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Martial Peak – Chapter 3113, Kill Them

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Before the Old Sect Master passed away, he asked Ruan Bi Ting to help look after Red Clouds Sect, which was why she continued staying in this place for more than 100 years. At that time, she was already a Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master, while Han Zheng Yuan had just entered the Dao Source Realm. Without her protection, Red Clouds Sect would’ve been destroyed by their enemies, and they wouldn’t have been able to hold on to the foundation passed down to them by their Ancestors. 100 years had passed, and Han Zheng Yuan finally reached the Second Order, but his attitude towards Ruan Bi Ting grew increasingly terrible as well.


He couldn’t tolerate someone who had protected their Sect for more than 100 years, let alone a rising star like Su Yan. If Su Yan managed to reach the Second-Order Dao Source Realm and join forces with her Master, Han Zheng Yuan would probably lose his position as Sect Master.


The reason he sent Su Yan to guard the Fire Cloud Ore Vein was to warn and suppress her. If she was clever enough, she would marry Han Qian Cheng and her future would be bright. However, ten years had passed, but Su Yan had never returned to Red Clouds Sect once. She seemed determined to remain defiant even as she guarded that place.


“You have no right to criticize whatever I do!” Han Zheng Yuan snorted, “You’re just a Foreign Elder in our Sect, but we’ve been providing for you for a long time. However, not only do you not help us solve our problems, but you’ve also colluded with our enemies! Ruan Bi Ting, I’ll abolish your position as an Elder today. From now on, you have nothing to do with our Sect!” 


Han Zheng Yuan was elated because the events that unfolded turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He had always intended to kick Ruan Bi Ting out of his Sect, but he couldn’t find an excuse; after all, the fact that she had protected the Sect for so long left him and the Sect indebted to her. If he banished her out of the Sect without a reason, others would feel disheartened.


Now, he had finally found an excuse.


Ruan Bi Ting tucked her hair behind her ear and replied in a calm manner, “Good. At least I’ve not disappointed the Old Sect Master. Now, Red Clouds Sect will be fine even without me. Just like what you’ve wished for, I hereby announce that I’ll have nothing to do with your Sect anymore.”


“You may leave!” Han Zheng Yuan growled.


Ruan Bi Ting uttered, “He comes with me!” She pointed her slender finger at Yang Kai. Since he was Su Yan’s husband, she wouldn’t let him stay in this place.


“Dream on!” Han Zheng Yuan bellowed.


Ruan Bi Ting uttered dispassionately, “It’s hard to sustain the foundation left behind by your Ancestors. Don’t let it perish in your hands.” Although she was utterly disappointed in Han Zheng Yuan, she was still concerned about this Sect because she had protected it for more than a century. She didn’t have the heart to see it destroyed.


“I am the Sect Master of Red Clouds Sect!” Han Zheng Yuan yelled.


“Han Zheng Yuan, think this through!” Ruan Bi Ting said through gritted teeth.


In response, Han Zheng Yuan shot her a cold glance, “If you’re not willing to leave, you’ll also have to stay here with him.”


The last bit of hope in her heart died. With such a Sect Master, there was no way Red Clouds Sect could be sustained. She had already done her best by protecting the Sect for more than 100 years.


“Are you done?” Yang Kai suddenly uttered. With his eyes glowing with a red glint, he swept a glance over Han Zheng Yuan and the other Elders, causing them to feel horrified.


A sense of uneasiness rose within Han Zheng Yuan, but it was soon replaced by rage. Waving his hand, he demanded, “Kill him!”


In an instant, two figures pounced on Yang Kai from both sides, their movement as swift as lightning. However, in the blink of an eye, they were sent flying backwards as they exploded into blood mist in mid-air. Even their bones had vanished.


The chamber fell into silence as everyone widened their mouths and watched the sight in disbelief.


Ruan Bi Ting sighed and closed her eyes. [Han Zheng Yuan, this is the dumbest decision you’ve ever made in your life. Do you think I’m doing this for this young man by trying to bring him away? I’m just trying to help Red Clouds Sect one last time.]


Yang Kai still appeared fine even though he had been poisoned, so Ruan Bi Ting knew that his strength must be inconceivable. Paired with the strange young girl, there was no way these people from Red Clouds Sect were a match for them. What was laughable was that Han Zheng Yuan still thought everything was well within his control. He wasn’t aware that the positions of the predator and the prey had been switched without him knowing.


“Start the Array!” After Han Zheng Yuan was startled for a moment, he growled as rapidly formed a set of hand seals.


At that instant, the talismans inside the chamber flickered as the people at the scene were all engulfed in a Spirit Array. It was only then that the Elders felt a sense of safety as they looked at Yang Kai as though he was the most horrendous devil.


Earlier, he seemed to be just lightly waving his fist, but two Elders in the First-Order Dao Source Realm who had leapt at him exploded into blood mist, which went to show that the young man was incredibly powerful. Fortunately, the Sect Master was intelligent enough not to confront him at the mountain entrance earlier. Instead, he had lured him to this place.


With the help of the Spirit Array, paired with their collective powers, they were practically invincible.


“Kill them!” Yang Kai simply pointed a finger forward.


In response, Liu Yan opened her mouth and spat out a breath of fire that seemed to have a life of its own, one that filled the entire hall with blistering heat. The temperature in the palace rose rapidly, causing the base and flags of the array to flicker.


The Red Cloud Sect Elders were terrified as they hurriedly tried to defend themselves.


He Yun Xiang was equally shocked.


She had been getting along with Liu Yan for some time, but she had never expected that this adorable little girl was able to exert this kind of horrifying power. 


He Yun Xiang took note of one Elder who was trying to resist Liu Yan’s flames, only to quickly be turned into ashes.


He was a Dao Source Realm Master! He Yun Xiang wasn’t surprised that Yang Kai was able to kill a Dao Source Realm Master with ease, as she had witnessed his power many times throughout their journey, but what was going on with this little girl? Was she just as formidable as Yang Kai?


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai took Ruan Bi Ting’s wrist.


In a dazed state, Ruan Bi Ting asked, “Where are we going?” She was stunned as well. She had seen Liu Yan injuring the red-faced Elder Chen with just one move earlier, so she knew that the latter was powerful, but it was apparent she had still underestimated her. No one in Red Clouds Sect could possibly match her.


“Bring me to look for Su Yan!” Without waiting for her reply, Yang Kai brought her to the door and pushed out his fist, upon which the Spirit Array disintegrated with a boom.


Horrified screams could be heard from behind them as Han Zheng Yuan yelled, “Elder Ruan! Elder Ruan! Save us!”


Ruan Bi Ting turned around as she didn’t have the heart to see them die.


“If you want, I can spare his life.” Noticing the emotion behind her gaze, Yang Kai stared at her. She was Su Yan’s Master, after all, so he was willing to grant her wish.


Ruan Bi Ting opened her mouth slightly, but she eventually sighed and replied, “Let’s go.”


All debts of gratitude and grudges between them had been settled, and she no longer had any association with Red Clouds Sect. The only thing she felt guilty about was that she was no longer able to protect the Sect as the Old Sect Master had asked her. Although it was her first time meeting Yang Kai, she had already learnt a lot about his temperament. He was a resolute man in whatever he did. Even if she asked him to spare Han Zheng Yuan’s life, he would still cripple him.


If a cultivator was crippled, it was more miserable than if he was killed. She wondered if, at this moment, Han Zheng Yuan regretted the fact that he didn’t listen to her earlier. 


In front of a Space Array, the Red Clouds Sect’s disciples traded glances and cupped their fists, “Elder Ruan.”


The person at the front asked, “Elder Ruan, where are you going?”


Ruan Bi Ting was still in a dazed state as she replied, “To Fire Cloud Mountain.” 


The Fire Cloud Ore Vein was inside Fire Cloud Mountain.


The disciple was surprised, “Elder Ruan, you’re going to Fire Cloud Mountain as well?”


While Ruan Bi Ting nodded, Yang Kai realised something through his words, “What’s wrong? Has someone else recently gone to Fire Cloud Mountain?”


“You are…” the disciple asked as he had never seen Yang Kai before.


Ruan Bi Ting came to her senses and questioned, “Who else has gone to Fire Cloud Mountain?”


Naturally, the disciple wouldn’t dare to ignore her. In a respectful manner, he replied, “Just a quarter of an hour ago, Young Sect Master brought two Elders to Fire Cloud Mountain.”


“What!?” Ruan Bi Ting’s expression changed as she yelled, “Oh, no!” She immediately swept the disciple away and stood on the Space Array with Yang Kai before she activated her power. In an instant, the array glowed and engulfed them. When the glow disappeared, they were nowhere to be found.


Inside Fire Cloud Mountain, there were many interconnected tunnels and caves. This place was where Fire Cloud Ore was mined, so it was one of the most important businesses for Red Clouds Sect. There was always an Elder in the Dao Source Realm who would guard the place.


However, the environment in this place was quite hostile. Normally, the Elders from the Sect weren’t willing to take on this task. Even the two Elders who cultivated Fire Attribute Secret Arts didn’t want to remain here all the time, so they basically took turns to guard the place. Every year, another Elder would come over to take this post.


However, for the last ten years, only one person had been guarding the place. No other Elders had come here since.


She was a woman who was always clad in white robes. Her skin was as translucent as jade and she was always on her own, but she seemed to carry herself well.


Anyone would take a liking to such a beautiful woman, but she was ordered to guard this dirty mineral lode inside a mountain. Her white clothes were in stark contrast with the filthy environment. However, wherever she went, the place would appear clean and pure.


The disciples knew that she was forced to take on this difficult task because she had offended the Young Sect Master. They were all displeased with the Young Sect Master because of this, but they wouldn’t dare to complain about it, so they could only secretly feel sorry for her. A beautiful woman like her was to be treasured. No man would have the heart to make her do such a thing. [Young Sect Master is too stone-hearted.]


Normally, the disciples who were responsible for mining Fire Cloud Ore would go back to the Sect every ten to fifteen days to take a break before coming back here. However, she had stayed in this place for ten years without ever leaving.


She was the most outstanding disciple in the history of Red Clouds Sect. It only took her five years to go from the peak of the Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Realm after she joined the Sect. Nonetheless, in the past ten years, her cultivation had not improved one bit.


It was thanks to Ruan Bi Ting who would give her resources from time to time that she was even able to sustain her Dao Source Realm cultivation, otherwise it might have already regressed.


Inside a cave, a disciple, who was in charge of the place, hung his head low as he reported to the white-clothed lady on the recent developments in their mining activities. Having been here for too long, the disciple appeared dishevelled as well. He kept his head low and never looked at the lady. It wasn’t because he didn’t dare to, but because he wasn’t willing to. It was as though his vision would blaspheme her beauty and purity.


Upon hearing his report, the lady nodded slightly, “Good, thank you.”


Her voice was soft and gentle. The person in charge appeared satisfied as he looked forward to reporting to her every ten days. It was because he just wanted to hear her voice.


“Please take a rest.” The person in charge stepped backward but suddenly crashed into someone, upon which he turned around with a furious expression. [Who is this reckless person that has entered this place without permission? Doesn’t he know this is the place where Senior Sister Su cultivates?]


After he made out who the person was though, he was shocked as he hurriedly stepped aside as he bent his back, “Young Sect Master!”



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