Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2701, Golden Armour Heavenly Book


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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“You obtained the Mountains and Rivers Bell!?” Tan Jun Hao’s voice cracked as he exclaimed.


Since he recognized the Mountains and Rivers Bell, he definitely knew its origins too. It was said that this bell was an Ancient Exotic Artifact passed down from the Ancient Times. It had always been in the Ancient Wild Lands before, but even the few powerful Divine Spirits of that place could not subdue it.


Tens of thousands of years ago, an Emperor Realm Master entered the Ancient Wild Lands and was recognized by the Mountains and Rivers Bell by chance, allowing him to bring it out of the Ancient Lands.


Within a hundred years, that Third-Order Emperor Realm Master peered into the Grand Dao and became a Great Emperor.


That man was the legendary Yuan Ding Great Emperor.


At that time, the Yuan Ding Great Emperor, who possessed the Mountains and Rivers Bell, was one of the top Masters of the Star Boundary. His strength among the Great Emperors could definitely be ranked among the top three. Unfortunately, he was killed by the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor during the Great Emperor War. Since then, the Ancient Exotic Artifact was lost.


It was rumoured that this artifact was left in the Shattered Star Sea, but no one had ever seen it over the past twenty thousand years.


Tan Jun Hao never thought that after so long, this artifact would actually fall into Yang Kai’s hands and re-appear here.


The opening of the Shattered Star Sea only happened a few years ago, and it seemed that this little brat surnamed Yang had entered and obtained the Mountains and Rivers Bell there.


He had the Sealed World Bead, a treasure that was a small independent world itself, and also the Immortal Tree, a supreme treasure of immeasurable value. Now, even the Mountains and Rivers Bell was in his hands… 


Among these treasures, obtaining any single one would already be a Heaven-defying opportunity for an ordinary genius, but now they all belonged to a single young man!


Was he still Human?


How many Heaven-defying opportunities did he have to obtain all these treasures?


Tan Jun Hao’s face twitched as a faint trace of fear bloomed in his heart. No matter how he looked at it, Yang Kai was just an ordinary First-Order Emperor Realm Master, but not to mention his unreasonable combat strength, the various treasures he possessed were not things ordinary people could ever encounter. Such a person was usually one who carried a great destiny and could often break open a path through bramble and thistle that hundreds of millions of other cultivators failed to, reaching the peak of the Martial Dao.


Such an existence would not be someone who could be merely erased by some small disasters.


Tan Jun Hao could not help thinking, [Was it really a wise decision to pick a fight with him?]


He only hesitated for a short moment though before his face turned resolute and ferocious. It was now impossible for them to live under the same sky, so only one of them would leave here alive today.


As long as he could kill this boy surnamed Yang here, all these treasures would belong to him, and his dream of breaking through his shackles to reach the Great Emperor Realm would become a reality.


Perhaps, he could steal Yang Kai’s luck too.


“Fool!” Tan Jun Hao looked at Yang Kai contemptuously, “This Old Master might be afraid of you if you used the Mountains and Rivers Bell on this Old Master, but you actually used it to rescue the enemies who were just pointing their knives at you. Your womanly compassion shall be your demise.”


The reputation of the Mountains and Rivers Bell could not be more famous; after all, it was an Ancient Exotic Artifact as well as the Natal Emperor Artifact of the Yuan Ding Great Emperor. If Yang Kai really used the Mountains and Rivers Bell against Tan Jun Hao, the latter would be far more anxious and hesitant for he had no clue how powerful this ancient treasure truly was. But now that the Mountains and Rivers Bell was used to isolate those Emperor Realm bystanders, Yang Kai couldn’t use it against him.


This made Tan Jun Hao relieved.


“Of course I’m willing to. One must first give before receiving.” Yang Kai beamed from ear to ear and looked at him contemptuously, “Old thing, you know nothing.”


To Yang Kai, he would rather face a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master than the siege of so many First and Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters. The former was dangerous, but he did not worry about it, while facing the latter would only result in him having to kill them all then still have to face Tan Jun Hao after. Therefore, using the Mountains and Rivers Bell to directly cut off Tan Jun Hao’s support was the biggest advantage it could give him.


“How could you fight this Old Master without the Mountains and Rivers Bell!” Tan Jun Hao roared, his aura soaring as his mighty Emperor Pressure churned like a rampaging sea.


Yang Kai smiled mockingly, “Why would I need Mountains and Rivers Bell to deal with the likes of you?”


Tan Jun Hao was maddened, “Rampant Junior!”


It was totally unforgivable for a trivial First-Order Emperor Realm Master to not even put him in his eyes.


Yang Kai lifted his hand, and pointed his Myriads Sword at Tan Jun Hao with his teeth gritted, “Old Dog Tan, there was no enmity between us in the past, but you killed thousands of people in Thousand Leaves Sect and abducted this Young Master’s friends. This Young Master must kill you today!”


Tan Jun Hao sneered, and replied disdainfully, “Let’s see if you have the ability to kill me!”


When the words fell, he thrust his hands forward fiercely, and numerous huge five-coloured light blades materialized as if they tore through the void and slashed at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai slashed with his Myriads Sword, sending a gigantic sword light forward powered by his surging Emperor Qi.


There was a loud blast, and the surrounding space trembled. The massive sword light and five-coloured light blades smashed together, turning into an explosion of light that filled this sealed space.


At the same time, Tan Jun Hao pounced at Yang Kai, sending out two gigantic shadow hands that covered the sky to engulf Yang Kai.


The Sword Intent of the Myriads Sword burst out as Yang Kai welcomed this assault with a wide sweep.


The two instantly engaged in a terrifying clash as Emperor Qi collided and their figures flickered about, smashing into one another.


Loud clangs from the clash rang out as Yang Kai did not gain the upper hand with the power of his Myriads Sword against Tan Jun Hao’s bare fists, but instead, was suppressed by Tan Jun Hao’s vigorous and pure Emperor Qi.


Yang Kai immediately felt annoyed as he secretly cursed this old thing for indeed not being easy to deal with. Since he could reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm, Tan Jun Hao was clearly not to be taken lightly, and it was only normal for him to have some life-saving cards and unique skills at his disposal.


Back then, Yang Kai had killed a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master named Yao Chang Jun in the Solitary Void Sealed World. The Five-Coloured Long Spear Emperor Artifact owned by Hua Qing Si now was a trophy from that battle.


However, Yao Chang Jun’s Soul had been severely injured for many years, as such, he could not unleash the full strength of his Third-Order Emperor Realm cultivation and Yang Kai took the opportunity to kill him in the Solitary Void Sealed World.


But Tan Jun Hao was a true Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. How could Yao Chang Jun of that day be compared to him?


Yang Kai was awe-inspired, but he did not know that Tan Jun Hao was even more flabbergasted.


He knew Yang Kai was not someone who could be judged by common sense after witnessing his performances, for he had the ability to fight and even kill people above his realm, but it was only after they really exchanged blows that Tan Jun Hao realized just how strong this young man really was.


He was a Star Soul Palace Elder and could kill a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master within ten moves at most, let alone a First-Order Emperor Realm Master.


Nevertheless, when he fought with Yang Kai, Tan Jun Hao could only suppress him a little after going all out, while killing Yang Kai seemed like an all but impossible task.


How could the Emperor Qi of a First-Order Emperor Realm Master be almost as dense and pure as his own? Just how did this little monster even cultivate?


Tan Jun Hao’s heart trembled with fear as he grew more and more aggressive, attempting to push Yang Kai to his limits and see how long he could hold on for.


But he was greatly disappointed by reality.


He found that no matter how hard he tried, the young man in front of him could still cope with his attacks, albeit barely, as if he would only become stronger when facing the strong, and his strength would increase without limit. Even though Yang Kai occasionally struggled to handle his attacks, Tan Jun Hao also knew he was not dealing any significant damage to Yang Kai.


Although Yang Kai had a broad sword in his hand and possessed some sharp Sword Intent, his swordsmanship was pitiful. Tan Jun Hao could see that Yang Kai was not a cultivator who majored in the Sword Dao, but despite that, he could still find a way to resolve his own attacks by using the sword Emperor Artifact flexibly.


In his eyes, Yang Kai was like a boat thrown into the stormy sea, swaying left and right, at risk of being overturned at any time but still charging on bravely.


“Damn you!” Tan Jun Hao cursed, knowing that it would be useless to go on like this. If he really wanted to kill Yang Kai, he had to bring out his true abilities.


With a single thought, he clenched his fists and rushed forward.


His two fists punched towards Yang Kai with power as immense as two huge mountains, like an overwhelming tidal wave.


“Old dog, you’re quite fierce!” Yang Kai also shouted, gripping the Myriads Sword with both hands as he cleaved forward violently, as if it was not a sword that he was holding but a club.


The power of his sword could cleave a huge mountain into pieces.


The impact of the fist shadows sent the vitality in Yang Kai’s chest tumbling, forcing him back two steps.


Five-coloured light blades condensed in front of him at that moment and slashed towards Yang Kai.


“This again?” Yang Kai curled his lip while swinging the Myriads Sword, breaking apart the five-coloured light blades.


At the same time, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he instinctively sensed danger approaching and hurriedly jumped aside.


Followed by a few swooshes, several golden beams shot out from the dispersed fluorescence, opening two small holes in the place where Yang Kai was originally standing.


Although the holes were small, they seemed to pierce thousands of meters deep into the ground. The penetrating power of the golden beams was quite astonishing.


Behind the fluorescence, Yang Kai saw Tan Jun Hao hovering in the air with an ancient-looking book floating on top of him, and the pages of the book flipping noisily.


The book was radiating a blinding gold colour and every page seemed to be made from casted gold, looking extremely heavy and thick at a glance.


The aura of an Emperor Artifact gradually permeated the surroundings.


This golden book was actually an Emperor Artifact!


Yang Kai heightened his vigilance as he stared at the golden book and examined it carefully with his Divine Sense.


Although the battle earlier seemed intense, both he and Tan Jun Hao were really just probing each other. Now that they had finished their initial analysis of one another, it was time for both Yang Kai and Tan Jun Hao to get serious.


It was obvious that Tan Jun Hao was using his trump card by summoning such an artifact at this time, causing Yang Kai to become extra cautious because even a bit of carelessness could lead to his death.


It was the first time he had seen such an Emperor Artifact, and he had no clue what kind of power it had. However, throughout the whole world, there was a consensus among all cultivators that the stranger the artifact, the stronger the power it could unleash.


This golden book undoubtedly belonged to this type of Emperor Artifact.


The several golden beams earlier must have been the work of this golden book. Unfortunately, Tan Jun Hao used a deceptive trick to cover up his initial strike, making it impossible for Yang Kai to see and study it clearly.


“You actually forced this Old Master to use the Golden Armour Heavenly Book on you, you may die proud.” Tan Jun Hao sneered, his words were filled with great confidence, as if this Golden Armour Heavenly Book was an incredible entity.




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