Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 295, What Is This Place?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Soon after, Yang Kai opened his eyes and discovered he had left the void corridor.


The next moment, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man appeared not far from his location. Each of them were separated by a fair distance.  Suddenly coming to a strange unfamiliar environment, their eyes couldn’t help flashing with confusion, as they gazed around blankly, even momentarily forgetting to attack Yang Kai again.


*Shua…* Another silhouette showed up near the three people but after seeing this person, all of them involuntarily shivered.


This person was a Qui Family master Qiu Yi Meng had brought with her, possessing a cultivation level at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage.


But now, he only had half a body left. The other half was sent who knows where, cleaved off as if a master swordsman had split him neatly in two.


His body crashed to the ground, sending his five viscera and six organs scattering about, blood splashing out. It was a tragic sight.


“How…”  Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful eyes shook while staring at this scene in utter disbelief.  Luo Xiao Man also turned white and was almost unable to stop herself from vomiting, as she clutched her mouth and unsteadily moved towards Qiu Yi Meng.


“What kind of trick did you use?” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly looked up and coldly glared towards Yang Kai with her True Qi fluctuating.


Unable to understand the mysteries of the void corridor, she could only guess that Yang Kai had set some kind of trap in that chaotic space that had allowed him to kill one of her family’s masters, which greatly angered her.


An Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage cultivator, even for the Qiu Family, such a figure was not easy to train, and now he had actually wound up dead.


However, Yang Kai simply ignored her and instead looked around gloomily.


In addition to him and these two young women, there was actually no one else nearby.  Forget the High Heaven Pavilion Uncles and Brothers who had entered the void corridor before him, even Su Yan who was only a step ahead of him was not here.


On top of that, this place was unfamiliar to him. It was definitely not the place Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu had come to when they had used the void corridor before.


Releasing his Divine Sense and carefully checking a radius of twenty kilometers around him, a moment later, Yang Kai’s heart sank to the bottom!


Within his search radius there really were other people, but they were not his fellow High Heaven Pavilion Sect members but the True Element and Immortal Ascension cultivators who were formerly accompanying the two young women he was currently with.  They had clearly managed to enter the void corridor along with him but had somehow been ejected and scattered about.  The only fortunate thing was that there wasn’t too many of them, probably only a dozen or so, of which only two or three had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary.


[Is it because of the fight inside the void corridor?]  Yang Kai calmly analysed.


This was the only possibility; when their various True Qis had collided inside the void corridor, the resulting explosion had destroyed the corridor and thrown the people inside out into this strange land.


As for the half body on the ground, he was likely unlucky and had his other half lost somewhere inside the void corridor.


[What a close call!]   Considering all this, Yang Kai couldn’t help oozing cold sweat.


[It seems like crossing the void is not something to be casually done, the slightest carelessness may lead to one dying without even knowing what happened.]


However, Su Yan should have safely rejoined the other High Heaven Pavilion members because she was in front of him.  Thinking of this, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.


“Hey, we asked you a question.”  Luo Xiao Man’s face was still somewhat pale, but seeing Yang Kai standing there ignoring them, she couldn’t help but feel upset.


[A common disciple of some small backwater sect, how dare he!  Even if he has some means, it’s still nothing much.  Elder Sister Qiu is so powerful, beautiful, and famous, even the sons of those Eight Great Families all scramble for her attention but rarely receive a single word, but now Elder Sister Qiu takes the initiative to talk to him yet he refuses to answer her, how can he be so shameless?!]


Hearing this shout, Yang Kai awoke from his contemplation and glanced over towards the two young women, a cold light flashed across his eyes.


If it weren’t for this group of people’s sudden obstruction, he would right now be together with Su Yan, ten thousand kilometers away from danger.


Just when the two of them had agreed to join hands and travel the world together, they had shown up and messed everything up, and now he didn’t even know where Su Yan was.  It was easy to imagine just how bad Yang Kai’s mood was right now.


“What is this place?” Qiu Yi Meng raised her delicate brow as she stood there, staring towards Yang Kai as she quietly asked.


She was tall, possessed slender legs, a full figure, a delicate face, and an especially soft and graceful waist.  The purple dress she wore which hugged her body greatly provoked reverie in others.


In addition to that, she was the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady, possessing a noble and proud temperament, giving any young man around her an invisible sense of pressure, causing them to not dare show the slightest presumptuousness.


When she asked a question, she had always received an answer.


But Yang Kai simply showed her a disgusted and intolerant sneer, “What is this place?  How the fuck should I know?”


Hearing his vulgar curses, the two young women were slightly surprised for a moment.


Luo Xiao Man’s beautiful face instantly turned red as she trembled, loudly scolding, “Smelly brat, how dare you talk to us like that!”


On the other hand, a mocking smile appeared on Qiu Yi Meng’s delicate face as she leisurely laughed and replied, “Interesting!  There’s never been a man who dared scolded me like that, you are the first.  If you don’t want to answer, it doesn’t matter, once I capture you I’ll slowly be able to ask.”


She was certain that all of this was some kind of plot Yang Kai had set up, but in truth Yang Kai really didn’t know where they were.


Yang Kai coldly snorted, circulated his True Qi, and the next moment activated his original Movement Skill and left a blur behind him as he quickly approached the two women.


He know that the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had already discovered traces of Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man and were rapidly coming to join them, so Yang Kai wanted to grab one of them as a bargaining chip, or else once he was surrounded by those several Immortal Ascension Boundary masters things would become difficult.


Seeing him act so boldly, Luo Xiao Man screamed, “I’ll fight with you!”


A group of blue halos suddenly emerged from her small body, each of them possessing a soft yet potent strength, some of them protecting her body while the other sped towards Yang Kai.


However, Yang Kai’s momentum did not diminish, his True Qi fiercely burst out.  Luo Xiao Man’s Martial Skill simply had no affect on him, not slowing him in the slightest as he crashed towards her like a falling meteor, which caused her to once again go pale.


“Be careful!”  Qiu Yi Meng quickly shouted as she waved her hand and used some kind of strange Martial Skill which simultaneously pulled Luo Xiao Man back towards her.


Yang Kai suddenly paused and ferociously punched towards his side, which caused a violent True Qi explosion to ring out.


The strength of the explosion forced Yang Kai back slightly, but before he could fix his stance, Qiu Yi Meng suddenly laughed, and her delicate body floated towards him like a leaf upon the wind, lightly stepping through the air, seemingly slow but somehow approaching him extremely fast.


This was a very profound Movement Skill, once she had displayed it, Qiu Yi Meng’s whole person became ethereal, impossible to trace.


Yang Kai’s expression became dignified, and he quickly released his Divine Sense to determine Qiu Yi Meng’s exact position and sends out a Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast.


Qiu Yi Meng suddenly reappeared, her glamorous face flashed a trace of shock as she ferociously pushed her True Qi.


With a dull thud, Yang Kai couldn’t help but retreat a few steps while Qiu Yi Meng still had a faint smile upon her face and casually looked Yang Kai up and down and leisurely said, “You have some skill, but it’s nothing much.  If that’s the best you can do I advise you to obediently let me capture you or else you’ll just embarrass yourself.”




Listening to her relaxed tone, Yang Kai couldn’t help but become gloomy. He had wanted to take either Qiu Yi Meng or Luo Xiao Man as a hostage, but the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was really not an average opponent. If he used his full strength, he should still be able to beat her, but definitely not in a short time.


With the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters quickly approaching, the odds were definitely against him.


“Trying to escape?”  Qiu Yi Meng’s pair of beautiful eyes suddenly flashed a hint of pride as she saw through Yang Kai’s thoughts and didn’t wait for him to reply before rushing towards him, “With me here, do you think you can leave?”


“Fuck off!”  Yang Kai raised his palms and unleashed his White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal.


The crimson Tiger and Ox Monster Beasts flew out and bared their fangs towards Qiu Yi Meng.


Qiu Yi Meng however wasn’t intimidated, letting out an elegant laugh, “It seems you do have more to offer, no wonder Bai Yun Feng lost to you!”


As she spoke, she waved her hands as well, her True Qi became visible to the naked eye, and sent out a strong palm strike


Before the two beast phantoms could reach Qiu Yi Meng they were shattered by her counterattack.


Seeing this, Yang Kai grinned, summoned his Asura Sword, pulled his True Yang Yuan Qi back into his dantian, and drew upon the evil energy stored within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton.


The entire area was filled with a thick hostility, wrapping Yang Kai up in a black mist, only leaving a pair of scarlet eyes exuding a vicious light behind.


With the Asura Sword in hand, Yang Kai appeared akin to a demon.


Feeling this bloodthirsty aura, Qiu Yi Meng’s expression finally changed, crying out, “High Heaven Pavilion really does have Devil Path cultivators!”


Simultaneously, she stretched out her hand, condensed a ball of lightning condensed from a terrifying amount of True Qi at her fingertips, and sent it crashing towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai responded with a single sword strike.


As his sword swept out, colliding with the lightning ball, the once condensed ball exploded into numerous lightning bolts that snaked around him and enveloped an area of several tens of meters.


Qiu Yi Meng quickly retreated, no longer daring to show the slightest contempt, her expression instead becoming more and more serious.


Yang Kai walked forward as the lightning flashed all around him and struck his body, but his pace never slowed, and instead increased with each step, all of sudden rushing right in front of Qiu Yi Meng.


Feeling this overwhelming murderous intent, Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face went pale, and she hastily shouted, “Barrier!”


In front of her small hands a shield appeared that instantly radiated a light which enveloped her.


Obviously it was a defensive artifact, and given how wealthy and powerful the Qiu Family was, its grade was definitely not low.


With a loud bang, the Asura Sword struck this shield, their two True Qis violently collided and sent out powerful shockwaves.


Qiu Yi Meng quickly withdrew several tens of meters, and her body trembled slightly. In this confrontation she apparently had suffered some light damage.


Looking down at the shield in her hands, Qiu Yi Meng laughed bitterly, “You really do have some skill. Just a trivial True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivator pushing me this far, it looks like I’ve underestimated you!”

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