Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3075, A Brilliant Plan


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Naturally, Wu Kuang didn’t have three heads and six arms. Likewise, the current aura he was exuding was not that strong. If they hadn’t known his identity, they wouldn’t have associated him with the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor if they happened to come across him.


Not only did he not look like anything special, but his figure also appeared surreal in front of the Dragon Grave. It was hard to tell whether this was his true self or just an illusion.


With a dark expression, Zhu Yan stopped in his tracks.


“Damn it! It’s an Illusionary Soul Shadow!” Mo Huang bellowed with a grim expression.


The figure in front of them was indeed Wu Kuang, but it wasn’t his real body; it was just an illusion he had created using a Secret Technique. The illusion had perfectly replicated his aura and appearance.


“We’ve been fooled!” Fu Zhun said through clenched teeth.


Be it the Secret Technique she had used to trace Wu Kuang, or the lead given by Mo Huang’s little beast, they all pointed to the Dragon Grave. Paired with Yang Kai’s reasonable speculation, they all thought that the reason Wu Kuang had come to Dragon Island was to devour all the Dragon Sources in the Dragon Grave.


However, when they arrived at this place, they realized that they were wrong.


Wu Kuang had successfully attracted all of them to this place using an Illusionary Soul Shadow, while he was somewhere else carrying out his secret plot.


All of them had been fooled by him!


Only a Great Emperor could deceive another Great Emperor. Although Wu Kuang’s power hadn’t been restored, he was lurking in the dark while they were searching in the light, which was how he could play a trick on all of them with ease.


He was brazen, but at the same time, he had the means to back his confidence.


Just when all of them were in a state of confusion, Wu Kuang’s illusionary phantom flashed a smile at them, “Hey, long time no see, how are all of you?”


All of them ignored it because it was just an Illusionary Soul Shadow. It was pointless to communicate with it, and if they did, they might even accidentally fall into Wu Kuang’s trap.


Since the Dragon Grave wasn’t Wu Kuang’s target, what was it that he truly wanted?


Just then, Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi turned their heads and looked in a particular direction at the same time. Upon trading glances, they could see that both of them were equally shocked, “A Space Principle fluctuation!”


In that place, only the two of them were Masters of the Dao of Space, which was why they were the first to sense this kind of force when it was spread across the area.


Following that, Zhu Yan, Fu Zhun and even Mo Huang could sense it as well.


After stomping her foot, Fu Zhun transformed into a beam of white light and headed to that location, followed by Zhu Yan. Both of them were as rapid as meteors.


With a livid expression, Mo Huang bellowed, “It’s the Dragon Temple!”


All of them finally understood what was going on upon hearing that.


Wu Kuang’s real target was the Dragon Temple. He had used an Illusionary Soul Shadow to attract their attention, but his true self had snuck into the Dragon Temple. It wasn’t certain what his intention was.


“Damn it! He’s trying to flee!” Mo Huang growled as he had figured out something, upon which he also rushed over to the Dragon Temple. It was the first time he appeared so anxious, which went to show the severity of the matter.


While they were rushing over to that place, a dazzling light suddenly exploded in the distance, upon which a beam of light shot up into the sky and penetrated the Void, as though a big hole had been formed in the sky.


At the same time, the undulating Space Principles became increasingly powerful and conspicuous. Yang Kai was holding Zhu Qing’s hand and flying alongside her with a solemn expression.


As a Master of the Dao of Space, Yang Kai understood what this kind of undulation meant. However, he couldn’t understand how Wu Kuang managed to achieve it. Although he was the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, there were no records of him being proficient in the Dao of Space.


Yang Kai sighed secretly, thinking that all the Masters on Dragon Island had been fooled by Wu Kuang. Apparently, it was useless for them to rush over now.


Wu Kuang had spent so much time and energy playing such a trick on them, so he must be well prepared with a comprehensive plan. If Wu Kuang managed to flee, Yang Kai and Mo Huang would have to face the Dragon Clan’s wrath. 


Mo Huang was the Martial Beast Great Emperor, so he probably wasn’t afraid of the Dragon Clan; however, it was a different case for Yang Kai. He still felt diffident when confronted by the almighty Dragon Clan.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai told Li Jiao, Liu Yan and his Embodiment to come near him. When the others were not paying attention, he put them in the Small Sealed World, preparing to flee if the need arose.


The beam of light shooting up from the Dragon Temple became increasingly bright, to the point that it could illuminate all of Dragon Island, but a moment later, the light grew weaker and slowly became dim.


When all of them arrived at the Dragon Temple, the light had already gone out. Nevertheless, the lingering Space Principle fluctuations coming from the deepest part of the Dragon Temple could still be clearly felt.


The Dragon Temple was an impressive building in which the auras of the Dragon Clan’s ancestors resided for eternity. Having gone through its fair share of ups and downs for hundreds of thousands of years, it was one of the most important foundations for the Dragon Clan.


Only those with the Dragon Clan’s bloodline had the right to step into the temple, and the bloodline had to be absolutely pure. A Dragonborn like Li Jiao didn’t even have the right to approach this place, and if he tried to break in forcefully, he would be crushed to paste by the Dragon Pressure coming from the temple.


Yang Kai was the last person to arrive at the place, but only Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng were seen waiting outside the Dragon Temple, while the others were nowhere in sight. Apparently, they had gone into the temple.


Seeing Yang Kai, Li Wu Yi flashed a smile at him, while Jiu Feng exclaimed in shock. That was because she realized that Liu Yan and those related to Yang Kai had gone missing. At that instant, she shot a meaningful glance at Yang Kai, but she didn’t point it out.


“I’ll go in to have a look.” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai stepped into the temple with Zhu Qing. Instead of going in to watch a show, he wanted to find out the situation Duan Hong Chen was in.


The interior of the Dragon Temple was spacious with Dragon-shaped columns erected everywhere. The main hall looked nothing special from the outside, but it was a different story on the inside.


Inside the hall, a thick Dragon Pressure permeated the place, giving off a disorderly feeling. Zhu Qing frowned right after she stepped into it.


Certainly, she had entered the Dragon Temple before, but the place wasn’t like this in the past. The disorderly Dragon Pressure suggested that something was wrong with the temple.


After walking for a long time, they finally heard some footsteps in the distance. A moment later, a beam of light came into their sight. Following that light, they kept walking forward and finally saw Masters of the Dragon Clan.


The epic battle Yang Kai had imagined didn’t happen. All of them surrounded the light and watched it in silence. As Yang Kai observed their expressions, his chest tightened all of a sudden. He had a premonition at that instant. After he approached the light and took a closer look, he widened his eyes as he was shocked by the sight.


That was because the source of the light was actually a Void Corridor. At the other end of the corridor, stars could be seen twinkling in the dark. It was as though someone had torn off a small area from the Starry Sky, shrunk it innumerable times over, and then pasted it there.


While Zhu Yan’s countenance was livid, Fu Zhun’s expression was as gloomy as a dark cloud. It was as though ice would drop from her pretty yet grim-looking face.


Mo Huang shook his head repeatedly and said after a sigh, “It’s too late.”


After Wu Kuang managed to flee from Dragon Island on this day, he would certainly kill more people and cause more Star Fields to collapse in the future. The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor had done such things before. The world they lived in was extremely vast, so no one knew where Wu Kuang had gone to, and it was nearly impossible to track him.


Yang Kai took a look at both sides. Unable to contain his curiosity anymore, he approached Mo Huang and asked in a small voice, “Sir, has Wu Kuang successfully fled?”


Mo Huang nodded slightly.


Yang Kai uttered, “How did he shatter space? What’s more, I can tell this is no ordinary Void Corridor.”


Even the Cross-Territory Space Array he arranged could not cause such turbulent Space Principle fluctuations when activated. What’s more, Yang Kai could feel that this Void Corridor was leading to an extremely faraway place.


While Mo Huang remained silent, Fu Xuan replied, “He made use of the Dragon Temple’s power.”


Yang Kai raised his brow, “He made use of the Dragon Temple’s power? How was he capable of doing that?”


The Dragon Temple was the Dragon Clan’s foundation, so how was it possible that it would allow an outsider to make use of its power? Moreover, when Yang Kai stepped into this place earlier, he could feel that some extremely powerful auras were hidden in this hall. Some of these auras were just as formidable as the three Great Emperors in front of him.


Yang Kai guessed that those auras must be from the Dragon Clan’s ancestors.


Fu Xuan explained patiently, “The reason he killed Fu Chi and took his Dragon Source was to enter the Dragon Temple. As for how he managed to make use of the temple’s power and shatter space, I’m not sure.” She turned to look at Mo Huang and spoke in a gentle voice, “Do you know how he did that?”


While she was basically asking this question on Yang Kai’s behalf, it was also true that she was quite curious about it herself.


Mo Huang replied, “Wu Kuang is much older than any of us here. It’s just hearsay, but I heard that Wu Kuang was on good terms with the Dragon Clan’s first few generations of Elders.”


If anyone else had said such words, they couldn’t be deemed credible. It could even be said that it was just an unfounded rumour. However, since it was Mo Huang who had said it, it suggested that it wasn’t just hearsay.


Wu Kuang was probably on good terms with the first few generations of Dragon Clan Elders.


Since that was the case, it was no wonder that he knew information about the Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques. He might even have learned some abstruse methods from those Elders. Basically, his plan was to communicate with the Dragon Temple through Fu Chi’s Dragon Source and make use of the temple’s power to break through the space.


When carrying out the plan, he had not made any mistakes, and he had even succeeded in the end. Although Yang Kai wasn’t fond of Wu Kuang, he had to acknowledge that the latter’s plan was brilliant. A Great Emperor’s intelligence and tactics were indeed exceptional.


“Since the Void Corridor is still here, why don’t we pursue him?” Yang Kai asked.


“Pursue him?” Mo Huang shot him a glance and put on a sneer.


Yang Kai frowned, “What’s wrong with that?”


“Do you know where this Void Corridor leads to?”


“Sir, please enlighten me.” Yang Kai asked humbly.


Although he had figured that this Void Corridor was leading to an extremely faraway place, he didn’t know the exact location.


“It’s to a Lower Star Field!” Mo Huang broke the shocking news.


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before he came to his senses. Then, he exclaimed, “A Lower Star Field?”


His loud voice had attracted everyone’s attention. Fu Zhun’s glare was especially cold.


Appearing embarrassed, Yang Kai rubbed his nose. Then, he asked anxiously, “How could it be the Lower Star Field? Isn’t there a great force called the Star Court that guards all the passageways from the Star Boundary to the Lower Star Fields? How did he manage to open this entrance?”


Certainly, Yang Kai was flustered that Wu Kuang had gone to a Lower Star Field. Although there were many Lower Star Fields, no one could be certain that Wu Kuang didn’t go to Heng Luo Star Field. If he happened to have entered Heng Luo Star Field, the entire Star Field was doomed. Moreover, Yang Kai’s roots were over there.




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