Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2533, You Hit Me?


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“What does this dirty brat being sick have to do with this Young Lady? This Young Lady’s time is very precious. Not even a moment of delay is acceptable, let alone a few days! I’ll ask you one last time, will you guide me or not?!” The red-robed girl coldly snorted, not the slightest bit moved.


Old Ban pleaded bitterly, “Two days, this old man only needs two days of time. After two days, this old man will guide you safely into the Ancient Land, Young Lady!”


“Since you’ve chosen to refuse a toast, you must drink a loss. You’re courting death, you old thing!” The red-clothed girl snarled. She was evidently incensed as she lashed out with her whip.


The young woman’s cultivation was not low. Like Zhang Ruo Xi, she was in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm. Yang Kai couldn’t tell what type of Secret Technique she was using, but as her rage increased, her attack also seemed to become more vicious, calling forth the peals of wind and lightning. 


If this whip were to land, Old Ban, with his First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, would have no way of resisting and be left half dead. However, her whip was suddenly caught mid-air. The other party didn’t seem to be exerting much force, yet the red-clothed young woman found herself unable to budge one bit.


She was furious, and turning her head, she immediately caught sight of another young woman like herself who had appeared behind her without her realizing.


Zhang Ruo Xi was the one who grabbed the whip. Although she was ruthless and savage when fighting, her personality was still innocent and kind. She was naturally enraged by the atrocity occurring before them and intervened without needing Yang Kai to give the command.


“What’s wrong with you?!” she exclaimed.


The red-clothed girl frowned and snapped, “Who are you, little girl? How dare you meddle in this Young Lady’s affairs!”


Zhang Ruo Xi snorted coldly, “Who are you calling a little girl? Aren’t you one too? No matter what, it’s wrong to beat people. This elder said to give him two days. Can’t you see that the little girl is sick?!”


“You dare talk back to me?” The red-clothed girl was like an active volcano, always erupting in anger, “I’ll kill you!”


As she spoke, she tried to pull back her weapon, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to free it from Zhang Ruo Xi’s grasp.


Zhang Ruo Xi’s small, fair hand looked like it barely contained any strength, but her grip was like a vice.


The red-clothed girl’s face changed slightly as she realized Zhang Ruo Xi wasn’t as easy to deal with as she thought. Although they were both Third-Order Dao Source Realms, the red-clothed girl was clearly a spoiled, sheltered girl with no real combat experience.


She tried several times to get her whip back but always failed, causing her little face to turn red with embarrassment. 


“Why haven’t you moved yet, Old Fu?” She stomped her feet angrily and grit her teeth, “This Young Lady has been bullied! If you don’t make a move now, I’ll go back and tell Lord Father to break your legs! And what are the two wastes outside doing? Their job was to stop people from intruding! When we get back, this Young Lady is going to take their Souls and turn them into slaves!”


However, even after she finished yelling, Old Fu didn’t move.


It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t.


He’d noticed when Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi broke in but he still didn’t pay them much heed; after all, they both looked young, so even if they had some skill, they wouldn’t be too much to handle.


When Zhang Ruo Xi moved to grab his Young Lady’s whip, Old Fu had wanted to stop her, but when his eyes suddenly met Yang Kai’s, his heart suddenly jumped, and then his mind fell into a momentary trance. As a result, he was unable to stop Zhang Ruo Xi.


Afterwards, he and Yang Kai just stared at each other silently.


In that moment, Old Fu was given a great shock, because he discovered that the young man in front of him was actually a genuine Emperor Realm Master!


[To think he is already an Emperor at such a young age. Does he belong to one of the great forces, or did he encounter a great opportunity in the Shattered Star Sea?]


Recently, many rising stars appeared in the Star Boundary, and it was no secret that there were many new Emperors. Old Fu believed that Yang Kai was one of those rising stars.


However, even though he was shocked, he still didn’t pay much attention to Yang Kai. Few people would dare to provoke his Young Lady, and compared to those few people, Yang Kai was nothing special.


Thus, under the repeated urging of his Young Lady, he finally took action.


A divine light suddenly shot out from his two eyes, and like a sharp sword, it pierced into Yang Kai’s mind.


“A Soul Technique!” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows in surprise.


Since they were both First-Order Emperors, Old Fu couldn’t unleash a Soul Attack as his first strike if he didn’t have absolute confidence in the power of his own Soul. Doing so was risky because if his opponent’s Soul was stronger than his, he would be dealt a strong backlash.


Judging from the strength of Old Fu’s attack, his Soul was indeed very strong, superior to most cultivators in the First-Order Emperor Realm, and almost on par with a Second-Order Emperor.


This was most likely the source of his confidence.


As soon as he unleashed the attack, Old Fu turned his attention from Yang Kai to Zhang Ruo Xi. He seemed to believe that even if the attack failed to hurt Yang Kai, it would at least force him back for a while.


When the red-clothed girl saw Old Fu moving to take action, she began to shout excitedly, “Good, good, good! Old Fu, grab this cheap slut for me. This Young Lady is going to ruin her face to show her the consequences of messing with me!”


Zhang Ruo Xi felt a strong pressure bearing down on her as Old Fu drew near, and it even became slightly difficult to breathe. When she heard the red-clothed girl’s vicious words, her face turned pale.


She was only in her early twenties and hadn’t seen much of the world. If her face really were to get ruined, she would have a hard time going out in public.


Although she was indifferent about her looks, who would want to experience such torture?


The visible panic on Zhang Ruo Xi’s face gave the red-clothed girl a great sense of pride and satisfaction. 


“Oh, now you’re afraid? It’s too late! This Young Lady will not only ruin your face, but will also strip you naked and throw you out so those dirty men outside can enjoy you!” She said, laughing happily.


Zhang Ruo Xi grew dizzy with fear, and her pale face became even more bloodless.


In her mind, she couldn’t help but imagine herself naked and surrounded by countless men, and she almost started to cry.


If that kind of thing really were to happen, she was afraid she would be too ashamed to keep on living.


Suddenly, a cold snort sounded from the side, “Hmph! Which family’s little girl is this? To be so vicious at such a young age!” 


It was Yang Kai. Even as a man, he couldn’t tolerate the red-clothed girl’s words. Ruining Zhang Rou Xi’s face and tearing off her clothes? It was too cruel.


Old Fu, who had just grabbed towards Zhang Rou Xi, suddenly began to shake from head to toe, as though he had seen a ghost in broad daylight. The powerful aura around his body suddenly weakened, and he staggered back several steps in shock.


Yang Kai had countered his Soul Technique. Fortunately, Old Fu was simply focused on protecting his Mistress and didn’t use his full strength. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.


[This young man’s Spiritual Energy… is actually stronger than mine?]


[How could this be?]


He knew very well how strong his Spiritual Energy was because in his early years, he came across the Waterfall Divine Grass, which allowed his Spiritual Energy to soar after it was refined. An ordinary First-Order Emperor Realm cultivator couldn’t be stronger than him in this regard, yet this young man was not only able to protect himself, but also to deal a small injury to him in return. Was this young man actually a Second-Order Emperor?


He’d heard that there were many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this desolate city, and apparently, that saying was true!


Old Fu turned towards Yang Kai with a gloomy expression.


He had thought that he would be able to run rampant in this city and protect himself with his status and strength, but now, it seemed that he was a little naive.


How many Monsters like this young man were hidden in this city?


Without Old Fu’s aura oppressing her, Zhang Ruo Xi’s spirit was immediately restored. Meanwhile, the red-clothed girl was still chattering away about how she was going to torture her. 


Zhang Ruo Xi angrily let go of the whip and leapt forward, striking the red-clothed girl in the chest with a palm.


“Ah!” The red-clothed girl was still waiting for Old Fu to finish off her opponent and was caught off guard by Zhang Ruo Xi’s palm. She screamed and flew backwards in the air.


Old Fu was startled and immediately stretched out a hand, his Emperor Qi sweeping forth to catch his Young Lady as he didn’t even dare to touch her with his hands.


However, what bewildered Yang Kai was the fact that the red-clothed girl did nothing to counter Zhang Ruo Xi’s palm. After she fell down, she simply stood back up, shook her head a few times and then stared at Zhang Ruo Xi blankly. 


It wasn’t until several moments later that she reacted, “You… hit me?”


She seemed to be in disbelief.


Then, all of a sudden, she became hysterical, as if Zhang Ruo Xi had done something absolutely unforgivable. Her beautiful eyes turned red, and her face twisted into a ferocious expression.


“How dare you hit me, you cheap slut!”


As soon as her words fell, the peals of wind and thunder sounded again and her whip sliced through the air, flying viciously toward Zhang Ruo Xi.


Zhang Ruo Xi was also stunned. She’d attacked the young woman in anger but didn’t expect her to just stand there and get hit! Moreover, when her palm came into contact with this red-clothed girl, it felt as though she had struck not a human body made of flesh, but a mass of cotton. 


It was her first time encountering something like this, so she couldn’t help but become slightly distracted.


She returned to her senses just before the whip landed. Gritting her teeth, Zhang Ruuo Xi flickered and reappeared again before the red-clothed girl. Her fair hands moved quickly, turning into countless afterimages as she pushed her Source Qi and sent a rush of fists towards the red-clothed girl.




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