Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2703, You’re Insane


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Soul Splitting Sabre was an extremely powerful Soul Type Emperor Artifact.


On top of that, the Heaven Severing Slash was a Secret Technique learnt by Yang Kai from Tian Yan in Divine Ascension Mirror World. The Divine Ascension Mirror was the Supreme Artifact of Azure Sun Temple and contained an isolated independent world where all the living beings had no physical bodies and existed solely as Soul Avatars.


Tian Yan was the strongest inhabitant of the Divine Ascension Mirror and the power of his Soul Avatar had reached the level of a Great Emperor.


He had studied the Soul for all his life, and created the Heaven Severing Slash as his own ultimate technique, so how could its power be weak?


With the complement of an Emperor Artifact like the Soul Splitting Sabre, the power of the Heaven Severing Slash was not as simple as just one plus one.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had poured all of Spiritual Energy into this one strike just in case, almost to the point where he could not bear the strain. His face turned pale and his blood ran cold as a splitting headache plagued his Soul.


Tan Jun Hao, who was hit directly, was even more miserable though.


The violent soul-splitting force tore through his Soul defences instantly and crashed into his Knowledge Sea, turning it upside down. Waves rolled wildly, causing his Soul to fall into a chaotic state.


Tan Jun Hao screamed as his whole person was drenched in sweat, like a fish out of the sea.


His Knowledge Sea was now severely injured, and with the exception of a few extinct Spirit Pills, there was no way to heal such a wound. Even a Great Emperor could do nothing about it.


“Blossoming Lotus!” Yang Kai shouted again, wanting to take advantage of the situation to kill Tan Jun Hao for good. He forced himself to remain conscious as he prepared to execute his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique.


Unexpectedly, the Golden Armour Heavenly Book on top of Tan Jun Hao suddenly flipped on its own and stopped at a certain page.


All of a sudden, two golden beams shot out of the pages of the book.


At such a close distance, Yang Kai was unprepared and was directly pierced by the two golden beams.




Yang Kai spewed a mouthful of Golden Blood into the air, his whole body repelled by a massive force and immediately falling to the ground, unable to get up for a long time.


Severe pain came up from his lower abdomen as Yang Kai looked up with his face darkened and roared, “Old Dog Tan, we cannot coexist beneath the same sky!”


Two holes with the width of a finger appeared on his lower abdomen, directly piercing through his body. Yang Kai had no idea what kind of offensive skill the two golden beams were that even his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique could not guard against.


Circulating his Emperor Qi to his wounds, Yang Kai temporarily staunched the bleeding.


But at the same time, hundreds of raptors that had spread out across this isolated space struck towards Yang Kai, shocking him and forcing him to quickly teleport away to escape.


Without Tan Jun Hao immobilizing Yang Kai, it was difficult for these raptors to hurt the latter as he could instantaneously move away.


“Ah!” Tan Jun Hao screamed up to the sky, his clothes flapping even when there was no wind and his hair flying wildly, painting a hideous picture.


“Hahaha…” Yang Kai covered his abdomen with his hand and took some distance. Staring at Tan Jun Hao’s appearance, Yang Kai suddenly felt much better in his heart. 


Although he had just acted carelessly and was wounded severely as a result, Tan Jun Hao’s injuries were even more dire. Even if he could not kill him today, he was afraid that Tan Jun Hao would not live long anyway.


Yang Kai took a handful of healing and restorative Spirit Pills from his Space Ring and stuffed them like beans into his mouth.


A cornered mouse would put up a stubborn fight against a cat, not to mention a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master like Tan Jun Hao. Yang Kai was afraid that what followed would be the real battle of life and death, so he did not hesitate to take this moment to try to recover some of his strength.


*Hualala… *


The pages of the book on top of Tan Jun Hao flipped again.


Yang Kai was stunned, wondering what this old thing was going to do now, silently gathering his strength and preparing to dodge at any time.


The book stopped at a certain page and shot out a golden light. This golden transformed into a golden longsword before descending from the sky, causing cracks in the space directly, annihilating several raptors in the process.


“Huh?” Yang Kai watched in bewilderment.




The pages of the book flipped again, but this time, a big seal flew out of the page and bombarded the ground directly, leaving a huge pit behind.




The pages of the book were flipping constantly, and each time they stopped, a different attack would come out from the page, from artifacts of various shapes and sizes to powerful Secret Techniques, to lively Monsters Beasts.


Yang Kai even saw a Monster Beast that was comparable to a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, one that resembled a meatball with countless eyes all over its body. Yang Kai had absolutely no clue what this creature was supposed to be.


However, black lights shot out of its eyes, each beam seemingly able to petrify anything it struck.


As soon as the meatball Monster Beast emerged, it kept blinking its eyes, and every time its eyes blinked, they would shoot at least dozens of black lights.


The hundreds of raptors first summoned by Tan Jun Hao were all affected by it and were quickly frozen in place by this petrifying technique.


These raptors seemed to be dreadfully afraid of the meatball Monster Beast and dared not to fight back, simply allowing it to rampage wildly as they fled about. Soon, the whole army of raptors were completely annihilated.


The situation was extremely chaotic as all kinds of attacks were unleashed aimlessly, while Yang Kai just jumped here and there, dodging anything that came his way.


He paid special attention to the attacks of the meatball Monster Beast, as he had accidentally been hit by one of them once and found his reaction speed and flexibility decreased drastically. It took him a great deal of effort and Emperor Qi to resolve this negative effect.


Yang Kai was feeling quite startled now. If Tan Jun Hao had taken the opportunity to attack him just now, perhaps he would not have been able to dodge even with his teleportation ability.


“Ahhh…” Tan Jun Hao was screaming the whole time, holding his head in his hands, leaping about from time to time, while rolling around on the floor at others. He had completely lost the demeanour of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master and Star Soul Palace Elder.


“He’s gone insane…” Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, exasperated.


He was taken by surprise as he did not expect things to progress so dramatically.


On second thought, Yang Kai had used the Soul Splitting Sabre to unleash his Heaven Severing Slash on Tan Jun Hao, a strike most others would have instantly died from.


After all, when one’s Knowledge Sea was split apart, his Soul would definitely be destroyed. There was no chance to survive such a wound.


Tan Jun Hao was truly amazing for being able to survive under such an attack, but he could not avoid the fate of insanity as his Knowledge Sea was too severely injured.


At this moment, he was not in his right mind and had obviously gone crazy.


Yang Kai felt incredibly lucky.


Previously, Yang Kai was already a little overwhelmed when Tan Jun Hao only used three of his Golden Armour Heavenly Book’s abilities. It seemed that this Emperor Artifact had infinite uses, with the meatball Monster Beast alone giving Yang Kai a hard time, not to mention how disastrous it could be if Tan Jun Hao unleashed all of these abilities at him one after another.


Currently, Tan Jun Hao’s Soul was in a chaotic state, so he had lost control and was just summoning the many abilities of the Golden Armour Heavenly Book randomly, which further emphasized how terrifying this Emperor Artifact really was.


But where did he get such an Emperor Artifact? It was definitely not something that could be refined by any living Artifact Refiner. 


While Yang Kai was still thinking about it, the Golden Armour Heavenly Book that was floating on top of Tan Jun Hao’s head suddenly released a dazzling golden light. Then, all the strange beings that were summoned from it turned into golden beams and rushed back to the book and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


After all the beings returned, the Golden Armour Heavenly Book suddenly closed and fell from above Tan Jun Hao’s head.


Yang Kai ogled at the Golden Armour Heavenly Book like a thief. With a flicker, he arrived in front of the Heavenly Book and stretched his hand out to pick it up.


After witnessing the power of this Golden Armour Heavenly Book, how could Yang Kai not feel moved? With such an Emperor Artifact in hand, he would have the upper hand in fighting with the others in the future.


*Ci la la…*


A strange noise came out as the Golden Armour Heavenly Book glowed brightly the moment Yang Kai grasped it. A violent vibration showed it was rejecting Yang Kai’s hand. Not only that, Yang Kai felt an unbearable pain in his Soul from the piercing golden radiance.


Another hand suddenly grasped the Golden Armour Heavenly Book firmly from the other side at that moment.


Yang Kai looked up and saw Tan Jun Hao staring at him with bloodshot eyes, making him look extremely ferocious.


“Let go, this is mine!” Tan Jun Hao yelled at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai replied, “You’re crazy, I will keep this thing for you first.”


“I’m not crazy!” Tan Jun Hao shook his head solemnly.


“Yes, you are crazy!” Yang Kai stared into his eyes deeply, “You are completely crazy.” He spoke the words with a strange hypnotizing power.


“Am I crazy?” Tan Jun Hao stared at Yang Kai, stupefied.


Yang Kai nodded firmly.


If he was not crazy, why would he want to snatch the Golden Armour Heavenly Book from him like this? This was his Emperor Artifact in the first place, so he could retrieve it with just a single thought.


“I am crazy!” Tan Jun Hao abruptly stood up, lost in thought, involuntarily releasing his hand that was grabbing the Golden Armour Heavenly Book.


He did not seem to realize that being crazy had nothing to do with competing for the Heavenly Book.


Yang Kai quickly took the opportunity to seize the Heavenly Book and forcibly stuff it into his Sealed World Bead.


Tan Jun Hao’s Soul Imprint was still left on the Heavenly Book, but he could erase that later.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai’s action immediately attracted Tan Jun Hao’s attention. He woke up from his contemplation and glared at Yang Kai viciously with his teeth gritted, “Give it back to me!”


Yang Kai replied with his hands spread, “It’s gone.”


Tan Jun Hao was so infuriated that he pushed his Emperor Qi wildly and pounced at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was caught off guard and was blasted out, wincing from the intense pain from his already injured abdomen. 


“Give it back to me!” Tan Jun Hao roared, his fists raining down wildly on Yang Kai’s chest.




Yang Kai spurted a mouthful of blood on Tan Jun Hao’s face while at the same time he stomped on Tan Jun Hao’s face to separate himself from him.


Yang Kai rapidly made a hand seal with both hands and muttered with a solemn face, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


The seal was formed, and he pushed it forward gently.


Tan Jun Hao did not think of dodging it at all as he fixed his bloody eyes on Yang Kai and pursued him madly while repeating the same sentence over and over again.


The Time Flies Seal hit Tan Jun Hao head-on and exploded.


Time Principles rapidly covered Tan Jun Hao’s figure and turned him from an already old man into a crippled old man, his hair turning grey and falling out while his skin and body shrivelled up and wrinkled.


When Tan Jun Hao landed on the ground, he was just a dying old man.




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  1. Stupidest fight ever. A 3rd tier emperor had super op book but decided not to use it against a person he supposedly went all out to defeat. Dao of bullfeces is strong with this one

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