Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2745, Sapphire Jade Token


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Faced with this thunderous attack, Bian Yu Qing did not back down and instead met it head-on. At the same time, she propelled all the bracelets in the sky towards the middle-aged man with a single thought.


Bracelet after bracelet slammed down, but the middle-aged man was unharmed. Instead, those bracelets all cracked. These were merely illusory phantoms in the end, so they didn’t have any real destructive power.


The two enemies closed in on each other quickly and were soon going to clash.


The middle-aged man grinned, thrusting his sword out in front of him.


With a dull noise, Bian Yu Qing’s body trembled as the sword passed straight through her chest.


Suppressing the pain, Bian Yu Qing’s face turned hideous as she roared, “Die!”


As she said that, a bracelet crashed right down onto the middle-aged man’s head, cracking it open like a melon and spewing red and white matter into the air.


The headless corpse swayed before suddenly falling from the sky.


Bian Yu Qing’s body also trembled. Holding the stab wound on her chest, she staggered back a few steps, opening her mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood.


Followed by a slight breeze, Yang Kai suddenly appeared next to her, holding her with one hand and frowning as he questioned, “You could have ground him to death little by little, why the need for such ferocity?”


Bian Yu Qing definitely had the upper hand in that confrontation, and she even had Yang Kai watching over her from the side. As long as she maintained her steady rhythm a little longer, she would have been able to kill her opponent with minimal to no losses at all, but unexpectedly, she actually chose to engage in a frontal clash, accepting serious injuries in exchange for a quick victory.


The middle-aged man was killed, but she had also been stabbed in the chest. This couldn’t be called a trivial wound, and if she had been the slightest bit careless, then she would have been dead.


Bian Yu Qing wiped the corner of her mouth and laughed mockingly at herself, “You men aren’t the only hot-blooded ones, you know!”


Yang Kai fell silent.


Bian Yu Qing shook her head, not feeling any joy from obtaining vengeance at all; instead, she just felt more desolate.


With Blue Feather Sect gone, she and Kou Wu had been depending on each other for survival this whole time. Now that even Kou Wu was dead, she was all alone, and she suddenly felt lost about her future.


“Focus on healing your wound first.” Yang Ki looked at the sword pierced through her chest and frowned.


If she hadn’t shifted her posture at the last moment, then this sword could really have taken her life. It wasn’t that Yang Kai couldn’t save her, but he knew that this sword wasn’t going to kill her, so he respected her wishes and stood by and watched.


If the injury wasn’t treated in time, then it may cause problems in the future.


Bian Yu Qing shook her head, “I need to take care of Kou Wu’s remains first. There are many wild beasts out here.”


Yang Kai sighed, “Where are they?”


“Over there!” Bian Yu Qing pointed in a certain direction.


Yang Kai reached out to hold her and was just about to move when Bian Yu Qing suddenly said, “Their rings.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, causing several streams of light to fly over from below. Three Space Rings, alongside the artifacts of the other two, were instantly brought over.


Even though the belongings of these Dao Source Realm cultivators weren’t worth Yang Kai’s attention, they were a fortune to Bian Yu Qing, so she naturally couldn’t just let them go.


He casually tossed the items to Bian Yu Qing before setting off.


In a few moments, they arrived at their destination where they found a corpse lying on its back on the ground. Who else would it be if not Kou Wu? But indeed, as the middle-aged man said before, Kou Wu died a quick death. He incurred a fatal stab wound to the chest, so he probably didn’t feel any pain.


Bian Yu Qing’s eyes were a little red as she sniffled, but forced herself to hold back her tears. Moving away from Yang Kai’s embrace, she flew down.


Once she landed on the ground, she was quiet for a moment before opening up, “Great riches and honours didn’t come to him when he was with me. I hope he finds a better place in his next life.”


Finally, she couldn’t stop the tears from running down her cheeks. She bent down and carefully picked up Kou Wu’s corpse, storing his remains carefully into her Space Ring.


Yang Kai watched in silence, not saying anything.


Only when Bian Yu Qing was done cleaning up and flown back did he lead her towards a nearby mountain peak.


Sweeping over the terrain with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found a cave and entered it. After landing, Yang Kai took out a few pills and ordered, “Open your mouth!”


Bian Yu Qing opened her mouth obediently, and with a flick of his wrist, Yang Kai popped the Spirit Pills into her mouth.


Before she could react, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword stuck in her chest, pulling it with one swift movement.


Bian Yu Qing’s body froze for a moment before she let out a heart-wrenching scream.


But with his fingers, Yang Kai jabbed a few points on her body and stopped the blood flow before saying, “Once you refine the medicinal efficacies, you should be fine.”


Turning around, he headed out of the cave.


Yang Kai had refined those healing pills personally, and one of them was even an Emperor Grade Spirit Pill. Bian Yu Qing’s injury was quite serious, so with only her Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation and her own Spirit Pills, it would likely take a long time for her to recover.


Half a day later, Yang Kai, who was standing at the entrance of the cave with his hands behind his back, heard the sound of footsteps. Turning around, he saw Bian Yu Qing walking out with a fresh set of clothes.


Four eyes suddenly meeting, Bian Yu Qing had a slightly complex look in her eyes as she meekly spoke, “Thanks.”


The little brat she used to look down upon had now grown to the point where she needed to look up to him; these changes overwhelmed Bian Yu Qing a little. She wasn’t acting as naturally as in the past, but rather a little more formal now.


“It’s just a trivial matter,” Yang Kai shook his head. “Perhaps I am also responsible for your current situation.”


Bian Yu Qing couldn’t understand, “What does any of this have to do with you?”


Yang Kai looked at her with a solemn gaze and said, “I’m the one who killed Wu Meng Chuan.”


“What?” Bian Yu Qing trembled, almost in disbelief at what she heard. But she also understood that there was no need for Yang Kai to lie to her about this with his current status and strength.


If he confessed to it, then Wu Meng Chuan must have really died at his hand.


Blue Feather Sect’s decline had much to do with Wu Meng Chuan’s disappearance. With the Sect Master gone and three of the original four Protectors killed off by him, only Bian Yu Qing was left, and she naturally couldn’t save this situation with her strength alone. Soon after, Blue Feather Sect disbanded, and the disciples went their separate ways.


While others had no idea why Wu Meng Chuan disappeared, Bian Yu Qing knew that it happened after he left for the Shattered Star Sea. After all, the Star Seal to enter the Shattered Star Sea was obtained by Kou Wu and her from the Four Seasons Realm.


But to think that Wu Meng Chuan actually died to Yang Kai. That man was a descendant of the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, and as far as Bian Yu Qing knew, Wu Meng Chuan still had a Legacy Emperor Artifact handed down to him from the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor.


Yang Kai must have been in the Dao Source Realm as well when he entered the Shattered Star Sea, but he still managed to kill Wu Meng Chuan.


“Seems like you don’t intend to seek revenge for him,” Yang Kai smiled at this observation.


After he admitted to killing Wu Meng Chuan, Bian Yu Qing was shocked, but she didn’t have any other reaction.


“Why would I want to get revenge for him?” Bian Yu Qing scoffed, “If he hadn’t needed someone to manage the Blue Feather Sect for him, then I would have been killed by him after he got out. I have no problem with you killing him.”


“That’s for the best,” Yang Kai nodded. “By the way, what is that Entry Token that those people were talking about when they were pursuing you?”


Bian Yu Qing was silent for a moment, but she still took out the sapphire jade token from her Space Ring which was about the size of a palm, handing it to Yang Kai, “This is it.”


Yang Kai took the token and studied it. He could see that this jade token was carved from sapphire jade, but there wasn’t anything special about it.


Sapphire jade was a type of jade ore that wasn’t considered precious. It was produced in many places and one or two ores would perhaps be needed to refine low-grade artifacts. So what about this Entry Token warranted a group of Dao Source Realm cultivators to fight and chase after?


Turning it over, Yang Kai saw several numbers engraved onto the back, ‘3-9-1-2’!


“What’s it for?” Yang Kai looked doubtfully at Bian Yu Qing.


“This is the Entry Token for Spirit Lake Palace. With this, you can enter Spirit Lake Palace’s cultivation rooms,” Bian Yu Qing explained, “You’ve been gone for many years, so you probably don’t know how bustling Spirit Lake Palace is these days. Countless people arrive every day in order to use the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal cultivation rooms. I spent all of my assets in order to obtain this Entry Token, but I still have to wait two more months before it’s my turn to cultivate inside.”


Yang Kai’s face darkened, “Two months? There are that many people waiting in line?”


Bian Yu Qing said, “Do you know how long it’s been since I got my Entry Token?”


“How long?”


“Half a year,” Bian Yu Qing told him, “I got this Entry Token half a year ago, but I still need to wait two more months before it’s my turn. Countless others still have to wait a year or even two.”


“Heavens!” Yang Kai clicked his tongue in amazement, “Is Spirit Lake Palace really so popular?”


Bian Yu Qing laughed, “The World Energy is just that dense in Spirit Lake Palace. Even the lowest grade, the Mortal Grade cultivation rooms, are something any ordinary small Sect can’t compare to. For people looking to make breakthroughs like us, Spirit Lake Palace is naturally a popular place, but if you don’t have connections, you just have to wait in line.”


Yang Kai asked, “Is that why those three were trying to steal your Entry Token?”


Bian Yu Qing responded, “Of course. Don’t underestimate the value of this Entry Token. After Spirit Lake Palace hands out an Entry Token, they only care about the token, not the owner. In other words, whoever holds this Entry Token will be able to enter Spirit Lake Palace to cultivate in two months. I spent all of my Source Crystals in order to get this Entry Token, but if I take this Entry Token to the black market now, I’ll definitely be able to sell it for twice as much. Even the highest rank of Entry Token can often be found up for auction.”


“Because of the wait time?” Yang Kai raised a brow.


“En. The closer the date is, the higher the value of the Entry Token. Maplewood City’s black market is crazy over this. Who knows how many people are there trying to find an Entry Token.”


Yang Kai nodded. Not mentioning the worth of the Entry Token itself, the fact that one was able to enter Spirit Lake Palace to cultivate in two months was enough to get people fighting over it. Bian Yu Qing must have accidentally exposed her ownership of the token, leading to the three disciples from Broken Mountain Sect pursuing her.


Yang Kai didn’t expect this place to change so much after being away for just a few years.


“The White Entry Tokens are for Mortal Grade rooms, Sapphire Entry Tokens for Earth Grade, and as for the top Ruby Entry Tokens, those are naturally for Heaven Grade!” Bian Yu Qing explained, “But Heaven Grade rooms aren’t something people like me can enter.”


Even Emperor Realm Masters dream of entering those rooms, so naturally Bian Yu Qing couldn’t compete with them with the resources she had.




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