Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2992, Uncle Yang


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The gigantic skulls danced through the air, shooting out a series of freezing cold Yin Qi blasts from their mouths. The Yin Qi seemed like it could freeze Emperor Qi and clearly presented a huge threat.


In the blink of an eye, the girl was surrounded so tightly that not even a fly could escape, and her figure disappeared behind the wall of skulls.


Xiong Kai Shan coldly snorted, “There are always youngsters that don’t know their own limits. Today, I will teach you what it means when they say there is always Heavens beyond Heavens, people beyond people!”


He continued to control his Secret Technique, amplifying the power of the flying skulls.


All of a sudden, an explosive sound rang out and Xiong Kai Shan’s expression changed drastically, displaying unprecedented shock. Lifting his head to look in the direction of the sound, he saw his skulls flying in all directions after being blown away by some huge force.


The girl’s figure was revealed again, standing there motionless like a God of War.


“Damn slut! How dare you destroy my Emperor Artifact?!” His eyes turned scarlet with rage. Those skulls were his biggest trump card, but at this moment, the light in one of the skulls’ sockets had completely dimmed. It was a little out of control and floated about unsteadily, clearly having lost most of its spirituality.


He had not expected that an Emperor Artifact he summoned would be blown away by a young girl’s physical strength alone.


Meanwhile, a pair of gloves had appeared on the girl’s fists. They were completely pitch-black and gave off an extremely ominous aura. Judging by the fluctuations emanating from her fists, this pair of gloves was also an extraordinarily powerful Emperor Artifact. It was by relying on the power of these gloves that she managed to blast away the skulls surrounding her.


Roaring intensely, Xiong Kai Shan once again controlled his skulls to slam into the girl while at the same time, he burst out, “Are the rest of you only here to watch the show?!”


After exchanging blows with this girl, he was no longer confident that he could win against her on his own; thus, he could only pin his hopes on the others. As long as everyone worked together, this girl would surely be overwhelmed by their numbers no matter how strong she was.


The red-faced old man immediately echoed those words, “What are you all waiting for?! If you don’t act now, when will you?!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he made his move, summoning an Emperor Artifact that looked like a wine gourd with a flip of his wrist. The wine gourd expanded rapidly as the old man aimed its opening in the direction of the girl. The next moment, a violent flame burst from.


The moment he made his move, the rest of the Emperor Realm Masters that had been spectating finally couldn’t hold themselves back anymore. They hurriedly summoned their respective Emperor Artifacts and attacked the girl. Subsequently, various Emperor Artifacts and Secret Techniques flew through the air, making for a chaotic and lively display.


The girl was truly quite strong; however, she could barely keep up with the endless stream of attacks from so many Emperors all at once. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do as she constantly avoided the attacks coming her way. Although she wanted to break through this encirclement, she kept missing her chances and in the end, she remained trapped in place.


It could be seen from this situation that her combat experience was severely lacking. Believing that she was strong enough to face all her pursuers, she had led them to this place, but how could she have known she would cause her own movements to be restrained instead? Even so, she was by no means weak and each time her fists were thrown out, an explosive force on par with any Emperor Artifact attack or Secret Technique was unleashed.


At this point, that pair of tender fists was practically an existence comparable to that of an Emperor Artifact. Besides, she remained standing even when facing more than ten Emperor Realm Masters and their Artifacts. That in itself was enough to demonstrate the depths of her strength. Up until today, the only ones that Yang Kai knew of who could achieve this level of physical strength was the Dragon Clan.


“Hey, Friend, why aren’t you attacking?” All of a sudden, somebody turned to look at Yang Kai curiously.


All the other Emperor Realm Masters present had already taken action, either by rushing forward to attack or using their Artifacts and Secret Techniques. Yang Kai was the only one who stayed still, making him stand out from the crowd.


Yang Kai lightly waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry. I’m about to take action.” 


Saying so, he lifted his hand and palmed towards that man.


“You…” That person was shocked as he never expected Yang Kai to attack him without any warning. He had never offended this young man or even met him before today, so what reason did he have for targeting him?


Suppressing his suspicions and shock, the man hurriedly circulated his Emperor Qi to protect himself. At the same time, he retreated quickly to create some distance between him and Yang Kai. Unfortunately, that was a pointless effort as he could not get away from the power coming from Yang Kai’s palm no matter how far he retreated.


The Emperor Qi that man used to protect himself was shattered in an instant, causing him to spurt a mouthful of blood while his aura weakened considerably.


Yang Kai did not relent and pushed his palm down, knocking this man out on the spot.


The sudden turn of events took everyone by surprise, but the red-faced old man quickly shouted, “This guy is with that bitch!”


Yang Kai chuckled and said, “Think whatever you want.”


The reason why he followed along was just to see if that girl was somebody he knew. He was pretty certain by now that he had gotten the wrong person, but even so, he did not wish to stand by and do nothing in this matter. These people were obviously nothing good and needed to be taught a lesson.


While shouting, the red-faced old man waved his hand and the huge wine gourd immediately flew back to him. He then aimed the wine gourd at Yang Kai and the surrounding World Energy instantly became disordered. Just as the wine gourd was about to spew out flames, the red-faced old man’s vision blurred for a moment and a person suddenly appeared less than a hand’s length away from his face.


“Ah…” The old man exclaimed in shock as his eyes focused and he realized that the young man he had been targeting was now standing in front of him somehow. [What kind of Divine Ability is that?! I didn’t even see him move!]


Looking flustered, the red-faced old man bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a kind of blood arrow. Simultaneously, a cold smile appeared on his face.


He had complete confidence in his attack, but to his shock, the blood arrow missed, as if it was being guided by an invisible force to slip past the side of the young man’s face.


“How?!” The old man exclaimed. With just a hand’s length between them, even a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master would have been hit by his sneak attack, so how did he miss?


“Old man, you’re quite the crafty one!” Yang Kai nodded in approval before he lifted his hand and casually patted his opponent’s chest.


The old man was so scared that his Soul nearly left his body in fright; however, he quickly discovered that he was perfectly fine. Just as he was secretly rejoicing over that fact, a powerful force burst out from his chest and his entire body flew out as if he had been struck by lightning. Nobody could tell if he had survived the attack. Meanwhile, his Emperor Artifact, the wine gourd, shrank back into its original size with nobody controlling it and fell to the ground.


Yang Kai easily dispatched two Emperor Realm Masters in less than three breaths.


His horrifying combat ability terrified the others present. They initially thought that the little girl was enough of a monster, but they did not expect another more terrifying individual to pop up out of nowhere.


How could anyone still have the confidence to fight after this? Their expressions changed considerably before they scattered in all directions, trying to escape from this place. Only Xiong Kai Shan was left fighting that girl. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to escape either, but rather that he couldn’t as no one would cooperate with him to create an opening he could use to escape.


“It’s so rare for me to play the hero. What would become of my reputation if I let you all escape?” Yang Kai shook his head slightly as he stood in place; however, Space Principles flared from his body as he spoke, turning a thousand-metre radius around himself into a sealed space.


All the Emperor Realm Masters that had rushed to the edge of this cage were blocked by an invisible barrier, all of them falling into confusion as they did.


“Hm?” An exclamation of surprise rang out as the little girl, who had been suppressing Xiong Kai Shan’s continuous and fierce attacks, raised her head suddenly and glanced over at Yang Kai. She tilted her head to the side with a puzzled expression, seemingly feeling like this person’s voice sounded quite familiar. Furthermore, that figure also looked very familiar from behind. Then, a person sprang to mind and she opened her mouth to call out suspiciously, “Uncle Yang?”


Yang Kai was shocked to hear the way she addressed him, but that thought he had given up upon was suddenly rekindled with hope again. Turning to look at the girl, who was looking at him in surprise, he uttered in equal astonishment, “Yun’er?”


“It’s me! Uncle Yang! It’s Yun’er!” Lin Yun’er shouted excitedly. The excitement that overflowed from her was beyond words. It might be because she was meeting an old acquaintance again in a faraway land, but she was so excited that her eyes misted over with emotion.


“It really is you!” Yang Kai wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead as he swept his gaze over her, “I almost couldn’t recognize you.”


Although he had confirmation now, Yang Kai still couldn’t believe that this girl was really Lin Yun’er. Many years had passed after all and back when he had accepted her into High Heaven Sect on Shadowed Star, she had only been a child of around five or six years. Lin Yun’er had left Heng Luo Star Field for the Star Boundary together with Yang Yan even before Yang Kai, and many years had passed since then with him never hearing any news about her at all.


In a blink of an eye, the little girl from back then had grown into a fine young woman. If that was all, Yang Kai would not have had so much trouble recognizing her. Even though they say a girl experiences eighteen different changes as she becomes a woman, there were still some traces of the past in her face. In fact, there were many similarities between the current Lin Yun’er and the little girl from back then.


What made Yang Kai doubt himself was her current cultivation. She was a First-Order Emperor Realm Master! That wasn’t all, she could also fight above her realm with ease. Therefore, cultivators in the same realm as her were nothing to her. If not for that, he would not have had any trouble recognizing her.


When Yang Yan took her away with her back then, Lin Yun’er had been very young and her cultivation had been very weak. Even if she was brought to the Star Boundary where she would have plenty of opportunities to grow, it shouldn’t have been to such an exaggerated extent, right? After all, Yang Kai himself was only a First-Order Emperor Realm Master at the moment.


[Her strength is almost equal to mine! What is going on?] Still, no matter how shocked Yang Kai was, the fact that this girl was Lin Yun’er was indisputable. The best proof was the way she addressed him as ‘Uncle Yang’. That was how the little girl had always called him in High Heaven Sect back on Shadowed Star.


During their conversation, Yang Kai unconsciously stopped using his Space Principles to isolate this space, allowing the Emperor Realm Masters that had been trapped by him to regain their freedom. Hence, they quickly used their Movement Skills to escape and ran away into the distance in the blink of an eye.


Turning to glance in their direction, Yang Kai frowned slightly and raised his hand to send out a dozen Moon Blades. Several shrill screams rang out in the distance as Space was torn apart. Some had been hit by those attacks, but more than half of them managed to escape.


Meanwhile, Xiong Kai Shan wanted nothing more than to escape right now. Fighting with Lin Yun’er had given him a sense of imminent death as he realized how terrifying the little girl was. Taking advantage of her distraction, he hurriedly recalled his skulls and his figure flickered for a moment as he hid in one of them to escape.


At that moment, Lin Yun’er snapped back to her senses and after wiping the corners of her eyes quickly, she shouted, “Uncle Yang, I’ll be back to talk to you again once I finish dealing with this guy.”




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  1. Honestly these repeat “coincidental” encounters are really just pissing me off.
    The star boundary is millions of km across and he meets someone he knows right after he exits a random void crack? It’s just lazy writing

  2. We never hear about the five coloured sword indestructible aura anymore yang Kai and this girl should have it. And yang Kai should have broken through to second order already. After the illusion he could breakthrough whenever he wanted. Also Lin qun’er should go in the illusion realm. Since she doesn’t have much experience it would help her massively

  3. Unpopular opinion. Lin Yun’er rise in cultivation is the biggest cap of the series so far. Yang Yan or Zhang Ruo Xi rising faster than Yang Kai in cultivation ok. But for Lin Yun’er the only special thing she has going for herself is Tyrant Strength Body Special Constitution and the tutelage of a Great Emperor whos name I just forgot (I don’t read mtl before anyone gets any ideas).

    We have met countless others which have had a Special Constitution and none of them advanced that quick. On top of that Lin Yun’er can’t have the same level of treasures / opportunity’s Yang Kai has had. I simply won’t believe that. So why is the author throwing all reason out of the window to make her advance to this extend? I don’t know. Just a shame because she could have otherwise been a nice character.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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