Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2738, Bloodline Suppression


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“Dragon Blood Flower!” Zhu Qing who had been standing quietly in the corner of the hall this whole time was suddenly roused as if a nerve had been touched. Her face changed, and at the same time, she reached out to grab the wooden box and a huge suction force suddenly appeared, bringing it right into her hands.


Before Li Jiao could even recover from the shock of Ji Ying’s words, he suddenly discovered that his precious treasure had been snatched away. Face changing, he shouted, “Young Lady, what are you trying to do?!”


Truly, when it rains, it pours. Not only did the ship arrive late, it set sail in a headwind too.


They had already completely offended Ji Ying during this trip, so not only did his plan to refine the Dragon Blood Pill fall through, now the materials have also been stolen away.


That was the spirit flower that he spent so many years cultivating with his own Blood Essence. He was counting on it to improve his own strength, so how could Li Jiao stand idly by while it fell into the hands of another person? But he didn’t dare to be forceful here and just looked at Zhu Qing with an indignant face, hoping that this young woman would return the Dragon Blood Flower to him.


Zhu Qing flicked her wrist, opened the wooden box, and a bright red flower lying quietly inside immediately came into view.


Yang Kai looked over curiously, and his eyes couldn’t help but light up.


The Dragon Blood Flower was like a crystal formed from the purest blood. The strangest thing was the fact that a trace of Dragon Qi was actually being emitted from the flower.


Even if he had never heard of this Dragon Blood Flower before, and it was also his first time seeing it, Yang Kai understood that it must be something amazing.


“It really is a Dragon Blood Flower!” Zhu Qing frowned and shut the wooden box again, but she didn’t give it back to Li Jiao. Instead, she glared at him and snapped coldly, “Where did you get this Dragon Blood Flower?”


Li Jiao answered, “Young Lady, please return that flower back to me first!”


Naturally, Zhu Qing paid him no mind, and before Li Jiao could blink, she appeared in front of him with a solemn and aggressive demeanour, “I’ll ask you one more time, where did you get this Dragon Blood Flower from!”


A powerful aura suddenly pressed down on him, causing Li Jiao’s breathing to grow difficult. All the blood in his body seemed to freeze up and he couldn’t help but back up a few steps. Face pale, he answered, “I came upon it by chance. Why are you asking me?”


He was truly baffled now. This Dragon Blood Flower was really something that he obtained by chance, and even though it was precious, what about it was enough to rile up this woman so much? Even more shockingly, he couldn’t muster the slightest bit of resistance against this woman in front of him despite being a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. A sort of fear born from the deepest marrow of his bones which consumed all his will gripped him every time he faced her.


But how could that be? He was already a Third-Order Emperor, but he was completely suppressed just by her aura alone. Only a Great Emperor could achieve this, but no matter how he looked at her, this woman in front of him didn’t look like a Great Emperor at all.


“Liar!” Zhu Qing shouted, “The Dragon Blood Flower only grows on Dragon Island. It can’t appear elsewhere!”


She seemed to be possessed with anger, and as she spoke, a resounding dragon roar suddenly rang out across the sky. The illusory phantom of a giant dragon head suddenly appeared above her, its two majestic eyes staring down at Li Jiao. In an instant, all the strength seemed to have been drained from Li Jiao’s body, and he actually fell to the ground with his eyes wide in horror. Cold sweat was pouring down his forehead like a waterfall as she stutteringly shouted, “Dragon Clan!”


“What!?” Mi Qi was also taken by surprise and kicked the ground hard to put some distance between Zhu Qing and himself, his face turning as white as snow.


Mi Qi looked stunned at the phantom dragon head above Zhu Qing’s head, and he couldn’t help but gulp audibly.


No wonder this woman had such terrifying power despite her petite size, and no wonder why Li Jiao couldn’t muster any resistance against her despite being a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, it turned out this woman belonged to the Dragon Clan!


If that was the case, then everything could be explained.


The Dragon Clan was the king of the myriad spirits, the leader of all Divine Spirits! Naturally, it would not be difficult for an adult dragon to be able to send him flying with a single punch, and Li Jiao was even worse off. Due to the trace of Dragon Bloodline in his body, he was completely suppressed by the Bloodline Power of this dragon girl in front of him. He may not even be able to find a sliver of strength in his body in front of her.


This was the terror of Dragon Blood’s bloodline suppression.


But how could there be a Dragon here? And, looking at Yang Kai’s attitude towards this dragon girl before, their relationship seemed a little unusual.


Could Dragon Island be lurking behind this High Heaven Palace?


Mi Qi was still thinking about whether he should renege on his debt after escaping from High Heaven Palace a moment ago, but how could he dare to do that now? With the Dragon Clan being involved, he wouldn’t dare to run away from his debt even if he had a hundred times to courage.


On the other end, Ji Ying who was seated on his chair was also stunned.


As the Fifth Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, he was a knowledgeable and experienced man, but he had never met a true Dragon Clan member before. He never thought he would have the chance to set his eyes upon one in this High Heaven Palace.


Thinking back to Yang Kai’s attitude towards this dragon girl though, he remembered he had even asked her to serve them tea!


Cold sweat began to drip down Ji Ying’s face while deep admiration for Yang Kai, as well as shock and fear, filled his heart.


The Dragon Clan were famous for their pride and arrogance, so how could one of them possibly end up being treated as a maidservant? If her temper were to be provoked, then who would be able to walk out of this hall alive?


What ability did Yang Kai possess to be able to make a dragon girl so obedient to him? Could he also be part of the Dragon Clan?


At that thought, Ji Ying began looking at Yang Kai in a different light. Originally, his identity as an Emperor Alchemist as well as his ability to beat him in an Alchemy competition was enough to garner Ji Ying’s attention and make him want to befriend him, but now, all Ji Ying could think of was ‘admiring the high mountains’.


To be served tea by a dragon girl. Even his Honoured Master, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor himself, would not receive this kind of honour if he personally came to visit, right?


Ji Ying’s thoughts couldn’t help but run wild.


“Speak, where did you get this Dragon Blood Flower? Tell me or die!” Zhu Qing eyed Li Jiao coldly, murderous intent radiating from her body.


The Dragon Blood Flower was an exclusive product of Dragon Island, but now one had actually appeared outside. Even though it was of the lowest quality possible, it was still undoubtedly a Dragon Blood Flower. Could it be that someone from Dragon Island was colluding with the outside world, selling Dragon Blood Flowers? This was no small matter, also the reason Zhu Qing was so serious about it.


“Frozen Earth! The Frozen Earth! I got it from the Frozen Earth!” How could Li Jiao dare to hide anything at this moment? A living, breathing dragon girl was standing right in front of him. The bloodline suppression he felt was more than enough to send fear into his bones. If this dragon girl wanted to kill him, then she could very likely do it in just one move. So, he could do nothing but reveal his secret.


“So, it’s the Frozen Earth!” Mi Qi was shocked. He had asked many times in the past, curious to know where Li Jiao had obtained this Dragon Blood Flower, but each time, Li Jiao would try to brush off the question, which made him grit his teeth in hate. Only now did he find out that this Dragon Blood Flower actually came from the Frozen Earth!


This was a dangerous Forbidden Zone, and it was rumoured that even Great Emperors did not dare tread deeply into it. A Third-Order Emperor would be taking a great risk just entering the Frozen Earth.


“Frozen Earth,” Zhu Qing frowned. She believed him partially and she didn’t think that Li Jiao would dare to lie under her pressure, but she was still curious and asked, “How could there be a Dragon Blood Flower in the Frozen Earth?”


That damned place was extremely cold without any living things in sight, so how could a Dragon Blood Flower appear there?


Li Jiao hurried to explain, “A dragon seemed to have met its end there, and his bones must have been buried in that ground. That was how the Dragon Blood Flower managed to germinate and survive.”


Upon hearing this, Zhu Qing’s face changed, “The burial place of a dragon then?”


She seemed to have thought of something, and after a few breaths of silence, she pressed, “You better be telling me the truth, or I’ll rip you into a thousand pieces.”


“Every word is true!” Li Jiao responded with haste.


“Where exactly did you discover the fallen dragon? What landmarks were nearby?” Zhu Qing suddenly transmitted her voice directly to him.


When he heard this, Li Jiao understood that she intended to investigate the matter herself. But this wasn’t a surprise as a dragon may possibly have met its end there, and the Dragon Clan’s numbers were small to begin with. Each one of their clansmen was extremely precious, so if one of them fell in the Frozen Earth, then naturally, Zhu Qing had to go and investigate. At the very least, she had to retrieve their bones to give them a proper burial.


Li Jiao transmitted back, “Young Lady, if you really plan to collect the corpse of your clansmen personally, then there is no need for that. I have checked before and the bones of that dragon had already turned into dust. It no longer exists.”


Zhu Qing quickly snapped, “You need only tell me the location. You don’t have to care about anything else.”


Seeing her insistence, Li Jiao could only tell Zhu Qing the location. In the end, he also added, “The Frozen Earth is a very dangerous place. If Young Lady were to meet with any accidents inside, it is none of my business.”


Zhu Qing sneered, “Even you managed to come out of there alive, why can’t I?”


“Yes, yes, yes.” Li Jiao’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. He then glanced at the wooden box in Zhu Qing’s hand, “Then, this Dragon Blood Flower…”


“Do you want to die?”


“I’ll return it to the Young Lady, it belongs to Dragon Island to begin with!” Li Jiao quickly changed his tone, but his heart felt pained enough that it could bleed.


He really suffered a miserable loss this time. Losing so many Source Crystals to Yang Kai was already a big heartache to him, and now he was going to lose the precious Dragon Blood Flower he spent so much time and effort raising too.


He shouldn’t have come. He really shouldn’t have come to this damned High Heaven Palace!


“Scram!” Zhu Qing waved her hand as if shooing away a fly.


Only then did Li Jiao get up in a hurry. He took another reluctant look at the wooden box before turning around and flying off.


Since Li Jiao had already left, Mi Qi naturally did not dare to stay any longer. Cupping his fists and excusing himself, he quickly followed suit.


“Qing’er, let me have a look at that.” Inside the hall, Yang Kai suddenly beckoned Zhu Qing with a smile on his face.


Zhu Qing glanced at Yang Kai with scorn and casually tossed the wooden box to him.


Yang Kai grabbed it and opened the box, clicking his tongue at the marvellous sight.


“The Dragon Blood Flower is one of the most exotic spirit flowers in the world and can only be cultivated with the blood of a Dragon Clansmen. It only grows on Dragon Island,” Ji Ying explained on the side.


“Cultivated with Dragon Blood?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at those words.


Dragon Blood itself was already a very good thing, and it was rare for anyone to be able to see it, so how could something cultivated with Dragon Blood be any worse? No wonder this Dragon Blood Flower was so full of energy and even contained a wisp of Dragon Qi.


Even though he had no idea what sort of Spirit Pill could be refined from this Dragon Blood Flower, Yang Kai could instinctively tell that this spirit flower was very useful to him.


“Can it be refined?” Yang Kai raised his head to look at Ji Ying.


Ji Ying smiled, “Naturally. The Spirit Pill made with the Dragon Blood Flower as the main ingredient is called the Dragon Blood Pill. If a dragon or someone with a Dragon Clan bloodline were to take such a pill, they would be able to enhance the purity and power of their bloodline. Even if an ordinary person were to take it, it would grant tremendous benefits, especially for body tempering.”




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