Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3109, News About Su Yan


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Yang Kai had personally witnessed what Chi Yue and Ai Ou had to experience when they ventured into the Star Boundary, and what kind of suffering they had to go through. Even Wu Dao, who was touted as the strongest cultivator in Heng Luo Star Field, had fallen, to say nothing of a woman like Su Yan who was on her own.


There was a voice that was shouting in the deepest part of Yang Kai’s heart. [I have to meet her! Now!]


His longing for the woman surged within him, almost causing him to drown in it.


“Master!” Liu Yan hurriedly took his arm. When Yang Kai felt the soft touch, he immediately came to his senses, only to see the man, whose neck was clenched by him, rolling his eyes. His face was completely pale, and he could hardly breathe, as though he would lose his life at any moment.


Seeing that, Yang Kai quickly released him and dropped him on the Star Shuttle.


The person fell on his knees and covered his neck as he coughed violently until his tears slid down his face. The eyelids of the cultivators on the ground twitched as they watched that.


“Sorry,” Yang Kai reached out to that person, but his hand was visibly trembling.


Given his temperament and cultivation, there was hardly anything in this world that could rattle him, but the news that Su Yan had arrived at the Ancestral Domain was one of those things. The man before his eyes called Su Yan ‘Senior Sister’, which meant that Su Yan had joined his Sect after she came to the Ancestral Domain. Whatever the case, it wasn’t appropriate of Yang Kai to bully her Junior Brother. Moreover, he still needed this man’s help.


The person pulled himself together before he took Yang Kai’s hand and got to his feet. He still appeared horrified as he looked timidly at Yang Kai.


He was a Third-Order Origin King, but he was as powerless as an ant when confronted by this young man. Apparently, he was no match for him. Moreover, Yang Kai’s rapid switch in attitude made him feel that this young man was subject to shifting moods, which made him grow more wary of him. To him, the young man was extremely strange, had shocking power, and was also temperamental.


“Junior Brother, what’s your name?” Yang Kai tried his hardest to appear benevolent. 


The person gulped and replied, “Xiang Fei.”


“I’ll call you Junior Brother Xiang, then.” Yang Kai patted his shoulder with a grin, causing the latter to shrink back slightly, “I’m sorry for what happened just now. Please don’t mind it. Good, you called Su Yan ‘Senior Sister’ just now. Does it mean she’s joined your noble Sect as a disciple?”


During their conversation, Yang Kai obtained some useful information.


Just like what he had expected, after Su Yan came to the Ancestral Domain, she joined the great force behind Xiang Fei, Red Clouds Sect. Also, she had arrived in the Ancestral Domain through this very Star Road Portal.


However, it was someone else from Red Clouds Sect instead of Xiang Fei who welcomed her, so he knew little about the situation at that time. He only managed to learn more about Su Yan after she joined the Sect.


Su Yan was a cold but alluring lady who was also very intelligent, so a few years after she joined Red Clouds Sect, she managed to garner a lot of supporters. Many Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers were pursuing her, so she had become a popular figure.


There were always such figures in every Sect, though the number varied. As a disciple from a Lower Star Field, Su Yan would naturally attract more attention, which was how the news that she came from Heng Luo Star Field was spread.


Xiang Fei had met Su Yan several times before, but he had never had the guts to speak to her. Her icy aura and expression seemed able to deter anyone from approaching her. It was as though he might be frozen if he even approached.


“Senior Sister Su is extremely talented. Just five years after she joined our Sect, she managed to reach the Dao Source Realm. Her aptitude made many of us feel ashamed of ourselves,” Xiang Fei said bitterly. It was apparent to him that Yang Kai knew Su Yan, so he tried to only say good stuff about her.


As expected, Yang Kai appeared elated upon hearing that, “She reached the Dao Source Realm already?”


He was worried that she might be treated unfairly or marginalised in this world; however, it now seemed that she was having a good life here.


“How is she now?” Yang Kai questioned.


Xiang Fei replied, “I don’t know.”


Yang Kai scowled, “What do you mean you don’t know? Aren’t you a disciple of Red Clouds Sect?”


Shocked, Xiang Fei hurriedly explained, “I’m indeed a disciple of Red Clouds Sect, but I’ve been stationed here for more than ten years. I’ve rarely returned to the Sect, so I know little about any recent developments there.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai looked pitifully at him. Normally, people who were sent to keep watch on Star Road Portals were not considered important in their Sects, and they didn’t have any backers, which was why they were given this kind of task that was time-wasting and without any benefits.


Apparently, Xiang Fei was one of those people in the Red Clouds Sect.


“Do you want to go back?”


“Of course,” It had been a difficult life for him in this wilderness, making him miss the comfortable life in the Sect.


Yang Kai clapped his shoulder, “Congratulations. Your wish will be granted soon!”


“W-What?” Xiang Fei hadn’t grasped what Yang Kai meant, but he instinctively had a bad feeling.


“To Red Clouds Sect!” Yang Kai said to He Yun Xiang, who immediately activated the Star Shuttle.


“Tell us the direction.” Yang Kai turned to look at Xiang Fei.


Flustered, Xiang Fei shouted, “No, no! Please let me go! Without permission from the Sect Master or the Elders, I… Ah! Not that way, that way!” Faced with Yang Kai’s fist, he was forced to give in, for he couldn’t afford to offend this crazy young man. At the very least, after he returned to his Sect, if anyone asked him about it, he would be able to give an excuse. However, he wasn’t sure what kind of punishment he would receive. Perhaps he would have to forfeit his share of resources for the next year. At the thought of missing his important Source Condensing Pills, he felt dejected.


Just then, Yang Kai landed a fist on Xiang Fei’s chest, causing him to be terrified. Upon realising that he hadn’t been hurt, he said with a crying face, “Senior Brother, please stop scaring me.”


“Tell me more about Su Yan. If your information is useful, I’ll give you some benefits.”


[As long as you stop involving me, I won’t ask for anything else!] Xiang Fei wasn’t sure whether it would be a blessing or disaster to bring this man to Red Clouds Sect. This man was apparently close to Su Yan, and he was probably one of her admirers. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to pry more information out of him about her. Moreover, he was clearly very powerful, so he was bound to fall into a conflict with those from Red Clouds Sect.


After giving it a thought, Xiang Fei realised that this matter actually had nothing to do with him though. Every man loved beautiful women, but most of them couldn’t obtain one, so they could only drool over them from afar. If Yang Kai were to make a scene at the Sect, he would be the one who would be taught a lesson.


With this thought in mind, Xiang Fei began telling Yang Kai what he knew.


In fact, he knew very little about Su Yan. Although Red Clouds Sect wasn’t one of the top Sects in the Ancestral Domain, it was still second class. There were more than a thousand disciples in the Sect, so people who weren’t familiar with each other would rarely come into contact. Most of his understanding of Su Yan came from hearsay.


Whether or not the news was true, Yang Kai kept a smile on his face as he listened to him, as though he was able to personally go through what Su Yan had experienced over the years.


“By the way, not long after Senior Sister Su Yan joined our Sect, she was taken in as a disciple by Elder Ruan. I heard that Elder Ruan had been extremely adamant at the time and raised a huge fuss. It’s because of this incident that Senior Sister Su became famous in our Sect.”


“Is Elder Ruan a man or a woman?”


“S-she’s a woman. Elder Ruan is the oldest and most seasoned Elder in our Sect!” Xiang Fei felt that a cold glint had flashed across Yang Kai’s gaze when the latter asked that question. However, after he took one more look, he realised there wasn’t any trace of hostility left in his eyes anymore, so he wondered if he had seen it wrong.


Yang Kai laughed and patted Xiang Fei’s shoulder hard, “Your Elder Ruan indeed has an acute vision.”


“Haha…” Xiang Fei pursed his lips and smiled, “Elder Ruan is a peculiar person. We wouldn’t dare to go near the Spirit Peak where she resides. Although she’s an Elder of Red Clouds Sect, she rarely gets involved in the Sect’s matters and she had never taken in any disciple before Su Yan. That was why after she decided to take in Senior Sister Su, the news caused an uproar in the Sect.”


After Yang Kai listened to Xiang Fei’s narration, the image of a peculiar, temperamental, and wrinkled old lady sprang into his mind. Nevertheless, he was grateful for this Elder whom he had never met before.


It was Su Yan’s good fortune to come across a Master who treated her well and cared for her. Otherwise, given her beauty, she would’ve attracted a lot of trouble after she joined the Sect. There were many talented people out there, so why was she able to reach the Dao Source Realm in just five years? Ultimately, it must be thanks to Elder Ruan’s support. It would take lots of Source Condensing Pills for anyone who wished to reach the Dao Source Realm. Su Yan had come to this place without any resources on her, so how was she able to collect so many pills?


The conversation went on while they were on the way. Xiang Fei racked his brain for anything knew about Su Yan; however, Yang Kai was still not satisfied as he kept pressing for more information from him. He was like a starving person who demanded someone else to give him more food.


Xiang Fei had nothing to say, but he didn’t dare to offend Yang Kai, so he felt rather miserable as he thought, [What kind of person is this?]


Gritting his teeth, he decided to tell him something that was supposed to be shocking, “Senior Sister Su has many admirers in the Sect.”


It was apparent to him that this young man must be close to Su Yan, and was likely an admirer of hers. Earlier, he avoided talking about Su Yan’s personal life because he was worried that he might irritate the young man.


Now that he had nothing else to say, he had no choice but to talk about it. [You’re basically asking for trouble, so you can’t blame me!]


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai only smiled at him in response as he appeared unperturbed.


He had guessed this point even before Xiang Fei told him about it. In fact, it would be strange if Su Yan didn’t have many admirers. However, she wouldn’t favour any man in this world. To Yang Kai, those admirers couldn’t even be considered his rivals.


Seeing that he was unfazed, Xiang Fei went on to say, “Most men have given up. After all, Senior Sister Su is Elder Ruan’s only disciple, so they wouldn’t dare to keep pestering her. After they were rejected, they would tactfully back off. But there is one person…”


“What? Is there such a shameless man?”


“I’ll tell you about it, but don’t tell anyone you’ve heard it from me.” Xiang Fei lowered his voice as he looked around.


“Just spill it!”


“Our Young Sect Master is very fond of Senior Sister Su. He’s announced to everyone in public that he will marry her.”


“What!?” Yang Kai was enraged as his expression turned hideous. His calmness from earlier vanished completely.


[Damn it! If I ever come across that man, I’ll beat him up until his mother can’t recognize him anymore! I don’t care if he admires Su Yan, but he shouldn’t have made such an announcement in public! How shameless!]




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