Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3097, A Real Man Knows When to Be Forgiving


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Since the very beginning, Yang Kai had never shown any sign that he had cultivated before. What he relied on was the robustness of his body. Even He Yun Xiang thought that he was a Body Tempering Master.


However, at this moment, Yang Kai exuded some of his Qi. However, it wasn’t Saint Qi. The aura was even purer and more profound than Saint Qi. 


[What kind of power is that?]


His aura kept surging and breaking through barriers. Soon, it reached the First-Order Origin King Realm, but there it stabilized.


Yang Kai shook his head helplessly, as he had reached the limit. In this damned place, he couldn’t use a power that exceeded the Origin King Realm. Otherwise, he might attract the Heavenly Way’s rejection.


Yan Luo had never worn such a solemn expression before. He thought that the young man was just a muscular savage, so he wasn’t afraid of him. However, he didn’t expect that the young man had been hiding his true power. He was now a Body Tempering Master in the First-Order Origin King, so it would undoubtedly be difficult to deal with him now.


Nevertheless, the worry in Yan Luo’s gaze soon vanished. [He’s only in the First-Order Origin King Realm, so he isn’t that powerful. I’m the Star Master of Taiyi Star, so why would I be afraid of him?]


“Patriarch Yan, are you ready?” Yang Kai looked up at the old man.


Yan Luo’s heart leapt to his throat when he was met with the young man’s dark gaze, as he was engulfed in an unimaginable sense of danger. Soon, something flashed across his eyes, and a figure, who was none other than the young man, appeared right before his eyes.


Yan Luo gasped in shock as he had failed to notice how the young man even reached him. He instinctively activated the Star Source’s power and disappeared from the spot.


The next moment, he was already in a place that was 300 metres away, but before he could even take a breath, the young man appeared before his eyes again, less than an arm’s length away, the grin on his face sending a chill down Yan Luo’s spine.


*Shua shua shua…*


 Yan Luo kept changing his location. His forehead dripped as his robes became soaked in a cold sweat.


He could keep changing his location with the power of a Star Master. However, the young man was able to follow him relentlessly. No matter how hard he tried, he could never open a distance with him. Most of the time, right after he re-appeared, the young man would then appear before his eyes, still at arm’s length.


At that instant, he realized that his power was practically useless to deal with this mysterious young man.


All the Yan Family’s Masters on the ground were dumbstruck. The two people in the air were so elusive that it was hard for them to see clearly. In just a short moment, they had changed locations several dozen times. Nevertheless, they always kept a close distance from each other.


“Space Force!” Yan Luo exclaimed.


As a Star Master, he was more sensitive than the others when it came to the changes on this Star. The young man could be seen with clear fluctuations of Space Force around him. Apparently, he had mastered the Dao of Space.


Unlike his power as the Star Master, the young man could move instantaneously by using his own power.


At that instant, Yan Luo was flustered. He thought that he was invincible and untouchable in this place, but it turned out that the young man before him had methods to negate all his advantages. 


A fist magnified before Yan Luo’s eyes suddenly. He wanted to evade it, but he realized that the space around him had become viscous. The fist was coming at him like a mountain, blocking all the sunlight from his sight. No matter how hard he tried, he could not avoid it, which frustrated and terrified him.


After a loud boom, blood spurted out of Yan Luo’s nose as he fell to the ground like a meteor. Then, he crashed into the ruins of the main hall and sent yet another dust cloud up into the air.


Now, he was seeing stars, and he could feel that his nose had been broken. When he opened his eyes again, he realized that he was engulfed by a towering shadow.


“Mercy!” Yan Luo howled in a sorrowful voice. He no longer appeared calm and nonchalant. The man before his eyes truly had the power to end his life. Moreover, it seemed that the young man hadn’t even displayed his full strength yet, so he couldn’t imagine how horrifying this young man would be if he utilized all his power.


[Where is this man from? What kind of monster is he? Since he’s so powerful, he should have shown us his strength right from the start! What was the point of him doing all this? Now the Yan Family has lost all face! Not only was I powerless to oppose him, but a Third-Order Origin King Elder was also killed by him…]


Besides Yan Luo, the other Masters of the Yan Family shared similar thoughts. Yan An felt especially bitter. He was the one who had been manipulated into killing Yan Qing and had hoped that the Patriarch would take revenge for him; however, he had never expected that the Patriarch, who was supposed to be invincible on Taiyi Star, would have to beg for this young man to show mercy after less than an incense stick of battle.


Was the Patriarch too cowardly? Nonsense, he simply understood that a wise man must adapt to current circumstances. 


Whatever the case, the Yan Family members were utterly shamefaced on this day. Fortunately, there were no outsiders in this place, so the news wouldn’t be spread. Otherwise, it would deal a huge blow to the Yan Family’s reputation and authority.


“I think we can talk now.” Yang Kai looked down at Yan Luo.


“Senior, whatever question you have, I’ll unreservedly answer for you.” Yan Luo forced a smile.




In another palace halfway up the mountain, He Yun Xiang put down a cup of aromatic tea on the table and obediently stood behind Yang Kai, as though she was a mere maidservant.


Yan Luo had cleaned himself up and changed into new clothes. After he stepped out of the back hall, he bowed to Yang Kai, “Senior.” Then, he hinted at Yan An with his gaze.


With a fawning smile, Yan An passed a box in his hands to Yang Kai in a respectful manner, “Senior, this is your Spirit Pill.” 


After the box was opened, the Source Condensing Pill was seen lying in it.


He Yun Xiang took the box and sneered, “I thought the Second Elder crushed it.”


Yan An’s expression appeared awkward as he explained, “He was lying. His rash actions have nothing to do with the Yan Family. Senior, please forgive us.”


“The Second Elder also said that this pill is fake.”


“Nonsense! This pill is translucent and perfectly round. Moreover, it’s pleasantly fragrant, so it’s not possible that this pill is fake. Although we don’t know what pill this is, we’re certain it is an extraordinary treasure. Yan Qing must have been consumed by greed and lied to you in an attempt to seize this pill for himself.”


With a solemn expression, He Yun Xiang uttered, “Elder Yan An, it’s thanks to you that a wicked liar was purged today. It is a stroke of good fortune, otherwise, he might have brought trouble to the Yan Family in the future.”


Yan An nodded repeatedly, “Quite right. This is all thanks to Senior lending me a hand at that time, or I would not have been able to carry out the execution so smoothly. Patriarch and I were fooled by that traitor, which was how all these misunderstandings were caused. Senior, please don’t take this incident to heart.”


He Yun Xiang replied with a smile, “Sir won’t mind it.”


“Many thanks, Senior.”


With a mournful expression, Yan Luo spoke up at this time, “This all happened because I trusted the wrong person. Senior, if you want to punish me, I won’t resist.”


He Yun Xiang took a look at Yang Kai, and upon seeing that he remained silent, she replied with a smile, “The culprit has been punished, so this matter can be considered settled. Patriarch Yan, Great Elder, both of you are able to grasp the bigger picture here. It’s just that you two had been deceived, so you shouldn’t be blamed.”


Upon hearing that, Yan Luo and Yan An heaved a sigh of relief.


With a serious expression, He Yun Xiang went on to say, “Sir has come all the way here for just one thing.”


Yan Luo uttered solemnly, “Senior, please leave this matter to us. After making appropriate arrangements, I will personally bring you to the Ancestral Domain.”


He Yun Xiang was immediately at a loss for words. With absolute power, something that was as difficult as heading to the Heavens became easy all of a sudden. Before she could say anything, Yan Luo had already agreed to personally bring them to the Ancestral Domain. No one else in this Star Field was qualified to receive this kind of treatment.


Yan Luo rubbed his hands together and said carefully, “However, I do have a request. Senior, I hope you’ll agree to it.”


He Yun Xiang’s face fell as she questioned, “Are you trying to negotiate with us?”


Yan Luo shuddered and replied hurriedly, “No no no, I would never dare to. It’s definitely not a negotiation. It’s just that I have a small favour to ask.”


“What if Sir doesn’t agree to it? Are you not going to tell him how to reach the Ancestral Domain?”


“Certainly not! Whether or not Senior agrees, I shall fulfil my promise.”


He Yun Xiang glanced to check Yang Kai’s reaction before nodding, “Alright. Tell us.”


With a smile, Yan Luo said, “Senior, this will surely be an easy task for you. The thing is, I want to head to the Ancestral Domain as well, so I hope that you will bring me with you.”


“You want to go to the Ancestral Domain as well?” He Yun Xiang asked curiously, “Just go then. You already know how.”


With a grim expression, Yan Luo explained, “Senior, you might not be aware of this. Although I know how to head to the Ancestral Domain, the journey to that place is paved with danger. Even a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master like myself might be killed if I’m not careful enough. Otherwise, I would have gone to the Ancestral Domain a long time ago and not waited until now. Senior, you are incredibly strong, so I’m certain the dangers on the journey won’t be a hindrance to you. I simply wish to come along with you.”


“The journey to the Ancestral Domain is dangerous?” It was the first time He Yun Xiang heard about it, so she was doubtful.


“It’ll depend on our luck,” Yan Luo replied seriously.


Luck was basically an intangible thing. If one were lucky, their journey would be smooth sailing. However, if they were unlucky, every step they took would be dangerous. Sometimes, luck could even be considered a part of a cultivator’s strength. It was pointless to lament that the Heavenly Way was unfair, because that was simply how it worked.


He Yun Xiang couldn’t make that decision, so she asked for Yang Kai’s opinion.


Yang Kai didn’t mind it, so he nodded lightly, “Good.”


Upon hearing that, Yan Luo was elated and bowed to the young man, “Many thanks, Senior!”


To the side, Yan An cupped his fists and bowed, “Congratulations, Patriarch. Your dream is finally about to come true.”


With a smile, Yan Luo uttered, “After I’m gone, you shall be the next Yan Family’s Patriarch. Make sure to manage the family well.”


In response, Yan An bowed to him, “I won’t disappoint you.”


Turning around, Yan Luo said, “Senior, why don’t we set off in ten days? Of course, if you are in a rush, we can begin our journey three days from now, but I hope you can give me some time to hand over my role as Patriarch and give some instructions to my family.”


Naturally, he had a lot to do to hand over the position of Patriarch.


“We’ll set off in ten days, then.” Yang Kai rose from the chair, not minding this small delay.


After Yan Luo thanked Yang Kai repeatedly, he brought the latter to take a rest.


The interior of the room was luxurious with Luminous Pearls dotting the walls.


Once they were alone, He Yun Xiang asked, “Sir, do you think they are still trying to scheme against us?”


Yan Luo’s obedience made her feel doubtful. Even if he had caved in to absolute power, he didn’t have to act so subserviently. After all, he was still a Star Master and a hegemon in his own right.




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