Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2747, Forced To Buy


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Twenty million Mid-Rank Source Crystals would translate to Two Hundred Thousand High-Rank Source Crystals, which was just a drop in the bucket to Yang Kai, but to Bian Yu Qing, it was everything she had.


And even this was thanks to the fact that she had constantly been managing Blue Feather Sect in the past and had some of the Sect’s cultivation resources with her, or she would not have had such a large fortune.


In the blink of an eye, something she bought for twenty million was now priced as high as thirty-six million. Just like Bian Yu Qing said before, she really could double her money by reselling the Entry Token. The demand for this Entry Token was clear to see among the cultivators of Spirit Lake City.


“Forty million!” A Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator in the air shouted out the price, red-faced and grimacing, looking like he was in great pain. But as long as he could get his hands on this Sapphire Entry Token, he could try to break through to the Emperor Realm in two months. If he succeeded, then what would this forty million Mid-Rank Source Crystals be worth?


The appearance of Spirit Lake Palace had allowed many cultivators to break through their own shackles. There were over a hundred Emperor Realm breakthroughs over the past ten years here alone, so if those people could do it, why couldn’t he?


“If anyone can name a higher price, then I don’t want the Entry Token anymore!” That Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator grit his teeth and observed his surroundings nervously.


To his delight, nobody else raised the bid after him, but that did make sense. Forty million was already twice the price of buying the Entry Token from Spirit Lake Palace to begin with, and this price was already the bottom line of most people. There were no fools here. Even though the number would grant entry very soon, Source Crystals don’t just come from nowhere, so how could they squander them freely?


“This Old Master bids forty million and ten thousand!” An old voice suddenly appeared from the distance.


Upon hearing this, the whole crowd had strange expressions on their faces. For someone to suddenly come in and add a mere ten thousand to the bidding price, who knows whether this person was trying to pick up a bargain or had some grudge with that cultivator who bid forty million and simply wanted to insult him.


“Who? Who said that?!” The Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator was infuriated hearing this of course and the anger in his chest began boiling like magma in a volcano.


Even though Yang Kai never specified how much the price had to be raised for each bid, everyone was quite disciplined during the auction earlier, raising the bid by at least half a million each time, but mainly raising the price by a million. But now, someone suddenly came out and raised the bid by just ten thousand. Wasn’t that a display of naked contempt?


“It was this Old Master. What’s wrong? Do you have any complaints?”


In a flash, an old man showed himself. Flying above everyone, he looked down at the crowd, pushing his voice with the force inside his body, sending a blast of Emperor Intent to all their faces.


“Emperor Realm!” The face of the cultivator who was still looking around furiously just now to see who was trying to mess around suddenly changed, instantly turning silent.


An Emperor Realm Master actually came to snatch the Sapphire Entry Token away from him, this was something he would never have expected. Even though the Sapphire Entry Token only allowed one to enter an Earth Grade cultivation room, that still had some use to an Emperor Realm Master. However, in general, Emperors would only use the Heaven Grade cultivation rooms. Of course, there was also the possibility that this old man was joining the auction in order to secure the Entry Token for his Disciple or descendant.


“It’s Broken Mountain Sect’s Sect Master, Le Dong Zheng!”


Someone suddenly shouted in the crowd, seemingly recognizing the identity of this old man.


When the others heard his words, they all revealed looks of fear.


Bian Yu Qing’s body trembled slightly as she had the subconscious feeling that this Le Dong Zheng was here to find trouble with her. But thinking about it carefully, nobody saw them when she and Yang Kai killed those three Broken Mountain Sect disciples. Only after this thought hit her did she relax.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and looked at Le Dong Zheng with a thoughtful expression on his face.


Not to mention the fact that this old man was suspected to be starting trouble by raising the price by just ten thousand out of nowhere, this Sect Master had come over as soon as he killed those Broken Mountain Sect disciples. This was too much of a coincidence, right?


Could it be that the matter was exposed? But that didn’t seem right. Yang Kai swept through his surroundings with his Divine Sense before killing them, and nobody was watching at all. Moreover, the three men did not send any messages before they died, so how could Le Dong Zheng know?


“So, it is Senior Le,” that Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator also recognized Le Dong Zheng and smiled bitterly, “Since Senior Le wants this Sapphire Entry Token, Junior naturally wouldn’t dare to have any complaints.”


“Good!” Le Dong Zheng let out a light grunt and turned his head to look at Yang Kai, reaching his hand out, “Hand over the Entry Token.”


Yang Kai eyed him and sneered, “The auction isn’t over yet.”


Le Dong Zheng said, “What, could there be anyone who can outbid this Old Master?”


He eyed his surroundings with his imposing glare, and anyone who met his gaze felt chills rising in their hearts, so even if they wanted to bid, they didn’t dare to open their mouths anymore. Not to mention the fact that the price of forty million had exceeded most of their bottom lines.


“Do you see that? This Old Master’s price is the highest!” Le Dong Zheng extended his hand once more, “Hand over the Entry Token.”


Yang Kai stroked his chin and shook his head, “Even if your price is the highest, I’m still not going to sell you this Entry Token.”


[Raising by just 10,000 and you want to snatch away this Entry Token?] If Yang Kai really gave it to Le Dong Zheng, it would leave a bitter taste in his mouth for a long time to come. On top of that, this Entry Token was originally something that three cultivators from the Broken Mountain Sect wanted to steal. Even Kou Wu had to be killed before the Entry Token was saved, so how could it now land in the hands of the Broken Mountain Sect?


Le Dong Zheng’s face darkened, “Boy, you dare disobey the rules?”


Yang Kai snickered, “My things, my rules. What the hell do you count for?”


As soon as he said that, everyone was staring tongue-tied at Yang Kai, secretly admiring his guts. Le Dong Zheng was an Emperor Realm Master, and yet this young man actually dared to provoke him.


“You court death!” Le Dong Zheng was furious and his aura flared around his body, attempting to pressure Yang Kai.


Many of the people standing nearby grunted and stepped back.


Yang Kai did not move, however, and instead just sneered at Le Dong Zheng. After a light snort, his own Emperor Pressure rose up like an awakened beast.


Le Dong Zheng’s face changed dramatically as he called out, “You’re also an Emperor!”


The crowd at the side was also shocked. They never would have thought that Yang Kai was actually an Emperor Realm Master. All of them instantly felt nervous, but fortunately, they were quite disciplined during the auction earlier and did not offend him too much; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences.


“It was this Old Master who had eyes but failed to see,” Le Dong Zheng’s expression cooled instantly.


Yang Kai ignored him and pointed his hand to the front, “Hey, you! Come over here!”


When Yang Kai pointed his hand, the crowd split away in a flash, as if the outstretched finger was a venomous snake.


The cultivator who bid forty million earlier also tried to doge, but no matter where he moved to, Yang Kai’s finger kept on pointing at him.


With a bitter face, he asked, “Senior, what can I do for you?”


Even though he was quite a lot older than Yang Kai, his cultivation was inferior, so he could only address him as Senior.


“Come over here!” Yang Kai said again.


The man had no choice but to walk towards Yang Kai with an apprehensive face, not knowing what the latter wanted from him.


After approaching, Yang Kai shoved the Sapphire Entry Token into his hands before he could say anything and declared, “The Entry Token is yours.”


In a flash, the face of Le Dong Zheng, who was floating in the air, turned blue.


He was a First-Order Emperor and his bid was higher, but Yang Kai refused to sell the Entry Token to him. Instead, Yang Kai passed the Sapphire Entry Token to a mere Dao Source Realm cultivator. This was a public slap to the face.


Instead of feeling happy, the Dao Source Realm cultivator felt shocked and afraid. The Sapphire Entry Token in his hands felt just like a hot lump of iron, burning into his palms.


If Le Dong Zheng hadn’t made a bid, he would have happily accepted the Entry Token, but now that Le Dong Zheng had appeared, how could he dare to take it? If he does take it, then he would be offending someone he couldn’t afford to. He couldn’t be sure whether he would get what was coming to him in the future either.


“Senior, I don’t want the Entry Token anymore,” he opened his mouth with great difficulty and returned the Entry Token.


“You dare refuse?” Yang Kai grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him up, glaring fiercely at his face, “You think I won’t beat you black and blue for that?”


That man was so shocked that his face turned white and he quickly cautioned, “Fighting isn’t allowed in Spirit Lake City!”


Yang Kai said threateningly, “Can you hide in Spirit Lake City for the rest of your life? I’ll beat you half to death as soon as you leave the city!”


That man wanted to cry but had no tears, all but begging, “Senior, why must you make things difficult for me? I’m just a Dao Source Realm cultivator.”


“You call selling you an Entry Token making things difficult for you?” Yang Kai sneered, still holding onto his collar, “Are you taking it or not? If not, you’re dead.”


The man dodged his gaze, not daring to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai then whispered quietly, “If you take it, you may offend Le Dong Zheng, but you’ll also gain an Entry Token, and have the chance to break through to the Emperor Realm. If you don’t though, you will offend this Young Master and get no benefits at all. Consider the gains and losses by yourself.”


As soon as he heard that, his eyes lit up.


That’s right. No matter whether he takes the Entry Token or not, he would be offending an Emperor Realm Master. If he did take it though, then he at least had a ray of hope for advancing to the Emperor Realm. It was such a simple question, so why hadn’t he thought it through before?


In an instant, he made his decision.


Looking up towards Le Dong Zheng, the man cupped his fists, “Senior Le, it’s not that Junior wants to fight with you, but Junior was forced to buy! Please understand!”


“Hmph!” Le Dong Zheng coldly snorted, causing the man’s face to turn pale again, but things had already come to this, and there was nothing for him to hesitate over anymore. He quickly moved forty million Mid-Rank Source Crystals from his ring to another before handing it to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai turned around and tossed the ring to Bian Yu Qing. Only then did he let go of the man’s collar and say, “You can use the token yourself, but you can’t sell it, especially not to that old man!” He pointed at Le Dong Zheng and threatened, “If I find out that you’ve sold the token to him… Hmph!”


“I know, I know! I’ll use it myself, I definitely won’t sell it!” The man nodded incessantly.


“Now go!” Yang Kai waved his hand.


That man ran into the crowd and disappeared without a trace as if it had been a ghost.


Seeing that the Entry Token had already been sold out, the rest of the crowd naturally had no reason to stay anymore and quickly scattered like birds and beasts.


Only Le Dong Zheng stayed behind, staring at Yang Kai with narrowed eyes. A cold glint could be seen through those slits as he spoke, “Little friend, this Old Master has no idea how he offended you, for you to target this Old Master in such a way.”


Yang Kai snickered, “Sect Master Le, why the need to play dumb? Since you’re already here, why don’t you just air out what you want to say?”


Le Dong Zheng responded, “I don’t know what this little friend is talking about.”


“In that case, there’s nothing for us to talk about,” Yang Kai turned around and said to Bian Yu Qing, “Let’s go.”




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