Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3053, Four Dragons Flying Together


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It was hustling and bustling on a particular Spirit Island.


The grand palace had been constructed. Although they were only given a month, these 500 people still managed to build the palace before the deadline with incredible perseverance and resolve.


Countless rare materials had been used to build this palace, with the entire complex painted gold while the columns were carved with intricate patterns. Both Li Jiao and Yang Kai had never seen a palace of such a scale before.


At that moment, Wu Chen was still directing those people to decorate every corner of the palace. This was the last day of their deadline, and Fu Chi’s wedding would be the next day, so none of them dared to be careless.


Hundreds of people kept going in and out to place countless ornaments in the palace, making the spacious interior look grand and colourful.


“Brother Yang, we haven’t met for some time.” Seeing Yang Kai, Wu Chen greeted him with a smile.


He didn’t ask Yang Kai where the latter had been; after all, they were not close to each other. It was taboo to pry information from the other person when they were not close friends. Nevertheless, he was puzzled by Li Jiao’s appearance and wondered why a Dragonborn would come here.


If he wasn’t mistaken, this Dragonborn had been taken away to nurture Dragon Blood Flowers.


“The wedding will be tomorrow, right?” Yang Kai asked dispassionately.


Wu Chen’s expression turned solemn as he nodded, “You’re right. It’ll be tomorrow. Fortunately, we’re able to meet the deadline. Otherwise, all of us would lose our lives.”


“It’s thanks to your hard work, Brother Wu.” Yang Kai nodded.


Wu Chen replied with a smile, “There’s no choice because this is the Dragon Clan’s order. I don’t want to die either. By the way, since you’re here, please don’t leave again.”


Yang Kai looked at him doubtfully.


Wu Chen explained, “A Dragon Clan member’s wedding is an important event. Certainly, they want to make it big. However, as you know, there are only a small number of Dragons, so they’ve allowed us to stay and watch the wedding on the side.”


A glint flashed across Yang Kai’s as he nodded, “That’s exactly my intention.”


He had been thinking how he could stay in this place. If the Dragon Clan chased them out at this point, he would have no choice but to hide somewhere and wait until the following day. Unexpectedly, the Dragon Clan had allowed hundreds of people to watch the wedding, which saved him some trouble.


With the Dragon Clan’s permission, he could just wait there until he saw Zhu Qing.


“I guess there will be a good show tomorrow.” Wu Chen said with a smile.


“You’re right.” Yang Kai nodded his head. Suddenly, he frowned and turned to look at Wu Chen before he spoke in surprise, “Brother Wu, did you make a breakthrough?”


[Wu Chen was just a Second-Order Emperor some time ago, but now, he’s in the Third-Order Emperor Realm.] Yang Kai didn’t pay attention to it earlier, so he was shocked when that realization dawned on him.


It was extremely difficult to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm from the Second-Order. It was basically ten times more difficult to achieve that than to make a breakthrough from Dao Source Realm to Emperor Realm. That was why Yang Kai wondered how Wu Chen managed to do that.


Wu Chen explained with a bitter smile, “Brother Yang, you have no idea what I have gone through in the past month. I had been on the edge of death several times, and I only managed to achieve a breakthrough by chance. If I had made any mistake, I would have left for the other world. I’ve been lucky, but our other brothers… Let’s not talk about it.” He sighed.


Apparently still reeling from the trauma, Wu Chen kept shaking his head.


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he used his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings. A moment later, his expression changed slightly because he realized that only about 300 people were left.


There were 500 of them when Fu Qi brought them to this place one month ago. However, that number had dropped by more than 40% now. The palace had been fully constructed, so there was no need for them to go out to get more materials. In other words, of those who came here had died.


[How is it so dangerous to build a palace?] Yang Kai knew that they might lose their lives when mining Ice Spirit Snow Jades and some time ago, Lu San Niang had told him that some people had been frozen to death, but wasn’t it impossible for so many people to be frozen to death as well?


Following that, he noticed something strange.


Only a small number of cultivators around them were in the Emperor Realm, and none of them were in the Third-Order Emperor Realm. However, these people, regardless of their age, gender, and cultivation, seemed to be terrified of Wu Chen as they didn’t have the guts to go near him.


[What happened in the past month that made Wu Chen become such an authoritative figure in their hearts?]


“Brother Yang, do you want to take a rest now? Just come back to watch the show tomorrow.” Wu Chen patted his chest, “You can rest assured because I’m on top of everything here. I’ll make sure to get everything ready by then.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Alright.”


He didn’t want to handle any matter related to the palace. With his heart burning with fury, he would rather destroy the palace, so he couldn’t lend a hand. Therefore, he decided to find a place to take a rest with Li Jiao.


“Wu Chen is not as simple as he appears to be…” Li Jiao uttered with a frown.


“What have you figured out?” Yang Kai asked while looking at him.


Shaking his head, Li Jiao replied, “I haven’t figured out anything. I just think that… there’s something wrong with him. Brother Yang, you must be careful of him.”


“Got it,” Yang Kai said impassively, “I won’t mind it as long as he doesn’t become a hindrance. If he dares to become my enemy, I won’t show him any mercy.”


“By the way, Brother Yang, what are the grudges between you and Fu Chi?” Li Jiao asked as he was curious.


When Yang Kai told him he wanted to teach Fu Chi a lesson, Li Jiao didn’t ponder on the reason behind it. Now that he had calmed down though, he finally thought of this question. Furthermore, Yang Kai appeared even more resentful of Fu Chi than he was.


“It will be Fu Chi and Zhu Qing’s wedding tomorrow.”


Hearing that, Li Jiao was startled for a moment before he nodded, “Understood.”


The same thing happened to Li Jiao before. Both of them had their women snatched from them. The difference was that while it had already happened to Li Jiao, it had yet to occur to Yang Kai. At that instant, Li Jiao shared Yang Kai’s feelings of wanting Fu Chi dead.


For the entire night, they spoke not a word to each other.


The next day, the sky was as blue as the ocean with no clouds in sight.


The entire Dragon Palace seemed to be engulfed in an atmosphere of happiness and excitement.


Earlier, some flirtatious and alluring ladies had arrived at the palace, which made the spacious place lively.


These women were all Fu Chi’s captives, so naturally, they were all beautiful. Although they were not comparable to Lu San Niang and the deceased Madam Hua, they were all striking beauties. There were about a hundred of them walking around the palace and checking on everything. Wu Chen kept them company and led the way for them in an obsequious manner. 


These women were responsible for greeting the bride on this day, so they wouldn’t dare to be careless. The woman that was going to get married to Fu Chi would be the future Mistress, who could easily kill them as she pleased. Therefore, all of them were meticulous in examining the palace. If they found any speck of dust, they would immediately reprimand Wu Chen and tell him to clean it up.


After four hours, Wu Chen felt dizzy from entertaining them. The other cultivators also lamented their fate, but no one dared to utter any complaint due to the Dragon Clan’s authority.


It took them four hours to get everything ready. More than a hundred ladies stepped out of the palace and formed a line in silence. Instantly, the air was filled with all sorts of fragrances.


The three hundred cultivators stood on both sides of the path, and at that moment, the place fell silent as everyone appeared solemn. Basically, all the cultivators were there to simply witness the wedding as they hadn’t been given any real tasks.


Yang Kai and Li Jiao hid among the crowd without moving a muscle. Feeling nervous in his heart, Li Jiao appeared very anxious. He wanted to talk to Yang Kai to relieve his stress, but upon seeing that Yang Kai had closed his eyes to focus himself, he didn’t dare to bother him.


A moment later, a beam of lightning appeared out of nowhere as a rich Dragon Pressure permeated the surroundings. A figure was approaching over from the other side of the island at incredible speed before he stopped right before the palace and showed himself.


On this day, Fu Chi was clad in all red, jubilant clothes. Since he had a handsome face and a sturdy figure, the red clothes didn’t make him look tacky. Instead, it had helped enhance his charm.


All the ladies had fallen head over heels for him while the cultivators remained solemn. Since the groom of the wedding had arrived, they had to appear more serious.


“Sir!” A woman in an imperial dress at the front approached Fu Chi with an elegant smile, but she appeared to be slightly cautious. Unlike Madam Hua, she wasn’t Fu Chi’s favourite woman, so she was acting in a careful manner.


Fu Chi shot her a glance and nodded lightly, “Is everything ready?”


The woman replied, “Yes. We just have to wait for the bride to arrive.”


She appeared hesitant, but she returned to her original place in the end without voicing her concern.


While Li Jiao had lowered his gaze, Yang Kai had closed his eyes. Both of them didn’t dare to look at Fu Chi. They were not afraid of him, but they were worried that the hostility behind their gazes might alert him.


Everyone simply waited outside the palace. A moment later, a Dragon Clan member arrived and congratulated Fu Chi, who returned the greeting warmly.


In just a short time, seven other Dragons had gathered outside the palace as they chatted among themselves and laughed.


One hour later, a few resounding dragon roars could be heard from afar. In the distance, the fog kept rolling over and over as a huge cloud approached the island at full speed.


“They’re coming!” One of the Dragon Clan members pointed at the cloud and uttered with a smile.


Hearing that, all of them shifted their attention in that direction while Fu Chi adjusted his clothes and put on a gentle smile.


As the cloud was nearing them, the dragon roars became even louder. All of a sudden, the cloud weltered, upon which a huge figure came into sight.


That was a large Scarlet Dragon with a figure as long as 200 metres. The red Dragon Scales on its body looked like they were on fire and the dragon swam through the sky and roared as it approached them.


Just then, some of them started gasping. Anyone would be immensely pressured in the presence of a Great Dragon’s true form at such a close distance.


Not long after the Red Dragon appeared, a Green Dragon that was as large as the Red Dragon emerged as well and flew alongside him.


Following that, a third and fourth dragon appeared as well.


Four dragons flew together in the sky at the same time, which was a magnificent sight to behold indeed, causing everyone to hold their breath and watch in silence.


Behind the four dragons was a luxuriously decorated palanquin, which was also painted red and appeared quite jubilant. Inside the carriage was a beautiful lady who was seated without moving a muscle.


With a thin veil around the palanquin, no one could see the lady’s face clearly; however, there was no doubt that she must be the bride.




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