Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2740, True Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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“I wish to take a trip to the Frozen Earth.”


Half a month had passed since Yang Kai’s Alchemy competition with Ji Ying. Today, he had been refining the Golden Armor Heavenly Book when Zhu Qing suddenly sought him out with a declaration.


Yang Kai was shocked, “That place is a Forbidden Zone. Even if you’re a Dragon, you may not be able to get out safely. What are you going there for?”


“You know the reason.”


Yang Kai frowned as he did understand Zhu Qing’s plans.


She wished to visit the Frozen Earth for no reason other than to retrieve the bones of her clansman. Before, Zhu Qing had a rather off expression when Li Jiao revealed to her the location where he discovered the Dragon Blood Flower. That Dragon Clansman that had fallen in the Frozen Earth must have had some relationship with her.


“Didn’t Li Jiao say that the skeleton has long turned to dust, so it would be useless even if you went there?” Yang Kai tried to persuade her. Even though this girl had been quite annoying to him, and he couldn’t hope for anything more than for her to go as far away from him as possible, he still felt worried if she had to go to a place like the Frozen Earth.


A Dragon Clansman had already fallen there, so if Zhu Qing headed there, then she may end up following in the footsteps of her predecessor.


“There is still one more thing there,” Zhu Qing revealed.




Zhu Qing pondered for a moment before saying truthfully, “A Dragon Source. I must go there and find my clansman’s Source!”


Yang Kai suddenly understood. The Source of a Dragon Clansman was a Divine Spirit Source and definitely would not disappear so easily. Even if the bones had already turned into dust, the Source definitely remained.


He nodded, “Then go, but you must be careful. The Frozen Earth is not a place where you can just barge into.”


Zhu Qing looked silently at him, “Are you coming?”


Yang Kai immediately rolled his eyes, “Of course not.”


“Can’t you accompany me?” A look of disappointment flashed past Zhu Qing’s eyes.


Yang Kai grunted, “My strength is too low. The only thing waiting for me in the Frozen Earth would be death. Aren’t you worried that I’ll become a burden to you if I go?”


Most importantly, he wouldn’t have much to gain by going, so why would he go there?


Zhu Qing thought about it seriously before nodding, “You’re right, I’d just be imposing on you. In that case, I will go alone.” After a pause, she added, “But you have to behave and stay here. Don’t go wandering off.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “Why do I have to behave and stay here? Once you leave, I’ll leave the Northern Territory immediately. It’s wide seas and high skies after that, so I’ll go as far away as I want and you’ll never find me again!”


Zhu Qing’s face went dark in an instant, “In that case, I’m not going.”


Compared to her clansman’s Source, her business at Yang Kai’s side was the top priority.


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help but want to slap himself on the face, “I was just kidding. Rest assured, I’ll remain in High Heaven Palace and wait until you return.”


“You’re not lying, are you?” Zhu Qing observed Yang Kai’s eyes, seemingly trying to peer into his soul.


“Why would I lie? There are too many things to settle here at the Sect, and this Palace Master has a lot of issues he needs to handle, so where is he going to find the time to run around?” Yang Kai responded earnestly.


“Good,” Zhu Qing nodded, convinced. Suddenly, she added, “By the way, I have a Secret Technique here. Try cultivating it, it’s much better than your previous one.”


“Secret Technique? What kind of Secret Technique?” Yang Kai frowned.


Zhu Qin took out a jade slip and threw it to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grabbed it and looked inside with his Divine Sense, his eyes turning round in an instant as he shouted, “Dragon Transformation Secret Technique!”


Zhu Qing nodded, “I’ve seen you perform a Secret Technique similar to Dragon Transformation before, but the level of that Secret Technique seems to be quite low, far below this one. If you can successfully cultivate this Secret Technique, then it will increase your combat ability by at least twenty percent in that form.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he asked joyfully, “Truly?”


Zhu Qing smiled, “Do I look like the type to lie to you?”


Yang Kai blushed before changing the subject, “How come you have Secret Techniques like this on Dragon Island?”


Dragons only needed to circulate their Source Strength in order to transform into their True Dragon Form, so what use was this Dragon Transformation Secret Technique to them? Yang Kai couldn’t figure it out.


“Pureblood Dragons aren’t the only ones living on Dragon Island. There are others too,” Zhu Qing said leisurely. “You’ll know when you go to Dragon Island one day.”


“Then we’ll talk again then.” Yang Kai waved his hand and happily studied the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique written in the jade slip. If it was really as Zhu Qing said, then his battle power would soar again if he managed to cultivate this Secret Technique.


“Take your time cultivating, I’m going now.” After saying that, Zhu Qing turned around and walked off.


“Don’t die out there.” Yang Kai suddenly looked up at Zhu Qing’s back and called out.


Zhu Qing smiled and opened the door, leaving while feeling quite smug inside. She figured cultivating this Dragon Transformation Secret Technique would keep Yang Kai busy for a month or two, by which time she should already have returned from the Frozen Earth.


Outside the main gate, Zhu Qing turned into a stream of light and flew towards the far north. Then, she suddenly stopped and looked back, getting the vague feeling that someone was watching her.


But looking around, she didn’t catch sight of anyone. Shaking her head, she quickly left, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


“Ai!” Yang Kai sighed in his room, feeling a little guilty.


He didn’t agree to Zhu Qing’s request to accompany her to the Frozen Earth for two reasons. The first was really because the Frozen Earth was a very dangerous place, but the second was because he wanted Zhu Qing to give up on the whole idea. How could he have expected her to just leave without even hesitating?


“What a stubborn girl! I hope she dies out there,” Yang Kai coldly snorted, clearly in a bad mood.


But soon, his frustrations cleared as he concentrated on the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique in his hands.


The Dragon Transformation Secret Technique that he possessed now was taught to him by Chi Yue back on Heng Luo Star Field’s Monster Emperor Star. Yang Kai considered this quite an amazing Secret Technique back when he wasn’t very strong, and it had helped him raise his battle power a lot when he learned it, but with his increase in strength, that Secret Technique had become less and less useful to him.


But this Dragon Transformation Secret Technique given to him by Zhu Qing was indeed profound and could bring out the full latent potential of his Dragon Source, as well as the dragon artifacts that he had refined into his body.


When comparing the two Secret Techniques, the previous Dragon Transformation Yang Kai cultivated was indeed quite low in level.


The more Yang Kai studied this technique, the happier he felt, and the more he devoted himself to studying it.


He originally planned to get as far away from Zhu Qing as possible after she left, but he had already forgotten all about that.


In the blink of an eye, another half month passed.


Inside the room, Yang Kai opened his eyes and shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


A high-pitched dragon roar sounded before a huge Golden Divine Dragon Illusory Phantom flickered behind him, merging into Yang Kai’s body, immediately resonating with the dragon artifacts that he refined into his body.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard and Yang Kai showed an immensely painful expression. His figure, which was originally sitting cross-legged on the floor, rose more than three meters higher.




Both his hands transformed into dragon claws that were much more realistic than the previous ones. The tips of the claws were as sharp as blades and were shining with a cold glint. On his chest, Scales covered with patterns emerged, spreading all the way down to his waist.


The Dragon Scales were not made of energy like before, but rather a condensation of the Dragon Clan’s Source Strength. They were no worse when compared to real Dragon Scales, and looked no different to the naked eye.


There were also some slight differences with his head and tail as well.


Yang Kai reached out to touch his head and his eyes widened instantly. That was because he discovered that two small nubs had suddenly bulged out on both sides of his head, as if something was growing out of it.


Dragon Horns?” Yang Kai recalled the scene of Zhu Qing activating her Source Strength the first time he met her, instantly understanding.


The two small bulges on each side of his head should be Dragon Horns. Only, he hadn’t cultivated a profound Dragon Transformation Secret Technique like this one, so he looked like neither fish nor fowl.


Touching his back, Yang Kai’s expression grew even stranger.


But this couldn’t be helped as a small Dragon Tail had actually grown out behind his butt…


Could he really face people with this appearance?


After calming his emotions, he slowly stood up. Yang Kai discovered himself to be more than two times taller than before. He wasn’t short to begin with, but he wasn’t remarkably tall either. Right now, perhaps only a few naturally gifted people could compare to his height. Anyone else standing in front of him could only be looked down upon.


Gently clenching his fists, Yang Kai could feel that his hands were filled with power, as if they could explode at any moment.


The richness of that power made Yang Kai feel extremely happy.


With a light wave of his hand, the air rippled in front of him, turning into a mirror. When Yang Kai saw his reflection in the mirror, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.


How could this look be described as just fierce and fiendish? Not only had his image been greatly changed, but there was also an extremely ferocious aura emanating from his body. Any timid person would probably run away immediately if they saw him like this.


The most striking part of his transformation were his eyes. They had turned into a golden color just like when he activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation. It gave off a mighty feeling, and if he narrowed his eyes, perhaps even his close friends would be frightened by his visage.


Yang Kai couldn’t resist laughing, now very satisfied with this appearance.


And he was still a ways away from perfecting this Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. If he really understood the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique that Zhu Qing gave him thoroughly, then the changes to his body would likely become even more pronounced. At the very least, he would become even taller.


The old Dragon Transformation Secret Technique really could not compare to this one.


“Palace Master, Palace Master!” Hua Qing Si’s voice suddenly came from outside.


Yang Kai’s eyes twinkled as he took a step out, his large feet producing a heavy thudding noise as they hit the ground like beating war drums.


The moment the door was opened, Hua Qing Si’s beautiful face lost color as she exclaimed, “Who are you?!”


When she spat out the first word, she had already summoned her Five-Coloured Spear and poured her Emperor Qi into it, causing the Emperor Artifact to release a radiant glow that shot towards Yang Kai.


Hua Qing Si had the instinctive feeling that this extraordinary being wasn’t something to be trifled with, so she had released a lethal strike on the very first move.


Yang Kai laughed viciously and lunged out with his dragon claws.


With one swing, he was able to shatter the five-coloured light and caught the Five-Coloured Spear between his fingers, halting its advance.


With her Emperor Artifact restrained, Hua Qing Si was horrified and tried desperately to retrieve her weapon.


The Five-Coloured Spear rumbled loudly in Yang Kai’s hand, but it wouldn’t move. She couldn’t shake off Yang Kai’s restraint no matter how she tried.


“Heh, heh, heh, your Palace Master has already been killed by this King, and now this King is going to destroy your High Heaven Palace! I’ll give you a death without burial!” Yang Kai laughed maniacally.


The horror on Hua Qing Si’s disappeared all of a sudden as she swept her eyes over Yang Kai, frowning as she asked, “Palace Master, what are you doing? You really scared me there.”




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