Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2716, Chief Array Master


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Ji Yao ignored him and turned her back on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai put down his teacup, speechless. He had no idea how to deal with the situation, so he immediately turned to Bing Yun in an attempt to change the topic, “Senior, why were you looking for me?”


Bing Yun nodded, “Do you know the two top Sects, Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace?”


“I think I have heard of them.” Yang Kai frowned and thought for a while, then he clapped his hands, “Are they Northern Territory Sects?”


He had not been active in the Northern Territory for very long, and the scope of his activities was not large, so he did not know about the Northern Territory as much as he did the Southern Territory, only being familiar with Ice Heart Valley and Seeking Passion Sect.


He could not react at first when he heard about Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace, but on second thought, he quickly recalled that the heritage and strength of these two Sects were on par with the Seeking Passion Sect. They were also top Sects of the Northern Territory, having Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters assuming command.


Yang Kai frowned, “Senior, why did you suddenly mention these two Sects? Is there some issue with them that we must deal with?”


Now that he had established a Sect in the Northern Territory, he would, of course, have dealings with Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace sooner or later as they were at the top of the Northern Territory’s hierarchy. There may even be some competition and friction between them in the future.


These two Sects were different from Ice Heart Valley, which had a deep connection with Yang Kai, so conflict was possible between them.


Bing Yun explained, “In the Star Boundary, the Eastern Territory has the Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Serene Soul Palace, the Southern Territory has the Bright Moon Great Emperor’s Star Soul Palace, and even the Western Territory has the Night Shadow Great Emperor’s Shadow Killer Palace. All the top Sects of those three territories take these Great Emperor Sects as their hegemons and for the most part fall under their command and jurisdiction. Only our Northern Territory has no Great Emperor Sect.”


“Why?” Yang Kai was curious. He did not consider this matter before, but now that he heard Bing Yun mention it, he suddenly realized that it was true.


Bing Yun shook her head, “I don’t know either. Perhaps because many places in the Northern Territory are too cold and do not have as many resources available, so it’s not suitable to establish a grand Sect.” After a pause, she continued, “But even though there is no Great Emperor Sect in our Northern Territory, we still have a Great Emperor here, the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly as he knew about this.


The Wondrous Pill Great Emperor lived in Medicine Pill Valley in the Northern Territory all year round. Now that she mentioned him, Yang Kai remembered that he had obtained the inheritance of Gong Sun Mu before, who was the Third Disciple of the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor. If not for this fortuitous encounter, Yang Kai would not be familiar with the herbs and pills of the Star Boundary. It was precisely because he obtained the jade slip from Gong Sun Mu with all kinds of information that Yang Kai’s advancement on the Alchemic Dao had been so smooth and rapid.


However, at that time when he got the inheritance, a seal that was set by Gong Sun Mu was implanted into his body. In order to remove the seal, he had to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm within a hundred years or pay a visit to the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor to have it dispersed.


The reason Gong Sun Mu did so was that he wanted Yang Kai to bring a message to the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, one that contained Gong Sun Mu’s regrets and repentance, while also asking for the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s forgiveness and Gong Sun Mu’s hopes to be taken back as his disciple.


The seal had not caused any harm to Yang Kai for many years, so he had stopped caring about it at some point. In any case, there was still a long time before a hundred years would pass, and Yang Kai was also confident that he could reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm within that time.


Therefore, there was no need for him to bother the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.


Bing Yun continued, “Over the years, the four top Sects in the Northern Territory have been maintaining a delicate balance. Although Ice Heart Valley had been suppressed when this Queen went missing, our Sect still managed to survive until now; however, the balance has been broken now.”


Without a doubt, the balance was broken due to the annihilation of Seeking Passion Sect.


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “And so?”


Bing Yun chuckled, “It matters not to our Ice Heart Valley. Seeking Passion Sect deserved its fate since the day it chose to take up arms against Ice Heart Valley, but Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace will likely take issue with this new reality.”


Yang Kai wore a vicious look as he asked, “Are they looking for trouble?”


Bing Yun snook her head and explained, “Since you can exterminate Seeking Passion Sect, then you can exterminate Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace too. It’s normal for them to worry.”


“What do they want to do then? Join hands against me?”


Bing Yun laughed, “Without lips, teeth turn cold. It’s normal for people to huddle together in a storm to keep warm. The two Sects have been getting close to each other lately, so perhaps they will begin taking some action soon.”


Yang Kai sneered, “Aren’t they worried that I really will exterminate them?”


Bing Yun warned solemnly, “Birds die for food, people die for wealth. You destroyed Seeking Passion Sect and plundered tens of thousands of years of foundation. It’s only natural that everyone would be jealous. But it may not necessarily be like that, perhaps they are just uniting to deter you, lest you should become ambitious and attempt to dominate the Northern Territory.”


“I don’t have such ambitions,” Yang Kai shook his head. He kept the foundation of Seeking Passion Sect for the sake of the people in his native Star Field. Since when did he think of dominating the Northern Territory? Without the prestige of a Great Emperor, it was impossible to achieve such a thing.


Bing Yun summoned Yang Kai with the intention purely to warn him about this. Seeing that he had his own plans though, she naturally did not press the issue.


Yang Kai suddenly seemed to remember something and asked, “Did those two Sects work with the Seeking Passion Sect to harm Ice Heart Valley last time?”


Bing Yun looked at him and questioned in return, “What do you think?”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding. Even if those Sects did not work with Seeking Passion Sect directly, they had certainly been adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes. If not, how could Seeking Passion Sect recruit so many helpers in such a short time? Perhaps, some of the recruits were disciples of those two Sects.


[Damn it, I wouldn’t have let them all go if I knew this earlier. I should have interrogated them first.]


Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace were top Sects in the Northern Territory, and they should have a lot of wealth stashed away.


Whether it was openly or secretly, it was perfectly normal to have strife between big Sects. They obviously did not care about the balance since they chose to help the Seeking Passion Sect in destroying Ice Heart Valley, and now they were worried because Yang Kai had occupied the territory of the Seeking Passion Sect and demonstrated such strong capability.


[Just don’t disturb me. If you two dare to disturb me, I will show no mercy.] Yang Kai secretly declared.


After staying in Ice Heart Valley for a while, Yang Kai bid farewell and left.


Ji Yao did not respond to him when he said goodbye, which depressed him somewhat, for he had no idea how he had offended her.


Snow was falling outside the hall, and Zhu Qing did not use her strength to shield herself, resulting in her being covered in snow. Furthermore, there was an ugly snowman as tall as a man beside her.


“You’ve been standing here all this time?” Yang Kai looked at her curiously. Even though he told her to wait for him, he did not ask her to just stand there.


Zhu Qing did not answer, but pointed at the ugly snowman next to her, “This is you!”


“You mean you!” Yang Kai rolled his eyes and kicked the snowman to pieces before he left with his hands clasped behind his back.


Zhu Qing immediately caught up with him.


Upon returning to the Space Array on the Ice Lake Island, they saw Nanmen Da Jun still waiting there with a hesitant look.


Yang Kai retorted, “Be decisive like a man, or you will never achieve true success!”


Nanmen Da Jun rebuked, “I’m an Array Grandmaster of the generation. How could you insult me like this!?”


Yang Kai sneered, and pointed at the Space Array, “If you can arrange one, I will admit that you are an Array Grandmaster!”


Nanmen Da Jun immediately shut up, his face turning red.


Yang Kai remarked impatiently, “Forget it, our High Heaven Palace doesn’t need a superficial Array Master anyway.” Then, he turned around and stepped onto the Space Array.


Nanmen Da Jun suddenly grabbed his clothes again.


Yang Kai looked back at him and saw that Nanmen Da Jun raised a finger in front of his scarlet face, “Ten years! I will leave High Heaven Palace after ten years!”


Yang Kai snickered, “You’re still bargaining with me?”


“Just ten years! Forget about it if you want more than that.” Nanmen Da Jun looked resolute.


“Good, ten years it is! Come on up!” Yang Kai gestured to him.


Nanmen Da Jun sighed heavily and got on the Space Array, dejected as if he just betrayed himself.


After returning to High Heaven Palace, the three Monster Kings were nowhere to be found.


No one was guarding the Space Array.


Seeing this, Yang Kai could not help frowning. Although the Space Array that he arranged usually would not have any problems and it was also impossible for others to invade the Sect through it, there should still be at least one person guarding here.


[I need a manager for this place.] Several faces floated in Yang Kai’s mind before he quickly made up his mind.


“Find your own place to live.” Yang Kai gave an order to Nanmen Da Jun.


Nanmen Da Jun nodded, “Right, Palace Master, what will my status be in High Heaven Palace?”


“Chief Array Master, didn’t I tell you?” Yang Kai waved his hand, “When you’re free, walk around and check which array needs maintenance or refinement. Act with a free hand.”


“Good, good, good!” Nanmen Da Jun nodded his head vigorously.


Yang Kai then turned around and pointed at Zhu Qing, “You, don’t follow me.”


With a fluctuation of Space Principles, Yang Kai instantly disappeared.


Zhu Qing stomped her foot and scanned around with her Divine Sense, but she could not find Yang Kai.


After reaching the palace of the Main Peak, Yang Kai flashed inside and sat down cross-legged.


Although High Heaven Palace was small in population now, it had become quite famous. More importantly, he had settled the matter regarding the Puppet Dao and Dao of Spirit Arrays, so his friends and family would have no trouble studying these paths when they came in the future. In the long run, this would be of great benefit to the development of High Heaven Palace and the growth of its disciples.


As for the ten-years agreement of Nanmen Da Jun, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about it at all.


No one knew what would happen in ten years. By that time, Nanmen Da Jun may not be able to leave even if he wanted to.


Elated, Yang Kai took out a huge pile of High-Rank Source Crystals from his Space Ring and piled them up beside him. The World Energy in his room surged rapidly. Currently, using Low-Rank or Mid-Rank Source Crystal to cultivate was completely useless to Yang Kai as he was already an Emperor Realm Master, only High-Rank Source Crystals were beneficial to him now.


Yang Kai had more than one billion High-Rank Source Crystals with him though, making him filthy rich, so ordinary cultivation was not even an expense to him anymore.


His body crackled excitedly as his meridians and physique tensed and relaxed. A large amount of World Energy was absorbed into Yang Kai’s body as he circulated his Secret Art and refined it into his own strength.


At the same time, he also took out the Golden Armour Heavenly Book and put some effort into refining it.


The Golden Armour Heavenly Book possessed outstanding power, and if Yang Kai could refine it, it would definitely provide a big boost to his combat strength. With the various abilities of the Heavenly Book, Yang Kai would not be at a disadvantage facing any kind of enemy in the future.


However, this artifact was really difficult to refine, and it would certainly consume a lot of time and effort.


As time passed, a steady stream of World Energy rushed into Yang Kai through his pores and breathing. His Emperor Qi and Spiritual Energy also poured into the Golden Armour Heavenly Book at a steady rate, attempting to leave his Soul Imprint on it.




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