Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3050, Stealing Dragon Blood Flowers


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Fu Ling shook her head and explained, “It’s not that we’re arrogant, but no one has the guts to break into the place where Dragon Blood Flowers are nurtured on Dragon Island. Furthermore, every Dragon Blood Flower there is carefully accounted for, so only the Elders are qualified to pick them, and other Dragon Clan members can’t get their hands on those flowers, which is why that place doesn’t really have to be guarded.” She paused for a moment. “Also, there’s only a small number of Dragon Clan members, so it’s impossible to place numerous guards there. Normally, we take turns to keep watch on it. It’s my turn this year. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone over to fetch those hybrids the other day.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai nodded slightly. Some time ago, after he, Li Jiao and other Dragonborn came to Dragon Palace, it was indeed Fu Ling who took them away. It seemed that it was one of her duties as a guard.


Furthermore, the security of every place on Dragon Island was lax, which Yang Kai had some first-hand experience with. He had been to many Spirit Islands, but only Fu Ling managed to discover him, which went to show how lax their security was.


To him, it was because the Dragon Clan was so conceited that they felt there was no need for security, but they indeed had the power to be so haughty. However, they would never have expected that a Human could be so reckless and wanted to steal their Dragon Blood Flowers.


While they were on the way to their destination, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something. “When’s the season for harvesting Dragon Blood Flowers for the Dragon Clan?”


Fu Ling replied. “Not yet. It’ll be in two months.”


“Very good.” Yang Kai was able to set his mind at ease because he didn’t plan on being on Dragon Island in two months, so the matter would have nothing to do with him even if it was exposed.


He had to make a scene at Zhu Qing’s wedding and snatch her away from Fu Chi, which would thoroughly offend the entire Dragon Clan. Having prepared himself psychologically, he had no qualms about stealing Dragon Blood Flowers as well.


Since he would certainly offend the Dragon Clan, it made no difference for him to steal some Dragon Blood Flowers to increase his power in the process.


The Spirit Island used for nurturing the Dragon Blood Flowers wasn’t big, but the World Energy in the air was thick, showing an excellent Earth Vein ran beneath it. Moreover, the entire island appeared scarlet, as though it was built with blood. As they approached the island, they could clearly detect a whiff of the bloody smell.


Yang Kai and Fu Ling landed on the island at the same time. After scanning the area with his Divine Sense, he realized that there were auras of living creatures on this island.


Those living creatures gave off a weak aura, like candles amid the howling wind that might lose their light at any moment. There were about 200 of them.


The Dragonborn!


Those living creatures were the Dragonborn who were brought to Dragon Palace. The Dragon Clan was using their fresh blood to fertilize the Dragon Blood Flowers.


Yang Kai frowned as he found a familiar aura with his Divine Sense, after which he disappeared from the spot.


Li Jiao had been living a miserable life for the past few days. After he parted with Yang Kai, he was brought to this island. Fu Ling had ordered him to take a seat in a Spirit Array. After the Spirit Array was activated, Li Jiao immediately felt his Blood Essence leaving his body, which was then transformed into Blood Mist and spread across the island. 


The entire Spirit Island was covered in a layer of red mist, which was made up of those Dragonborn’s Blood Essence.


He had tried to resist, but he couldn’t break free from this array. With the constant running of this array, his Blood Essence was continuously sucked out of his body. It was the first time he came across such an incident. Although he had prepared himself for it, he was still flabbergasted.


Although the speed at which the array drew out his Blood Essence was quite slow, his cultivation would regress to a lower realm if this went on for a long time. He might not even be able to save his Third-Order Dragon Vein, which would be unacceptable for him.


It was then he came to the realization why the Dragonborn in Half-Dragon City generally had lower cultivations. They were regarded as the fertilizers for Dragon Blood Flowers, so they wouldn’t attempt to improve their cultivation.


He felt a chill running down his spine at the thought of the Dragon Clan’s ruthlessness.


To make sure that his cultivation wouldn’t drop, Li Jiao had no choice but to sit cross-legged in the array and circulate his Secret Art constantly. However, he was still losing more ground than he could gain. He knew that he couldn’t persevere for a long time. In just ten days, his cultivation would drop to the Second-Order Emperor Realm.


If that happened, it would be extremely difficult for him to regain his Third-Order Emperor Realm in the future. As such, he didn’t hesitate to consume his supply of pills and had almost used up all his High-Rank Source Crystals as well.


In the past, he had always looked forward to visiting Dragon Island to see for himself the birthplace of his bloodline. That had been his biggest wish in life. His wish had now been granted, but the truth turned out to be crueller than he could have imagined.


If he could turn back the clock, Li Jiao would rather have stayed carefree in Fire Dragon Palace than follow Yang Kai to wade into these muddy waters. Every time he thought about the fact that he might not even leave this place alive, he felt crestfallen.


Just then, sensing that something was off, he frowned. When he opened his eyes, a smiling face came into sight.


“Brother Yang!” Li Jiao was elated as he got to his feet in an agitated manner. “Are you here to save me?”


At that instant, his resentment towards Yang Kai vanished into thin air, which was then replaced by gratitude and affability.


Suddenly, Li Jiao found himself to be quite miserable. The ordeal that had befallen him was all because of Yang Kai, so it was the latter’s responsibility to save him, which was why he shouldn’t have felt so grateful.


“Brother Li, it seems that you’re living a good life here.” Yang Kai teased.


With a bitter expression, Li Jiao replied, “Brother Yang, please stop. Get me out of here first. I don’t want to stay in this damn place any longer.”


Just then, a rustling sound was heard, upon which a curvy figure came into Li Jiao’s sight. When Li Jiao saw that woman, he was stunned as he yelled. “Watch out, Brother Yang! There’s a Dragon Clan member over there!”


With her hands behind her back, Fu Ling approached them and pouted.


“Release him,” Yang Kai turned his head and demanded.


Li Jiao was dumbfounded as he looked at Fu Ling and Yang Kai in a daze. Apparently, he couldn’t grasp what was going on. [It seems that this Dragon isn’t hostile towards him. Also, how is he able to give her orders as he pleases? What’s going on?]


What happened next astonished Li Jiao. Upon receiving Yang Kai’s order, the Dragon Clan member really performed a hand seal and pushed out a palm in his direction.


The next moment, the array stopped running. Li Jiao felt lighter instantly as he didn’t need to endure the pain of his Blood Essence being drawn out anymore.


“Brother-in-law, do you know him?” Fu Ling shot Li Jiao a curious look.


In response, Yang Kai nodded.


“B-Brother-in-law?” Li Jiao widened his eyes in disbelief. Then, he approached Yang Kai and asked in a whisper, “Is she Young Lady Qing’s sister?”


“It’s a long story…”


Seeing that Yang Kai wasn’t willing to explain, Li Jiao stopped pursuing the matter. With gratitude written all over his face, he uttered, “Many thanks for saving me, Brother Yang. I’ll always remember it.”


“I just happened to realize you’re here, so I decided to save you. I have another important thing to do.”


“What is it? Maybe I can help.” Liao Jiao offered to lend him a hand.


“I’m here to steal Dragon Blood Flowers!”


Li Jiao was stunned for a moment before his forehead began dripping with sweat.


“Why so cowardly?” Fu Ling pursed her lips and shot Li Jiao a disdainful look.


“Are you really a member of the Dragon Clan?” As Li Jiao wiped away his sweat, he shot a look of disbelief at Fu Ling. 


[That’s strange. Even if she’s Young Lady Qing’s sister, she shouldn’t help Yang Kai steal Dragon Blood Flowers. If other Dragons find out about it, she’ll be doomed.] Li Jiao couldn’t fathom the reason behind it, but Yang Kai looked as if there was nothing wrong with it. What was stranger was this Dragon girl’s attitude.


Fu Ling scoffed, “If I’m not a Dragon Clan member, then do you think you are? I don’t want to steal Dragon Blood Flowers either, but since it’s my Brother-in-law’s order, I’m obliged to help him.”


“Enough nonsense, let’s get to work,” as Yang Kai spoke, he walked to the side as there was a scarlet spirit flower, which was a Dragon Blood Flower. Judging from its size and colour, it was a Mid-Rank Dragon Blood Flower.


Cautiously, Yang Kai harvested it and put it into his Space Ring. He was excited because he could make four Dragon Blood Pills out of one Dragon Blood Flower, which would be a great help in cultivating his Dragon Transformation Secret Art.


Seeing that, Fu Ling put on a fawning smile. “Brother-in-law, can I just watch?”


Although she had already committed a huge crime and was bound to face the consequences, she was afraid to steal Dragon Blood Flowers herself. Stealing the flowers herself and being forced to do it were two different things. If she was held responsible by the Elders in the future, she could defend herself with this excuse.


Seeing that Yang Kai remained silent, she took it as that he had agreed to it in silence. After that, she followed him around but never made a move.


[One, two, three…]


The Dragon Blood Flowers were scattered everywhere as Yang Kai kept moving forward and picking as he went. In just the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, he managed to pick ten flowers, most of which were Low-Rank, while there were two Mid-Rank ones. It seemed that even on Dragon Island, Mid-Rank and above Dragon Blood Flowers were rare.


Li Jiao didn’t have the guts to steal the flowers as he followed Yang Kai around. When he saw that Yang Kai was actually enjoying this moment of flower picking, his eyes were green with envy.


In the past, he had spent hundreds of years nurturing just one Dragon Blood Flower, so he treasured it dearly. However, in the end, it was taken away by Yang Kai. He still felt heartbroken at the thought of this.


It already made him feel so bitter for losing one flower, and they were now on the island where Dragon Blood Flowers were cultivated, so it was no wonder that Li Jiao was envious. He was tempted because getting just one flower would be enough to promote his bloodline, but in the end, he wasn’t as bold as Yang Kai.


It was the same case for Fu Ling. These Dragon Blood Flowers were the Dragon Clan’s wealth, but she had a share of them as well. The fact that Yang Kai was stealing these flowers also meant that her own interests were being harmed.


Fortunately, she realized that Yang Kai had his own principles as he wouldn’t touch the immature Dragon Blood Flowers, only taking those that had reached full growth.


In fact, there were tens of thousands of Dragon Blood Flowers on this island, but over 90 percent of them were still in their growth phase.


Even if Yang Kai took away all the mature Dragon Blood Flowers, his actions wouldn’t cause extinction. By just waiting for another ten to twenty years, more Dragon Blood Flowers would mature.


[Ten, twenty, thirty…]


In just one hour, Yang Kai managed to pick more than a hundred Dragon Blood Flowers. His initial target was twenty, but he had removed said target after he started picking the flowers. Stealing one, twenty, or a hundred flowers made no difference. Since he had decided to act, there was no point holding back.


Of the more than one hundred Dragon Blood Flowers he had picked, 80% of them were Low-Rank while there were just more than ten Mid-Rank flowers. What made Yang Kai excited was that he had also obtained some High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers as well.


At first glance, the High-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers were distinctively different from those of Mid-Rank and Low-Rank. The medicinal efficacies were sure to be astounding and if they were made into Dragon Blood Pills, they would bring greater benefits than those pills made from Low-Rank and Mid-Rank flowers.




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