Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2693, Come And Bite Me


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Ying Fei’s face darkened at once.


He had thought that a Star Soul Palace Elder would not be a problem with him guarding Yang Kai; after all, he was a Monster King, comparable in strength to a Third-Order Emperor. Why would he need to fear a mere Star Soul Palace Elder? But, now that they were isolated by the Eight Sides Yuan Shielding Array, how could Ying Fei protect Yang Kai if he had no clue where Yang Kai was? On the contrary, the person who set up this array could easily crush Yang Kai by using the power of his pre-arranged Spirit Arrays.


Deep remorse emerged in Ying Fei’s heart. Perhaps the situation would not be this bad if he insisted Yang Kai summon Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei, but at that time, he did not persuade further when Yang Kai disagreed.


But on second thought, the opponent could isolate anyone with this Eight Sides Yuan Shielding Array, so it would be useless even if they brought more Monster Kings here.


He had exposed his identity as a Monster King a few days ago, so the opponent must have been fully prepared to deal with him since he dared to initiate this fight. It seemed that this plan was well arranged, and with the activation of these two Spirit Arrays, not only was Yang Kai trapped in this space, he was also isolated from everyone and he could only fight on his own.


“Patriarch Gong, can this array be broken?” Ying Fei asked in a deep voice.


Gong Tai sighed, “Yes, but it will take time.”


“How long?” Ying Fei did not have a good feeling.


“Ten days!”


Ying Fei was speechless. Ten days was far too long. In Yang Kai’s situation, how could Ying Fei just sit here for ten days?


Ai Ou remarked from the side, “Fortune always favours Yang Boy, although the opponent this time is powerful, he may not be able to do anything to Yang Boy. Patriarch Gong, the priority now is to break this array. We can only try to find another way to assist Yang Boy.”


This was the only solution in this helpless situation. Everyone knew what Ai Ou said was true, and immediately took action separately to look around, trying to find any flaws in the array.




In a dark world, Yang Kai seemed to be suspended in a void, but the surrounding environment was notably different from the real Void. Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found his perception blocked by an invisible barrier around him, making it impossible to detect the presence of anyone else nearby.


He stood quietly in place with his lips curved slightly. Instead of being frightened or anxious, he decided to wait patiently.


A pair of eyes was observing Yang Kai’s reaction silently in the dark, but seeing that Yang Kai did not show the slightest signs of panic, this observer realized how formidable Yang Kai’s mental strength was and understood that normal methods would be useless against him. Nodding, the observer decided not to hide anymore and openly revealed himself.


A light abruptly emerged in the dark world, followed by the appearance of a figure in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked up and saw an old man standing there calmly, as if he had been there all along as there were no prior signs of him walking over. Behind this old man were two figures; one was Wu Ming, who had disappeared before, and the other was Chi Yue, whom Yang Kai had not seen for a long time.


Chi Yue’s cultivation was sealed, and her pretty face was slightly pale as Wu Ming restrained her hands from behind, making it impossible for her to move in the slightest.


When she saw Yang Kai, surprise and joy flashed across her eyes. It seemed that she did not expect him to be here; but soon, her face turned solemn and she shook her head at Yang Kai slowly, signalling him to run away.


Wu Ming saw her signal, and sneered, tightening his grip and drawing a groan from Chi Yue’s lips as her face turned even paler due to the pain.


“Little Friend Yang!” The old man greeted Yang Kai with a smile. At first glance, this old man had a sage-like appearance. He wore a cyan robe and had a long beard on his face, possessing the noble image of some Senior Expert removed from the mundane world. 


“Old dog, you finally decided to show yourself,” Yang Kai bared his teeth with a smile.


The old man shook his head lightly and smiled wryly, “Little Friend Yang, please show some mercy with your mouth. This Old Master’s name is Tan Jun Hao!”


“Old Dog Tan then,” Yang Kai raised his brow.


“Little bastard, be careful of your filthy mouth! Try barking again if you dare!” Wu Ming’s face flushed angrily.


Yang Kai looked up to the sky and shouted quickly, “Old Dog Tan, Old Dog Tan, Old Dog Tan, Old Dog Tan, Little Dog Wu, Little Dog Wu, Little Dog Wu, Little Dog Wu… This Young Master barked like you asked, so come and bite me.”


“Bastard!” Wu Ming’s nostrils flared; after all, he was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master and had never been insulted to his face like this. The rage in his chest was like a volcano threatening to erupt at any moment.


Tan Jun Hao on the other hand just let out a light breath and waved his hand to stop Wu Ming before squinting at Yang Kai, “Little Friend Yang looks like he is quite resentful and seems to have some problem with this Old Master.”


Yang Kai retorted coldly, “What do you think?”


Tan Jun Hao smiled faintly, and nodded, “This Old Master understands your wrath, but this Old Master has no choice. I hope you will forgive me.”


“I’ll forgive you when you die.”


Tan Jun Hao was stunned, then burst into laughter, “Little friend, you’re quite funny. This Old Master is an Elder of Star Soul Palace and receives the grace of the Great Emperor. Who in this world would dare to kill me?”


“So, this is why you are so daring!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, then he suddenly lifted his eyes and returned with a solemn voice, “This Young Master wants to see what the consequences of killing an Elder of a Great Emperor’s Sect will be!”


The corner of Tan Jun Hao’s eyes twitched as he noticed that Yang Kai was not joking, and truly intended to kill him; however, he did not really care about it because he doubted Yang Kai had the ability to kill him despite his murderous intent. Beaming, he continued, “This Old Master looks forward to it then, but before that, shouldn’t Little Friend Yang return this Old Master’s property? That thing belongs to me, but it was inadvertently acquired by little friend some years ago.”


“You mean this?” Yang Kai summoned a token into his hand. A lifelike dragon image was carved on the token, and there was a big ‘dragon’ character engraved on it. The token looked plain and aged, and it was uncertain what material it was refined from, seemingly having been crafted a long time ago.


“Exactly!” Tan Jun Hao nodded, his face changing the moment he saw the token.


The Dragon Island Token was an extremely precious treasure, and although it could not be used for Artifact Refining or Alchemy, it was the only pass for ordinary people to enter Dragon Island. With this Dragon Island Token, one could go to Dragon Island and make any request to the Dragon Clan that was within their ability to fulfil.


Tan Jun Hao was already a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, and the only higher realm left for him to reach was the Great Emperor Realm. He believed that it was impossible for him to become a Great Emperor though with his innate comprehension and ability, but perhaps something on the magical Dragon Island could help him in breaking through these shackles.


This Dragon Island Token was a great opportunity for him.


Not to mention other requests, it would be no problem to ask for a few drops of True Dragon Blood from the Dragon Clan.


Therefore, he had been searching for the whereabouts of the Dragon Island Token for all these years.


Now that he saw that the Dragon Island Token was really in Yang Kai’s hands, he naturally felt delighted. However, given that he was also an old monster who had lived for countless years, he had enough composure to not reveal any change of expression on his face.


On the other hand, Wu Ming could not help showing an excited face when he saw the Dragon Island Token.


He was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, and with his aptitude and efforts, he did not know if he could reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm any time soon. But if he could get the Dragon Island Token and take a trip to Dragon Island, he probably could make a breakthrough right away.


But the token belonged to Tan Jun Hao, so Wu Ming dared not have any thoughts about it even if he wanted it, too.


Yang Kai played with the Dragon Island Token by rolling it through his fingers as he pondered for a moment before saying, “This Young Master has something you want, while you have someone this Young Master wants. How about this? Let’s trade.”


Tan Jun Hao smiled faintly, “Trade can only be established between two equal parties. Look at this situation… Does Little Friend Yang think that he is qualified to trade with this Old Master?”


Yang Kai’s face darkened slightly, “It doesn’t make much sense for you to talk like this. Don’t tell me that you want this Dragon Island Token for free?”


Tan Jun Hao chortled, “No, but please return the Dragon Island Token to me first, and we’ll discuss the rest later.”


Yang Kai pressed on, “Let her go first, and this Dragon Island Token will be returned to you. This Young Master has no use for this useless token anyway.”


“Return the Dragon Island Token first!” Tan Jun Hao insisted with a faint smile on his face, not bothering to negotiate with Yang Kai at all.


“Let her go first!” Yang Kai shouted fiercely.


Seeing that they could not agree, Tan Jun Hao no longer continued to waste time and turned to Wu Ming and ordered, “Disciple, let Little Friend Yang have a peek at our chips. Show him our sincerity.”


Wu Ming grinned, “Yes!”


Then he turned to Yang Kai, “Little bastard, I heard that this devilish woman is your mother-in-law?”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he thought to himself, [Sister Hua, Sister Hua, why did you have to tell them everything? From the looks of it, you must have disclosed the secrets of my Sealed World Bead and Immortal Tree to them too.]


But he could not blame Hua Qing Si for that because she stood no chance of resisting under the suppression of absolute strength. She did not even remember what she had revealed to Tan Jun Hao at that time.


Only a sinister Secret Technique could force Hua Qing Si to reveal his secrets.


“If you dare to hurt her even a single hair on her head, you’ll die a miserable death,” Yang Kai warned in a deep voice.


Wu Ming snickered, “Don’t worry, how could this King be willing to hurt such a beauty? This King likes her very much. If it weren’t for Honoured Master’s command, this King would have long taken her as his concubine!”


Chi Yue was a rare seductive beauty, and while she was not as beguiling as Shan Qing Luo, she had a mature air about her that added a different kind of flavour to her charm. If this wasn’t the case, Luo Jin, the City Lord of Sky Crane City, would not have been bewitched by her at first sight and forced her to marry him.


While speaking, Wu Ming stretched his hands and gently caressed Chi Yue’s face.


Chi Yue’s tender body shook violently, her eyes filled with disgust. She felt helpless because her cultivation was sealed and her body was being restrained. She could not resist at all, and could only endure with her teeth gritted and her eyes closed.


“You dare!” Yang Kai was maddened. This bastard actually profaned his mother-in-law right in front of him. There was no way for him to tolerate it and with a stomp of his feet, he jumped towards Wu Ming.


Wu Ming’s face changed drastically when he saw this. He had suffered a loss at Yang Kai’s hand before, so he knew that this little brat was not easy to deal with. Hurriedly, he pulled Chi Yue back with him.


Tan Jun Hao immediately stepped in between them and with a wave of his sleeve, many five-coloured light blades were formed and slashed at Yang Kai.


“Hong hong hong…”


A series of explosions rang out as the surrounding World Energy was whipped into a frenzy. Yang Kaw was forced to retreat while all the five-coloured light blades collapsed at the same time.


Tan Jun Hao narrowed his eyes and could not help praising, “Little Friend Yang is truly amazing. This Old Master has underestimated you.”


He thought that the Five Elements Grand Sealing Array would be enough to subdue a trivial First-Order Emperor Realm Master, but he did not expect that Yang Kai could compete on par with this Spirit Array. Tan Jun Hao could not help feeling a slight fear in his heart. How could a mere First-Order Emperor possess such power?


If he was allowed to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm, who could be his opponent other than the Great Emperors?




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