Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2554, I’ll be Waiting for You on the Road to the Yellow Springs


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


If the Ghost King’s energy had not been devoured by the Soul Devouring Insects, and had his body not been this strong, this blow would have killed Yang Kai instantly.


Although his life wasn’t in any danger, the injury was shocking. There was dark energy lingering around his wound, corroding his body and preventing Yang Kai from healing his injuries.


This was the Yin Energy of the Ghost King, which was extremely difficult to get rid of.


“He’s still not dead!?” Yin Le Sheng couldn’t help but cry out loud as his eyes bulged in shock, having a hard time believing how sturdy Yang Kai’s body was as well as the strange Secret Technique he just used to cause a Dragon Head and pure Dragon Pressure to manifest.


Was it an actual Divine Spirit?


Considering all this, Yin Le Sheng’s legs trembled.


“I… I can’t hold on anymore,” Lin’er stated in a low voice, gritting her teeth.


It was already a remarkable feat for her to maintain an Emperor Artifact like the Taiyi Cinnamon Bowl for so long with her low cultivation. In addition, she had been deterred by the Dragon Pressure just now and her concentration was shaken. At this moment, the Source Qi in her body was of no use and she was unable to hold out any longer.


Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen were greatly shocked after hearing this and didn’t dare to delay any further, pushing their Emperor Qi hard to control the Ghost King to launch another attack.


Finally, with the help of Young Lady Lin’er, Yang Kai was suppressed and had become an easy target. If they couldn’t kill him now, a miserable end was waiting for them.


“All of you are dead!” Yang Kai’s eyes flickered with a cold gleam as he struggled hard to get free.


Crisp cracking sounds immediately followed as Yang Kai broke the branches binding his limbs.


Lin’er let out a tender cry, as if she had suffered a backlash, and the white light screen suddenly converged before turning back into the crystal-clear jade bowl and flying towards her, disappearing into her body right after.


Without the suppression of this strange Emperor Artifact, Yang Kai felt the pressure around him suddenly lighten and immediately felt full of energy.


Only now did he come to understand that the white screen of light was actually an Emperor Artifact.


The Ghost King was fiercely rushing at him, but Yang Kai acted as if he didn’t see it. Rather, a serious look appeared on his face and his Emperor Qi surged like a tide as he rapidly formed a seal with his hands.


“Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


Once the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Divine Ability was brought into play, time seemed to have frozen.


That seal rumbled straight towards Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen, but the pair were completely oblivious to it; they just kept looking ahead with widened eyes.


It seemed like thousands upon thousands of years had passed by in an instant.


When their eyes finally regained clarity, the seal was already upon them.


A terrified look immediately appeared on Yin Le Sheng’s face and his hands rapidly danced as he continuously spurted Blood Essence, shouting, “Martial Uncle, hold on!”


Who knows what Secret Technique Yin Le Sheng had used, but he fled as quickly as a loach. At the same time, his Spiritual Essence was rapidly declining; even his cultivation, the Emperor Realm that he had just recently reached, was also regressing…


This Secret Technique seemed to have brought great harm to himself.


“You…” Hua Fei Chen was filled with grief and anger.


Others might not know what Secret Technique Yin Le Sheng had cast, but he knew it very well.


Obviously, Yin Le Sheng had cut off his own cultivation, thereby giving up the connection with his Netherworld Purgatory Banner. This way, he would not suffer the Ten Thousand Ghost Biting Backlash. But in light of this, it was tantamount to giving up all the cultivation he had achieved in the Netherworld Sect over so many years.


He would have to start everything from scratch, and there was a serious risk that his foundation would suffer serious damage.


Trusting his Martial Nephew, Hua Fei Chen had brought over twenty disciples to help him kill his enemy, but at this critical juncture of life and death, Yin Le Sheng had actually chosen to escape, pushing everything onto Hua Fei Chen.


What could be more depressing than this?


Hua Fei Chen almost spat blood in anger, cursing in his heart that the Netherworld Sect had raised an ungrateful wolf. He blamed himself for not seeing this beforehand. As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal a person’s heart. If he was given a choice again, he would rather meditate and cultivate in the Sect rather than put his foot into this chaos, and place himself in this precarious situation where there was just a fine line between life and death.


While his mind was filled with a jumble of thoughts, the Time Flies Seal had already struck him.


And thanks to him blocking it, Yin Le Sheng was able to escape.


The next moment, Hua Fei Chen’s skin grew old at a rate visible to the naked eye and his vitality was quickly passing away. Thousands of years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye for him.


“Ungrateful bastard!” Hua Fei Chen turned his head and cursed, glaring at Yin Le Sheng and grinding his teeth in anger. After which, his head slumped to one side before he fell on the ground, struggling to breathe.


The Flowing Time Force was corroding his body and he was unable to resist it; death was only a matter of time.


And without his control, the Ghost King suddenly went mad, its eyes turning red as if hot charcoals were burning in them. It kept aimlessly swinging the huge sickle in its hand.




Close to a dozen pitiful cries rang out at the same time as the Netherworld Sect disciples, who were on their last legs already, fell down on the ground together. Black energy emerged from their bodies, burning them like flames.


Obviously, they were suffering from severe backlash and had no hope of surviving.


Yang Kai didn’t pay attention to them, nor did he take care of the Ghost King that was out of control, he just coldly glanced in the direction of Lin’er and stated with a cold snort, “I’ll deal with you later!”


Lin’er couldn’t help but shiver when she met with his icy gaze. She was scared, but she still stubbornly glared back at Yang Kai without flinching.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he chased after Yin Le Sheng.


“Young Lady, let’s quickly escape!” Old Fu hurriedly and secretly suggested; his forehead was drenched in cold sweat.


[If we don’t escape, we won’t get the chance to escape again! Two Netherworld Sect Emperor Realm Masters had teamed up, and even had the support of over twenty Dao Source disciples, even going so far as to summon a Ghost King, yet they were unable to do anything to this young man. Instead, they were all killed by him, like plucking feathers from a chicken!]


This boy was simply a monster!


His loss in the desolate city was not unjustified. With the strength Yang Kai had just displayed, killing Old Fu would have been no more difficult than stepping on an ant.


“Why should I escape!” Lin’er angrily shouted, “This Young Lady will remain here! I want to see if he dares to attack me!”


She might have retorted in anger just now, but there was also reason backing up her confidence as no one had dared to attack her so far. More importantly, she had grown limp and couldn’t run.


Old Fu became anxious and hurriedly said, “Young Lady, didn’t you see his bloodshot eyes filled with murderous intent? If he accidentally hurt Young Lady’s noble body, how would this Old Master explain it to Sir?”


Lin’er snorted again even louder and declared, “I would like to see if he dares!”


Old Fu simply didn’t know what to say. Yang Kai was cut by the Ghost King because of his Young Lady’s interference and was still bleeding from his wound as they spoke. He would definitely not let his Young Lady go, but Old Fu’s earnest advice was completely useless and he didn’t dare to force Lin’er to obey. He was really as anxious as an ant on a hot wok now.


On another side, Yang Kai had caught up with Yin Le Sheng, who had not been able to escape far.


Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so escape and pursuit were his forte. Not to mention, Yin Le Sheng’s strength was plummeting and his aura was constantly declining. At this moment, Yin Le Sheng’s cultivation had already dropped to the peak Dao Source Realm, so how could he escape from Yang Kai?


While running, Yin Le Sheng looked back and noticed Yang Kai hot on his tail like a hungry ghost, and his expression sank so low that a layer of frost could almost be shaved from his face.


While pursuing Yin Le Sheng, Yang Kai teased, “Run! Keep on running, I’d like to see where you can escape!”


Yin Le Sheng knew that he couldn’t flee, so he steeled his heart as something suddenly appeared in his hand. He grit his teeth and turned around, wanting to activate it.


But the moment he turned around, he was taken aback, because Yang Kai was already standing in front of him, coldly staring at the thing in his hand.


Before Yin Le Sheng could trigger it, Yang Kai had already swung the Myriads Sword.




Yin Le Shen’s arm flew into the air as blood gushed out like a fountain from his shoulder.


Yang Kai stretched his hand out, catching the thing in his hand, glancing at it and muttering with a cold snort, “An Emperor Authority Bead! I knew it!”


In the past, he had suffered a big loss at the hands of the Young Sect Master of the Seeking Passion Sect, Feng Xi, inside the Shattered Star Sea. Yang Kai knew that the most outstanding disciples of a Sect, like the Netherworld Sect, would be bestowed with defensive treasures by their Elders.


And the Emperor Authority Bead was the most powerful of such treasures.


Although it wasn’t easy to create and was a one-time consumable object, if one had it, he or she could turn the tides at a critical moment.


Feng Xi had almost killed Yang Kai using the Emperor Authority Bead given to him by his father.


As the old saying goes, ‘once bitten, twice shy’, so how could Yang Kai not prepare against this action by Yin Le Sheng?


He had not allowed Yin Le Sheng to use the Emperor Authority Bead, and had directly chopped off his arm.




Yin Le Sheng only just realized that his arm had been chopped off after staring at his severed limb in a daze before miserably screaming. He staggered back and fell to the ground, his face completely pale.




A cold gleam flashed before his eyes as the Myriads Sword in Yang Kai’s hand appeared right before him as the latter condescendingly looked down at him. The sword tip was pointing right at his nose, and the gleaming sword aura was like a poisonous snake hissing at him.


Yin Le Sheng’s cries came to an abrupt halt as he couldn’t help but nervously gulp with a look of horror on his face.


He knew that he had lost, and his defeat was thorough and complete. Even if Yang Kai let him go now, he would not be able to cultivate anymore as he had used a forbidden technique to sever his cultivation to escape with his life. His foundation was damaged and he had already regressed to the Saint King Realm, his strength still continuously declining.


“In truth, there is no deep grudge between us,” Yang Kai gazed at Yin Le Sheng, blood dripping down his chest and onto the ground as he continued with a stoic look on his face, “You brought this upon yourself!”


If Yin Le Sheng had stayed honestly in the Netherworld Sect, consolidating his cultivation, putting aside his grievance with Yang Kai, he may be able to take over his Honoured Master’s mantle and might even take charge of the Netherworld Sect in the future, but he just had to bring people to intercept Yang Kai.


One wrong step, led to another, and then another!


Yin Le Sheng grimly smiled and stated, “Who can tell what path is right or wrong on the Grand Dao. I might have lost today, but it’s not definitive that you will reach the peak in the future. What are you feeling proud about!?”


“Perhaps you are right,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement before adding, “But I can go farther and see more than you.”


The corner of Yin Le Sheng’s lips twitched. He was rendered speechless.


“Do you have any last words? Let’s hear them,” Yang Kai indifferently asked.


Yin Le Sheng grit his teeth and stated, “I’ll be waiting for you on the road to the Yellow Springs…”


“You’re still reluctant to admit your faults!” Yang Kai let out a cold snort before pushing the tip of his sword forward a bit, “Do you believe I won’t pull out your Soul and refine it instead of killing you?”


Yin Le Sheng immediately shut his mouth, not daring to act presumptuously.


Yang Kai tilted his head and said with a smile, looking at him, “I lied.”


Saying so, he thrust the Myriads Sword ahead, slowly stabbing into Yin Le Sheng.


Yin Le Sheng’s eyes widened in an instant. He could hear the Myriads Sword slowly piercing his body and stabbing his heart loud and clear. That slow and terrifying feeling instantly filled his heart and Soul.




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