Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3112, The Plot Revealed


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The others might not understand what Yang Kai was talking about, but as Su Yan’s Master, Ruan Bi Ting immediately did. Su Yan had brought an Origin King Grade longsword from her Star Field to this place. The long sword was named Profound Frost, and one of the techniques she used was indeed called Clear Sky Snowfall.


What Yang Kai had just said confirmed his identity. Since he was able to name her sword and her Secret Technique, he must be very close to her. Moreover, Ruan Bi Ting had heard from Su Yan about Yang Kai’s existence; after all, they were Master and Disciple, so they frequently communicated with each other. And today, she finally met Yang Kai.


“Brat, follow me!” Upon confirming Yang Kai’s identity, Ruan Bi Ting reached out her hand towards him.


She had just gotten a secret message from a disciple which said that Su Yan’s husband had come to look for her from Heng Luo Star Field, but he was brought to the reception hall by Elder Chen to drink tea. Once she heard that, she immediately knew that it was a trap, so she rushed over to this place; however, she still couldn’t stop the tragedy from happening.


At that moment, she was utterly frustrated. She had warned him to put down the teacup and even tried to snatch it from him, but he ignored her and gulped it down right in front of her.


[Su Yan, Su Yan, what kind of husband have you gotten for yourself? Given his stupidity, how has he even survived until this day? Has no one taught him that he should be careful when drinking or eating in the outside world?]


She grabbed Yang Kai’s wrist with her slender hand and pulled him towards herself. However, instead of making him move, she was forced to stagger forward.


Her pupils contracted as she was flabbergasted. She was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master, and although she didn’t use all her strength just now, it was impossible that she couldn’t even make him move.


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her. His impression of Red Clouds Sect was quite terrible at the moment, so his intention was to find out Su Yan’s whereabouts before he slaughtered all of them; however, it now seemed that there was someone in this place that actually cared about Su Yan.


[That is more than enough, isn’t it? It isn’t like there is only evil in this world. There is still warmth that is like a light in the darkness that shines and illuminates our way.]


He then tapped Ruan Bi Ting’s hand to motion for her to release him.


With a frown, Ruan Bi Ting questioned, “What are you doing?” 


She used her Divine Sense and spoke to him in his mind, “This place is dangerous! Leave with me now!”


Seeing that she was truly worried about his well being, Yang Kai felt warm in his heart. They didn’t know each other, but she was concerned about him because of Su Yan. Apparently, she was really good to Su Yan.


“Elder Ruan, what are you doing?” The red-faced Elder Chen sneered at Ruan Bi Ting, not showing any respect to a Master like her who was stronger than he was. Although both of them were Elders in this Sect, she didn’t hold any important position, so she was basically powerless regarding internal affairs. If it weren’t because of the Old Sect Master’s will, she wouldn’t have even been allowed to remain in this Sect for such a long time and keep her title as an Elder.


Nobody really knew the relationship between Ruan Bi Ting and Red Clouds Sect. It was rumoured that the Old Sect Master owed her a favour, which was why he let her stay in this Sect; however, after the Old Sect Master passed away, the current Sect Master took over his role and Ruan Bi Ting became an outsider within their Sect.


“It’s none of your business!” Ruan Bi Ting glowered at Elder Chen.


With a grin, Elder Chen rebuked, “I don’t agree that it’s none of my business. The Sect Master has ordered me to serve this Little Brother. Elder Ruan, you’re being impolite to our guests, so please leave now.”


Ignoring him, Ruan Bi Ting stared at Yang Kai and asked, “Are you leaving or not?”


“I can’t leave because this matter isn’t over yet.” Yang Kai put on a smile and gazed at Elder Chen, “You seem quite pleased. What are you laughing at?”


“Of course I’m laughing at something funny.” Elder Chen looked disdainfully at him, “How does our Red Clouds Tea taste?”


“The tea is good, but the taste isn’t very pure.” It was then Yang Kai put down the tea cup and adjusted his position, “You’ve put something into it, right?”


“It’s too late that you’ve only found out about it now!” Elder Chen’s expression turned cold as he could stop pretending to be polite. Anyone who was stricken with that poison would go limp very quickly. Even a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master couldn’t detoxify it with ease. Now, Yang Kai was like a fish on a chopping block in his eyes, so he could do whatever he wanted to him.


“Elder Chen, you seem quite confident in this poison,” Yang Kai lowered his head as his hair blocked his face, which made him look quite gloomy.


“You… Knew that there was poison in the tea?” Ruan Bi Ting suddenly thought of something and exclaimed. At the same time, she cursed at him in her heart and thought that he must be insane.




In this intense atmosphere, a sound was suddenly heard. The three of them turned their heads and saw Liu Yan holding another teacup and drinking down its content.


Elder Chen and Ruan Bi Ting were dumbstruck. [Has she also become foolish because she’s been with this boy for too long? Both of them are out of their minds!]


“Why did you still drink it after they admitted that there was poison in it?” Yang Kai stroked her head.


“I just wanted to have a taste,” Liu Yan replied, “It’s not delicious though, so I’ll give it back to you!”


After she opened her mouth, the tea shot towards Elder Chen like an arrow. While the tea was still in mid-air, it turned red suddenly as though it was a fire snake.


The temperature in the hall rose rapidly.


The expression of Elder Chen changed drastically as he was engulfed in a sense of danger. Without even thinking, he summoned an artifact to protect himself. With a clang, the tea arrow crashed into the artifact that looked like a shield, causing the glow on the artifact to flicker and turn dim, which went to show that it had lost all its spirituality. The tea arrow then continued forward unimpeded, burning a hole right through the artifact.


“AH!” Elder Chen shrieked and fell on his butt. Lowering his head, he realised that there was a dark hole on his shoulder as his blood was streaming out of it. At the same time, he could feel a horrifying Fire Attribute energy entering through the wound. Wherever it went, all his meridians and flesh would burn.


He widened his eyes in disbelief. [What is going on? What is going on? Aren’t they poisoned? How are they still able to use their strength? Also, who is this little girl? Did she make tea so terrifying!?]


Ruan Bi Ting was dumbfounded as she looked dazedly at Liu Yan. If she hadn’t seen it with her eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that this little girl was able to harm Elder Chen with just a mouthful of tea. Then, she turned to look at Yang Kai and realised that he had at some point stood up. His countenance appeared healthy, so it was apparent that he wasn’t poisoned.


“You’re… fine?” Ruan Bi Ting almost lost her ability to think.


Yang Kai put on a smile, “It’s just a little bit of trash, how could it possibly harm me?”


[T-Trash? This is the most potent poison in our Sect, but it’s just some rubbish to him? Is he really from Heng Luo Star Field?]


What she wasn’t aware of was that Yang Kai had cultivated the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, and after refining the Golden Divine Dragon Source, he had developed a strong Dragon bloodline. Dragon Clan members were famously known for their resistance to all kinds of poisons.


Given Yang Kai’s physique, he couldn’t be said to be immune to all poisons, but the kind of poison that could harm him definitely didn’t exist in the Ancestral Domain. He decided to drink the tea not because he was a fool or that he was out of his mind, but because he wasn’t worried about it at all.


“Elder Ruan, what are you doing? It will be hard for me to explain myself to Su Yan if she sees this,” Yang Kai turned to look at Ruan Bi Ting and winked at her.


It was then that Ruan Bi Ting realised that she had been clenching his wrist the whole time. With her face blushing slightly, she shot him a glare and released him.


She indeed had lost her composure on this day.


*Shua shua shua shua…* 


Just then, many figures appeared abruptly. They were all the Sect’s Elders who had been waiting outside. They barged into the hall because they heard Elder Chen’s scream, and upon a closer look, they were all dumbstruck.


While Yang Kai was fine, Elder Chen was battered.


With a cold expression, Han Zheng Yuan bellowed, “Elder Ruan, I think you need to give me an explanation!”


Earlier, he saw Ruan Bi Ting breaking into this place, but he hadn’t managed to stop her. Now that Elder Chen was injured, he thought that it was she who had made a move. 


[I’ve been putting up with this woman for far too long! No matter what, I’ll have to kick her out of our Sect today!]


Ruan Bi Ting growled, “Han Zheng Yuan, don’t cross the line!”


Han Zheng Yuan replied, “Who is crossing the line here? You are our Sect’s Elder, but you’ve sided with an outsider! You’ve let all of us in Red Clouds Sect, including the Old Sect Master, down.”


“Settle your own problems later. I just want to know why you’re treating me this way when I’m just here to look for Su Yan.” Yang Kai swept a glance over everyone and then stared fixedly at Han Zheng Yuan.


Elder Chen couldn’t have possibly made the decision on his own. He must have received the order from Han Zheng Yuan. A Sect Master was going against Yang Kai for no apparent reason, so his behaviour was really laughable.


“Su Yan isn’t in Red Clouds Sect. He was lying to you earlier,” Ruan Bi Ting explained.


Yang Kai asked, “Where is she?”


“She’s been sent to guard our Fire Cloud Ore Vein. She hasn’t returned to the Sect for more than ten years. That’s a mineral lode under Red Clouds Sect, so it’s one of our core businesses.”


“She’s guarding a Fire Cloud Ore Vein?” Yang Kai arched his brow as he set his mind at ease. Since that was the case, Su Yan wasn’t in any danger. However, he soon grasped the crux of the matter and snorted, “Why?”


Fire Cloud Ore was rich in Fire Attribute Strength, so it was suitable for cultivators who practised Fire Attribute Secret Arts and Secret Techniques to stay at such a mineral lode. Any cultivators with this kind of Secret Art would be more than happy to take on this task.


However, Su Yan cultivated an Ice Attribute Secret Art. Moreover, she had an Ice Crystal Jade Body. If she stayed in such a fiery place for too long, she would be considered lucky if her cultivation didn’t regress, so it was practically impossible for her to cultivate.


Yang Kai doubted that these people from Red Clouds Sect didn’t know the attribute she was cultivating. Since they were aware of it, they must have done it on purpose by sending her to guard Fire Cloud Ore Vein.


[Damn it! Ten years isn’t a long period of time, but it isn’t a short time either. In other words, Su Yan has wasted ten years for nothing!] Yang Kai was enraged.


“Why?” Ruan Bi Ting sneered as she was utterly disappointed, “They’re trying to make her give in. You might not be aware of it, but his son is very fond of Su Yan.” She paused for a moment, “Moreover, Su Yan has grown too rapidly, so someone is afraid that her cultivation would surpass his and threaten his position!”


“What a load of nonsense!” Han Zheng Yuan snorted, “Both of you two agreed that she’d guard the Fire Cloud Ore Vein, so why are you blaming it all on me now?”


Ruan Bi Ting shook her head as she appeared disheartened, “Han Zheng Yuan, you’re a Sect Master now, but you’re still so narrow-minded. You’re no match for the Old Sect Master in this regard.” 


In fact, this was the reason she had been marginalised in the Sect as well.




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  1. This novel should be renamed to ‘Finding su yan’ because that’s what Yang Kai does every time he leaves her. Maybe Disney would even make a movie out of it if the author gave her a Fish clan bloodline.

    Damn girl gets lost even more than Zoro.

  2. YK is definitely a f…ing pally. Always there in shining armour to save the Damsel in Distress, always at the last possible moment.

    The more, the merrier, especially if it’s a full sect of beautiful virgins.

    I hate pallys in RPGs. Always holier than Thou.

    1. Nah, he’s more of a warlock who doesn’t realize just what kind of patron he’s taking his powers from. The only
      women he goes out of his way to save are his loved ones, and frankly sometimes it’s their own fault. (Or the fault
      of the person leading them.) I do think the “YK saves his wife” trope is overplayed through the series, though.

        1. Every time he “helped” Wu Kuang:
          – he helped Duan Hong Chen without knowing his situation
          – he was present when the demons broke free in Azure Sun Temple (would have still happened without Yang Kai)
          – he fought against the dragons, injuring one, without knowing that Wu Kuang was there, which helped Wu Kuang
          – he doesn’t try to kill Wu Kuang when Duan Hong Chen and Liu Yan both think he won’t be able to kill him

          You could say that he should have at least tried during the last encounter, but attacking someone who currently isn’t aggressive, he likely won’t win against, gave him/embodiments huge benefits and is also being supervised by a Great Emperor (he was able to stop Wu Kuang from devouring the few Dao Source people from ancestral realm) doesn’t seem very logical to me

  3. YK favorite and I do mean FAVORITE thing to do is pretend weakness. This way he gets to reward those who treat him well and destroy the ones who don’t. Even if he has a goal and that goal is deliberately hindered or delayed by this act, he doesn’t care. It’s his favorite thing after and he can’t help it.

    1. I guess he is at least true to himself and consistent about doing this lol he havent sudenly and without any reason decided to just stop doing that, even tho deep inside he knows its stupid, like many mc out there

  4. Yang Kai’s dragon is the dragon Emperor. And it’s fucking op. A 400 meter dragon is a great emperor and he can have a 1000 meter dragon submit to him. And su yan’s phoenix is an empress. So she should be way above great emperor too. Hope the author does’t nerve her again and again. Hope they find a way to help su Yan integrate like yang Kai with his dragon blood flowers. Also she should get immense benefits from dual cultivating. In the beginning she had higher cultivation and he got massive benefits. And especially now that has dragon source has integrated so much. So she should be able to get to emperor in a few years

  5. [Su Yan, Su Yan, what kind of husband have you gotten for yourself? Given his stupidity, how has he even survived until this day? Has no one taught him that he should be careful when drinking or eating in the outside world?] you’re right

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