Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2993, Yun’er Has Grown Up


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“Do you need any help?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.


“Nope!” The girl politely refused with a confident expression. As soon as the words rolled off her tongue, she punched at the floating skull Xiong Kai Shan was hiding in, sending out a raging force that caused the surrounding space to be compressed into a layer of irregular fluctuations. Its power was absolutely terrifying.


Although Xiong Kai Shan was fast, he was not as fast as her punch, and with a loud explosive sound, the skull took the blow and nearly fell from the sky. A crack appeared in the bone as a muffled groan came from the inside.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened with interest and he secretly thought to himself, [She must have received many opportunities since coming to Star Boundary for her to unleash such power even though she is only a First-Order Emperor Realm Master. I wonder how Yang Yan dug out her potential to such an extent.]


Thinking about Yang Yan, Yang Kai’s heart swayed again. He had been looking for her whereabouts for several years now, but he had not gotten any leads. He only had a vague guess that she was involved with some great force known as the Star Court. Since he had coincidentally run into Lin Yun’er here, he might be able to get some clues about Yang Yan’s whereabouts from her.


As long as he could locate Yang Yan, he would be able to find a way to return to Heng Luo Star Field and bring his relatives and friends here. The time he had spent in the Star Boundary was not short, and during that time he had built a foundation here for himself. The expansive High Heaven Palace was enough for those on Shadowed Star to obtain a better environment and resources for cultivation.


“Little girl, you should show some restraint! We might run into each other again in the future, so it’s best if you do not forge unresolvable enmities. Why do you have to be so aggressive?!” Xiong Kai Shan’s flustered voice called out. During that brief period where Yang Kai’s thoughts had wandered all over the place, Xiong Kai Shan had been badly beaten up by Lin Yun’er.


The gigantic skull he was hiding in had countless cracks in it; moreover, the ghost fire in its eye sockets had gone dim, looking like it was on the brink of being extinguished. Understanding his enemy’s strength, he knew that he was no match for her and thus wanted to bury the hatchet and make amends.


It was a pity that Lin Yun’er did not act as he hoped. It was a mystery where she had cultivated all these years, and her mentality remained relatively simple and naïve, but she had a stubbornness in her that was not to be underestimated. She completely turned a deaf ear to whatever Xiong Kai Shan said and continued to punch the skull continuously.


After dozens of punches, the skull exploded into dust with a loud bang, forcing Xiong Kai Shan out in a pathetic state, blood trickling out from a corner of his mouth. It was apparent that he had suffered serious injuries.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai felt cold sweat pouring profusely down his face as he watched the entire scene. Lin Yun’er had destroyed an Emperor Artifact with brute strength alone, an extraordinary feat. Right now, this monstrous young woman was completely different from the little girl in his memories that never grew up. 


Now that the skull had been destroyed, Xiong Kai Shan’s shame turned into rage, which fed his courage as he gritted his teeth and snarled, “If you won’t let me off, then you won’t get off easy either!”


Gesturing with both hands, the remaining intact skulls suddenly began to dance in the air. Then, they burst into flame all at once and exuded a freezing aura that shot towards Lin Yun’er in unison.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he could vaguely sense that these flames were difficult to deal with. The consequences would be terrible if one were to touch such flames carelessly.


Just as he was about to call out a warning to Lin Yun’er, he saw that she was neither surprised nor afraid as she charged forward without avoiding the flames. Subsequently, her body was enveloped in the gloomy flames and she disappeared.


“Hahahahaha!” Xiong Kai Shan laughed loudly, “What a foolish girl! Did you think my Dark Ghost Fire could be dealt with so easily?! Let’s see how you di… gah!” His laughter ended abruptly as he widened his eyes in shock, looking as if an invisible hand was strangling him. His eyes were filled with both amazement and terror.


A graceful figure confidently walked out of the so-called Dark Ghost Fire, the cold flames coiling around her body rapidly, but unable to harm her at all.


At this moment, her entire body was exuding a dazzling light. That light seemed to have a strange power that was preventing the Dark Ghost Fire from harming her, allowing her to remain safe.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes in astonishment as he could tell that the light was not the effect of a defensive Emperor Artifact. Rather, it came from some unknown Secret Technique that she was using, but what kind of Secret Technique had such powerful defensive abilities?


“Master said that I must kill anyone that tries to kill me!” She said lightly with a serious expression. It was as if the words of her Master were the only truth she had to follow. After making this declaration, she shot forward towards Xiong Kai Shan.


In response, Xiong Kai Shan gasped. His strongest Divine Ability had been defeated so easily, so how could he still have the confidence to fight? Seeing the girl rushing toward him so fiercely, he bit the tip of his tongue, burned his Blood Essence, and turned tail to flee.


He only managed to take several steps before he suddenly noticed that the space around him had become extremely viscous, however, making it difficult for him to even lift his foot off the ground.


“You…” He turned to look at Yang Kai with an expression of grief and rage, glaring at him as he shed tears of blood. He was certain that Yang Kai had done something to cut off his only hope of escape.


“Have a safe journey!” Yang Kai smiled and waved at Xiong Kai Shan like an old friend saying goodbye.


All Xiong Kai Shan could feel was the vitality in his chest lurching uncomfortably before he involuntarily spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.


In the next moment, Lin Yun’er slammed into his back and delivered two blows with her fist. Blood spread across the sky like a rose in full bloom while flesh and blood rained down on the ground. However, the girl remained clean and unsullied like a white lotus growing out of the mud.


Immediately afterwards, she withdrew her aura while the gloves on her hand simultaneously vanished without a trace. Then, she threw herself into Yang Kai’s arms at lightning speed and sweetly called out, “Uncle Yang!”


The change was too sudden, catching Yang Kai off guard. Thus, he staggered backward slightly before he could stabilize himself.


The scent of a young woman’s body lingered in his nose as her hair exuded an intoxicating fragrance. Moreover, the fullness and amazing elasticity of her chest which pressed against his instantly made him feel embarrassed.


Meanwhile, Lin Yun’er buried her head in his chest and took several deep sniffs before lifting her head, an intoxicated expression on her face as she squinted and murmured to herself, “This is the familiar scent that I even smelt in my dreams.”


Looking at the girl’s sincere expression and listening to her heartfelt voice, Yang Kai felt a warmth spreading in his heart as he lifted his hand and patted her head with a smile, “Yun’er has grown up.”


She laughed softly, revealing a set of pure white teeth. Subsequently, she pulled away from him slightly, looked him up and down, and nodded repeatedly, “Uncle Yang, you haven’t changed much. I hope everyone else hasn’t changed like you, or else I might not be able to recognize them anymore.” After saying that, she hugged him again as if she never wanted to let him go again.


“This isn’t the place to talk. We can chat while we walk,” he suggested.


“Just a little longer,” she remained motionless, acting as if she was trying to burn this familiar scent and touch deep into her memory.


She didn’t want to move, and he didn’t want to force her. Thus, Yang Kai could only stand there motionlessly. A moment later though, he frowned as he could feel a wet and warm sensation around his chest. Looking down, he saw the girl’s eyelashes trembling slightly, and the corners of her eyes were wet.


“What is there to cry about?” Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter.


“I missed you!” Lin Yun’er’s voice was full of grievances, “I miss Aunt Yang Yan, Aunt Huang, Aunt Ye, and you! I miss all of you! But, I couldn’t meet you all, I didn’t even know where you all were, and I couldn’t find any of you.”


Yang Kai felt a bit emotional when he heard the grief in her voice. Although Lin Yun’er now wielded astonishing power, she was still very young so it was normal for her to be sentimental and emotional. Besides, she had been taken away when she was even younger, so now that she finally met somebody from her homeland, all the repressed emotions in her heart immediately poured out without stopping.


Yang Kai lifted his hand to pat her back, enjoying this rare moment of warmth with her.




A strange noise broke through the silence, and Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he realized what that sound was and he laughed out loud.


On the other hand, Lin Yun’er lowered her head, blushing from her neck all the way up to her cheeks and ears.


“Hungry?” Yang Kai asked, lowering his head to look at her.


She nodded almost imperceptibly. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t matter even if she did not eat for years since she was a First-Order Emperor Realm Master. Once one reached such a cultivation, they neither needed to eat nor drink as absorbing World Energy would be enough to sustain their body. How could Lin Yun’er possibly be hungry then? When an Emperor Realm Master ate, it was more about satisfying cravings rather than for cultivation purposes. Therefore, it had been a long time since Yang Kai experienced what it felt like to be hungry. 


Without asking too much, he sent his Divine Sense into the Sealed World Bead and searched. Although he had no delicious food on hand, he had many other things like spirit fruits. There were all sorts of strange and exotic plants in his medicine garden, so finding some fruits was a simple matter. Furthermore, these fruits were not ordinary spirit fruits; they were all extremely high-grade items.


With a flip of his hand, three red fruits about the size of a baby’s fist appeared in his hand, “Do you want this?”


“You’re the best, Uncle Yang!” The girl’s spirits lifted and she instantly forgot about her shame. She quickly took the fruits from him and bit into them, narrowing her eyes in satisfaction.


She seemed to eat slowly; however, she was done almost immediately. It just seemed slower because she did not lose her elegance. She still had tears in the corners of her eyes but she also had a smile on her face, the combination making her look rather heartless.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai proposed.


“Wait a moment,” after saying that, Lin Yun’er flickered and disappeared not too far away.


A heavily injured Emperor Realm Master was lying on the ground over there, one of the people that had been injured by Yang Kai’s attack early.


Yang Kai was curious as to what this little girl wanted to do, but a moment later, he saw her eating the spirit fruit while throwing a punch at that person. That punch of hers blasted that half-dead person until not even his bones were left, causing Yang Kai’s brow to twitch slightly.


Afterwards, Lin Yun’er turned around, went up to another disabled Emperor Realm Master, and repeated the same process, showing no hesitation nor doubt during the entire process. It was as if she was not killing two Emperor Realm Masters but two insignificant insects.


[On one hand, she is innocent and naïve, on the other, she kills without batting an eye.] The more Yang Kai saw, the more he realized that he no longer understood this little girl.




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  1. Missing too many people and letting it affect her emotions can result in heart demons, but she seemed to have cultivated fine so she probably doesn’t miss them all that much. And also what’s the point of being star-masters if those without star sources can cultivate just as fast?

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