Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2710, I Don’t Understand What You’re Saying


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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“Young Master Yang!”


“Senior Yang!”


All the Emperor Realm Masters were surprised and delighted at the renewed sight of daylight. They saw Yang Kai when they turned around, and saluted him with their fists cupped. Although they had no clue how much younger Yang Kai was than them, and Yang Kai didn’t have an outwardly high cultivation, no one dared to disrespect him based on his performance a few days ago.


The beautiful woman who said she was a friend of Xia Sheng flew to Yang Kai, and greeted elegantly, “Greetings, this Mistress is Hua Yu Lu.”


Yang Kai nodded, and questioned, “How did they get hurt?”


Hua Yu Lu chuckled with a charming expression as she whispered, “The few of them were a bit too anxious and wanted to get out, but their strength was insufficient, so…”


“En…” Yang Kai understood the situation.


Anyone would feel uneasy after being confined in a cramped space for many days. Moreover, they had no idea how Yang Kai would handle them once everything ended. Therefore, they naturally wanted to find a way to escape ahead of time, but the Mountains and Rivers Bell was an Ancient Exotic Artifact after all, so how could people like them break through it? Their injuries were probably the results of their own attacks being reflected back to them by the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


Hua Yu Lu looked left and right and saw that there were no other people around. Instead, traces of battle could be seen everywhere. Then, she looked back at Yang Kai, and saw that his aura was steady and did not bear any of the signs of serious injuries, so she asked in amazement, “Young Master Yang, where is Elder Tan?”


Everyone turned to Yang Kai curiously, because they wanted to know the answer to this question too. Previously when they were confined in the Mountains and Rivers Bell, Yang Kai and Tan Jun Hao had shed all pretence of cordiality and were definitely prepared to fight each other to the death; but they did not know what happened outside as they were isolated in the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Seeing that Yang Kai was safe now, they could not help having an unbelievable thought. Was Elder Tan forced to flee?


How could that be? Tan Jun Hao was a Star Soul Palace Elder, and also possessed an outstanding Third-Order Emperor Realm cultivation. Even if Yang Kai was far stronger than his cultivation would suggest, he should still be no match for Tan Jun Hao, not to mention the latter had arranged a nested Spirit Array, giving him a distinct advantage.


“Old Dog Tan was both vicious and cruel. He hid behind the banner of Star Soul Palace while soiling its noble reputation. He was supposed to be an Elder of Star Soul Palace but was actually a festering disease. This shame of the Southern Territory was executed by this Young Master on the spot.” Yang Kai laughed out loud and applauded himself, “Congratulations, congratulations!”


Everyone was dumbstruck and stared at Yang Kai with their eyes widened speechlessly.


Yang Kai’s face darkened, “What’s wrong? You don’t believe this Young Master’s words?”


Everyone was taken aback when they saw the trace of anger etched on his face and quickly explained that they dared not. In fact, it was not that they did not believe him, but that this outcome was just too unimaginable.


If Tan Jun Hao was standing in front of them now and declared that he had killed Yang Kai, it would be believable, but now it was actually Yang Kai who stood here alive, while Tan Jun Hao had disappeared.


Furthermore… There was nothing to be congratulated on. After all, Tan Jun Hao was still an Elder of Star Soul Palace, one of only a handful of such characters. It was Heaven shaking news that he died here. Everyone present would be involved if Star Soul Palace investigated this matter. 


Although they were Emperor Realm Masters, they were still afraid of facing the inquiry of a giant like Star Soul Palace.


Hua Yu Lun forced a smile, her previous charming looks turning somewhat strained as she asked carefully, “Young Master Yang, was Elder Tan really… killed by you?”


“Yes, I killed him, why would I have to lie to you all? Not just him, Wu Ming is dead too,” Yang Kai answered without the slightest hesitation.


Only then did the crowd believe him.


After all, it really wasn’t necessary to lie about this because killing a Star Soul Palace Elder was not something worth lying about. Doing this would only bring great trouble to Yang Kai. Yang Kai did not seem like a fool, so why would he make trouble for himself unnecessarily?


At that moment, all of them felt even more awe.


How strong was this young man before them that he could kill a Star Soul Palace Elder? Did this mean that, in this world, only Great Emperors could subdue him?


“Young Master Yang, killing Elder Tan will make things complicated now,” Hua Yu Lu frowned and revealed a worried look. No matter what Tan Jun Hao had done before, his status still remained. Now that he was killed by Yang Kai, Star Soul Palace would definitely not just let the matter drop.


“Senior Yang, this has nothing to do with us. We had no idea what happened after.”


“Yes, yes, Senior Yang, we don’t have any intention of fighting with Star Soul Palace.”


“We just came here for the auction. We know nothing else!”


A bunch of Emperor Realm Masters clamoured as if they had encountered a disaster and were scrambling to escape.


Yang Kai certainly knew what they were distressed about and sneered in his heart. If he did not kill Tan Jun Hao, none of these people would have lived to tell the tale. As a Star Soul Palace Elder, if he was exposed for controlling so many Emperor Realm Masters with Heart-Strangling Insects, Star Soul Palace would never tolerate him. Therefore, Tan Jun Hao would definitely silence all the witnesses to his crimes and then frame Yang Kai for the murder.


By then, he would become a great hero for avenging so many innocent Emperor Realm Masters from the Southern Territory.


But it was funny that these people could not wait to get rid of their relationship with Yang Kai, completely ignoring or even being utterly unaware of the life-saving grace they owed him.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai did not need their gratitude. He had long learnt the fickleness of this world, so how could he still expect them to thank him?


“Young Master Yang, you must quickly leave. The farther you go, the better. At the very least, you cannot remain in the Southern Territory anymore.” Hua Yu Lu quietly sent Yang Kai a Divine Sense transmission, “You should retreat to the Northern Territory. I’ve heard that there is a Restricted Area there called the Frozen Earth in the far north that even Great Emperors don’t dare to enter casually. If there is any place in this world where you can live, that would be it.”


Yang Kai glanced at Hua Yu Lu with some surprise, not having expected her to be somewhat different from others. At least she showed some genuine concern for his wellbeing.


“It’s not a problem!” Yang Kai beamed before turning around and shouting, “Silence!”


The clamouring Emperor Realm Masters immediately shut their mouths.


Yang Kai continued with a deep voice, “Don’t worry, this Young Master will bear all the responsibility for his actions here. I was the one who killed Tan Jun Hao, so if anyone from Star Soul Palace comes to investigate in the future, you need not hide anything. Just tell them the truth, and you won’t be involved.”


Everyone was overjoyed at his words.


“Senior Yang is virtuous! This Old Master respects you greatly!”


“Many thanks, Senior Yang. If that day comes, we will report the whole truth.”


“Of course. That old thing Tan Jun Hao’s death isn’t worth pitying. Senior Yang has done Star Soul Palace a favour by cleaning him up for them.”


Hearing that Yang Kai was willing to bear all the responsibility, everyone felt relieved and started to smile, their worries evaporating.


“Cease your needless flattery,” Yang Kai snorted coldly, “This Young Master has saved you all this time, but he won’t ask for any repayment. Instead, this Young Master has but one small request!”


“Please say it, Senior Yang. We will do our utmost to fulfil any request you have!” An old man cupped his fists.


Everyone knew that it was not an exaggeration for Yang Kai to say that he had saved all their lives, but Yang Kai’s straightforwardness put many of them in an embarrassing situation, making them feel that they were ungrateful towards him.


“Tan Jun Hao is dead, and Star Soul Palace will definitely investigate this matter. If they come to you, I hope that everyone can report everything that happened that day in detail, especially about the Heart-Strangling Insects!”


Everyone nodded, “Of course.”


Hua Yu Lu replied too, “Young Master Yang, don’t worry. Even if you didn’t make this request, we certainly wouldn’t conceal anything. As a Star Soul Palace Elder, Tan Jun Hao actually harboured such wicked intentions, plotting against all of us. If Young Master Yang hadn’t appeared to turn the tide, we would all have died. Life-saving graces should be repaid with our lives. If anyone dares to distort the truth and defames you, we will be the first to condemn him.”


“Indeed.” The crowd shouted, a sense of unity apparent amongst them.


“Very good,” Yang Kai nodded and cupped his fists, “Then I shall be troubling everyone.”


“Think nothing of it.”


At this point, everyone also understood that as long as everyone testified honestly, Star Soul Palace would not do anything to Yang Kai or to them even if they really investigated this incident.


After all, it was Tan Jun Hao who committed heinous crimes against all of them. As a Star Soul Palace Elder, rather than defending the honour and reputation of Star Soul Palace, he enslaved so many Emperor Realm Masters through malicious methods instead. He deserved his death.


Perhaps, Star Soul Palace might even thank Yang Kai for it.


But of course, Star Soul Palace would not act so obviously. How Star Soul Palace was going to handle this matter, in the end, was all up to them, so there was no point in them worrying over something they had no control of.


“Good! You may all leave then,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Everyone was elated, cupped their fists one after another, then turned around and prepared to leave. Although Yang Kai did not mean to make things difficult for them, this young man was too violent and killed people like killing flies, so none of them felt secure around him. It was better for them to stay away, otherwise, they might get caught up in another disaster.


“Senior Sister Hua, please stay!” Yang Kai suddenly stopped Hua Yu Lu.


Hua Yu Lu smiled at the interesting title he called her and asked, “Young Master Yang, what else can I help you with?”


Yang Kai replied, “Since you are a friend of Senior Brother Xia Sheng, then you are my friend too. I will help you drive out the Heart-Strangling Insect so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.”


Hua Yu Lu’s jaw dropped slightly as she covered her red lips with her slender and fair hand in pleasant surprise.


She had been worrying that although she narrowly escaped this calamity, there would still be a Heart-Strangling Insect lurking in her body. She had been planning to search for a way to expel it after she returned to her Sect; however, she had never heard of it before and had no clue about the way to get rid of it.


Nevertheless, she did not expect that Yang Kai would offer her a hand when she was in need.


[How sweet of him…]


*Shua Shua Shua…*


The other Emperor Realm Masters who were about to leave suddenly froze. Whipping their heads around, their ears perked up, and one of them flew back swiftly, landing in front of Yang Kai with a flattering smile, “Senior Yang, did you just say… you can drive out the Heart-Strangling Insects?”


“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Yang Kai looked at him solemnly, and shook his head like a rattle.


The man turned anxious, and pressed on, “Senior Yang, I, I-I heard it clearly that you wanted to help Palace Master Hua to drive out the Heart-Strangling Insect.”


Yang Kai turned to Hua Yu Lu, and asked curiously, “Did I say that?”


Hua Yu Li had no idea what Yang Kai was planning, so it was hard for her to find the right answer. As such, she just smiled and said nothing, keeping everyone hanging.




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