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Martial Peak – Chapter 2732, Really an Emperor Alchemist


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[He really brought it out?]


Mi Qi and Li Jiao exchanged glances, both slightly shocked but at the same time, very disbelieving.


Yang Kai may have destroyed Seeking Passion Sect and occupied their foundation, gaining all the wealth accumulated by them over the years, but they still did not think that Yang Kai really had five billion High-Rank Source Crystals in that ring.


Seeking Passion Sect was similar to Fire Dragon Palace and Full Sky Sect. Even though their annual revenue was astonishing, their expenditure was equally shocking. Most of the revenue they gained would end up being spent each year while only a fraction would be saved.


Even Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace only had about a billion High-Rank Source Crystals in reserve, so Seeking Passion Sect probably had a similar amount.


In other words, even if Yang Kai had taken all of Seeking Passion Sect’s wealth for himself, it would only amount to around a billion High-Rank Source Crystals. Adding the other treasures Seeking Passion Sect possessed, it would probably only total around two or three billion Source Crystals. How could he possibly just take out five billion?


“It’s not that we don’t trust Palace Master Yang, but Brother Li and I will have to inspect Palace Master Yang’s ring,” Mi Qi quickly said.


“Naturally, it has to be confirmed,” Yang Kai nodded, “However… I will have to trouble Grandmaster Ji to perform this inspection. The two of you can trust Grandmaster Ji, can’t you?”


“Naturally,” Mi Qi quickly nodded.


Li Jiao also had no problem with that.


“Then I shall trouble you, Grandmaster Ji,” Yang Kai smiled and tossed the ring to Ji Ying.


Ji Ying took it and carelessly swept the contents with his Divine Sense, but in the next instant, his eyes bulged as he gasped in shock, “This…”


He was an Emperor Alchemist and had no shortage of wealth. The number of people clamouring to seek Alchemy services from him in the Northern Territory was simply uncountable, and each time he took action, he would gain much in terms of remuneration. Don’t even mention five billion High-Rank Source Crystals, even ten billion would not be enough to shock Ji Ying so much.


But at this moment, he was so astonished that he couldn’t utter a word. His expression clearly showed that he had seen something incredible.


Mi Qi and Li Jiao were also shocked at this reaction and wondered just what sort of good things were kept inside that ring for Grandmaster Ji to lose himself like this. They were extremely curious, but they couldn’t just snatch it to see for themselves.


They didn’t think that Yang Kai would let them see it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Ji Ying to check the ring.


“Where… Where did you get so many?” Ji Ying turned his head around and directed a shocked look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai chuckled, taking back the Space Ring from Ji Ying’s hand and shaking his head, “I can’t tell you!”


Ji Ying gulped, looking in reluctance as Yang Kai put away the ring, but he also knew that it was probably one of Yang Kai’s greatest secrets, so he didn’t pursue the question.


After a moment of hesitation, he said, “Palace Master Yang. If you were to lose this competition, then I don’t want your head. Instead, how about giving me half of what you have in that ring?”


He had no intention to take Yang Kai’s life to begin with, he just wanted to scare him, so now that a better option had appeared, Ji Ying had no qualms about changing the gambling stakes.


The contents of the ring were none other than the million Monster Cores that Yang Kai brought back from the Ancient Wild Land.


Ten billion Source Crystals was indeed not enough to move Ji Ying, but a million Monster Cores was an entirely different story. There were so many Monster Cores piled up in that ring, not to mention the amount of Twelfth-Order Monster Cores among them. Don’t even mention the fact that Ji Ying had never seen such a sight, not even the Ten Great Emperors had seen such wealth.


Moreover, there was no end to the uses for Monster Cores. Monster Cores were a key component in Alchemy and a good Monster Core was the best ingredient to refine the highest grade of Spirit Pills.


These things were a much greater attraction to Ji Ying compared to Source Crystals, so it was no wonder he became so eager.


“You want them, Grandmaster Ji?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smirk.


Ji Ying’s face reddened and with a dry cough, he said, “What Alchemist would not want such a good thing?”


“If you want it, I can give it all to you,” Yang Kai’s smile did not diminish.


“Truly!?” Ji Ying was shocked, but he quickly realized what he meant and his face darkened, “You’re not trying to get this Ji to become your High Heaven Palace’s Chief Alchemist as a condition, are you?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Grandmaster Ji is wise!”


Ji Ying grunted, “It’s a fine idea you have, Palace Master Yang, but unfortunately, this Ji will not agree to it.”


Yang Kai had expected this answer, so he naturally wasn’t disappointed and just nodded, “In that case, then Grandmaster Ji can have half if he wins.”


“Good good good. I hope Palace Master Yang is truly a man of his word!” Ji Ying was overjoyed. To him, this agreement was no different than Yang Kai gifting him with the Monster Cores already.


He did not think he would lose to Yang Kai in Alchemy at all.


“Grandmaster Ji, is what’s contained inside that ring really worth five billion?” Li Jiao and Mi Qi still did not know what the ring was worth even after listening at the side for a while, so they couldn’t help but ask.


“Five billion?” Ji Ying looked at them with disdain, “The contents of that ring is enough to outright buy both of your Sects!”


“What!?” Mi Qi and Li Jiao were both stunned.


Enough to buy their Sects? What sort of treasures were kept inside that ring for Grandmaster Ji to say something so shocking with such certainty?


They were even more curious now and wanted nothing more than to knock Yang Kai unconscious and snatch that ring to see for themselves.


“This Palace Master’s capital has been confirmed. Do you two still want to bet?” Yang Kai turned his gaze to Mi Qi and Li Jiao.


Mi Qi frowned and said firmly, “Of course! Why not? Who would deny a free gift?”


“That’s right.” Li Jiao also chimed in, “This King believes in Grandmaster Ji.”


Ji Ying frowned, “If you two are going to bet, then that’s your own business, winning or losing is none of my business.”


Alchemy was not for gambling in Ji Ying’s mind. He only agreed to gamble with Yang Kai this time because he had been provoked. Naturally, he did not want Li Jiao and Mi Qi to tie their fortunes to his victory, making it seem as if their victory or defeat were his responsibility.


“Yes, yes. Grandmaster Ji is right,” Li Jiao quickly changed his tone, “This bet is purely between us and Palace Master Yang.”


In that case, let’s begin.” Yang Kai smiled.


Ji Ying turned his head to look at him, “You start first.”


Yang Kai quickly said, “Grandmaster Ji, are you sure you should be looking down on your opponent like this?”


Even though he said this, his hands did not remain idle. Brushing his hair back out of the way, as if he was preparing to go all out. Snapping his fingers, he had the lid of his Black Jade Furnace fly off as he tossed one of the prepared sets of spirit herbs inside.


A whirring could be heard, seemingly from the burning flames, as the temperature of the air rose instantly, but strangely enough, there was no sign of Yang Kai using his Emperor Qi.


“Conflagrated Knowledge Sea!” Ji Ying’s face changed as he muttered in surprise.


He did not expect Yang Kai to have the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. This alone was enough for him to take things seriously.


The Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was a type of Mutated Knowledge Sea, and when it came to Alchemy and Artifact Refining, those with the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas had a unique advantage. This was because one’s Divine Sense played a big role in refinement professions. Whether it be controlling the flames or timing, both of them required the use of one’s Divine Sense.


For those with the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, they were able to directly adjust the heat of the flames and grasp the timing of when to add ingredients rather than needing to use their Qi to make adjustments while monitoring with their Divine Sense.


Even when it came to portraying Spirit Arrays, no additional carrier was required as they could use their Spiritual Energy to act directly.


This was something other Alchemists were unable to match.


“So, that’s how it is. No wonder he’s so confident. He actually possesses a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.” Ji Ying finally understood what gave Yang Kai such confidence. His expression instantly turned serious and he did not delay any longer, both hands turning over as he pushed out his Emperor Qi, causing a fire to rise up immediately inside of the tripod dual dragon furnace.


An equal set of spirit herbs was tossed into the Alchemy Furnace by Ji Ying, and a sizzle could be heard. Ji Ying quickly formed seals with both hands, drawing a Spirit Array inside the Alchemy Furnace that assisted in the condensation of medicinal liquid.


For a time, the hall was silent. Only Yang Kai and Ji Ying’s power surged as both Alchemy Furnaces emitted a burning energy.


Mi Qi and Li Jiao were both extremely curious now, but they were stopped by the three great Monster Kings from approaching too closely.


An Alchemist was not to be disturbed while they were performing Alchemy, that was a basic rule all had to follow. The three Monster Kings were naturally extremely guarded against the two of them, fearing that they may try to disturb Yang Kai, so Mi Qi and Li Jiao could only grumble and stare, not being able to do anything.


“Can Palace Master win?” Hua Qing Si and Zhu Qing were standing a short distance away, watching them silently.


Yang Kai and Ji Ying were duelling against each other in an Alchemy competition, which made Hua Qing Si very nervous, so she quietly transmitted that question to Zhu Qing.


“I don’t know anything about Alchemy,” Zhu Qing answered bluntly.


Hua Qing Si thought the same. Though she had seen people refine pills before, she herself wasn’t too knowledgeable on the subject. She couldn’t see who had the upper hand in this situation at all.


“But looking at him, he seems very confident,” Zhu Qing added.


Hearing that answer, Hua Qing Si quickly observed Yang Kai and sure enough, his expression was filled with confidence and fighting spirit just as Zhu Qing commented. If he had no hopes of winning, then he would never have such an expression.


This discovery helped Hua Qing Si calm down as she secretly cheered Yang Kai on.


*Chi chi chi chi…*


The sounds of the flames burning inside the furnaces were incessant and the hands of the two men competing with each other constantly formed new and complex seals. Fine and delicate Spirit Arrays formed and dissolved inside the Alchemy Furnaces as spirit herbs were thrown in one by one. The medicinal liquid condensed inside soon filled the air with its fragrance.


Ji Ying had been quietly observing Yang Kai’s movements the whole time, as even though Yang Kai had a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and should not be taken lightly, Ji Ying still felt that Yang Kai couldn’t beat him.


But Ji Ying’s observations made him sure of one thing, and that was the fact that Yang Kai was really an Emperor Alchemist. His foundation was extremely solid, and his actions when it came to condensing medicinal liquid were also meticulous without the slightest flaw. The medicinal liquid that he condensed was extremely pure.


If he were not an Emperor Alchemist, then it would be impossible for him to achieve this level of perfection.


Ji Ying suddenly felt somewhat jubilant that another Emperor Alchemist had appeared in the world. If this news were told to his Honoured Master, then his Honoured Master would certainly be happy. The Alchemic Dao had a long and profound history, and was much harder to traverse than the Martial Dao, leading to the scarcity of Alchemists in the world.


Other people could only see the endless grandeur of Alchemists, but how many understood the monumental effort each Grandmaster needed to make in order to reach such a height?


Medicine Pill Valley was committed to carrying forward the Alchemic Dao, and the disciples under Wondrous Pill Great Emperor also took that as their responsibility. Naturally, they hoped that there could be more Alchemists in the Star Boundary, as only with the introduction of more Alchemists would there be enough Spirit Pills to match the needs of the cultivators of this world, allowing the Martial Dao to grow and prosper.




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  1. The whole Conflagrated Knowledge Sea has been hyped up since the original realm…. like bro if even those form yk original realm knew of it then statically every fucking emperor alchemist (and O K alchemist in the Heng luo star field) should have one….
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