Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2535, I Want Them Dead


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“Do you really have nothing more to say, old man?” Yang Kai asked, smiling.


Old Fu’s expression was calm as he stayed silent. He was old and experienced, so how could he fall for Yang Kai’s trick? His Young Lady would be slapped if he spoke again.


Yang Kai turned back around and looked at the red-clothed girl, “What about you? Do you have anything to say?”


Tears were still streaming down her face, stinging her burning red cheeks. She didn’t dare to say anything, so she quickly shook her head back and forth like a rattle.


“In that case…” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly sank, and he coldly snorted, “Get out!”


To Old Fu, those words were like an amnesty. He didn’t dare to say anything as he rushed to his Young Lady and enveloped her in his Emperor Qi, grabbed her fallen whip, and bolted for the door. 


However, just as he reached it, he turned his head and shot Yang Kai a cold, hatred-filled glare.


He didn’t dare to voice a blatant threat because he knew he wasn’t Yang Kai’s opponent, but he refused to leave in such a shameful manner. Thus, he chose to leave him with a meaningful glare. 


Zhang Ruo Xi didn’t stop them and only watched as they retreated.


After they disappeared, she made her way to the other side of the house, squatted down, and looked at the girl named Xiao Ling’er, “Don’t be afraid, Little Sister, we’ve chased the bad people away!”


Xiao Ling’er’s cheeks were stained with tears. Perhaps it was because Zhang Ruo Xi had saved her and her Grandpa, but at this moment, she wasn’t frightened at all. She stared wide-eyed at Zhang Ruo Xi, seemingly curious about how this Elder Sister could be even more amazing than her Grandpa.


Old Ban stood up shakingly and cupped his fists, saying, “Many thanks to this Little Brother and Young Lady for your assistance. This old man will be forever indebted!”


If Yang Kai and Zhang Ruoxi hadn’t come here today, he would undoubtedly have no choice but to leave with the red-clothed girl. He didn’t care about entering the Ancient Land as he was confident he would be able to return safely, but how could he rest assured knowing that Xiao Ling’er would be alone while sick?


“You are too polite, Elder. It was only natural for us to intervene,” Zhang Ruo Xi smiled slightly, not taking credit.


Old Ban sighed and said, “This old man has implicated the two of you. May I know the names of my great benefactors?” 


Having lived in this desolated city for so long, he’d naturally developed a keen eye for people. The red-clothed girl was undoubtedly of extraordinary status, and his benefactors had offended her for his sake. He was afraid the red-clothed girl would target them for revenge and felt extremely apologetic.


Yang Kai slightly smiled and didn’t answer. Instead, he just said, “Elder, Xiao Ling’er’s illness seems to be quite severe. It would be best to focus on her recovery and then leave this place as soon as possible. We won’t bother you any longer.”


As he spoke, he sent Zhang Ruo Xi a glance, signalling that it was time to leave.


Although his main purpose for coming here was to ask Old Ban to guide him into the Ancient Lands, he would have to abandon his original plan. He couldn’t make the old man leave his sick granddaughter alone like this.


Furthermore, Yang Kai was confident that he would be able to enter the Ancient Lands even without Old Ban’s guidance. There may just be some more twists and turns on the road.


He would only be making things hard for Old Ban if he asked him to guide them.


“Grandpa…” Xiao Ling’er suddenly called out in a weak voice.


Immediately afterwards, Old Ban shouted, “Please, wait!”


Yang Kai looked back at him.


“Little Brother, I presume you came to ask this old man to take you into the Ancient Lands?”


Old Ban had no other friends or family, so this was the only reason people visited him. It was what the red-clothed girl came for, and he had no doubt Yang Kai was the same.


There was nothing to hide, so Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”


“In that case, this old man shall ask the two of you to wait outside the entrance of the Ancient Lands tomorrow. This old man will meet you there and take you inside!”


Yang Kai raised his brows and said with a slight smile, “Many thanks for your kind offer, but… You should take care of Xiao Ling’er first.”


Old Ban touched Ling’er’s head and replied, “This is what Xiao Ling’er wants. I cannot disappoint her.”


Yang Kai frowned, “But if you lead me into the Ancient Lands, where will Xiao Ling’er go?”


“I have lived here for many years and am not without connections. Naturally, I know a safe place that Xiao Ling’er can go to.” He paused and then continued, “This old man possesses nothing of value, and this is all I can do to thank my two benefactors. I hope you will accept this, Little Brother.” 


At this point, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Yang Kai to keep refusing, so he nodded, “Very well. I will thank you in advance, Old Ban. Ruo Xi and I will be waiting for you tomorrow at the entrance.”


“Then it’s settled! Take care!” Old Ban cupped his fists and bowed slightly.


Just then, Xiao Ling’er suddenly called out to them, “Big Brother, Elder Sister, be careful! I’ve heard Grandpa say that it’s very dangerous there. You must come back alive!”


Zhang Ruo Xi smiled upon hearing her, “Okay! Xiao Ling’er also needs to take good care of herself and grow up quickly!”


Xiao Ling’er nodded enthusiastically. Her face, which was pale from her illness, blushing a little red.


After leaving Old Ban’s residence, Yang Kai took Zhang Ruo Xi and left the city, heading straight in the direction of the Ancient Lands. They found its entrance an hour later.


They searched for a quiet spot and sat down cross-legged, after which Yang Kai took out the jade slip given to him by Pi San and studied the map of the Ancient Lands carefully.


The Ancient Lands were filled with danger at every turn. There was no lack of Monster Beasts and natural arrays, and even an Emperor Realm Master could not guarantee their safety inside. Although Yang Kai was strong, he was not arrogant enough to enter without making the proper preparations.


Furthermore, he intended to use this map to see if he could find Xiao Xiao’s location.


Naturally, it would be best if he could find Xiao Xiao on the perimeter of the Ancient Lands, but if not, he would have to venture into deeper, more dangerous regions.




“Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill them all!” A hundred kilometres away from the desolate city, on a deserted hillside, the red-clothed girl was seething. Her face was twisted with anger and hatred as she cursed incessantly. 


She had never suffered a single loss from when she was a child till now, let alone get slapped in public.


Although she was terribly frightened at the time, so much that she lost the courage to even speak, when she got to a safe place, the humiliation and rage immediately surged forth. It was so suffocating that it almost made her vomit blood.


She had to get revenge, no matter what!


She grit her teeth and continued to curse as she held her whip and lashed at the two Third-Order Dao Source Realm guards over and over again.


These two cultivators were talented and had come from a powerful Sect. In the outside world, they could be considered top experts. However, facing the red-clothed girl’s whip, they didn’t dare to dodge or use their Source Qi to resist. They could only clench their teeth and stay rooted in place.


The whip fell once more. Fresh blood flowed, and flesh tore open. Their tattered clothes were already covered in blood.


There was also a burst of anger in their eyes. However, the anger was not directed at their own Young Lady, but Yang Kai.


In their minds, they believed that if it weren’t for Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi, their Young Lady wouldn’t be beating them.


It was all Yang Kai’s fault.


Old Fu stood beside them, terrified that his Young Lady would also beat him with a whip in her fury, and he didn’t dare to speak up.


If he, an Emperor Realm Master, was whipped by his weak Young Lady, he would really lose all face.


Fortunately, his Young Lady seemed to be giving him some consideration. Although she was angry to the point of losing her mind, she didn’t punish him openly. Instead, her whip only fell on the two Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators again and again, faster and harder with each lash. They were in so much pain that they couldn’t help but look at Old Fu for help.


However, Old Fu turned a blind eye, leaving them to howl miserably in their hearts.


After venting for a long time, the girl finally seemed to be tired. Gasping for breath, she fell to the ground. Her clothes were damp with sweat, making her graceful body faintly visible.


However, no one dared to appreciate this beautiful scenery. Old Fu kept his gaze downward, while the two guards were practically on the verge of death. They stood there trembling and looked as though they could fall at any moment.


“Old Fu, send a message back to the palace and tell them to quickly send some people here!” The red-haired girl ordered suddenly.


Old Fu was startled, “What do you plan to do, Young Lady?” 


The red-clothed girl sneered and responded, “What do I plan to do? What do you think? Of course, I’m going to capture those two dogs. I’m going to skin them, eat their meat, and drink their blood. I’m going to kill them!”


“You mustn’t, Young Lady!”


“What? Am I supposed to expect you to avenge me? I know you’re too scared!”


Her words were humiliating but true. He didn’t dare to go up against Yang Kai.


Even so, he advised, “Young Lady, Sir said that he permitted you to leave this time so you can train your temperament. You cannot bully others again using your status. If Sir were to hear the whole story, Young Lady, you would never be let out of the palace again! Have you forgotten what happened three years ago?”


As soon as Old Fu mentioned ‘what had happened three years ago’, the red-clothed girl suddenly seemed to recall something and her face immediately turned pale and filled with fear.


Three years ago, she ventured out just like this and made a small mistake. She bullied several cultivators using her identity to get her way, and the next day, she was caught by her father and was put under house arrest for three years.


Three years, three whole years. It was truly torturous to be imprisoned for three years, so close yet so far to the noise and prosperity of the outside world.


Finally regaining her freedom wasn’t easy. If her father caught her again, she was afraid three years of confinement would become thirty this time.




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  1. I think she is the daughter of the Serene Soul GE, because old Fu has a very powerful divine sense and the lady said to call the “palace” for reinforcements, if I recall correctly the SSGE sect was called Divine soul palace. Also at this point YK has the ability to kill 2 order Emperors and probably scape from 3 rd orders so the only ones that could threaten him are famous 3rd order emperors like Jiu Feng and Li Wu Ji or Great Emperors.

  2. about yk strength i agree although if he could unleash the seal again, now that he is an emperor he could easilly kill a 3rd order emperor, and now that embodyment has reach emperor with HDB law and that crazy axe he could probably kill a 2order emperor as well (HDB law was so terrefying that even yk space principle was helpless against at that time)

  3. Only other palace with that much status in the Eastern territory is the Serene Soul Great Emperor’s palace.
    Finally found a good for nothing child of a GE. Time to fight the GE.

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