Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2714, How Hard Could It Be?


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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More than five hundred people were transported quickly, with Yang Kai being the last to jump onto the Space Array. Just when he steadied himself, a fragrance reached his nose as Zhu Qing landed gently beside him.


Annoyed, Yang Kai asked, “When are you going to stop following me? How about we part ways now? Go back to our own home and find your own mother.”


Zhu Qing looked at him seriously, and questioned, “Will you go to Dragon Island?”


“Scram!” Yang Kai was triggered by the two words ‘Dragon Island’.


“Is this how you talk to your friend?” Zhu Qing snapped back.


“If you mention those two words again, we won’t be friends anymore!” Yang Kai snorted and continued menacingly, “You better be careful, or I’ll exile you to the Void Crack during the teleportation, and you will never find your way out again in this life!”


Zhu Qing’s face changed abruptly and she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, holding onto it so tightly that she did not even notice her twin peaks pressing onto his arm.


“I won’t be able to hold on with you being so close to me!” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at her, remarking solemnly, “I don’t know why, but every time you’re close to me, I get some uncontrollable urges.”


“Stop messing around!” Zhu Qing felt a little uncomfortable and slightly backed off from Yang Kai.


“Have it your way!” Yang Kai replied angrily and activated the Space Array. Following a flash of light, both of them instantly disappeared from where they stood.


“Young Master Yang!”


“Young Master Yang!”


Just when his vision was restored, two familiar voices reached his ears. Yang Kai looked up and saw that it was Xie Wu Wei and Xi Lei, the two Monster Kings who stayed behind to guard the house. After a few months of separation, the two Monster Kings were excited to see Yang Kai again. They exchanged looks, and there was some trace of competition in their gazes.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “You two have worked hard.”


“Not at all, not at all. It’s nothing, we just had to watch over the Sect. As long as it’s Young Master Yang’s order, it doesn’t matter how mundane the task is.” Xi Lei grinned widely.


Xie Wu Wei immediately patted his shoulder, “Since you like acting as a guard so much, this important task will be handed over to you permanently. If Young Master Yang goes out again, I’ll be the one to accompany him.”


Xi Lei fumed with his face warping, “Bullshit. It’s my turn next time!”


Xie Wu Wei smirked, “You lost in our drinking contest last time. Are you not going to keep your word?”


Xi Lei laughed out loud, “How can the words of a drunk be taken seriously?”


“As a Monster King, how can you break your promise?” Xie Wu Wei snorted coldly.


“Fight me if you wish!” Xi Lei puffed up his chest, revealing his strong muscles.


Yang Kai sighed and stepped down from the Space Array, walking past the bickering couple and arriving in front of Ye Hen with a smile, “Sect Master Ye, what do you think about this place?”


At this moment, Ye Hen was lost in astonishment. He took deep breaths to feel the richness of the World Energy here and could hardly believe that he was standing on this treasured land. Furthermore, what surprised him even more was that he travelled here through a Cross-Territory Space Array. He was still in the Southern Territory a moment ago, but in the next instant, he was in the Northern Territory.


“Good, extremely good. There is no better place than here.” Ye Hen praised sincerely.


It was worthy of being the foundation of a top Sect. If the common places in the Sect already had such rich World Energy, the density in the dedicated cultivation areas and Spirit Peaks must be unimaginable. It was at a whole new level compared to Thousand Leaves Sect.


No wonder those disciples of the great Sects could improve so rapidly. With such an excellent environment, there was no doubt that they could cultivate twice as fast with half the effort.


The five hundred Thousand Leaves Sect disciples were overjoyed too. If they did not have to care about their manners, they would be jumping and cheering wildly. Nevertheless, the happiness etched on their faces was unmistakable.


Seeing this scene, Ye Hen slightly sighed in his heart. There was a saying, ‘it is easy to change frugality to luxury, but difficult to change from luxury to frugality’. If the disciples were allowed to cultivate in this place for a few years, Ye Hen really worried how many of them would be willing to follow him back to rebuild Thousand Leaves Sect one day.


But soon, his face turned serious as he shook off such thoughts. Now was not the right time to think about such things as his priority was to improve his cultivation as fast as possible to reach the Emperor Realm!


It was only possible to rebuild Thousand Leaves Sect when his strength reached the Emperor Realm. Otherwise, everything was just empty talk.


“There are many Spirit Peaks here, so Sect Master Ye can choose anywhere to stay. As for your noble Sect’s disciples, you may make arrangements freely for them. Besides a few Restricted Areas in the Sect that were covered by the Spirit Arrays, they are free to go anywhere.” Yang Kai stated.


“Many thanks, Senior Yang.” Ye Hen bowed deeply.


Yang Kai nodded. After that, he went over to Chi Yue and his other Seniors, looking at them with a smile as he opened his arms and shouted, “Everyone, from now on, this is your home in the Star Boundary!”


Chi Yue and the rest were different from those from Thousand Leaves Sect. They all came from the same Star Field and had deep relationships with Yang Kai, and since the latter founded High Heaven Palace in order to give the people from his native land a home here, Chi Yue and his Seniors naturally counted among them.


“Sect Master is capable!” Gui Zu cackled.


Gu Cang Yu quipped, “I think you should address him as ‘Palace Master’ now.”


Gui Zu nodded in agreement. Even though High Heaven Sect and High Heaven Palace were only one character different, they were completely separate entities. The scale of the latter undoubtedly could not be compared to the former.


Chi Yue turned her head to look around and muttered emotionally, “If Qing Luo could also come here to cultivate…”


Yang Kai replied solemnly, “I have been looking for ways to return, but there are no clues yet. If I can return to the Star Field one day, I will definitely bring all of them here.”


Ai Ou patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and acknowledged in a deep voice, “It must not be easy for you.”


Yang Kai had been on his own for almost the entire time since he arrived in the Star Boundary, but after just a few years, he actually managed to obtain such a paradise. Despite his delight, Ai Ou knew that there must have been a lot of hardships and grievances getting to this place. Moreover, even though Yang Kai’s strength and status were much different than before, he had not forgotten his roots.


Ai Ou was extremely satisfied with this son-in-law.


“Don’t just stand here, go and find a place to live too,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


“Let’s go, follow this Old Master to see how big our new home is!” Gui Zu shouted then immediately turned into a wisp of Ghost Qi and flew forward with the rest following closely behind excitedly.


Although Ye Hen had been a gracious host to them when they stayed in Thousand Leaves Sect, they were still just guests under another’s roof. But now, it was different as High Heaven Palace was their own home, giving them a great sense of belonging.


Ye Hen cupped his fists and remarked, “Senior Yang, then this Ye will take these little brats to look for a place too.”


“At your will, Sect Master Ye.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.


Hundreds of people left at once in exuberance.


The Seeking Passion Sect was a vast place, and it would take them at least several days to pick out an appropriate place to stay.


Yang Kai darted his sight to the side and questioned, “Sister Hua, don’t you want to take a look around too?”


Hua Qing Si smiled lightly, “No, I’ll just find a quiet place to live later.”


She was born in Star Soul Palace, so she was used to such an environment and naturally did not react with the same exuberance as Gui Zu, Ye Hen, and the others did.


Yang Kai blinked a few times before he asked seriously, “What are you worried about? Star Soul Palace? Or do you blame me for killing Tan Jun Hao?”


Hua Qing Si glanced at him, and shook her head, “Honoured Master… No, that man chose to die, I don’t blame you for that. Even if Star Soul Palace really investigates, I don’t believe they will blame you. It’s just …”


“Just what?”


“I’m still a Star Soul Palace disciple after all. Now that I’ve followed you to the Northern Territory, I have essentially abandoned my own Sect,” Hua Qing Si laughed at herself with a bitter face.


Yang Kai asked back curiously, “You haven’t done anything to wrong Star Soul Palace, so how could this be considered abandoning?”


Hua Qing Si reached out her finger to tap his forehead, smiling faintly, “Good good, let’s not talk about this further. In any case, I’m a member of your High Heaven Palace now. If Star Soul Palace really comes for me in the future…”


“I’ll help you to beat them back. No one can snatch my people, not even Star Soul Palace!” Yang Kai remarked heroically.


Hua Qing Si nodded with satisfaction and continued with a smile, “Since I’ve already joined your ship, I’ll find a place to live.”


Saying so, she flew away with a flicker.


Yang Kai stared at the spot where she was for a while, then slightly shook his head and turned to Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei, “Anything happen lately?”


Xi Lei scratched his cheek and looked at Xie Wu Wei.


The latter cupped his fists, “Reporting to Young Master Yang, nothing important happened recently. Many cultivators visited the Sect’s gates every day, wanting to join High Heaven Palace, but we ignored them all. Other than that, Lady Ji Yao came here twice, but left both times after seeing that you weren’t here. She also reminded us to inform you to go to Ice Heart Valley when you come back. It seems that something is going on there.”


“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement, “Then I’ll go and take a look.


Having said so, he moved back to the Space Array.


Zhu Qing followed Yang Kai silently.


Yang Kai looked sideways at her, “Do you want to follow me again? Are you some kind of boot-licking lackey?”


Zhu Qing replied calmly, “Either you promise to come with me, or I will follow you.”


Yang Kai looked at her with a stressed face, “What did I do to you that you have to torture me like this? I’m warning you not to go too far, otherwise, I will not be polite with you!”


Xi Lei’s eyes widened as soon as he heard this before he grinned and rolled up his sleeves, “Young Master Yang, you may leave this girl in my hands. I promise I will beat her until her mother doesn’t recognize her!”


“Good, good, good!” Yang Kai was delighted and gave a thumbs up to Xi Lei, “Old Rhino, if you can handle her, this Young Master will reward you with glory, wealth, and honour!”


Xi Lei burst into laughter, “How hard could it be?”


While laughing, he pushed his Monster Qi wildly and slammed his big palm towards Zhu Qing. His aggressive posture did not show the slightest compassion despite his target being a delicate-looking woman.


Zhu Qing’s face turned icy cold and glared at Xi Lei with her beautiful eyes.


Despite being from the supreme Dragon Clan, she had to tolerate Yang Kai’s nonsense because he bore the Ancestral Dragon Source in him. But now, even a mere Monster King dared to challenge her. At that moment, all the grievances she suffered from Yang Kai exploded out in an instant.


She clenched her delicate fist and met Xi Lei’s palm strike with it.


Xi Lei frowned deeply. Although he mentioned that he wanted to beat Zhu Qing until her mother could not recognize her, he could see that Yang Kai and she did not seem to be enemies. Therefore, he knew that he could not really be ruthless with her, otherwise, Yang Kai might punish him if he killed this little girl.


He was a Monster King covered in bronze skin and iron bones, possessing boundless power. Even an ordinary Third-Order Emperor Realm Master would not dare fight with him head-on, while this little girl was so petite that she did not seem to have any significant strength at all.


Seeing that she was about to meet his palm with her fist, Xi Lei dared not use his full strength and hurriedly retracted some of his strength, grinning as he tried to advise, “Little girl, your hair is not fully grown yet but you still dare to act strong here? Let this King show you…”


*Peng… *


The fist met the palm.


Before Xi Lei could finish his sentence, he was sent flying like a sac and slammed into a mountain thousands of metres away, forming a big crater where he landed.




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