Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2665, Back To The Southern Territory


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As the palace doors opened, Yang Kai stepped out from the inside. Xi Lei and the others’ eyes lit up, delighted, and went forward to greet him.


Seeing that he was in high spirits, Xie Wu Wei beamed, “It looks like Young Master Yang has made great progress in cultivation.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s just a little progression, but I don’t know when I can break through.”


After breaking through to the Emperor Realm, Yang Kai started to feel that his next breakthrough was not within the foreseeable future anymore. It was true that his strength had improved in this one year of retreat, but he still could not even feel the shackles of the Second-Order Emperor Realm.


Ying Fei smiled, “The path of cultivation is long and difficult. Take your time.”


Xi Lei nodded in agreement from the side, “Looking at those Emperor Realm Masters in the world, which one of them is not an old monster who cultivated for a thousand years? Given Young Master Yang has accomplished so many achievements at this young age, Young Master Yang truly possesses Heaven-defying talent, and will definitely be promoted soon.” 


Yang Kai did not deny it, and also understood that he should never rush in cultivating. Therefore, he stopped discussing it further and asked, “How’s the arrangement of the Spirit Array here?”


Xi Lei hurriedly handed a plain and aged token to Yang Kai, and replied, “Nanmen Da Jun is really impressive. It only took him two months to ameliorate the Sect Defending Array. This is the Control Token for the Spirit Array.”


Yang Kai took it over and sent his Divine Sense into it to examine it. In an instant, he felt that his body was connected with some existence in this part of the world.


With a single thought, the Sect Defending Array that enveloped High Heaven Palace buzzed, and the ambient World Energy trembled.


Xi Lei continued from the side, “Nanmen Da Jun also mentioned that Young Master Yang may rest assured that this Spirit Array that he improved is much better than the Sect Defending Array of Seeking Passion Sect.”


Yang Kai nodded casually without a doubt, but then he looked out the mountain gate and asked, “Why are there so many people outside?”


When he was inspecting the Sect Defending Array just now, he found that many cultivators were squatting outside the main gates. The cultivations of these people varied greatly, but most were young people. They were either in groups of two to three, with a few staying alone, but all of them were putting on tidy and formal looks. Many people gazed intently at the three big engraved words, ‘High Heaven Palace’ on the Ten Thousand Year Frozen Heart Iron standing outside the mountain gate, seemingly entranced by them.


Ying Fei explained, “They are obviously here in hopes of entering High Heaven Palace. Young Master Yang, the great name of High Heaven Palace has now spread all across the Northern Territory, so for more than half a year, many young people have come here to see if they stand a chance of joining the Sect. But now they can’t enter as the gates have been closed, therefore, they are camping out outside. Some of them even waited for more than half a year to show their sincerity.”


“I see.” Yang Kai nodded lightly. He was not really surprised about it and did not pay much attention to it after scanning outside once with his Divine Sense.


The name of High Heaven Palace had finally spread out, and with three Monster Kings guarding the Sect, it had a strong impression on people. Normally, this would be the time for a new Sect to recruit new blood, so those rogue cultivators who had no background definitely would jump at this opportunity to enter the Sect.


For example, Liu Xian Yun was once an overlord in the Grand Desolation Star Field back then, but she could not even obtain adequate cultivation resources when she arrived in the Star Boundary. This was the downside of not having backing from a Sect. If she had not met Yang Kai again and been introduced into Ice Heart Valley, she would probably still be worrying about scraping together enough Source Crystals just to cultivate.


It was the same for Chi Yue, Gui Zu, and the others.


There were many cultivators like this in the Star Boundary. Not everyone was as lucky as Yang Kai. For these people, they did not wish to be prosperous in the future after joining High Heaven Palace, but were simply striving to obtain backing powerful enough that they could peacefully cultivate.


High Heaven Palace had already achieved a shocking result before opening its gates. The entire Northern Territory would be in an uproar when its founding was announced and cultivators flocked over like a school of silver carps moving downstream.


Xi Lei asked, “Does Young Master Yang want to open the gates and accept disciples now?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not in a hurry.”


He occupied this place mainly to provide shelter to his friends and family who were back on Shadowed Star. He did not even know how to return to Heng Luo Star Field now though, so why would he simply open the gates and accept outsiders he didn’t know?


But since Yang Yan and the Insect Emperor could travel to Heng Luo Star Field, then he also should be able to, he just didn’t know the way to do it yet.


Perhaps, he should try to search for Yang Yan to ask her about it.


Troubled, Yang Kai turned around, “I need to take a trip to the Southern Territory. Which of you three would like to accompany me?”


“Me!” Sure enough, the three Monster Kings answered in unison before glaring fiercely at each other.


When Ying Fei regained his senses, he asked, “Young Master Yang, we can all follow you. Why do you only want to bring one?”


Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei nodded too, wondering why Yang Kai made such an arrangement.


Yang Kai explained, “You three are Monster Kings, so if all of you travel together through the Star Boundary, it will draw far too much attention and might attract some unwanted trouble. In addition, I also need someone to guard this place. Even though High Heaven Palace has a powerful Sect Defending Array and its gates have been sealed shut, who knows if there will be some fools who dare to come to make trouble? If all of us leave, this place will become unguarded. Since this Young Master has established High Heaven Palace here, he will be treating this place as his home for the foreseeable future, so you need not worry about this Young Master abandoning it. We will be spending many years together here.”


They all found Yang Kai’s explanation reasonable. They were already in the same boat with Yang Kai and were already the High Ranking Foreign Elders of High Heaven Palace, but if they gave Yang Kai too much pressure and seemed to be too eager for quick benefits, Yang Kai might be displeased with them.


After exchanging looks, Xie Wu Wei smiled faintly, “Then, Young Master Yang, please pick one of us. We will agree with whoever you pick.”


Ying Fei and Xi Lei nodded in agreement.


It would be hard for them to make a decision on their own because they couldn’t give this chance to another. Therefore, it was better to let Yang Kai decide so no one could argue about it.


Yang Kai answered as he nodded his head, “Then, Ying Fei, you are the fastest so I will be depending on you for this trip to the Southern Territory.”


After hearing this, Ying Fei could not help feeling delighted as he cupped his fists and replied, “Young Master Yang is wise.”


Dispirited, Xi Lei replied too, “Then, Brother Xie and I will watch over the Sect here.”


“Many thanks, both of you,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


After some discussion, Yang Kai, together with Ying Fei travelled to Ice Heart Valley through the Space Array to say goodbye to Bing Yun.


When they returned to Ice Heart Valley, the valley had seemingly turned over a new leaf in just a year. Moreover, after the last ordeal, the whole of Ice Heart Valley had become even more united. Most of the disciples were currently cultivating in retreat and dared not slack off.


The pair did not stay too long in Ice Heart Valley, and after half a day, Yang Kai and Ying Fei left through its Space Array.


The Southern Territory was hundreds of millions of kilometres away from the Northern Territory, and the journey there was long and difficult, full of dangerous mountains and rivers, not an easy trek even for Emperor Realm Masters. Space Arrays could only span portions of the journey, while most of the time, one would have to travel under their own power.


Above the clear sky, atop the white clouds.


A giant eagle sped along as fast as lightning, leaving only a faint afterimage wherever it went.


The giant eagle was Monster King Ying Fei’s Monster Beast form. As the overlord of the sky, speed was his forte. Throughout the whole Ancient Lands, he was universally acknowledged as the fastest among the thirty-two Monster Kings and eight Great Kings.


This was why Yang Kai had Ying Fei accompany him.


Yang Kai sat cross-legged on Ying Fei’s back, which was spacious enough to accommodate a whole house, and felt not even a slight headwind despite their astonishing speed.


There were really not many existences in the level of Monster Kings who were willing to serve as a mount in this world.


Nevertheless, Monster King Ying Fei was happy to provide his service and had no complaints at all.


Though the journey was boring, Yang Kai did not waste his time and was focused on his cultivation.


It was quite safe to fly all the way as most cultivators could not even sense a trace of Ying Fei’s existence, while those who could sense his presence would not dare to provoke Ying Fei and would have escaped as fast as they could.


Two months later, Ying Fei suddenly spoke, “Young Master Yang, we have reached the Southern Territory, where to now?”


Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and stopped circulating his Secret Art. He stood up and looked around before saying, “Find a city so we can ask for directions.”


Ying Fei received his order and started to search for a city down below.


After half a day, a fairly prosperous city entered Ying Fei’s eyes and with a flap of his wings, he descended.


After a short while, he assumed his human form and retracted his Monster Qi, landing in front of the city gates together with Yang Kai.


They did not mean to enter the city, so Yang Kai casually stopped a cultivator who passed by and asked, “Excuse me, which direction is Thousand Leaves Sect?”


The main purpose of him coming to the Southern Territory this time was to go to Thousand Leaves Sect, as Chi Yue, Gui Zu, and his other Seniors were being hosted there. Since he had established High Heaven Palace, he naturally wanted to send them to the Northern Territory. In comparison to Thousand Leaves Sect, the cultivation environment of High Heaven Palace now was definitely better and safer.


It was just that the Southern Territory was vast, and Yang Kai did not know which direction the Thousand Leaves Sect was from where he stood, so he could only ask someone about it.


The cultivator was in a hurry to enter the city, and he was quite angered at being stopped so abruptly. He made a fuss as he thought that he was the superior one with his Dao Source Realm cultivation; however, as soon as he saw the shining High-Rank Source Crystal in Yang Kai’s hand, his eyes lit up and he swiftly snatched it and examined it for authenticity before he asked Yang Kai curiously, “Are you a Thousand Leaves Sect disciple?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No, why do you ask so?”


The man checked left and right, then whispered cautiously, “Don’t ask too much if you’re not a Thousand Leaves Sect disciple. The Thousand Leaves Sect has suffered a great disaster.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai’s face changed and instinctively felt something was wrong.


The Thousand Leaves Sect was just a small Sect in the Southern Territory, not one that was extremely famous and well known, so Yang Kai had not expected to obtain any information immediately when he inquired about it here. Surprisingly though, the first person he met actually knew about Thousand Leaves Sect and even mentioned it was in some kind of trouble.


Puzzled, the man asked, “Did Friend just come out of retreat? How can you not know about this news?”


Yang Kai queried in a deep voice, “What happened?”


The man whispered, “The Thousand Leaves Sect was destroyed.”


“What!?” Yang Kai was so appalled that he could not believe his ears.


The man shook his head, “Thousand Leaves Sect overestimated itself like an ant and tried to shake a mighty tree. A year ago, the Sect was destroyed and all of its disciples fled. Friend, if you have anything to do with Thousand Leaves Sect, you’d best sever those ties as soon as possible lest you draw trouble to yourself.”




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