Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 297, Withering Peony

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


As soon as the silver light flashed, the three Immortal Ascension masters Yang Kai had been struggling desperately with were reaped like wheat, instantly collapsing into pools of blood. All of them were unable to even resist.


The silver flash also streamed ruthlessly towards Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man.


Suddenly thrust to the border between life and death, a pair of exquisite earrings hanging upon Qiu Yi Meng’s delicate ears exuded a bright glow. The light burst seemingly shocked her out of her stupor.


Instantaneously, Qiu Yi Meng took out her shield artifact and guarded herself.


With a loud bang, Qiu Yi Meng was flung backwards and vomited a mouthful of blood, but she somehow managed to stop the silver flash’s momentum.


The young woman wrinkled her brow. Her tender body trembled lightly, and a drop of blood leaked from where she had bit her lip, as she rapidly circulated her True Qi rapidly in order to maintain her current state.


No longer continuing to attack, she hurriedly pulled the tied up Yang Kai and raced off, like she couldn’t stand wasting another moment here.


Luo Xiao Man’s cheeks were flushed completely red. Her beautiful pair of eyes blurred over, and a series of light moans, she was clearly trying to suppress, constantly leaked from her lips.  She tightly held her legs together as she felt a boundless pleasure spread throughout her body like lightning, that paralyzed her lower body and caused her body to quiver and tremble involuntarily. The heat below her navel suddenly erupted as a hot nectar unconsciously leaked from her secret place, wetting her soft silk underwear.


Her legs collapsed. She fell to her knees, with her cheeks glowing red hot, as she desperately gasped for breath, while her large shapely chest rapidly rose and fell, as if she were drowning in an unfamiliar peak, and high-pitched cries leaked from her mouth. Luo Xiao Man’s whole body convulsed in a strange and suggestive manner.


“Xiao Man… ke ke…”  Qiu Yi Meng who had fallen nearby weakly called out.


“Wha…”  Hearing this feeble cry, Luo Xiao Man suddenly came back to her senses, suddenly aware of her gaffe as she felt a clear wetness staining her thigh.  Her beautiful face instantly went even redder.


She had no idea what had just happened. Only that that red clothed woman had uttered a few words before she fell into a fantastical illusion. In that illusion, she had cast off all of her dignity and shyness, as if she had becoming extremely discontent with being a constrained noble young woman and given in to her most primal and debased instincts, demanding the most immoral and obscene pleasures.


And that the object of these demands was actually the entire group of young people who had journeyed here together with her to capture Yang Kai!


Recalling the scene she had just fantasized, Luo Xiao Man immeasurable shame.  Her pair of beautiful eyes teared up and soon filled with endless rage and humiliation!


“Xiao Man… please, help me!” Qiu Yi Meng’s begged, her True Qi violently fluctuated as her blood nearly flowed backwards.  She was all but completely disabled, but seeing Luo Xiao Man sitting there blankly, as if in a stupor, she couldn’t help calling out again.


“Ah… en…”  Luo Xiao Man staggered to her feet as a sudden breeze blew past, bringing a chilly sensation to her lower body. The cold stimulus sent an odd rush of pleasure through her which caused her body to tremble slightly.


“What happened, is something wrong?”  Qiu Yi Meng looked at her confusedly, feeling like she was behaving oddly.


“N-n-nothing!  It’s nothing!”  Luo Xiao Man hurriedly replied and quickly walked towards Qiu Yi Meng while taking out a bottle of pills from her sleeve like she was asked and fed her one.


Finally examining her surroundings and noticing the bloody remains of the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who were with them, a chill ran up Luo Xiao Man’s back.


After a long time, Qiu Yi Meng exhaled a long breath.


“Elder Sister Qiu, who was that woman?”  Luo Xiao Man asked quietly, while holding her knees to her chest as she sat on the ground, clearly still experiencing some lingering fear.


However, Qiu Yi Meng just slowly shook her head, “I don’t know, but no matter who she was, there’s no doubt she was a devilish bewitching woman. If we meet again, we have to be extremely careful.”


“Oh…”  Luo Xiao Man somewhat guilty replied.


With a single sentence, she had let a pure girl who was completely unfamiliar with the acts between men and women fall into a depraved fantasy.  Obviously, that woman cultivated some kind of incredible Seduction Technique; how could a woman who cultivated such a skill be anything good?


Not long after, the dozen or so scattered True Element Boundary cultivators of their group finally arrived, drawn here by the sounds of conflict.


Bai Yun Feng was also among them; obviously he had some good luck, not only did he not suffer any injuries in the collapse of the void corridor he also did not get caught up in the previous battle, therefore he was essentially unscathed.


Once they had regrouped and taken stock of their current situation, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help feeling her heart sink.


There were only ten of them left here, and the only three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had all been killed!


“Let’s explore our immediate surroundings first and then make a plan!” Qiu Yi Meng swiftly issued instructions.




High above the group, a red shadow flew forward.


It was that unknown extremely seductive young woman. Her cultivation was truly amazing, flying through the air as fast as the wind, Yang Kai dangled behind her still tied up by her pink ribbon artifact with his strength completely sealed, unable to even struggle.


Finally escaping the tigers pursuing him, I’ve found myself firmly inside the wolf’s den, Yang Kai thought.


This woman had killed those people back there without batting an eye, not bothering to ask who they were or why they were there, just directly unleashing a killing strike. Clearly she was not some benevolent person, but then, why had she taken him with her?


Yang Kai found this incredibly puzzling.


Secretly trying to circulate his True Qi, he quickly found that he could not summon even a strand of it.   His Divine Sense could still be used but in front of such a master, how could Yang Kai dare to release his Divine Sense.


“Don’t waste your time, you’ve inhaled my Soul Numbing Fragrance, you won’t be able to use your body’s strength or your True Qi unless your strength is higher than mine!”  The young woman’s soft enchanting voice came from up ahead and caused Yang Kai’s heart to jump few times.


“Soul Numbing Fragrance?”  Yang Kai laughed, “What a good name.”


[Why does this name sound like some kind of aphrodisiac?]  Yang Kai cursed to himself. This person really was a demon seductress; with the faint blush upon her face coupled with the carnivorous light in her eyes, now that he had fallen into her hands, he had no idea when she would forcefully drain him of his essence and True Qi, leaving nothing but a husk behind!


Yang Kai instinctively felt that this woman cultivated some kind of one sided Yin Yang evil Secret Art.


If he really died like that, it would be too tragic!


“You’ve never heard of my Soul Numbing Fragrance?”  The woman asked, slightly surprised.


[Should I know it?] Yang Kai did not answer and instead immediately let out a deep sigh, while trying to suppress the rolling blood in his chest, “Forget it, don’t speak to me anymore, or else I may just force myself upon you.”


The woman who had been wholeheartedly trying to endure some unknown hardship, after suddenly hearing Yang Kai boast so presumptuously towards her, actually couldn’t help giggling happily. Turning her charming eyes towards him, she wondered if this little brat, who didn’t even know about her Soul Numbing Fragrance, was not a disciple of the Holy Land?


As she swept her eyes over him, Yang Kai also glanced up towards her.


When this young woman smiled sweetly, her cheeks flushed slightly making her seem even more attractive.


As he stared, Yang Kai’s gaze involuntarily shifted in a certain direction, bringing the usually hidden scenery beneath her dress into view.

(PewPewLaserGun: Hah… involuntary… right… )

(Silavin: He’s high! Don’t pin all the blame on him!)


His heart suddenly skipped violently!


Clearly visible inside this young woman’s skirt was actually an erotic black lace lingerie. The thin fabric only narrowly hid her most sacred land and highlighted the infinite wonder which lay beyond it. A stark contrast with her long slender jade-like legs, making them even more appealing, like the finest works of pure white porcelain.


These two legs seemingly didn’t belong to a mortal woman, instead more akin to those of a Heavenly Fairy or Bewitching Demoness, exuding a charm that seemed to draw in one’s soul, violently stimulating the most primitive instincts within Yang Kai’s heart, his eyes instantly fogging over as his breath became rough.


Half confused, summoning strength and courage from some unknown place, Yang Kai actually stupidly stretched out his hand and directly touched the young woman’s calf and gently rubbed it to his heart’s content.


As if she was suddenly struck by lightning, the woman, who was still focusing most of her attention on maintaining her lucid state of mind, was caught off guard by Yang Kai touching her so intimately. Her beautiful face suddenly went pale as her cheeks blushed furiously. Her expression became more and more alluring, a bone softening moan leaked from her throat as her tender body trembled greatly.


“Smelly little brat!”  The flustered woman hurriedly tried to compose herself as she grit her teeth and scolded; although she knew that Yang Kai’s offense was not due to his intention, but instead due in large part to her own current condition, being touched so wantonly was simply too much for her to bear.


As his big rough hand continued to intimately stroked her leg, it felt like a surge of lightning flooded into her, sending paralysing waves up her body; even if she was an Immortal Ascension Boundary master there was no way she could fly safely in such a condition.


With Yang Kai touching her so, it was like she flew in mid-air completely drunk.


“Let go already!”  The young woman finally called out in frustration and used her other jade-like foot to kick Yang Kai’s shoulder, as she tugged on the pink ribbon, bringing Yang Kai up next to her.


Being jerked awake, Yang Kai fogged over eyes suddenly glimmered with a mad and cunning light, grinning maliciously, exhausting all the strength he could muster to reach out and embrace this temptress’s graceful waist.


“You…” The woman was shocked, apparently never imagining that Yang Kai would be able to regain his senses.


Yang Kai kept up his assault, his two hands tightly wrapping around the young woman’s slim waist, indulging in the pleasant sensation; her waist was so soft it really felt like she didn’t have a single bones, its elasticity was also superb, responding perfectly to his every touch.


His ten fingers wandered up and down her body, doing everything possible to tease and stimulate her senses; his mouth was also not polite, biting down gently onto her full trembling peaks across her red dress.


Yang Kai couldn’t use the slightest bit of his True Qi, nor could he summon any significant strength, but this bite was definitely a deadly attack.


As his hot breath passed through her clothes onto her tender body, she violently trembled, his bite soon changing into a gentle sucking, sending the young woman’s True Qi into a chaotic mess, causing her and Yang Kai to begin plummeting towards the ground.


“Let go of me already!”  The woman screamed angrily, while desperately trying to endure the throbbing sensation coming from her heart. Her red lips bled from where she had bitten down on them, and her delicate hands gripped Yang Kai’s head, as she tried to push him off of her, but his incessant teasing was causing her to feel numb and powerless, sealing off all of her strength. Moreover, she felt more intoxicated the more time passed.


“Don’t wanna!” Yang Kai’s mouth continued biting and teasing her spring buds, constantly releasing hot breath onto her snow white skin. His snake like tongue coiled around these delicate fruits, unambiguously answering her.


There was something wrong with this devilish woman’s current state, as if she was suffering from some kind of extremely overbearing aphrodisiac. The slightest touch sent numbing waves of pleasure throughout her body, but still her strength was too great, flat out disqualifying him from being her opponent, so if he wanted to survive, Yang Kai had no choice but to use underhanded methods.


“Do you want to die?  If you don’t let go right now we’ll both end up dead!”  The young woman’s wavering voice cried out in-between her amorous moans as the two of them fast approached the ground. Falling from a height of several thousand meters, even if her cultivation was unfathomable she would still be smashed into a pool of blood.


“Heh heh, if I, the withering peony met his end here, so long as it’s with you, I am blessed!” Yang Kai grinned fearlessly as he teased her, like he didn’t care at all whether he lived or died.


The young woman’s expression finally became grim, silently cursing this shameless smelly brat. Taking a deep breath to calm the discomfort in her body and the raging impulses in her heart, she somehow managed to circulate her True Qi to slow their descent.


But this burst of True Qi she had summoned with all her will soon too collapsed from all the external stimuli she received.


With a heavy thud, Yang Kai and the woman hit the ground, still in each other’s embrace and tumbled several times before eventually coming to a halt.

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