Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2994, Escaped


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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“Master said that when it comes to problems, one must cut weeds and pull out roots or else they will return again one day,” Lin Yun’er explained.


Yang Kai felt cold sweat dripping down his back in response. [I wonder who this Master of hers is, I can’t believe they are so cold and cruel! Just who did Yang Yan entrust Lin Yun’er to when she first brought her to the Star Boundary?]


Meanwhile, Lin Yun’er took the initiative to hold Yang Kai’s hand and flew off in a certain direction, chattering away happily the entire time. Along their journey, he mostly listened to what she said. He wanted to ask about her situation over the years but couldn’t bring himself to interrupt her cheerfulness.


Soon, he noticed something strange. She was a glutton! The three spirit fruits he gave her were Emperor Grade, and even if an Emperor Realm Master ate them, it would take them some time to finish digesting the energy completely. However, those three fruits were no different from a mere snack to this girl.


After eating the spirit fruits, she proceeded to take out big pieces of dried meat from her Space Ring. These pieces of meat looked like they were cooked from High-Order Monster Beast meat and contained explosive power in them.


“Is it okay for you to eat that much?” Yang Kai couldn’t help asking.


To which Lin Yun’er answered matter-of-factly, “Master said that one can only cultivate or fight when their stomach is full.”


[What kind of logic is that?] Yang Kai was becoming more and more curious as to who her Master was.


One day later, the two of them arrived in another city. This city was no worse than Star Point City with lots of people jostling against each other like a school of fish.


In view of Lin Yun’er’s behaviour along the way, Yang Kai brought her to one of the largest restaurants, arranged for a private room, called the shop-hand over, and ordered a table full of sumptuous dishes.


These delicacies were not ordinary food, each one cooked with spirit herbs and Monster Beast meat. Even if a Master ate this food, it would be of great benefit to their cultivation.


Lin Yun’er’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the food and she wolfed down everything in a flash, making short work of the dishes like a gust of wind. The eyes of the shop-hand serving the dishes nearly popped out in surprise at the sight as it was hard to imagine that such a stunning beauty could actually eat so much.


When she finally had her fill, Yang Kai asked, “Yun’er, where is your Aunt Yang Yan?”


Lin Yun’er leaned back against the chair, rubbing her belly with one hand. After eating so much food though, her stomach remained flat as usual, with no signs of bloating whatsoever. At first, her expression was comfortable and contented; however, she pouted upon hearing his question and answered aggrievedly, “I don’t know…”


“You don’t know?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Didn’t she take you away with her back then?”


Nodding, Lin Yun’er continued, “En, she brought me here and entrusted me to Master. After that, I never saw her again, and she never came to see me either.” The little girl looked like she was about to cry. Her deep-seated sorrow was very apparent. While speaking, she grabbed a drumstick from the table and gnawed on it as if to turn her grief and anger into appetite…


Yang Kai wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead and continued to ask, “What about your Master? Who is your Master?”


Without even lifting her head, she answered, “Master is Master.”


He said, “He must have a name, right?”


Lin Yun’er tilted her head and stared at him blankly, but after a while, she gave a silly chuckle and said, “I don’t know… I have always called Master, ‘Master’.”


[It’s over. This little girl isn’t just naïve, she is also an air-head.] Yang Kai couldn’t help worrying about her future. How could she hold her own in Star Boundary with this kind of personality? No wonder she provoked that Wind and Cloud Pavilion and was chased by them all over. It was a wonder how she managed to grow up safely over all these years.


But then again, since Yang Yan entrusted Lin Yun’er to whoever her Master was, that person must be extremely reliable. Besides, it could be seen from Lin Yun’er’s current growth that her Master was an extremely powerful cultivator who could shake the world by stomping his foot. It was a pity that she knew nothing about her Master’s identity, making it impossible for Yang Kai to obtain any clues from her even if he wanted to inquire about it.


He recalled that Lin Yun’er’s physique was rather special. Back then, Yang Yan mentioned that Lin Yun’er had a Special Constitution called the Tyrant Strength Body. The reason she had taken Lin Yun’er away was that she supposedly had a friend whose Secret Art and techniques were extremely suitable for Lin Yun’er to learn.


Now, it seemed that Yang Yan’s decision was right. Although the little girl had been separated from her relatives for many years, the growth she experienced was considerable indeed. If she had stayed on Shadowed Star back then, she would never have the achievements she had at this moment.


“Can you bring me to your Master?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.


“Why do you want to look for Master?” Lin Yun’er asked curiously, not even pausing her hands as he continued to eat, staring at him with widened eyes.


“I want to ask your Master about your Aunt Yang Yan’s whereabouts.”


“Oh,” She nodded lightly and continued, “If that’s the case, there’s no need to do so.”


“Why?” He asked frowningly.


“Because Master won’t tell me anything. I’ve asked him countless times over the years, but he always refused to answer.”


Yang Kai replied smiling, “He might have his reasons for not telling you; however, it might be different if I ask him myself. That’s why, I hope you can bring me to meet your Master.”


Lin Yun’er’s expression suddenly became a little unnatural as she laughed dryly and her eyes shifted about. She even seemed a little absent-minded while eating.


Hence, Yang Kai asked curiously, “Is it inconvenient for you?”


She hurriedly waved her hands dismissively, “No, no, no… It’s not inconvenient…” All of a sudden, she looked downcast and answered seriously, “Uncle Yang, I actually ran away…”


Yang Kai was shocked and asked, “Why did you run away? Where did you run away from? Did somebody restrict your freedom?”


She lowered her head, “Nobody is restricting my freedom. The one I escaped from was Master.”


Yang Kai was astonished beyond words, “Are you sure your Master is treating you well? Why did he restrict your freedom?”


“That’s not it,” she hurriedly denied, “Master treats me very well. He said that I am his successor, so he gives me the best of everything. He also gives me delicious food every day.”


Yang Kai was now genuinely confused, “If he treats you so well, why did you run away?”


She squirmed, “I just wanted to come outside to have a look. I’ve always stayed in one place, and have never gone out. Also, I… I miss Aunt Yang Yan, I wanted to come out and look for her.”


After listening to her explanation, Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter. At the same time, he felt relieved. He had no idea who her Master was, but going by what she said, it seemed that that person truly treated her well.


Lin Yun’er laughed softly and continued, “It’s lucky I ran out though, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you, Uncle Yang!”


“En, good! But first, let’s discuss something.”




“As you can see, I’m not that old, so stop calling me ‘Uncle’.”


Tilting her head to the side, she considered it before smiling heartlessly, “But, you are Yun’er’s Uncle Yang!”


“… Ha… fine.” Yang Kai shook his head helplessly. Then, he frowned abruptly and became pensive, “Your Master must be very powerful, right?”


To which Lin Yun’er excitedly replied, “Of course! Master is the strongest! There is nothing he cannot do in this world!”


Yang Kai then asked, “If he is so powerful, how did you escape from him?”


“I ran away while he wasn’t paying attention! What’s so difficult about that?”


The confidence in her reply rendered Yang Kai speechless, but just as he was about to ask something else, his expression changed drastically and he shouted, “Yun’er, stop eating that! It’s poisoned!”


He suddenly noticed that she had an unusual colour to her complexion, which was a tell-tale sign of poisoning.


[A poison that can even affect a First-Order Emperor Realm Master! It must be extremely potent!] Yang Kai blamed himself greatly for making this kind of mistake. Although he had casually checked the food when it was brought in, he did not notice anything abnormal about it. He did not expect the poison to be so well-concealed that it completely deceived his perception.


“Oh! It’s poisoned? No wonder it tasted funny.” Saying so, Lin Yun’er belched and then stared at the food in her hand… before she continued biting into it!


“You…” Yang Kai was utterly dumbfounded. She had been poisoned; moreover, she knew it! So why wasn’t she taking this seriously? Was there really something wrong with her head?


Just as Yang Kai was about to snatch away the food in Lin Yun’er’s hands, he noticed a strange phenomenon. The surface of her body had started to emit a viridian mist, and that mist contained a very powerful toxic substance. 


[She can even do that?] Yang Kai nearly bit his own tongue in surprise. Lin Yun’er was clearly forcing out the toxic mist herself. In other words, the poison in the food had no effect on her. She obviously knew that too, which was why she recklessly continued to eat.


[Is the Tyrant Strength Body that strong? Or, is it the inheritance she received from her Master that is so amazing?] Yang Kai couldn’t figure out anything about this situation. Even so, he felt relieved and said, “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back!”


As soon as those words left his mouth, his figure flickered and disappeared. The next moment, he arrived at a place similar to a kitchen. It was very hot and there were many people dressed as cooks, preparing various dishes in this place.


Looking around, Yang Kai’s gaze immediately landed on a certain person. That person’s cultivation was not low, a First-Order Emperor Realm Master like Yang Kai. Moreover, he was fully wrapped in a black robe that concealed his face and he exuded an extremely dangerous aura.


“You…” That person was surprised to see Yang Kai appearing all of a sudden. Lifting his hand, a multi-coloured venomous snake struck out at Yang Kai without warning. The snake was fierce, opening its mouth wide to reveal fangs that glimmered with a strange light as it lunged.


“You court death!” Yang Kai swung his hand to release a Moon Blade which cut the body of the venomous snake in half. The snake dropped to the ground as a result.


Nevertheless, the black-robed person wasn’t flustered. Forming a set of hand seals, the two halves of the snake’s body suddenly exploded and transformed into a cloud of blood-red poisonous mist filling the surrounding areas.


Taking this opportunity, he retreated backwards and smashed through the wall to escape. A loud explosion sounded, and the kitchen wall collapsed. By the time the dust settled, the man was already several thousands of metres away.


“Did you think you had escaped?” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly sounded.


The black-robed man was shocked to hear this voice and upon looking up, he discovered that Yang Kai had appeared in his path and blocked his way without him noticing. In response, his black robe fluttered and poisonous animals of every kind subsequently rushed forward to attack, including snakes, frogs, and spiders among them. Each and every one of them was brightly coloured and it only took one glance to tell that they were all highly venomous. Furthermore, there were many of them; several hundred, which instantly attacked Yang Kai all at once.




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  1. ““Master said that when it comes to problems, one must cut weeds and pull out roots or else they will return again one day,” Lin Yun’er explained.

    Yang Kai felt cold sweat dripping down his back in response. [I wonder who this Master of hers is, I can’t believe they are so cold and cruel! Just who did Yang Yan entrust Lin Yun’er to when she first brought her to the Star Boundary?]”

    Wait a sec! Why is he flustered like that? What is he complaining about?
    Isn’t this ‘cut weeds/pull roots’ EXACTLY how he likes to handle things? Or is this one of these weird male/female double-standards?

    1. from the previous chapter:
      “[On one hand, she is innocent and naïve, on the other, she kills without batting an eye.] The more Yang Kai saw, the more he realized that he no longer understood this little girl.”
      I felt it’s more about consistency, being cute and naive one minute and cold blooded killer in the other.. than about double standards.
      Besides, last time he was with her she was a young girl, it definitely adds to the confusion

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