Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 30, The Salted Fished Had Flipped

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Silavin: Title is a Chinese idiom that means Yang Kai’s fortune has changed.

Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben

Finalized Editor – Silavin

proofreader –Bluerazbeary


The next day, a whole group of Disciples gathered to practice. They talked and laughed together, although the work was very tiring, it was done in a festive manner. Suddenly, someone called out in a certain direction: “Young……young master Su………”

“What?” Su Mu asked dubiously.

“He really came.”

“Who came?” Somewhat impatiently, Su Mu gazed over the in the direction the person was pointing towards. There he saw Yang Kai holding his broom and grinning while walking towards them.

Everybody’s faces fell.

“Good morning my Fellow Brothers and Sister. You are all such diligent people, practicing so early in the morning.” Yang Kai greeted everyone, while purposely looking over at Zhou Hu and Li Yun Tian, who both backed away with their faces holding a tint of red. When they thought about the power of Yang Kai’s fists, their skin crawled.

“Why did you come here?” Su Mu was a bit worried. Although he already knew Yang Kai’s motive, he still asked. After all, he had opened his mouth and assured everyone yesterday that he would deal with Yang Kai.

“To challenge of course.” His smile incomparably wide, Yang Kai’s gaze swept throughout the throng of people. Cordially he asked, “which Fellow Disciple hasn’t been challenged in these past few days? Please allow this Senior to test your might.”

The High Heaven Pavilion’s Main Gate rules state that you should not avoid challenges and not shy away from them! Disobey, and you will be expelled.

With these rules in place, the people under Su Mu were deathly afraid of Yang Kai. For as long as the opponent issued a challenge, they would have to accept if they had not been challenged in these past five days. That would mean, even if they knew they would receive a beating, they could only brace themselves and accept.

That day, Zhang San was the one who was challenged. Satisfied, Yang Kai walked away, while Su Mu damned him and hurled curses behind his back.

The next day, Yang Kai came again, that time it was Li Shi who got challenged. Walking away satisfied after winning once again, Su Mu threatened Yang Kai non-stop but it was to no avail.

On the third day, Yang Kai had come yet again, it was Wang Wu who got unlucky and received a swollen face and bloody nose for his troubles. Once again, with his heart satisfied, Yang Kai left, leaving behind a bitter Su Mu behind.

When Yang Kai me the fourth time, Su Mu had also learned. Su Mu no longer threatened or cursed Yang Kai, for he knew they were no use because this Senior Brother Yang was not afraid of his threats at all.

Su Mu only fiercely glared at him, harboring a bone and soul piercing hatred.

Enduring this type of frustrating torment, the people under Su Mu had begun to quit.

This was plain bullying by Yang Kai. For there were many Ordinary Disciples throughout High Heaven Pavilion, yet he purposely came to challenge the Disciples under Su Mu. It was very clear that he was here for revenge. Not to mention, the number of people within this group was not small; so he would always be able to find someone to challenge and obtain favourable results.

Within these past few days, Yang Kai had caused quite a tempest. He was only a lowly Trial Disciple, yet he really was a salty fish that turned over and he managed to make everyone pay attention to him. Ever since he had defeated Zhou Hu, he had changed into someone that others weren’t able to easily beat or manipulate. Every day, he would go and challenge Disciples and each time he would win. Rumours even stated that Su Mu had gotten to the point that he no longer retaliated. But questions emerge from the people’s minds. [What type of person was Su Mu ah? he was someone with powerful backing. How was it possible that something like this was occurring?]

Even someone like him couldn’t do anything to Yang Kai, So what could Ordinary Disciples do? Subsequently, no Disciples dared to go and challenge Yang Kai. Not one person was unaware that this person who had entered for three years and had been demoted to a Trial Disciple was not an easily provoked person.

As this news traveled through too many Disciples many were guessing Yang Kai’s cultivation level. Some guessed that he was at the Tempered Body Fourth Stage, some said Tempered Body Fifth Stage and some even guessed Tempered Body Eighth Stage. After all, he did defeat the Tempered Body Seventh Stage Practitioner Li Yun Tian.

But no matter who it was, no one knew Yang Kai’s true cultivation level.

Only Xia Ning Chang knew! These past few days, every time Yang Kai went to challenge someone, she was always there peeking. With her natural talent and cultivation, she could see Yang Kai’s true level.

But since Xia Ning Chang could see his true cultivation, she feared him.

This junior, when he had defeated Li Yun Tian, he was only at that Tempered Body Fifth Stage. And with the passing of a mere four days, he had risen to the Tempered Body Sixth Stage.

[Just how does he cultivate?] Even if it was her, armed with her special physique when she was cultivating in the tempered body stage, she had used no small amount of medicinal pellets, yet she wasn’t as fast as him.

In a state of confusion, Xia Ning Chang had sneakily stalked Yang Kai to investigate how he cultivated. Though, no matter where she looked or went, she couldn’t unravel the mystery or find anything unusual. He only punched a few fists, kicked his feet and made himself all weary and sweaty.

Xia Ning Chang couldn’t understand how the basic techniques of High Heaven Pavilion could make him so powerful. They weren’t even profound techniques.

At the end of her investigation spanning these past few days, Xia Ning Chang was left clueless. Although she had a feeling that Yang Kai still had hidden secrets, she was not bold enough to continue investigating. For a young girl too often peek at someone was not an honorable act, especially a youngster who was often half naked.

Every time Xia Ning Chang looked, she became beet red and ashamed endlessly. Every time this person trained, he would take off his shirt, as if his bony ribs were something good to show off.

“However, he seemed to be more robust than before, with more muscles.” Thinking back to the time she first saw his **, Xia Ning Chang unconsciously compared. When she finished comparing, her faced flushed red again.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai was oblivious to the fact that he had been watched these past days. Every day he would sweep his assigned area and then go find Su Mu’s group to challenge them. Afterwards, he would return back home to start his training. This was repetitive and tedious work, but also very fulfilling.

The incense burner’s impact was exceptionally large, and matched with the daily Tempered Body Record Training, it had allowed him to break through to the Tempered Body Sixth Stage yesterday. This made the atmospheric energy within his body further solidify and stabilize.

With another step, with just another step he would step into the Tempered Body Seventh Stage. Once he reached this stage, he would be able to produce his own Yuan Qi; even though the amount he would be able to produce wasn’t that much, it was still Yuan Qi. Also as long as he could produce his own Yuan Qi, he could then start to cultivate martial skills. At that time, his attacks would no longer be restricted to the leg whip and the Shaolin fists.

The Tempered Body stages from Seventh to Ninth stages were the stages in which one’s’ Yuan Qi developed, and also when the Yuan Qi traveled through a practitioner’s meridians and allowed them to reach the mastery stage. Only in this stage when one’s Yuan Qi was being born could this be achieved, you must then use it to break open the heaven and earth bridge so as to break away from the Tempered Body Boundary to the next stage.

It was like playing with your own life, this training of Yang Kai’s. Each and every day he could feel his own growth supersede the previous days; it was an extremely vivid feeling. Today, Yang Kai was finally able to practice his fists while under the influence the incense perfume, but the duration he was able to endure wasn’t very long. When he practiced the Tempered Body Records in the mornings, it had become easier and was improving every day.

If these conditions were maintained, Yang Kai was confident that he could truly mature and become stronger.

But Yang Kai was in an embarrassing situation, his Dead Jedi Tree Grass stock had run out and his Three Left Chaos Spirit Flower, although sparingly used, was almost finished as well.

These past few days, Yang Kai had used the herbs sparingly, but he still ran out. As he used them, they had inevitably run out.

With no alternative, Yang Kai could only go to the Contribution Hall and use up all his remaining contribution points to purchase these herbs.


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