Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2699, Whoever Dares to Attack, Dies


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Tan Jun Hao burst into laughter, “A trivial Spatial Ability is nothing to be afraid of. What are you all waiting for? Finish him off quickly!”


Hearing this, the Second-Order Emperor Realm Master surnamed Xia waved his hand and shouted, “Now! Don’t give him a chance to breathe!”


Everyone’s morale was greatly boosted as they continued to perform their own hand seals, surging the power of their Secret Techniques and Emperor Artifacts.


Yang Kai’s face turned cold as he glared at Tan Jun Hao and began searching for a solution. Looking at this situation, as long as Tan Jun Hao was eliminated, the rest of these people would not be a threat because they were only compelled to kill Yang Kai because of the Heart-Strangling Insects inside them. If Tan Jun Hao died, they would not be threatened by the Heart-Strangling Insects anymore and would naturally stop attacking him.


With a plan in his mind, Yang Kai looked up and shouted angrily, “Old Dog Tan!”


He had already pounced at Tan Jun Hao with a ferocious face before he finished. The Wind and Thunder Wings spread behind him, accompanied by the sound of a raging storm, transforming him into a stream of light as he rushed to the front of Tan Jun Hao in the blink of an eye.


The latter’s face changed slightly at this sight.


Tan Jun Hao was surprised to see that Yang Kai still remained aggressive despite his predicament. Not only was this boy not afraid of facing several dozens of Emperor Realm Masters at once, he even became more ferocious. His courage and spirit were simply terrifying. Tan Jun Hao immediately raised his hand and a vast area of five-coloured light gathered in front of him before condensing into blades of light that slashed towards Yang Kai.


It was the Five Elements Grand Sealing Array. Having Tan Jun Hao, a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master controlling it personally, the power this five-coloured light blade could exert was equivalent to a blow from a top-level Emperor Realm Master.


*Chi chi chi chi…*


Countless five-coloured light blades condensed rapidly, yet Yang Kai continued to charge forward without hesitation. With a sweep of his hand, a large Moon Blade was formed, one that fluctuated with powerful Space Principles. The full moon blade was like the dark maw of an ancient beast, pitch-black in colour, filled with bottomless chaos and nothingness.


When the Moon Blade slashed out, the five-coloured light blades were shattered one after another, as if they were thin mirrors, turning into particles of light that dissipated into thin air.


Horrified, Tan Jun Hao’s eyes widened, he shouted, “An offensive Spatial Ability!”


It was his first time seeing Yang Kai using Space Principles to attack, an eye-opening experience for him. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Tan Jun Hao would not have believed that a Spatial Ability could have such powerful lethality. His attack was instantly resolved by a single Moon Blade.


Yang Kai smiled grimly, “A trivial Spatial Ability? Die!”


He waved his hands continuously, sending out numerous Moon Blades which were much smaller than the previous one, exchanging raw power for numbers.


Tan Jun Hao narrowed his eyes, and quickly changed his hand seal while bellowing, “Five Elements Force, gather!”


The five-coloured light came together once again, radiating the aura of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, which mutually reinforced one another in an endless cycle. All of a sudden, a fortified five-coloured light shield was formed in front of him.


Things had not ended yet though as with a tap of his hand, Tan Jun Hao summoned a small shield that rapidly expanded to the size of a double door, adding a second layer of defence.


The shield exuded a rich Emperor Pressure and was obviously a formidable defensive Emperor Artifact.


It could be seen how seriously Tan Jun Hao took Yang Kai’s vicious attack by how solid a defence he erected.


*Hong hong hong…*


The Moon Blades collided with the five-coloured light shield, causing its brilliance to flash inconsistently and rapidly dim. The five-coloured light shield could not even stand for a breath of time before it shattered completely, but the remaining Moon Blades were all blocked by the Emperor Artifact shield, leaving Tan Jun Hao unscathed.


When Yang Kai was about to attack again, he sensed waves of energy approaching him from behind. It was the incoming attacks of the other Emperor Realm Masters.


He gritted his teeth and pushed the local Space Principles to teleport again.


But Tan Jun Hao waved the array flag again, destabilizing space and hindering Yang Kai from escaping.


“Quickly kill him for this Old Master!” Tan Jun Hao shouted madly and anxiously.


He thought his plan was perfect this time, and that it should be easy to catch Yang Kai, a trivial First-Order Emperor Realm Master with it. But contrary to his expectations, Yang Kai was far stronger and more difficult to deal with. Not only had Tan Jun Hao failed to take him down in a short time, but he was now the one being pressured, even forced to summon his defensive Emperor Artifact.


As a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, he could not accept this was happening.


But he no longer had the courage to fight head-on with Yang Kai, and could only command these Emperor Realm Masters to work for him.


Yang Kai’s teleportation was dispelled by Tan Jun Hao for a second time, but he was not as flustered this time, because he was already prepared. Facing the power of the several dozen Secret Techniques and Emperor Artifacts, Yang Kai bobbed and weaved to dodge the attacks.


Even so, he only managed to dodge less than half of these strikes while the rest ripped his skin and flesh apart, splattering blood from newly made wounds. If it were not for his Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai probably would not have survived this round of attacks.


After using his Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai’s defences had increased greatly. He was only still alive thanks to the Dragon Scales on his body that blocked most of the attacking power.


“He’s not dead yet…”


Everyone was stunned.


Although they only used thirty percent of their strength to attack Yang Kai the first time, this time they had used at least seventy percent of their strength. How was it possible that a mere First-Order Emperor could still be standing after taking so many blows?


For a moment, many of them secretly held Yang Kai in awe.


The strong would be respected wherever they went, and Yang Kai’s performance was enough to earn the respect of these Emperor Realm Masters, as well as making them feel deeply ashamed of themselves. If it were not for Tan Jun Hao and the Heart-Strangling Insects, they would definitely want to make friends with Yang Kai, but now their lives weren’t theirs to control, so they could only helplessly struggle on.


In the aftermath, Yang Kai turned and swept his crimson red eyes across the Emperor Realm Masters, releasing a murderous intent so heavy it was almost tangible.


Before, he planned to cut off the General’s head in order to warn the soldiers, thinking that everything would be settled by finishing Tan Jun Hao. Unfortunately, it seemed that this plan was not feasible. Tan Jun Hao himself was not weak, and with the assistance of the Grand Spirit Array here, it really would take a lot of effort to kill him.


Furthermore, Yang Kai could not just focus on Tan Jun Hao and ignore the attacks from these Emperor Realm Masters. If they continued to come at him, Yang Kai was afraid that it would only take two more rounds for them to incapacitate him.


“Then this Young Master will deal with you first!” Yang Kai roared and stared at the cultivator surnamed Xia, who had a Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivation. This particular man was quite merciless with his last two assaults, and the most serious injuries Yang Kai suffered were thanks to him. Most of the others just followed along, while the only one really going all out was the one surnamed Xia. It was as if this man was trying to impress Tan Jun Hao, probably hoping that he would remove the Heart-Strangling Insect in him and set him free later.


When the eyes of the cultivator surnamed Xia and Yang Kai met, fear filled the former’s soul and he hurriedly retreated to try to hide in the crowd. At that same time, he waved his hands and yelled, “This little brat is already seriously injured! Let’s finish him off now!”


Yang Kai roared as he warned, “Whoever dares to attack, dies!”


At the same time, his hands flashed as he formed a series of hand seals as he whispered with a solemn look, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


A strange fluctuation began to propagate, while time itself seemed to slow down. This strange feeling of stagnation affected everyone’s mind.


When they regained their senses from this temporary dizziness, Yang Kai had unleashed a brutal palm strike towards the man surnamed Xia.


A withering power shot froth and the cultivator surnamed Xia was completely unable to dodge, taking a direct hit from the Time Flies Seal, causing blood to spew from his mouth.


Since the cultivator surnamed Xia had hidden in the crowd out of fear, and Yang Kai’s palm strike had a large area of effect, several cultivators near the one surnamed Xia took a hit too. Yang Kai didn’t care though as all of them had been attacking him before, so right now, they were all life or death enemies.


“This is…” Not far away, Tan Jun Hao slowly widened his eyes, as if he was recalling something. He stared at the cultivator surnamed Xia, observing carefully, refusing to miss out on any details.


The cultivator surnamed Xia stood up staggering, looking dispirited. Although there were no apparent injuries, he still seemed to have suffered a heavy blow.


He raised his hands in front of his face in a daze and watched his flesh rapidly age. The surging vitality in his body dissipated at a visible rate, as though he had aged thousands of years in the blink of an eye.


*Gudong… *


The sound of gulping was heard everywhere as everyone was terrified by what they were witnessing. Just what kind of Divine Ability could turn a hale and hearty Second-Order Emperor Realm Master into a crippled old man in such a short time?


When they turned to the other Emperor Realm Masters who were caught in Yang Kai’s attack, they found that they were withering away too. Their hair swiftly turned from black to white, their cheeks sunk in, their eyes bulged, and their original fitting clothes became loose on their shrinking frames.


“Time Flies Seal! The Divine Ability of the Flowing Time Great Emperor!” Tan Jun Hao shouted madly as his whole body trembled.


As a Star Soul Palace Elder, he had far better insight than ordinary Emperor Realm Masters. He doubted at first, but when he saw the transformation these Emperor Realm Masters experienced, he immediately recognized that what Yang Kai used was definitely the Time Flies Seal.


It was rumoured that this was a Divine Ability that involved Time Principles. Time Principles were even more abstruse than Space Principles, which was already an extremely esoteric Dao to comprehend.


Now that he recalled, this little brat had gone to the Four Seasons Realm back then, which was rumoured to be where the legacy of the Flowing Time Great Emperor was buried. It seemed that he had obtained the Time Flies Seal from the Four Seasons Realm.


But, how was it possible for a person to master The Dao of Space and the Dao of Time at the same time? The opportunities that Yang Kai obtained, as well as his innate comprehension ability, were truly terrifying, and Tan Jun Hao could not help wondering what kind of monster he had provoked.


Apart from feeling terrified, Tan Jun Hao’s determination to kill Yang Kai grew immensely. He would not feel secure allowing such a monster to fully mature.


There may be still a glimmer of hope to survive after being hit by a Spatial Ability, but if one was struck by the Time Flies Seal, even if they did not die immediately, their vitality would be greatly consumed, reducing their lifespan immensely.


In his day, the Flowing Time Great Emperor stood at the apex of the world with his Time Flies Seal. He was truly invincible, with none ignorant of his great name!




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        1. i know right, like bruh really? wasting powerful attacks on the trash and giving the actual powerhouse knowledge about your abilities is never something the old YK would’ve done

          1. Dude always wastes time. He restricted a divine spirit but all of a sudden is have drawn out fights with lessers

  1. I’m still wondering why YK hasn’t used his crowd control insects or the insect Emperor bracelet to to try and dominate the insects infecting Hua’ Er and these cultivators.

    1. I have as well. Makes me wonder if I have misunderstood the bracelet’s function or requirements for use. He didn’t use it to remove the insect that was controlling Chi Yue unless that alchemy was for show. But I don’t think the story alluded to that situation.

      1. That’s true, I start to noticing this, the author dosen’t use the proper ability or resources that yk has, just trying to stall time in a fight worthless and trying to make a small enemy looks like was the ultimate enemy… that sort of thing remember me of the blue feather sect master arc, who in my opinion was to have so much potential to be the ultimate enemy of yk, but was throw away in the garbage

        1. Your all correct.
          Now what does that say about us readers?

          We didn’t come for Dostoyevsky’s “Law and Order”, Gaarder’s “Sophie’s World” or Sukegawa’s “Sweet Bean Paste”, no we came for Momo’s objectively shitty “Martial Peak”.

          It’s been utter garbage for the last 2000 chapters, but I doubt anyone here wanted a proper steak, with veggies and a good sauce. We all wanted to eat smth that’s 1/3 salt, 1/3 fat and 1/3 sugar.
          That’s what we got.

          tl;dr: so what martial peak is trash and we new that all along

    2. How do you expect author to keep track of the 234793749 abilities and trump cards he gave to Yang Kai….

      This really bugs me that you have a situation in large part caused by heart strangling insects, and a crowd that could be killed or controlled by the soul devouring insects and yet he doesn’t even think about the insect bracelet.

      Or, just bring out the bell and surpress everyone with it. That would be the easiest solution, bc for Old Tan doesn’t know about it bc Hua didn’t know about it, and even if he did, in front of the bell he is like a fart.

  2. Bell would be enough to kill both old dog and these mob… Just smack it a few times and game over… Even divine spirits could not compete with the bell… What does 3rd emperor count for… Not to mention mobs… One smack is enough for the whole crowd

  3. Yes, use the bell to kill everyone and then leave the body for Embodiment so he can have some refreshment when he wakes up from his deep sleep lol.

    1. Oh cut that shit out. We know damn well the Yang Kai that had actual morals was left behind in Tong Xuan, every person that he kills or let live aside from his sworn enemies is completely arbitrary

      1. 🤦‍♂️”Oh cut [your] shit out.”

        Morals in Tong Xuan Realm? You mean the time when he cheated on his wives, casually hooked up with someone, and then completely ignored her and forgot about her? Or the time when he inadvertently caused a (sort of world-destroying) calamity, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands (even one of his friend’s sect gets massacred), and Yang Kai felt no guilt about it (Chapter 964). Furthermore, Yang Kai used to be much more disrespectful to women in the first realm: lecherous looks at women (Chapter 151), comments demeaning to the female gender (Chapter 436), taking physical advantages of women, even if they are his own allies (Chapter 253).

        “every person that he kills or let live aside from his sworn enemies is completely arbitrary”? Point out exactly where Yang Kai specifically killed someone who hadn’t acted against him or his acquaintances? Other than that, there are instances where Yang Kai wants to silence witnesses to his secrets but who hadn’t acted against him, however, there the author makes convenient scenarios that allow his MC to not actually commit those evil actions. The author usually includes some despicable deeds to the people that Yang Kai kills making those deaths not much morally questionable. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure Yang Kai has never killed anyone specifically for their wealth either, so how the hell does this count as “completely arbitrary”?

        Stop commenting like this if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.😠

  4. 🤦‍♂️A number of ignorant comments coming from readers. If people are going to be arrogant and castigate the author, they should first be knowledgeable to “have the capital to be arrogant.”

    Time Flies Seal against Tan Jun Hao? Umm… I mean have readers so quickly forgotten that Time Flies Seal has already been tried and failed on a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master? It was “something of a fluke to even be able to trap him for a moment.” (Chapter 2641)

    Soul Devouring Insects? When exactly have they worked against a group of dozens of Emperor Realm masters? Furthermore, the author had explicitly pointed out before that they can’t help Yang Kai in these kinds of “higher level fights”, and the presence of Emperor Realm Masters could’ve even prevented their effective use in the Ice Heart Valley battle (Chapter 2654).

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