them entered a building that resembled a restaurant. Just like the rest of the city, the outside of the restaurant was haphazardly put together; however, the inside was quite a contrast.


Its interior was luxuriously decorated with thick, unknown animal fur on the ground and softly glowing light stones of all sizes on the walls. Even the air was filled with a faint but refreshing fragrance.


A single glance at this restaurant was enough to tell Yang Kai that its owner was a capable individual, as it would be impossible to furnish the restaurant so luxuriously otherwise. 


As soon as the three walked in, a man dressed as a shop-hand came out to greet them, but when he saw the filthy swindler, he waved his hand rudely, “Shoo, shoo, shoo. Is this a place you can enter, Pi San? Hurry up and get out before you dirty our floor.”


Despite only being responsible for greeting customers, the shop-hand was actually a Third-Order Saint King, and he also looked to be quite young.


This caused Yang Kai’s eyes to flash subtly. It seemed that there were some hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this restaurant. Although a Third-Order Saint King was nothing in his eyes, the shop-hand was clearly overqualified for his job.


The swindler, Pi San, was enraged by the shop-hand’s words though and blue veins bulged on his forehead as he shouted, “Don’t you look down on us! I am here today with this Sir to eat. Hurry up and serve us whatever delicious foods and drinks you have, we do not lack Source Crystals!”


Watching him bluff and flaunt with Yang Kai’s prestige and power was quite hilarious.


“Sir?” The shop hand glanced at Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi, his brow slightly furrowed.


Zhang Ruo Xi looked to be around twenty years of age, so even if her aptitude was good, it should be impossible for her to be an Emperor Realm Master. Yang Kai, on the other hand, appeared somewhat reserved and mysterious, and didn’t seem to be weak.


This shop-hand worked all year round and had developed a very keen eye, so with just a glance, he was able to determine that Yang Kai was most likely the strongest of this group, as well as its leader. If that wasn’t the case, Pi San wouldn’t go as far as to call him ‘Sir’.


Since they were here to eat, the shop hand naturally had no reason to block them. He bowed and said respectfully, “Please come in, honoured guests.”


Likewise, Pi San fawningly bowed and stepped forward to lead the way, saying, “Come with me, Sir, I’ll guide you to a private room.”


Yang Kai nodded and followed him inside.


When they passed by the shop-hand, the shop-hand suddenly said, “Sir, Pi San is a well-known swindler in these parts, especially towards those who are new to the city. Many people have been deceived by him. Be sure to keep your eyes open, don’t let yourself fall for his tricks.”


Yang Kai glanced at him and responded with a slight smile, “Many thanks for the warning, Little Brother, but don’t worry. If he dares to swindle me, I will ensure that he won’t be able to see tomorrow’s dawn.”


The shop hand smiled, “You are wise, Sir!”


When Pi San heard this, he immediately blanched and said hurriedly, “Rest assured, Sir! I, Pi San, am not a blind swindler. Sir, you are clearly so wise and powerful, how could I dare to play tricks in front of you? Wouldn’t I be courting my own death?”


However, Yang Kai’s face simply remained unchanged, the faint smile causing Pi San to feel more and more nervous.


Soon, with Pi San guiding them, the three entered a private room.


He seemed to be aware of his own unpleasant odour, so after Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi took their seats, he deliberately took a seat far away from them. 


“Sir, since this is your first time here, you must try the restaurant’s Wild Wine!” He said with great enthusiasm.


Yang Kai snorted lightly, “You may order whatever you wish. Consider it a reward for answering my questions.”


Pi San was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Many thanks, Sir!”


He was almost drooling as he spoke and immediately slapped the table to call for a waitress in an imposing manner, then he proceeded to rattle off more than a dozen dishes with ease and familiarity.


Yang Kai was slightly surprised by the names he heard as he could tell that these dishes were all made using Monster Beast parts and spirit herbs. Not only that, but they were Eleventh-Order Monster Beasts and Dao Source Grade spirit herbs!


Dishes such as these, even if they tasted horrible, were greatly beneficial for any cultivator, and with long-term consumption, they would definitely experience an increase in strength.


The waitress was quite young, and after Pi San finished ordering, she turned toward Yang Kai and said awkwardly, “Honoured guest, your order comes to a total of 530,000 Low-Rank Source Crystals. Please pardon this humble one for asking you to settle the account first.”


She seemed to know that Yang Kai was the one with the Source Crystals, not Pi San.


Upon hearing this, Pi San angrily slammed the table, “What!? Are you afraid we’ll run after eating? Both you and that shop-hand outside, so young yet already so disrespectful! Is this how you were taught to treat customers?”


The waitress’s beautiful face turned pale with fright and quickly waved her hands while denying, “No, no…”


Just as Pi San opened his mouth again to teach her a lesson, Yang Kai gave a sudden cold snort, which immediately made him shrink back and shut up.


Yang Kai took out a cloth bag from his Space Ring and handed it to the waitress, “Here.”


The waitress took it and confirmed the amount inside with her Divine Sense before smiling and nodding, “Please give us a few moments, Honoured Guests. Your food and drinks will arrive shortly.”


Saying so, she turned around and left.


This restaurant proved to be quite efficient because, before long, their order was ready. The table was filled to the brim with delicious food and wine that saturated the air with their mouth-watering aromas.


There was no lack of variety, and each and every dish looked absolutely delectable.


Pi San picked up the wine jar, respectfully walked to Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi’s side, and graciously filled their cups while introducing, “The Wild Wine here is a treasure that must be tasted, Sir.”


However, Zhang Ruo Xi frowned as she snapped, “Hurry up and finish eating, so you can answer Sir’s questions!”


She treated him with undisguised displeasure.


“Young Lady, please do not regard this with offence, but it is best to drink this wine if you plan to enter the Ancient Land.”


“Why?” She looked at him suspiciously.


He responded with a slight smile, “Because every ingredient used to make this wine is from the Ancient Land, which imbues it with the aura of the Ancient Land itself. Drinking this wine will allow you to adapt slightly to the Wild Force, which will help you greatly in your venture.”


“Wild Force?” Zhang Ruo Xi still didn’t quite understand.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai revealed a thoughtful look and nodded, “Ruo Xi, drink some and feel the mysteries of the Wild Force.”


Since Yang Kai had spoken, she naturally didn’t continue to refuse, “Yes!” 


She took a slight sip and savoured it, then her brow furrowed in surprise. Quickly, as though resisting something, she began to circulate her Source Qi.


Pi San watched on with a knowing look, “The energy contained within the Wild Wine is strong and vigorous. Even an Emperor Realm Master will struggle with drinking more than one jar. Please drink slowly and carefully, Young Lady.”


While he was speaking, Yang Kai also took a sip. Indeed, there was a strange power hidden in the wine that after entering his abdomen, melted into his physique, meridians, and dantian, affecting the circulation of his Emperor Qi.


However, this power was not unfamiliar to Yang Kai. He raised an eyebrow at this realization and thought to himself, [Isn’t this so-called Wild Force the same as the aura released by my Mountains and Rivers Bell?]




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