Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2700, This Young Master Has Won Public Support


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Just when everyone was dumbstruck, Yang Kai flapped his Wind and Thunder Wings and rushed into the crowd.


The faces of all the Emperor Realm Masters changed drastically as they fled one after another, none of them confident they could fight with him anymore.


Yang Kai cackled loudly as he ran like a tiger through a flock of sheep, charging without any resistance. He pounced directly at the cultivator surnamed Xia, while wrapping himself in sword light, and slashed at him.


Although the cultivator surnamed Xia was almost crippled by the Time Flies Seal and his vitality was greatly reduced, old ginger was still spicier than young ginger and he immediately raised his hand as he sensed the incoming danger. Emperor Qi surged in his body as a throwing knife-like Emperor Artifact turned into a stream of light that flew towards Yang Kai while the now old man surnamed Xia retreated in fear.


But even in his heyday, this man was no match for Yang Kai, let alone now that he had been seriously injured. The throwing knife that fired out with his full force looked ferocious, but it barely scratched Yang Kai’s skin as it passed by.


Yang Kai slid past the throwing knife and pierced the cultivator surnamed Xia with his sword.




The cultivator surnamed Xia exploded into a blood mist, leaving no bones behind, only a Space Ring that flew out and landed somewhere.


The crowd took a clear look again and saw that Yang Kai was covered in blood, standing in the void. His whole body was shrouded in a crimson rain as he stood there with a cold and resolute face filled with murderous intent. He was grinning, revealing a mouth of pristine white fangs, like he was the reaper of death.


[There is no way to fight him! We’re not his opponents at all!]


Everyone had the same idea in their mind at that moment and knew that they would die if they continued to fight against Yang Kai.


It did not affect them too strongly when Yang Kai killed several people earlier because they were all just First-Order Emperor Realm Masters. But the cultivator surnamed Xia was a true Second-Order Emperor Realm Master. If a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master was as weak and vulnerable as a child in front of him, how could they be his opponents?


The fear in their hearts greatly amplified and no one dared to attack Yang Kai anymore, just standing on the spot in terror.


Yang Kai swung his sword horizontally and a storm of sword lights flew out, puncturing countless holes in the bodies of the other few Emperor Realm Masters who were hit by the Time Flies Seal, killing them instantly. With most of them having lost all their strength after being corroded by the Time Principles of the Time Flies Seal, these Emperors could not even react to Yang Kai’s attack and followed in the footsteps of the cultivator surnamed Xia.


“Do you want to live or die!?” Yang Kai pointed his Myriads Sword at the survivors and he shouted.


After hearing his question, everyone was shocked at first, but then they were all overjoyed.


They did not want to fight against Yang Kai in the first place, but they had no choice because they were infected with Heart-Strangling Insects. If they did not obey Tan Jun Hao’s command, the latter would be the first one to not let them go; but if they did, how many of them could survive under the terrifying strength that Yang Kai had shown?


However, Yang Kai’s question at this moment seemed to have an intention to spare their lives.


Many people nodded vigorously and answered, “To live, we want to live!”


It had taken them a great deal of time and effort to become Emperor Realm Masters, finally gaining the respect of hundreds of millions of cultivators. Beauties, wealth, power… they could have everything they wanted with their current status. Their good days had just begun, so who would want to die at this point?


“Stand over there if you want to live,” Yang Kai lifted his sword and pointed in a certain direction.


The people immediately looked at each other and hesitated. If they could live by just standing over there, why would they still be in this dilemma? The problem was whether Tan Jun Hao was willing to let them go or not.


Sure enough, Tan Jun Hao saw what Yang Kai was trying to do and immediately threatened with a deep voice, “If you listen to him, this Old Master is afraid that you won’t be far from death.”


Yang Kai snorted coldly and glanced at Tan Jun Hao with a trace of disdain flashing across his eyes. He then turned back to the crowd and reassured, “Stand over there if you believe me. This Young Master will protect you. If you don’t believe me, you can try to kill this Young Master again and see if this Young Master is capable of killing all of you or not!”


“What shameless boasting, boy! This Old Master would like to see how you can protect them!” Tan Jun Hao sneered. This part of the world had been sealed by his Five Elements Grand Sealing Array and everyone had been implanted with Heart-Strangling Insects by him; their lives and freedom were all under his control. Yang Kai was indeed impressive, but there was no way he could challenge his authority here.


“Then open your dog eyes and watch carefully!” Yang Kai sneered, turning to the crowd again, “Ten breaths of time. I will give you ten breaths of time. If you still don’t stand over there, there will be no mercy!”


Everyone’s face changed after hearing this, and they felt suffocated trying to make this difficult decision.


Tan Jun Hao and Yang Kai were both people who they could not easily offend, and they could not help feeling aggrieved that they were forced to be involved in this situation


It did not seem like they would have much chance to live by continuing to obey Tan Jun Hao and listening to his order, but if Yang Kai really could keep them safe, it was worth taking a risk. More importantly, compared to Tan Jun Hao, Yang Kai was not as hateful. Although he was arrogant, at least he still had some moral bottom line. He did not want to kill them from the start and only struck back when left with no choice.


Everyone’s mind was racing with a million thoughts, weighing the pros and cons. Yang Kai and Tan Jun Hao did not urge them either, simply standing there quietly.


Yang Kai did not actually care about these people. He did not know them anyway, so he would not mind killing them all, but if he could win their trust here, it would save him some energy; after all, he would need to pay a steep price to kill all these people. Furthermore, Tan Jun Hao had his eyes on him, and a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master was really not easy to deal with.


“Young Master Yang, this Mistress believes you.” A woman shouted all of a sudden and was the first one who stepped out and flew to the place designated by Yang Kai.


Yang Kai glanced at her and nodded slightly.


He had a slight impression of this woman. Previously, when he fought with the rest of them, this woman barely used any strength at all, obviously not wanting to offend him.


When the woman saw him looking at her somewhat curiously, she moved her lips and sent him a Divine Sense Message, “This Mistress is Xia Sheng’s friend.”


Yang Kai raised his brow and looked at her again. He realized that the reason why she chose to believe in him was not that she knew about him, but rather due to Xia Sheng. Perhaps she heard his name from Xia Sheng too, and learnt that he was a disciple of Azure Sun Temple.


Yang Kai’s brow rose as he sent a message back, “Xia Sheng’s friend is my friend too. Since I have said that I’ll protect you, I’ll definitely keep you safe.”


The woman was delighted as she sensed Yang Kai’s confidence and secretly felt that she was right about her bet this time. Although she had no idea what cards Yang Kai had to play, since he made such a bold promise, he must have a way.


Thinking so, she called out, “I’m afraid everyone doesn’t know yet, but this Young Master Yang is a Core Disciple of Azure Sun Temple, and Sir Wen Zi Shan places great importance on him. If word of today’s matter were to spread out, do you think there will still be a place for you in the Southern Territory?”


“Azure Sun Temple?”


Everyone was taken aback. It was the first time they heard about this and many began thinking to themselves, [No wonder this little brat surnamed Yang is so strong despite his young age! It turns out he’s actually a Core Disciple of Azure Sun Temple.]


Although Azure Sun Temple was inferior to Star Soul Palace in the Southern Territory, it was still a top Sect. They really could put their trust in Yang Kai given that he was a Core Disciple of Azure Sun Temple.


Even if they died, it would still be their choice, far better than being manipulated by Tan Jun Hao.


As soon as this thought came up, more than a dozen people answered the woman’s call and flew to her side.


Although the remaining people hesitated, they all followed the crowd eventually and approached the woman one after another.


It was not that they believed in Yang Kai, but that even with the numbers they had before, they were unable to defeat Yang Kai. He had even turned the tide alone and killed a few of them instead. Therefore, the remaining people did not want to face Yang Kai again.


Seeing this, Tan Jun Hao’s face darkened and he snorted coldly, “Are you sure you want to do this?”


No one answered as they all looked at Yang Kai and thought, [Hurry up if you have some method, otherwise with just a thought, Tan Jun Hao will kill us all!]


Yang Kai laughed rampantly, “Old Dog Tan, it seems this Young Master has won public support, unlike you with your despicable tricks.”


Tan Jun Hao was so vexed that he almost spat blood, fuming with his teeth gritted, “Very good. Since you’ve made your choice, you can all die.”


He glared at the woman who moved first, apparently intending to kill her to serve as a warning to the others.


Everyone’s faces changed drastically seeing this and exclaimed, “Young Master Yang!”


“Relax!” Yang Kai waved his hand, as if he was grasping towards the void. Suddenly, a small bell appeared before him, one that seemed quite ancient and was engraved with countless patterns of flowers, birds, fishes, insects, mountains and rivers. As soon as the bell emerged, an extremely strong Primordial Force filled the air, creating an illusion that they had suddenly been transported to Ancient Times.


“What… What is that!?” Tan Jun Hao’s movements froze as he stared at the Mountains and Rivers Bell with bulging eyes, feeling his heart throb strongly. He was instinctively aware of how terrifying this small bell was.


“Ignorant fool!” Yang Kai glanced contemptuously at Tan Jun Hao before he casually threw the Mountains and Rivers Bell towards the crowd.


In the next instant, the Mountains and Rivers Bell expanded until it was as big as a house then fell to the ground with a bang, covering the group of Emperors.


“Whoever betrays this Old Master must die!” The words ‘ignorant fool’ from Yang Kai had truly incensed Tan Jun Hao. Without scruples, Tan Jun Hao formed a hand seal in order to trigger the Heart-Strangling Insects to kill all those Emperor Realm Masters who opposed him.


Yang Kai just watched with a sneer, his arms crossed, looking extremely calm.


On the inside though, he was still a little nervous. He knew that the Mountains and Rivers Bell was said to be able to suppress the world itself, but he wasn’t sure if it could isolate those Heart-Strangling Insects from Tan Jun Hao’s control. He only had about seventy percent confidence this method would work.


If this really failed, the twenty or so Emperor Realm Masters inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell would die miserably.


However, he soon saw Tan Jun Hao’s face fill with a puzzled look.


Yang Kai snickered as he found that his guess was right; the Mountains and Rivers Bell was indeed capable of isolating the Heart-Strangling Insects from Tan Jun Hao.


“This… This is the Ancient Exotic Artifact, Mountains and Rivers Bell!?” Tan Jun Hao bellowed as he realized it.


Yang Kai praised while clapping his hands, “Old Dog Tan, you have good eyesight.”


At times, Yang Kai really admired the insight of these old monsters who had lived for countless years as they could often discern the origins and identity of rare treasures at a glance. Perhaps this was the advantage of living a long life.




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        1. Even if he confined Tan Jun Hao, How will he kill him inside the Bell? And he also has Soul Devouring Insects, Insect Emperor’s Sword and Demonic Qi…So i guess he has enough trump cards

          1. How do you think…. Just hit it a few times… Or spam time flies seal… Or spam moon blades… Or spam his single sword strike skill… Or use heaven devouring law using embodiment…
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  1. When was the last time the author used Yang Kai effectively in combat anyways? i’m surprised he even remembered the wind and thunder wings last chapter

    1. And so the ignorant comments continue.

      Mountains and Rivers Bell to suppress Tan Jun Hao like it was done against Shi Huo? Last time, along with Shi Huo underestimating Yang Kai, he used a clever scheme to trap Shi Huo under the bell (Chapter 2593), and suppressing him was “just a fluke” (Chapter 2594). The situation now is entirely different from the one that was at the Ancient Lands; at the time Shi Huo was directly attacking Yang Kai and moved towards him, however, now Tan Jun Hao is not allowing Yang Kai to even come close.

      Maybe the bell could’ve indeed worked against Tan Jun Hao in the same way here, but only readers ignrnt of past events believe that it was simply guaranteed to succeed.

    2. And so the ignrnt comments continue.

      Mountains and Rivers Bell to suppress Tan Jun Hao like it was done against Shi Huo? Last time, along with Shi Huo underestimating Yang Kai, he used a clever scheme to trap Shi Huo under the bell (Chapter 2593), and suppressing him was “just a fluke” (Chapter 2594). The situation now is entirely different from the one that was at the Ancient Lands; at the time Shi Huo was directly attacking Yang Kai and moved towards him, however, now Tan Jun Hao is not allowing Yang Kai to even come close.

      Maybe the bell could’ve indeed worked against Tan Jun Hao in the same way here, but only readers ignrnt of past events believe that it was simply guaranteed to succeed.

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