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Martial Peak – Chapter 289, Exploring The Coiling Dragon Stream

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Once the third stage was reached, and a real connection between their hearts and minds was formed, even if the two of them were separated by tens of thousands of meters, the True Qi within their bodies would still resonate with one another, and a steady cycle would endlessly continue.

At that point, when the two of them were together, their combat strength would also dramatically increase, and they could use the full range of the Joyous Unification Art’s offensive skills.

The True Qi within Yang Kai body flowed into Su Yan’s, and then from Su Yan’s body  back into Yang Kai, the two True Qis smelting and refining one another, continuously enhancing and purifying.  As time passed, not just their True Qi experienced a blending; even each of their consciousness began to merge.

It was like an intangible entanglement of their souls, instilling a deep yearning and connection within them so that even without talking, they would be able to clearly feel each other’s presence and even the slightest touch between them would send trembles through their bodies.

A dragon’s roar echoed from Yang Kai body and a phoenix cry responded from Su Yan’s.

As the two of them cultivated within the small house, the glowing images of a dragon and phoenix slowly appeared.  If one were to look closely at their clothes, on Yang Kai and Su Yan’s back, they would see a dragon and phoenix gently swimming upon them, seemingly accompanying each other in a majestic dance; the two’s dual cultivation technique circulating more rapidly than ever before.

This time’s breakthrough led to Yang Kai and Su Yan circulating their Yin Yang Joyous Unification Art for a full five days, constantly blending and refining their True Qi, washing away all the anxiety of separation the two had accumulated.

During this time, not only did Yang Kai’s strength improve greatly, Su Yan also reaped a huge harvest.

The two of them did not engage in any great physical intimacy, but they both faintly felt that this dual cultivation had greatly deepened the feelings they had for one another, like they had somehow touched upon the desires they both felt for one another in their hearts.

From when they met until the time the parted, Yang Kai never once acted uncouth.

Su Yan had spent the last year thoroughly honing her mental state, tempering it by resisting the base desires within her heart; if at this time Yang Kai were to press his desires upon her, it would likely destroy her year’s worth of effort, causing her to fall short of an important enlightenment.

For the sake of her future cultivation, Yang Kai had no choice but to remain patient.

(Silavin: How nice. He really has grown.)

Before leaving her, Yang Kai gave Ling Tai Xu’s Universe Bag to Su Yan, along with a few kilograms of Myriad Drug Liquid, Myriad Drug Milk, and two bottles of Myriad Drug Cream.

If taken over a long period of time, the Myriad Drug Liquid would improve a cultivator’s physique.  This opportunity was something he naturally would share with his women so that, as long one or two months passed, Su Yan could be reborn.

From the beginning, her aptitude was already top class, so once she experienced this rebirth, her future horizons would essentially be limitless.

In addition, Yang Kai left her a drop each of Soul Cleansing Dew and Brilliant Flame Liquid.  Refining the Brilliant Flame Liquid now would allow Su Yan’s True Qi to become purer, while the Soul Cleansing Dew would bring her great benefits once she reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

It was something she would be using in the near future.

Leaving Su Yan’s small hut, Yang Kai immediately flew to the Coiling Dragon Stream.

As he approached, Yang Kai began to see the thick black demonic atmosphere rising from the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream, seemingly gathering atop it.

More than a dozen kilometers above the Coiling Dragon Stream was covered in a great black cloud, radiating an overwhelming evil aura.

Since the Sect Master’s Second Disciple had publicly broken out, the Coiling Dragon Stream and surrounding region had become so.

With the concentration of Demonic Qi here, the short term impact on one would not be too great, but if this situation continued indefinitely, a radius of hundreds of kilometers from here would no longer be suitable for those of the righteous path to cultivate upon.

Disciples from all of the Three Sects in this region would be implicated.

During this period, people from the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall had already come to the High Heaven Pavilion to protest, but seeing High Heaven Pavilion’s Sect Master in such a state, along with one of the five Elders being killed and the other seriously injured, a thick air of depression hanging over the Sect, there was very little they could say or do to make matters more difficult.

On the other hand, Old Demon’s mood was a quite excited, and without waiting for Yang Kai’s request or permission he immediately took the initiative to gather the surrounding strands of Demonic Qi and absorb it into his Soul Breaker Awl, like a sponge soaking it up, continuously swallowing this evil gas.

This vicious and unbearable Demonic Qi was like a sweet delicacy to Old Demon.

Not only was Evil Qi nourishing for his Soul, it also allowed him to repair and enhance his Soul Breaker Awl.

The current ruinous state of High Heaven Pavilion was akin to a Heavenly paradise for him.

Approaching the edge of the Coiling Dragon Stream, as Yang Kai gazed downwards into the abyss below, it was like a staring at an immense black dragon, releasing an endless vicious hostility, like the entire canyon had become a birthplace for Demonic Qi.

“Did you find anything down there that would explain this Demonic Qi?” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow and asked.

“Old Servant didn’t find anything in particular, the only thing of note is that the further down one goes the more intense the Demonic Qi is; but now, this Demonic Qi is somewhat different than it was before.” Old Demon said.

“How is it different?” Yang Kai asked.

“Compared with the past it seems to be richer and purer.  Before, there was some kind of energy which was suppressing the Demonic Qi.  Young Master, it is likely that the Yang attribute energy you were absorbing from this place was responsible for suppressing this Demonic Qi, but now this suppression seems to have weakened a lot.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and no longer spoke.

He had also realized that the Yang Qi here was much thinner than before.

After a moment, Yang Kai jumped down, falling through the air, he quickly pushed his True Qi and slowly stabilized his descent before diving into his secluded home.

The inside of his secluded cave didn’t appear to have the slightest damage, even all the embellishments and furnishings brought here by Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang remained unscathed.

The only thing of note that was different was that the two pots of flowers at the entrance had withered.  These two pots were things he had acquired from Meng Wu Ya from The Contribution Hall counter; they had clearly been poisoned by the rich Demonic Qi and had long ago shriveled up and died.

Between the two flower pots was a small hole, where the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng had taken root, but now it was missing.

After the day of the battle, Su Yan had apparently not seen it anywhere in High Heaven Pavilion.

The Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was a spiritual object and already possessed its own consciousness, so when it became aware of the surrounding danger it had likely taken the initiative to hide on its own.  It had probably sensed the emergence of the new Demon Lord and the rising Demonic Qi within the Coiling Dragon Stream and sought refuge somewhere.

But… it shouldn’t have run far.

It fed upon Yin and Yang Qi, so aside from nearby the Coiling Dragon Stream, there was no other place for it to go.

Closing his eyes and slowly releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai quickly searched for it nearby.

Sweeping the area with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai faintly felt a trace of danger radiating from the Coiling Dragon Stream below, so he did not dare search too deeply, only examining the upper regions.

After a moment, Yang Kai smiled lightly as he located the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng.

Indeed, as he expected, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng had just hidden itself nearby in a mountain seam a few kilometers away.

Using his Divine Sense to contact it and transmit his own goodwill, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng soon realized that a familiar aura had come and quickly raced towards his side.

After a few dozen breaths of time, the red and white Yin Yang Monster Ginseng re-appeared in front of Yang Kai and directly leapt into his chest, only revealing a portion of its body, its facial features revealing a scared and frightened expression.

Yang Kai couldn’t help chuckling as he stretched out a finger and fed it a drop of Yang Liquid; this caused the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng’s expression to relax significantly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring you to a new home, it is absolutely safe, no one will bother you there!”  Yang Kai whispered and without waiting for it to respond directly placed it into the Black Book’s space.

The Black Book’s space was unable to load living creatures, but for rare herbs and flowers there wasn’t an issue.  Although the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng had gained some sentience, in the end it was still just a type of exotic plant so staying inside the Black Book’s space was naturally no problem.

Once inside the huge space, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng curiously looked around at this empty place and soon discovered the presence of the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Racing forward, it quickly took in the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Yang Kai’s heart immediately clenched as he quickly used his Divine Sense to partition the Black Book’s space, hiding this treasure within.

All of a sudden seeing this good thing disappear, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng wore a wronged expression and jumped up, dashing around inside the Black Book’s space trying to find the Myriad Drug Liquid.

“Every ten days I’ll give you a drop so be obedient and stay here!”  Yang Kai helplessly used his Divine Sense to convey this message.  Sensing this, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng finally somewhat begrudgingly settled down.

Finished handling the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, Yang Kai walked through the rest of his secluded cave stowing things into the Black Book’s space, including all the precious treasures and Hallowed Artifacts he collected from the Endless Sea Island.

Everything in the cave was swiftly packed away, not leaving a single blade of grass behind.

Exiting his secluded cave, Yang Kai stared into the depths of the canyon at the rising Demonic Qi, pondering to himself.

Seeing through his thoughts, Old Demon tentatively asked, “Young Master, do you want to go down?”

“En.”  Yang Kai nodded.  Down below there was certainly some profound mystery, or else it would have been impossible for Ling Tai Xu’s Second Disciple to restore his strength and advance his Evil Cultivation Technique.

This place was the sight of an Earth shattering battle between High Heaven Pavilion’s Ancestral Founder and a powerful Demon Lord hundreds of years ago, Yang Kai naturally wanted to explore it to see if he could glean something.

This thick Demonic Qi acted as a barrier, blocking the majority of people from descending to the Coiling Dragon Stream’s true depths, even many Devil’s Path Cultivators would not be able to withstand this level of corrosive hostility.

But Yang Kai had Old Demon’s protection, coupled with his own Unyielding Golden Skeleton which was able to consume this Demonic Qi, it was quite possible he would be able to withstand this environment.

Thinking till here, Yang Kai finally resolved himself and directly jumped down into the canyon.

Old Demon couldn’t help being shocked once again at his young master’s boldness.

With the winds whistling past his ears, Yang Kai fell faster and faster, in the blink of an eye already descending a few thousand meters, plunging straight into the rolling black gas.

The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and quickly deployed his Flaming Yang Wings, quickly shooting back upwards, an expression of pain upon his face as he stared down into the canyon with a lingering fear.

In the instant he plummeted into the thick cloud of Demonic Qi, Yang Kai had felt that his soul had been attacked, as if a hidden aura of brutal and bloodthirsty hostility had surged towards him.

Invisible and dangerous, extremely difficult to prevent.

Even though Yang Kai had been cultivating his soul almost constantly, he still felt that this attack was quite fearsome.

Old Demon on the other hand had not sensed anything and remained completely unharmed.

Leaning against the Coiling Dragon Stream’s rocky wall, Yang Kai directed his sight towards the canyon’s bottom once more, hesitating for a moment before once more descending.

The all-encompassing black gas immediately wrapped around his body, as if it had a will of its own, an embodiment of hostility, giving Yang Kai an eerie feeling.

Once again, as soon as he penetrated this layer of black gas, the overwhelming soul attack hit him, like a million ants gnawing on his body while thousands of needles pierced into his mind, waves of maddening cries and howls filling his ears.

It was as if he had fallen into the depths of Hell.


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