Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3047, Plans


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The Sun was rising from the East. At the break of dawn, Yang Kai decided to return to Fu Chi’s Spirit Island.


It had been a night full of unexpected twists and turns. Not only did he find out that Zhu Qing was going to get married next month, but he also managed to capture Fu Ling and plant a Soul Imprint in her mind, thereby controlling her life and death. Knowing that it was useless for him to be furious now, he suppressed the emotions in his heart. Now, he had to come up with a way to save Zhu Qing next month.


All the Dragon Clan members were expected to attend Fu Chi’s wedding, including the Elders. The Great Elder and the Second Elder were said to be as powerful as Great Emperors, so would he really be able to save his woman under their watch?


The chance of success was slim, unless he could persuade the Great Elder to side with him. If the Great Elder could deal with the Second Elder, there would be hope for him to save Zhu Qing.


It wasn’t ridiculous. Instead, it was highly feasible. Judging from what Zhu Lie had said, the Great Elder had a temperate personality, while the Second Elder was an impartial person. Supposedly, the Great Elder wasn’t in favour of this wedding, but he kept quiet about it due to the Dragon Clan’s rules.


[How do I make the Great Elder side with me? The Dragon Island Token might be useful, but it isn’t a sure-fire way.]


Now, Yang Kai hoped that Fu Ling could get some useful information for him. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any chance of him surviving in a month’s time.


It was a good choice to subdue Fu Ling, as he had managed to plant a mole within the Fu Clan. It wouldn’t matter even if she was useless, but if she turned out to be useful, she might bring him the outcome he desired.


On his way back to the Spirit Island, Yang Kai was still pondering over the matter. When he returned to the island, Lu San Niang and her daughter were still waiting for him on the beach.


Seeing Yang Kai, Lu San Niang approached him, “Little Brother Yang, you’re finally back,” she said as her gaze was filled with worry. Although she didn’t know why Yang Kai had to leave, she knew that something must have happened. Upon seeing his dark expression, she dared not utter one more word.


Lu Yu Qin on the other hand, as a young and inexperienced girl, was still reeling from the shock of witnessing the death of a few people right before her eyes. Her face was pale and she was snuggled up to her mother.


Yang Kai gave it a thought on the same spot for a moment before he managed to clear up his mind. Now, he had to make sure that he would be able to meet Zhu Qing one month later. If he couldn’t even see her, how was he going to rescue her?


Having come up with a temporary plan, he took a deep breath and turned to look at Lu San Niang before speaking in a calm voice, “Where’s Yuan Wu’s Space Ring?”


“It’s here.” Lu San Niang hurriedly fished out a few rings, “Madam Hua and the others’ rings are here as well.”


When she and Lu Yu Qin were burying Yuan Wu and the others, she took their Space Rings off their fingers. She didn’t intend to hide them, so she immediately took them out when Yang Kai asked her about the rings.


There were a total of five Space Rings, four of which belonged to the deceased. There was one ring that was given to Yuan Wu by Fu Chi to store the rare materials needed to build the palace.


After scanning them with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai took the Space Ring with the rare materials and gave the others to Lu San Niang.


“This…” Lu San Niang took them hesitantly.


“Just keep them.” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai leaped into the air and headed to the palace. 


At that moment, the construction site was hustling and bustling. In just a few days, they had managed to build a foundation of the palace, which was incredible progress for such a large-scale building.


About 200 people were working there, and nobody dared to slack off; after all, it was a task that had been assigned to them by the Dragon Clan, and an Eighth-Order Thunder Dragon was living on this island, so they couldn’t be sure whether they would be caught if they loafed.


That was why all of them were working around the clock and would only take some Spirit Pills to restore their energy when they were exhausted.


“Little Brother Yang, I haven’t met you for such a long time. Why are you here?” A friendly voice could be heard as Wu Chen, who had a thin figure and a monkey-liked face, greeted Yang Kai with a smile.


Hearing that, the other cultivators shot a displeased look at Yang Kai. It couldn’t be helped, as all cultivators had been given different tasks by Yuan Wu, so they were all very busy. Even Lu San Niang and her daughter had to dive into the sea to look for Luminous Pearls previously. 


However, only Yang Kai seemed to have nothing to do. Naturally, the others felt that they had been treated unfairly. Nevertheless, Yang Kai was a mysterious man who managed to defeat Yuan Wu previously. Although they were displeased, they didn’t have the guts to confront him, so after shooting him a glare, they continued with their work.


“Greetings, Brother Wu.” Yang Kai nodded.


With a frown, Wu Chen approached Yang Kai and said, “Brother Yang, have you seen Sir Yuan? I heard that he went to visit you. Why isn’t he back yet?”


“Yuan Wu is dead.”


Wu Chen was startled and looked dazedly at him while the other cultivators also turned to look at him in disbelief. 


With the corner of his mouth twitching, Wu Chen said in a bitter voice, “He’s dead? How did that happen?”


“He offended a Dragon Clan member, so he was killed.”


Hearing that, all of them gasped as a myriad of expressions came over them. Some time ago, after Fu Qi brought them to this place, he told Yuan Wu to be in charge of the construction, so they thought that Yuan Wu had gained the Dragon Clan’s favour. However, in just a few days, he was killed by a Dragon.


All the Dragon Clan members were driven by their emotions and had no qualms about killing others. Hence, these cultivators reminded themselves not to make any mistakes. Otherwise, they might be the next to lose their lives.


After a moment of silence, Wu Chen appeared to be sorrowful as he asked, “What should we do, then? Without Sir Yuan in charge of the construction, this palace…”


“You’ll be in charge, then.” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai tossed the Space Ring to him.


“Me?” Wu Chen was startled and hurriedly caught the ring before putting on a forced smile, “Stop pulling my leg, Brother Yang. I’m not qualified…”


“Someone has to be in charge of this place, so you shouldn’t reject it. I’m just passing on the Dragon Clan’s word. If anyone dares to disobey you, just tell me right away. The Dragon Clan will punish them.” As Yang Kai spoke, he shot a cold glance at the other cultivators, which sent chills down their spines. The message in Yang Kai’s words was significant, so they had to re-evaluate him.


Realizing that as well, Wu Chen asked in a small voice, “Brother Yang, have you been in contact with the Dragon Clan?”


“You just have to take care of everything here. The palace has to be built before the deadline. Otherwise, all of you will have to die!” Instead of replying to him directly, Yang Kai gave an ambiguous answer.


In fact, he wasn’t lying. He could contact Zhu Lie at any moment, and he had subdued Fu Ling. If anyone dared to disobey him, he could summon Fu Ling to punish them.


With a solemn expression, Wu Chen nodded and replied, “I understand, Brother Yang. I’ll make sure there won’t be any mistakes.


“Very good.” Yang Kai patted his shoulder and turned to leave.


If he wanted to meet Zhu Qing, he had to make sure that the palace would be built before the deadline. If the palace wasn’t ready on the day of the wedding, the wedding couldn’t even take place. When that happened, he also wouldn’t be able to see Zhu Qing.


He had wanted to be in charge of the construction, but that would be too frustrating. No man would want to trouble himself to build a palace for his woman to get married to another man. If he was in charge of the construction, he might end up destroying the palace instead of building it, which was why he decided to pass the responsibility to Wu Chen right after he saw him. What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t mind.


With so much free time now, Yang Kai could take the chance to cultivate. If he could make a breakthrough to the next realm, he would stand a better chance to save Zhu Qing when the time came.


With this thought in mind, he returned to the beach and gave Lu San Niang some instructions before heading to sea. In just one hour, he reached the centre of the waters. There was basically no end in sight, and all he could see were the blue sea and the bright sky.


After inspecting the area with Divine Sense and making sure that no one was around, he dove into the waters. After reaching a few thousand metres below the sea surface, he summoned the Sealed World Bead and entered the Small Sealed World. Following that, the Small World Bead sank to the bottom.


Inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai took a seat on the ground with his legs crossed beside the medicine garden before he emptied his mind and breathed in the World Energy.


After about four hours, he finally calmed himself down and cleared up the unnecessary thoughts in his mind. Then, he summoned the Black Jade Furnace and took out a set of Spirit Herbs before laying them to his side.


Lastly, he fished out three Spirit Flowers that were as red as blood in a careful manner. They were Dragon Blood Flowers, a treasure only found on Dragon Island.


Although they looked similar to Li Jiao’s Dragon Blood Flower, the quality was much better, and the size was much bigger.


These were the Dragon Blood Flowers nurtured on Dragon Island, so they were naturally much better than Li Jiao’s half-baked Dragon Blood Flower. In comparison, Li Jiao’s Dragon Blood Flower was just like the weeds one could pick from the fields.


There were only three Dragon Blood Flowers, which he had snatched from Fu Ling. When Fu Ling was forced to take out the Dragon Blood Flowers, resentment was clearly written all over her face; however, under the threat of the Soul Imprint, she couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s demands.


Although every Dragon Clan member could get a fixed number of Dragon Blood Flowers every year, the quantity was small. For a Sixth-Order Dragon like Fu Ling, she could get 20 flowers every year at the maximum. It also depended on the maturity condition of those flowers. If she was unlucky, she might only get 10 flowers in any given year.


Dragon Clan members didn’t cultivate like Humans due to their already incredibly long lives. Furthermore, as they aged, their bloodline would naturally be purified, thereby increasing their power. The advancement would only stop when they reached the maximum purity their Blood Vein could support.


Besides that, they could also consume Dragon Blood Flowers as a shortcut to purify their bloodline, and increase their might.


Dragon Blood Flowers hadn’t been distributed for this year yet, and while last year, Fu Ling had obtained more than ten flowers, after regular use, she only had three left, which were all taken by Yang Kai.


At the time of passing the flowers to Yang Kai, she regretted that she didn’t use up all the flowers. She would have rather consumed them hastily than give them to Yang Kai.




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