Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2715, Strange


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Zhu Qing remained where she was, standing steadily on the Space Array with a calm face, as if she had just swatted away a fly rather than a Monster King.


She turned her beautiful eyes to Xie Wu Wei, challenging, “Do you want to teach me a lesson too?”


Xie Wu Wei shook his head like a rattle as sweat trickled down his forehead.


“Two Sirs, have a nice trip!” Ying Fei bowed with a smile.


Yang Kai rubbed his forehead as he glanced helplessly at Zhu Qing, only then did he activate the Space Array and teleport away.


After a while, Xie Wu Wei poked Ying Fei with lingering fear, and asked carefully, “That girl… Who is she?”


Even a Monster King could not have the strength to send Ying Fei flying with just a punch in a head-on clash, let alone a Human. Could she be a Divine Spirit?


Ying Fei moved his lips, gently spitting out two words.


Xie Wu Wei was instantly dumbstruck.




It was cold and snowy.


Just when Yang Kai appeared in Ice Heart Valley, he was welcomed by someone’s buttocks who was perched on the base of the Space Array, fully concentrating on studying something and mumbling to himself continuously, completely unaware of the two people behind him.


Who else but Nanmen Da Jun could it be? Ice Heart Valley was composed entirely of women, so Yang Kai recognized the familiar back of this old man immediately.


Yang Kai frowned as he listened for a while, but he could not understand what Nanmen Da Jun was mumbling about, so he could not help but ask, “What are you doing?”


“Be quiet! Be quiet!” Nanmen Da Jun bellowed without even looking back, refusing to be distracted from his task.


But soon, he seemed to have realized something and swiftly stood up and turned to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai almost jumped when their eyes met. Hair completely covered Nanmen Da Jun’s face and he looked almost insane with his bloodshot eyes.


On the contrary, Nanmen Da Jun was feeling delighted and immediately jumped forward while shouting, “Grandmaster Yang, you’re finally back! I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”


“Waiting for me?” Yang Kai was surprised, “What for?”


Nanmen Da Jun replied enthusiastically, “Why to discuss the Dao of Spirit Arrays with me! Let’s find a place to have a nice chat!”


“What can I chat with you about!?” Yang Kai rolled his eyes.


Nanmen Da Jun’s face turned solemn, “Grandmaster Yang, please don’t say that. The Dao of Spirit Arrays is broad and profound, and mastering it is a long journey. As the saying goes, ‘stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one.’ It’s good for both of us to learn from each other.”


“But I don’t want to.”


Nanmen Da Jun was stunned.


Yang Kai looked at the Space Array on the ground, and asked lightly, “You didn’t learn anything from studying this Space Array, right?”


Nanmen Da Jun blushed shyly and shook his head, “How is that possible? Although this array is impressive, I have learned its structure and the principles of its operation. It won’t be long before I can crack it and attempt to replicate it!”


“Good, then you keep trying!” Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder before turning around to leave.


“Wait, wait…” Nanmen Da Jun grabbed Yang Kai’s clothes.


“Let go!” Yang Kai looked back and glared at him.


Nanmen Da Jun stared bitterly at him and lowered his head, “Grandmaster Yang has sharp eyes. About this Space Array… I really couldn’t learn much from it. Please… please enlighten me, Grandmaster Yang!”


“Let go first!” Yang Kai eyed the wrinkled fabric of his robe that was grabbed by Nanmen Da Jun.


Only then did Nanmen Da Jun let go of his clothes and smiled flatteringly, but he maintained a pouncing posture so that he could grasp Yang Kai at any time, as if he was afraid that Yang Kai would run away.


Yang Kai dusted his wrinkled robes and looked sideways at him, “Do you want to learn?”


Nanmen Da Jun nodded fiercely, like a chicken pecking the rice, and his eyes twinkled with a thirst for knowledge.


“I can teach you,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Nanmen Da Jun’s face turned solemn immediately, adjusting his clothes and bowing deeply, “Please accept my respects, Grandmaster Yang!”


“But what can you give me in return?” Yang Kai asked back.


Nanmen Da Jun smiled wryly, “What do you want? I have a lot of Source Crystals…”


“I have a lot of Source Crystals too,” Yang Kai scorned.


“Then… I can exchange another Spirit Array with you. I have some Spirit Arrays that were inherited from Ancient Times. They are profound and powerful…”


“Not interested!”


Nanmen Da Jun put on a long face, and asked, “Then what do you want?”


Yang Kai touched his chin and mused, “My High Heaven Palace has just been founded and I happen to lack a Chief Array Master…”


After hearing this, Nanmen Da Jun’s face changed drastically and he shook his head repeatedly, “Impossible. I am used to roaming freely, and I’m afraid that I would bring trouble to Grandmaster Yang and your noble Sect if I joined…”


“Then forget it.” Before he could finish, Yang Kai turned around and left.


“Grandmaster Yang, Grandmaster Yang, let’s talk about this!” Nanmen Da Jun attempted to grab Yang Kai’s clothes again.


“Feel free to consider my offer, I won’t force you,” With a flicker, Yang Kai ran far away. Although both of them were First-Order Emperor Realm Masters, Nanmen Da Jun majored in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, so it was natural that he could not catch up with Yang Kai.


Seeing Yang Kai disappear from sight, Nanmen Da Jun could not help stomping his foot, feeling annoyed.


Inside Ice Heart Valley, beautiful young women and girls lingered everywhere. Although Ice Heart Valley suffered a great disaster last time, they became more united than ever once the crisis passed. Wherever Yang Kai went, he saw female disciples cultivating and exchanging pointers with each other to improve their strength.


After seeing Yang Kai, all of them would stop and salute respectfully though, greeting him as Senior Yang.


All of them seemed to recognize Yang Kai; but that wasn’t a surprise as it was Yang Kai who strove to turn the tide and saved Ice Heart Valley from the disaster of destruction. Although many of the disciples had not seen Yang Kai’s true face before, they had seen plenty of images of him.


Sure enough, he was really a young and handsome figure. Therefore, these young ladies could not keep their eyes off of him.


Some of them were even more daring as they actually coquettishly flirted with Yang Kai with their eyes, making him sweat a little to himself.


Ice Heart Valley was indeed a good place, but it was all women here and lacked any male presence. Many disciples lived in the valley since very young and had never stepped foot out of the valley, never even seeing what a man looked like.


Yang Kai thought he could arrange for a few marriages with Ice Heart Valley when High Heaven Palace became stronger in the future. This bevvy of women from Ice Heart Valley was a bit pitiful to never know the love of a man.


[Not a bad idea, I believe Senior Bing Yun will not reject it; after all, Ice Heart Valley did not forbid their disciples to marry, only insisting that they were not Ice Heart Valley disciples anymore after marriage.]


When he walked to the nave of a certain palace corridor, a figure flashed in front of him. A cold-looking woman suddenly appeared before Yang Kai and nodded slightly at him, “When did you return?”


“Just now. I heard that you were looking for me?” Yang Kai looked at Ji Yao and asked.


“Honoured Master is the one looking for you.” After that remark, Ji Yao’s eyes went towards the shadow behind Yang Kai, wondering, “This is…”


She saw that even though Zhu Qing was petite, she had an astonishing figure and her face was even more breathtaking. At that moment, she could not help comparing herself with Zhu Qing.


Yang Kai actually brought back such a stunning woman after going out for only a few months, and they seemed to be quite close, otherwise, why would he bring her to Ice Heart Valley?


For some reason, Ji Yao felt angry about it.


“Don’t pay her any mind!” Yang Kai was too lazy to even introduce Zhu Qing to Ji Yao, not to mention the identity of this Dragon Girl was really too alarming to openly discuss.


Ji Yao glanced at Yang Kai, narrowed her eyes for a moment, then spat in a cold tone lacking all her previous warmth, “Come with me.”


He was now even too lazy to introduce this woman to her. Why did he become so distant after a few months? Was it because he no longer thought about her?


She turned around and led the way.


Yang Kai quickly caught up and asked, “How have you been recently?”


Ji Yao replied coldly, “Everything is fine.”


Yang Kai was puzzled by the cold treatment he received and scratched his head, deciding to just shut up lest he cause himself trouble.


When they arrived in front of a grand palace, Yang Kai stopped, and looked back at Zhu Qing, “Wait here, Senior Bing Yun and I have something to talk about.”


Zhu Qing looked at him doubtfully, “Will you take this opportunity to run away?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I run away?”


Zhu Qing nodded lightly and stood there quietly.


Ji Yao glanced at their interaction and grimaced.


After entering the main hall, Yang Kai saw Bing Yun with a few of her disciples by her side, all of them seemingly discussing something.


Yang Kai went forward to salute her.


But before he could bow, Bing Yun smiled lightly and said, “Don’t be so polite, you’re not an outsider. Have a seat!”


Yang Kai sat down on the side and asked about Liu Xian Yun. He was relieved to learn that she had been cultivating in seclusion as she prepared to break through to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm.


Although Liu Xian Yun came to the Star Boundary from the Grand Desolation Star Field, she had gone through many ups and downs and life or death situations with Yang Kai, so they shared a rather close friendship. Furthermore, it was Yang Kai who recommended her to Ice Heart Valley, so it was natural that he would pay more attention to her.


Then again, Liu Xian Yun was a cultivator who came from the Lower Star Fields and had outstanding talent, so as long as she was provided enough cultivation resources, it was almost a certainty for her to break through to the Emperor Realm. Whether it was for their friendship with Yang Kai, or simply for Liu Xian Yun’s own excellent aptitude, Ice Heart Valley would spare no effort to train her.


“Did you manage to return to the Southern Territory?” Bing Yun asked, remembering that when Yang Kai left last time, he mentioned that he was going back to the Southern Territory.


“Yeah, I just returned.”


Ji Yao came over with a cup of tea, plopped it in front of Yang Kai, and said coldly, “And he also brought back a woman. Senior Brother, don’t you want to invite her in and introduce her to Honoured Master? Maybe we will be seeing her more frequently in the future.”


Bing Yun looked at Ji Yao with some shock while the latter’s Senior and Junior Sisters also stared at her with puzzlement, wondering why Ji Yao released such a strong sense of hostility all over her body.


Quickly, they all released their Divine Senses and indeed found a woman standing outside the palace.


Bing Yun spoke, “Any visitor is our guest. Yang Kai, how can you let her stay alone outside?”


“Senior, don’t worry about her, that woman is very annoying.” Yang Kai could not explain clearly in just a few words.


Ji Yao pressed on, “Senior Brother must have done something bad to her and is now afraid to confront her.”


“I’m afraid of her?” Yang Kai was like a cat whose tail was stepped on, its fur spiking up in irritation, “What a joke!”


Ji Yao glared at Yang Kai, “Does that mean that Senior Brother really did something bad to her?”


“No, don’t talk nonsense,” Yang Kai blushed and quickly picked up his cup and drank the tea to hide his embarrassment.


An Ruo Yun and the others observed his expression from the side, then exchanged looks with each other and nodded lightly, as if they discovered something.


Ji Yao sneered, “So, it’s true.” Then, she turned solemn again, “Senior Brother, if you abandoned a woman after toying with her, I would never talk to you again.”


Yang Kai spewed out a mouthful of tea and cried out helplessly, “I did no such thing! Yao’er, why are you acting so strange today?”




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