Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2729, Image Recording Crystal


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“What are your intentions here?” Ji Ying looked gravely at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai responded, “Nothing at all. Since Grandmaster Ji is willing to believe what his disciple says, this Palace Master thinks it is useless to argue, so I won’t bother with petty words. Instead, let me show you something interesting.”


“Something interesting?” Ji Ying frowned, having no idea what Yang Kai was up to.


Yang Kai clapped his hands and looked out the hall, “Come in!”


Everyone looked over in unison, only to see a man walk in from the outside before standing in the middle of the hall and cupping his fists, “Greetings, Palace Master!”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.




“Grandmaster Nanmen! What are you doing here?”


Mi Qi and Li Jiao both stared wide-eyed at Nanmen Da Jun who had just entered, unable to believe their eyes.


As Sect Masters of two of the top Sects in the Northern Territory, they naturally had dealings with Nanmen Da Jun before. They knew that this man was highly accomplished in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, his achievements only matched by his aloof and arrogant character. They had tried in the past to recruit Nanmen Da Jun into their Sects, but never had any success.


When they saw Nanmen Da Jun here, treating Yang Kai with such respect, it felt a little unreal to both Mi Qi and Li Jiao.


Was this really that Nanmen Da Jun they knew? To think he could actually bow down to another person of his own free will.


“I am now the Chief Array Master of High Heaven Palace. Why shouldn’t I be here?” Nanmen Da Jun glanced at the two men.


“Chief Array Master!”


“Grandmaster Nanmen, you… Ai!”


Li Jiao and Mi Qi were both shocked and a little disappointed to hear this. They had tried many times to recruit Nanmen Da Jun, but they were always rejected by him. How long had this High Heaven Palace been established yet they actually managed to rope him in? What sort of tricks did that damn Yang Kai use to achieve this?


Yang Kai just smiled lightly and continued, “Grandmaster Nanmen, bring that thing out.”


“Yes!” Nanmen Da Jun answered and suddenly took out several Array Flags from his Space Ring, placing them in a neat arrangement before him.


In just a few moments, a Spirit Array was laid down. However, the crowd was confused and had no idea what he was trying to show them by arranging this Spirit Array.


Nanmen Da Jun took out another item from his Space Ring next, one that looked like a mirror but strangely did not show any kind of reflection, a somewhat unsettling sight.


Holding up the mirror-like object, Nanmen Da Jun explained, “This is an item I procured in my early years. It is called the Image Recording Crystal, and just as its name suggests, it can record some images. I have no idea how it was refined despite asking several Artifact Refining Grandmasters to examine it. None of those Grandmasters were even able to tell what sort of material it is made of. I rarely use this in usual times, so please excuse me for my inadequacy.”


“Image Recording Crystal!”


“Image Recording!”


When they heard that, they vaguely understood what Nanmen Da Jun meant to do.


Li Xuan’s face paled as he stared dumbly at the Image Recording Crystal, seemingly not having expected that such an astonishing thing existed in this world.


Ji Ying frowned and sent a thoughtful glance at Li Xuan, at which point Li Xuan couldn’t help but dodge his gaze, causing Ji Ying’s face to turn even uglier.


Nanmen Da Jun tossed the Image Recording Crystal into the air and waved an Array Flag in his hand. Emperor Qi surged up and the centre of the room was suddenly shrouded. A light then shot out from that Image Recording Crystal, spreading out in all directions.


A fairly clear image emerged at the centre of the hall.


The crowd all looked over and instantly recognized the scene depicted as High Heaven Palace’s main gate. That was because a giant stone slate with the three characters, ‘High Heaven Sect’, inscribed onto it was right at the centre of the image, clear for all to see.


At that moment, four figures were present in the image.


One of them was none other than Li Xuan. Besides him, there were three women, two of which were the women who left earlier, the one called ‘Qing’er’ clearly among them.


No sound was transmitted as the Image Recording Crystal seemed to only be able to record images.


As Nanmen Da Jun fed it his Emperor Qi, the image kept on changing, as if recreating the past vividly.


In front of everyone’s eyes, Li Xuan went up to Zhu Qing with a playful smile on his face, but it was not known what was said. Zhu Qing ignored him with a cold expression on her face.


Li Xuan tried several times to take advantage of Zhu Qing following his first failed attempt, but despite her looking angrier and angrier, all she did was avoid him.


After a few moments, as Li Xuan’s actions grew more and more unruly, only then did Zhu Qing send him flying with a slap across the face.


After a while, Yang Kai suddenly appeared, and after seeming to ask a few questions, he sent a big slap across Li Xuan’s face, sending him flying with his teeth scattering into the air.




The show continued on, only ending after Li Xuan left on his ship.


Nanmen Da Jun collected the Array Flags and the Image Recording Crystal before cupping his fists to Yang Kai, turning around, and leaving the hall.


Li Jiao and Mi Qi both looked at Li Xuan with strange looks in their eyes, their expressions a mix of anger and amusement.


They learned just how strong Zhu Qing was earlier, so they naturally understood that even they were no match for her, yet this Li Xuan actually dared to profane her. It was the great blessings of all his ancestors that Li Xuan was let off with just a slap on the cheek. If he were not protected by his identity as a Medicine Pill Valley disciple, he would have been turned into a blood mist back then.


But even more abominably, this boy actually dared to slander Yang Kai, not only accusing him of beating him, but also of snatching away his Source Crystals. Now that they had been led here, muddle-headed by his trickery, it was hard for them to even think of getting out of this unscathed.


Ji Ying’s eyes were set ablaze as he turned around to glare at Li Xuan, a face filled with disappointment and sadness.


“Master, I was wrong, this disciple was wrong! I ask Master to please punish this disciple!” Li Xuan fell to his knees.


With the image recorded by that Image Recording Crystal, he knew it was useless to quibble. The only thing he could do now was quickly admit to his wrongs and hope that Ji Ying would take their bond as Master and Disciple into account and not punish him too harshly.


“I didn’t expect you to be such a person.” Ji Ying was so angry and upset with Li Xuan that he instinctually raised his hand at him. He really did not expect his cherished disciple that appeared so well-behaved and sensible in front of him would actually dare to act so disgracefully and deceitfully. It was extremely disappointing.


“Master!” Li Xuan was shocked and quickly crouched down on the ground with his hands covering his head.


Yet the slap he expected never came down.


After a long time, Ji Ying let out a long sigh and put his hand down, calmly declaring, “Leave.”


Li Xuan raised his head and looked at Ji Ying in shock.


“From now on, you are no longer my, Ji Ying’s, disciple, nor are you a disciple of Medicine Pill Valley. If you dare try to use Medicine Pill Valley’s name in the future for malicious gains, then I will not forgive you!” Ji Ying said with a flick of his sleeve.


“Master…” Only then did Li Xuan begin to panic. He knew that Ji Ying was really going to expel himself from the Sect this time. As a disciple of Medicine Pill Valley, he had gained many benefits and had a bright future ahead of him, so how could he be willing to leave? If he really were to be exiled by Medicine Pill Valley, then there would probably be no place for him in the vast Northern Territory.


“Say one more word and I’ll kill you!” Ji Ying did not look at him. His expression was firm, determined to drive him out of Medicine Pill Valley.


Ji Ying was regretful. He regretted not being able to see right from wrong, for believing a cunning villain like Li Xuan who told such outrageous lies. If he allowed Li Xuan to remain in Medicine Pill Valley, there was no telling just how much damage he would bring to Medicine Pill Valley in the future. If his own Honoured Master, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, had his name tarnished as a result, there would be no redemption Ji Ying could hope for!


Li Xuan wanted to plead for mercy, but how could he dare to say anything more after hearing such a threat?


The Senior Brother next to him directed a serious look at him at that moment, and only then did Li Xuan stand up with tears in his eyes and rush out of the hall.


The hall fell silent for a while, with only the sound of Yang Kai drinking tea to be heard.


Only after a long time did Ji Ying manage to compose himself and mutter self-deprecatingly, “It seems that Palace Master Yang was right. This Ji truly does not have an eye for disciples.”


Yang Kai responded indifferently, “If it weren’t for Grandmaster Nanmen’s Image Recording Crystal, then I’m afraid this Palace Master would not have been able to defend himself today.”


If he and Li Xuan were to confront each other with only words, neither side having proof of their stories, Ji Ying would definitely choose to believe Li Xuan and not him. If the accusations of him looking down on Medicine Pill Valley, and even beating and robbing one of its disciples were to become set in stone, how could High Heaven Palace still establish itself in the Northern Territory?


Knowing that he must feel wronged, Ji Ying cupped his fists, “Today’s incident came as a surprise to this Ji. I was deceived by the words of that villain, and I hope Palace Master Yang will not blame me for this mistake. This Ji deeply apologizes to Palace Master Yang.”


After saying that, he stood up and bowed to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai remained seated and answered, “Grandmaster Ji is polite. Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, then it is no longer a problem.”


Ji Ying said, “Palace Master Yang is magnanimous. This Ji is ashamed.” But after a pause, he added, “But there is one thing that this Ji must say.”


Yang Kai looked at him, “Please speak.”


“Since this Ji has come today, then I can consider what Palace Master Yang said before as just words out of anger, nothing to complain about. But if Palace Master Yang were to meet my Senior Brothers in the future, please do not say such words again.”


“Say what?” Yang Kai frowned.


“Words of contempt for our Medicine Pill Valley!” Ji Ying said justly.


Yang Kai suddenly remembered what he said about Medicine Pill Valley…


Smiling brightly, he said, “I’ll remember it!” Indeed, he had spoken out of anger at that time.


Ji Ying said seriously, “As an Alchemist, my goal may not be to pursue the Martial Dao, but what I cultivate is still one of the Grand Daos, and the only one to ascend to the height of Great Emperor by pursuing the Alchemic Dao throughout the ages is my Honoured Master. Medicine Pill Valley is widely regarded as a cultivation paradise and hallowed ground for all cultivators in the Northern Territory. If someone with ill intentions were to spread what Palace Master Yang said today, it would undoubtedly offend all Alchemists in the Star Boundary. How would Palace Master Yang still be able to ask for someone to refine pills in the future if that happened?”


Mi Qi and Li Jiao’s eyes lit up at these words as they began devising plans in their hearts, thinking about whether they should spread what Yang Kai said and make him an enemy of all Alchemists.


Yang Kai, however, just laughed and replied, “I don’t need to ask for anyone’s help for that. This Palace Master can handle it himself.”


Ji Ying was stunned, looking at Yang Kai in amazement, “Could it be that Palace Master Yang is an Alchemist as well?”


Even Mi Qi and Li Jiao were wide-eyed in disbelief, as if they had just heard something astonishing.


Yang Kai nodded, “I know a thing or two about Alchemy.”


Ji Ying couldn’t help but be intrigued, “May I ask what grade Palace Master Yang had managed to achieve?”


Yang Kai stroked his chin, “If I can refine Emperor Grade pills, what grade would I be?”


“What?” Ji Ying was shocked. If he could refine Emperor Grade Spirit Pills, didn’t that make him an Emperor Alchemist? How many Emperor Alchemists were there in the entire Star Boundary? Don’t look at how he and his fellow brothers had already reached this level. Naturally, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had high standards when it came to accepting disciples, so after so many years of his personal instruction, would it not prove that Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had a bad eye for disciples if Ji Ying and his Senior Disciples weren’t even able to achieve that much?


They were them, and others were others. Besides them, all the Emperor Alchemists added up in the Star Boundary probably wouldn’t exceed twenty.




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