Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2534, You Have Something Else To Say


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The red-clothed girl was clearly a pampered Young Lady from a great force. Although she was strong, she lacked actual combat experience. The state of rage she was in made her lose any semblance of control and she could now only lash her whip around haphazardly, completely unable to draw out her full strength.


Zhang Ruo Xi had not participated in many battles, but in the twenty-odd days she spent in Purple Mountain City, she’d fought countless life or death battles in the arena. As such, she had far more experience than the red-clothed girl.


Thus, their fight quickly became one-sided, with the red-clothed girl being completely suppressed.


*Peng peng peng…*


Zhang Ruo Xi landed blow after blow on the red-clothed girl, each one causing her to stagger and fall back, while none of her blows landed on Zhang Ruo Xi.


However, even after receiving several dozen blows in rapid succession, the red-clothed girl remained unhurt, and her fierce aura was not diminished at all. However, the fight did make her extremely angry and she was constantly yelling curses, her pretty face twisted into an expression that made her look like a man-eating monster.


“A defensive Emperor Artifact!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly, finally understanding why the red-clothed young woman was not injured.


With every blow that Zhang Ruoxi landed, the red-clothed girl’s body would flash with a faint gleam of light, which absorbed the impact of the blows. 


Such a powerful defensive ability could only be due to a defensive Emperor Artifact. In other words, she was definitely wearing a powerful Artifact Armour!


Emperor Treasures were rare, and defensive ones were even rarer. The fact that this girl possessed one proved that her status was by no means low.


Although the red-clothed girl was not injured, she was battered and exhausted by Zhang Ruo Xi. She was forced back repeatedly as she continued to scream fiercely, “I’ll kill you, kill you, kill you…!”


After a while, she realized that she was not Zhang Ruo Xi’s opponent at all though and shouted at Old Fu, “Why haven’t you killed her yet, Old Fu?!”


However, Old Fu was also suffering. Yang Kai had just countered his Soul Technique, and although he wasn’t seriously injured by the backlash, he could tell that Yang Kai was keeping an eye on him. Thus, he didn’t dare to act rashly.


When he heard his Young Lady’s call, he could only gnash his teeth and rush towards Zhang Ruo Xi. However, as soon as he moved, Yang Kai appeared in front of him like a ghost and unleashed a palm in his direction calmly as he stated, “You shouldn’t interfere in the fight between the two young girls, Old Fu. An Elder shouldn’t bully his Juniors.”




Old Fu drew a sharp breath of cold air and forced himself to draw back. Yang Kai’s palm seemed absolutely ordinary and undistinguished, yet it brought him a sense of deadly danger.


He didn’t doubt that if it had landed, he would’ve been left half-dead.


[Who is this little brat?! How is he so powerful?]


Even though he wanted to save his Mistress, his eyes were filled with anxiety and hesitation. There was nothing he could do now.


Meanwhile, Old Ban had long retreated to a corner of the house. He was still holding Xiao Ling’er tightly in his arms, protecting her as he watched the ongoing fight with a look of horror on his face.


Although he had lived in this desolated city all his life, he was only a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator in the end. Now that he had Xiao Ling’er to take care of, he was naturally afraid of provoking other people’s anger.


But now, two young women and two Emperors Realm Masters were facing off inside his house, causing him to feel dazed.


Both groups of people seemed to come from great backgrounds, neither of which he could afford to provoke. Although he was grateful to Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi for their help, he dared not say a single word and could only pray secretly for there to be no deaths.


*Peng peng peng…*


The red-clothed girl was forced to a corner by Zhang Ruo Xi’s attacks. She was completely helpless, and all of the attacks she unleashed were easily avoided by Zhang Ruo Xi. It was as though she had become a sandbag, unable to do anything except passively accept the blows.


Fortunately, her defensive Emperor Artifact was extremely strong, and Zhang Ruo Xi was attacking without murderous intent. Therefore, although the red-clothed girl looked battered and exhausted, her life was not at any risk.


However, being beaten like this really made her lose all face, and her aggrieved eyes were red, either from anger or the urge to cry.


Old Fu was frightened by Yang Kai and couldn’t help his Young Lady directly, so he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Junior, tell your little companion to stop and apologize to my Young Lady, otherwise the two of you will die!” 


“You dare to threaten me?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, his chilly gaze sweeping over to Old Fu, causing the latter’s heart to tremble and his throat to bob nervously.


Old Fu calmed himself down and continued, “I’m warning you now, my Young Lady’s identity is…”


Without waiting for him to finish, Yang Kai turned his head and shouted to Zhang Ruo Xi, “She’s wearing a defensive Emperor Artifact, Ruo Xi. It’s pointless for you to keep attacking her like this.”


Due to some unknown power, Old Fu felt a buzz in his head and became unable to finish his words.


“A defensive Emperor Artifact?” Zhang Ruo Xi was enlightened by his words. No wonder it felt like she had been hitting cotton the whole time. It turned out that, like her, this red-clothed girl was being protected by an Emperor Artifact!


“What should I do, then?” Zhang Ruo Xi stepped back and stopped attacking.


Although she was still angry, after being attacked so furiously for so long, the red-clothed girl also looked pale. Anyone who had been beaten so furiously without being able to hit back would be frightened, even if she was being protected by an Emperor Artifact.


Her eyes, as she looked at Zhang Ruo Xi, were now full of fear. No one had dared to defy her from when she was a child until now, and even if she had asked for the stars in the sky, many people would clamour to pick them for her!


She had never been hit by someone before, yet… today, in this dilapidated stone house, in this desolate city, she was hit by Zhang Ruo Xi over a hundred times.


Upon hearing Zhang Ruo Xi’s question, Yang Kai touched his chin and said leisurely, “That Emperor Artifact may be powerful, but it cannot protect every part of her body. Didn’t she say that she wanted to ruin your face?”


Zhang Ruo Xi immediately nodded and said, “Ruo Xi understands!”


As she spoke, she coldly looked at the red-clothed girl, her beautiful eyes sweeping up and down her face.


“You… What are you planning?!” As soon as she saw the malicious intention in Zhang Ruo Xi’s gaze, the red-clothed girl’s eyes filled with panic. She cried out and tried to step back, but how could she retreat when there was only a wall behind her? The whip in her hands had long fallen to the ground.


Old Fu’s face also turned pale with fright. According to Yang Kai’s words, the other young woman was going to hit his Young Lady’s face. With his Young Lady’s temper, he was afraid the whole Eastern Territory would be shaken by her rage, so he shouted loudly, “Listen carefully, little brat, my Young Lady is from…”


“I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!!” Yang Kai shook his head back and forth like a rattle, and once again, Old Fu’s words came to an abrupt end as he was unable to finish. Old Fu immediately realized that Yang Kai knew that their background was extraordinary and thus didn’t want to know it, lest he regret his actions after knowing.


[How despicable and shameless!] Usually, even the strongest of opponents would retreat in fear after learning the identity and background of his Young Lady; however, because this brat was using some strange power to seal his mouth, he was unable to reveal their status!


Yang Kai then coldly snorted, “Ruo Xi, if anyone here other than me dares to say another word, slap that girl’s face!”


“Okay!” Naturally, Zhang Ruo Xi obeyed. Since it was Yang Kai’s order, even if the person standing before her was the Heavens’ Jade Emperor, she would still comply.


“You dare!” The red-clothed girl shouted.




With a crisp sound, the girl’s head whipped to the side, and a red palm imprint appeared on her left cheek.


Dumbfounded, she covered her cheek with her hand and stared dazedly at Zhang Ruo Xi. The burning pain on her cheek both terrified and amazed her. It wasn’t until several moments later that she reacted, “You actually dared to…”




This time, a red palm imprint appeared on her right cheek.


“Wa…” The red-clothed girl cried out as her tears streamed down like a trail of glistening pearls, looking completely heartbroken.


Seeing this, Zhang Ruo Xi frowned and threatened, “Shut up! If you keep crying, I’ll slap you again!”


These words seemed to carry infinite intimidation, because the red-clothed girl abruptly stopped crying. However, her shoulders were still shaking with sobs.


She was really scared of being beaten.


Zhang Ruo Xi coldly snorted, “I only slapped you twice, yet you’re already crying like it’s the end of the world! Did you stop to think about your own actions when you were hitting the old man? He only asked you to wait two days! It’s not like he refused to guide you! Do you even know how painful your whip is?!”


“Impudent little girl!” Old Fu couldn’t help but shout. How could he possibly tolerate seeing his Young Lady be slapped and severely berated by this little girl?


In response, Zhang Ruo Xi raised her hand and slapped the red-clothed girl again.


“Sir said to hit you if anyone dares to speak. If you want to blame someone, blame the person who just spoke.”


The red-clothed girl turned her head, her beautiful eyes erupting in rage as she glared murderously at Old Fu.


“Urk…” Old Fu shrunk back under her glare, knowing that his Young Lady would remember this and resent him for it.


Yang Kai laughed and looked at him, “Do you have something else to say, old man? If so, this Young Master is all ears!”


Old Fu’s expression was frigid as he glared at Yang Kai, but he dared not say a word.


Who was he kidding? His Young Lady would be slapped if he said a single word. She already bore resentment against him for the first incident, so if it happened again, he was afraid she would make it so he wouldn’t be able to see the next dawn.


However, he had already failed his duty as the Young Lady’s guard, because he was completely helpless as she was being bullied. Who knew what kind of punishment would be awaiting him after they returned.


The predicament weighed down on his heart. He felt dizzy and sick, his stomach tossing and turning like wine in a shaking jar. He wanted nothing more than to faint right this instant. After all, what the eyes do not see, the heart does not grieve.




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    1. They go by much faster than you’d think. I stopped reading for roughly three months towards the end of the Four Seasons Realm arc, but caught back up in four days. It’s more fun to interact with the community, as long as nobody is spoiling anything.

  1. Yang Kai’s IQ has dropped again. Why refuse to know your opponent’s background? It’s not like your own is trash, and it’s always better to know who you will be up against.

    1. If her background is lower than his, then there is nothing to be afraid of. If her background is higher, then he would probablystill help the old man, because he needs him (especially since Yang Kai had already offended them)

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