Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2698, How Do We Kill Such A Person?


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It was true that they had numbers on their side, but they were afraid that only less than half of them could survive if they really had to fight Yang Kai.


No one was willing to sacrifice their life to create an opportunity for others.


But if they disobey Tan Jun Hao’s order, they would undoubtedly end up like the cultivator surnamed Liu.


For a moment, everyone was caught in a dilemma.


Tan Jun Hao naturally understood their concerns and snorted coldly, changing his hand seal again.


The Emperor Realm Masters all groaned miserably, sweat trickling down their foreheads as the Heart-Strangling Insects under their skin hastily gouged their way towards their hearts. There were several Emperor Realm Masters who could not endure the pain and screamed shrilly.


“If the insect gets to your heart, you will die without a doubt!” Tan Jun Hao remarked lightly, “If anyone can help this Old Master to kill this boy, this Old Master will remove the Heart-Strangling Insect in him and return his freedom.”


A carrot-and-stick approach had always been the best way to manipulate people, and as an Elder of Star Soul Palace, Tan Jun Hao naturally was very familiar with it.


Their eyes lit up as soon as this remark was made. The torment of these Heart-Strangling Insects was simply unbearable, so it was worth fighting Yang Kai if they could get rid of it. The most important thing was that they would die if they refused Tan Jun Hao, but they would still have hope to live if they stood against Yang Kai.


It was a simple choice, yet a choice that left them no choice.


At this moment, someone gave in to the pain and temptation of Tan Jun Hao’s promise and shouted, “Elder Tan must keep his word!”


Tan Jun Hao smiled faintly, “Of course, you have this Old Master’s word”


“Good! Then this Xia will lend Elder Tan a helping hand today. Who else is willing to join with this Xia?”


He turned around to look while speaking, and all the Emperor Realm Masters nodded one after another. In a situation where an arm was no match for the thigh, what else could they do other than submit?


The confidence of the cultivator surnamed Xia was boosted when he won the support of the crowd. With his morale greatly heightened, his Emperor Qi began to circulate. Surprisingly, he was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master.


He roared as if to embolden himself then pounced at Yang Kai.


The rest of them followed closely after him.


In an instant, roughly thirty figures turned into streams of light and shot towards Yang Kai together. A series of Secret Techniques were unleashed as various Emperor Artifacts were summoned and used to attack, sending a series of colourful rays of light out.


Before they attacked, some of them even mumbled to themselves, “Little Brother, don’t blame us, we are being forced.”


The pressure on Yang Kai increased sharply, facing so many Emperor Realm Masters at once, as if several mountains were pressing down on his chest, making it hard for him to even catch his breath. However, he steeled himself and roared to the sky, “How can one be an Emperor Realm Master with so little courage? If one doesn’t have the will to fight for their own life, they should never bother fighting at all!”


“Little brat, you’re too full of yourself, now die!”


Not everyone felt sorry for Yang Kai as his previous actions in the auction had aroused public anger. At this moment, it was also because of him that they had been controlled by Tan Jun Hao. Unable to express their resentment towards Tan Jun Hao, these people who were implanted with Heart-Strangling Insects could only vent all of their grievances on Yang Kai, thinking that everything could end as long as he was killed.


Mercilessly, they launched their attacks.


*Hong hong hong… *


Thirty furious attacks bombarded Yang Kai at once, all of them from Emperor Realm Masters. The scene instantly turned into a chaotic explosion.


Tan Jun Hao narrowed his eyes as he believed that even he would end up with serious injuries if not death after encountering such attacks with his cultivation, but this little brat surnamed Yang was proficient in the Dao of Space, so this might not be sufficient to take him down despite the ferocity of the attacks.


Although he had sealed this space with the Five Elements Grand Sealing Array, he only made Yang Kai unable to teleport out of the Spirit Array’s bounds, but Yang Kai could still come and go freely within the Spirit Array.


This was why he did not hesitate to borrow the power of these Emperor Realm Masters. It was not that he was not confident he could beat Yang Kai alone, but that doing so would take a significant amount of time and effort.


When the dust settled after a short while, everyone found the place where all the attacks landed empty.


“Is he dead?” Someone asked.


“It’s unlikely for that brat to have survived so many attacks from us at the same time, even if his strength is far beyond normal. What a waste of a Heaven-defying genius.”


“Hahaha, he was truly overconfident for daring to make an enemy of Elder Tan. He deserved to die!” A man burst into laughter.


Now that Yang Kai was dead, it was time for him to bootlick Tan Jun Hao. Perhaps if Tan Jun Hao was in a good mood, he would remove the Heart-Strangling Insect out of his body and set him free.


Many of them secretly felt regret. If they had known that Yang Kai was so easy to deal with, they would have given their best just now in hopes of winning some small favour from Tan Jun Hao.


*Pu… *


A strange noise suddenly sounded. Although this noise was soft, it was not missed by the Emperor Realm Masters’ sharp senses. Everyone turned to the source of noise simultaneously, and the scene in front of them caused their faces to change drastically.


A broad and thick sword tip protruded out of the chest of the last man who spoke while a ghostly figure stood behind him, his profile appearing quite grim.


“Ah…” The man seemed to notice the coolness in his chest and his eyes widened as he looked down.


“Since you all decided to make this Young Master your enemy, then all of you should be prepared to die!” Yang Kai’s faint voice came up and shook the minds of the crowd like a deafening bell.


Before this man could react, Yang Kai flicked his wrist and directly split him in two. Blood splattered over the ground while the two halves of a body and internal organs rained down from the sky horrifyingly.


A First-Order Emperor Realm Master was just inexplicably stabbed and split in two, but what frightened everyone even more was that no one realized how Yang Kai escaped their attacks just now, or even how he returned to counterattack.


Was this boy a real ghost? Everyone shuddered in their hearts.


“This Old Master forgot to warn you that this boy is proficient in the Dao of Space!” Tan Jun Hao’s voice came up from the side.


“What? The Dao of Space?”


“Then he moved instantaneously just now?”


“I heard that people who are proficient in the Dao of Space can come and go mysteriously without a trace. They also possess unparalleled ability when it comes to escaping and chasing. How… how are we supposed to kill such a person!?”




After Tan Jun Hao explained that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, everyone’s face changed again as they cursed Tan Jun Hao in their hearts, [Why didn’t he warn us of such important information earlier, only revealing it after this brat struck back?]


Yang Kai was already a frightening opponent before they learned of his mastery of Space Principles. If it weren’t because of the Heart-Strangling Insects, no one here would have obeyed Tan Jun Hao’s order and made an enemy of him. So, now that they learnt that he was proficient in this esoteric Dao, even possessing the ability to teleport at will, all of them could not help thinking that it would be impossible to kill him.


“Don’t worry. This Old Master has prepared for every contingency. This Old Master will give you a hand,” Tan Jun Hao comforted them.


Given the situation, he spoke as if he was helping them when it was actually the other way round.


Yang Kai carried the Myriads Sword and pointed at Tan Jun Hao with a derisive expression as he swept his eyes across the Emperor Realm Masters, shouting, “Don’t take it personally, but all of you here are trash! This Young Master held back just now only because you were being compelled, but if you still continue to be stubborn, all of your corpses will cover this place.”


His arrogance maddened many of them, but they knew that he was telling the truth. It was obvious Yang Kai held back just now, otherwise, he could have killed at least five people in an instant with his unpredictable movement.


It seemed that he really did not want to start a massacre.


“Stand aside. When this Young Master gets rid of Old Dog Tan, you’ll regain your freedom.” Yang Kai shouted


Everyone was moved by his words.


Tan Jun Hao rebuked in a deep voice, “Little boy, don’t boast so shamelessly! Is this Old Master someone who you can just simply kill just because you want to… hm?”


Before he could finish his sentence, his face suddenly sank as he swung his sleeves forward, condensing a barrier of light before him.


Yang Kai abruptly teleported in front of him, and swung his sword, slashing apart the light barrier and shattering it. At the same time, a strong repulsive force pushed him backwards.


“Everyone, what are you waiting for?” Tan Jun Hao yelled angrily.


He was dreadfully afraid of Yang Kai’s unpredictable movements too. If he had not been careful just now, perhaps Yang Kai would have succeeded in wounding him. Seeing that the Emperor Realm Masters he summoned were hesitating again, Tan Jun Hao could not help urging them again.


Hearing his call, although everyone was unwilling, they could only advance with their teeth clenched.


But they learned their lesson from the previous clash and did not use their full strength, retaining about seventy percent of their strength to guard their surroundings and not be caught off guard by Yang Kai.


Numerous Secret Techniques and Emperor Artifacts were once again unleashed radiantly with a rumble, all of them bombarding towards Yang Kai. 


Yang Kai tried to leave his spot with a flicker.


But just then, Tan Jun Hao chuckled and an array flag appeared in his hand out of nowhere, one he waved fiercely at Yang Kai.


A trembling force suddenly came up in the void, which shook Yang Kai’s disappearing figure, forcing it to materialize again.


Before Yang Kai could regain his stance, all of the attacks collided with him together.


Yang Kai was aghast and quickly circulated his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi.


Although these Emperor Realm Masters did not unleash their full strength this time, it was still the combined force of almost thirty Emperors, and Yang Kai would definitely suffer if he took it head-on. He did not expect that Tan Jun Hao’s Spirit Array could even disrupt the local space, neutralizing his ability to teleport, putting him at a huge disadvantage. It was too late for him to evade the attacks now though, so he could only try to defend himself.


The attacks landed one after another and caused his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi protection to tremble unstably. The glowing light dimmed from all the impacts as Yang Kai felt his organs shift.


Seeing that his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art could not hold on any longer, Yang Kai could only clench his teeth and roar, “Dragon Transformation!”


A golden light flashed behind him, revealing the figure of a giant golden dragon. Dragon Scales materialized on Yang Kai’s skin piece by piece, and his hands turned into the shape of dragon claws as his physical defence was greatly increased.


*Hong hong hong…*


The attacks landed all at once, tossing Yang Kai left and right, throwing him into an unstable condition.




A mouthful of golden blood spewed out. Yang Kai tried his best to defend, yet it was too much for him to endure so many attacks at once, leading to him being wounded.


“It… It hit,” someone muttered to himself, staring in disbelief.


Most of the others could not believe it either. They did not seem to expect that their attacks could really hit Yang Kai; after all, his instantaneous movement had made them lose their confidence in dealing with him, so they were surprised that this second round of attacks actually hit him, even causing some injuries.




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      1. Nihility can be disrupted by strong attacks. There is a limit to how much disruption to the local Space Principles it can take (every attack seems to be effecting space by now).

        I think that first happened against the 3rd Order Emperor YK killed with the Demon Transformation

        Guess it’s only useful as a stealth mode from now on.

  1. If yk was to expose the bell it would be crazy as many would convey it. We all know how yk is already and he rather not use so many exotic artifacts that he has. But its possible since they all gonna die that yk is gonna use the bell.

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