Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3114, Unfeeling And Ruthless


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[I can’t believe that the Young Sect Master has come here. He rarely visits this place. He hasn’t come here for a long time. Ten years ago, he would come here very often with a joyful expression, but he’d always leave disappointed. After a time, he stopped visiting at all. Why is he here today all of a sudden? Moreover, he is followed by two Elders.]


The disciple appeared doubtful, but he wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful, so he immediately saluted the two Elders.


“We don’t need you here, scram.” Han Qian Cheng impatiently waved his hand.


The disciple then hung his head low and left the place quickly.


Han Qian Cheng stepped forward and stopped ten steps away from the white-robed lady. His eyes appeared as fiery as the Fire Cloud Ores that had just been unearthed as he stared lustfully at her figure. He hadn’t seen her for years, but she remained as enrapturing as ever


All of a sudden, he regretted the fact that he hadn’t visited her often in the past years. Perhaps she would be moved by his persistence if he had come here more often. However, he soon cast the idea away. He was the Young Sect Master of Red Clouds Sect, so he could get any woman he wanted with ease. However, this woman had always been cold to him. [If it weren’t for our Sect, she wouldn’t have been able to reach Dao Source Realm. Perhaps she would’ve been gobbled up by other Masters right after she arrived at the Ancestral Domain.]


As he recalled what that bastard from earlier had said, he became even more frustrated. He thought that this woman was as pure as jade, but he hadn’t expected that she had already gotten married and surrendered her innocence to another. He was furious because he couldn’t be her first man.


“Junior Sister Su, we haven’t met for a long time. How are you?” He looked at Su Yan with a smile. Although she was in a higher realm than him, he was the Young Sect Master of Red Clouds Sect, which was why he wouldn’t call her ‘Senior Sister’ like how other disciples did.


“Young Sect Master.” Su Yan looked calmly at the front as she got up slowly and saluted them, “Greetings, Elders.”


The two Elders remained silent as they stood behind Han Qian Cheng like two pieces of wood. The cave was dim, and they stood in the shadows, so it was hard to see their expressions clearly.


“Young Sect Master, why are you here?”


With a faint smile, Han Qian Cheng replied, “I missed you, so I decided to come over to meet you. We haven’t met for a long time, right?”


Su Yan remained calm, “It’s been eight years.”


“Oh, eight years is indeed a long time.” Han Qian Cheng appeared dejected, “It’s true that time flies. I remember that when you first joined our Sect, you weren’t so cold to me.”


Su Yan replied, “I do not mean to discriminate against anyone. If you feel unjustly slighted, then I apologize.”


Han Qian Cheng guffawed, “It’s fine. I know it’s your nature, so I don’t blame you.” He leaned forward slightly, as though he was an aggressive beast that was ready to pounce on his prey, “Eight years have passed. Junior Sister, have you seriously considered my offer?”


Su Yan uttered, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”


With a smile, Han Qian Cheng pointed at her, “Junior Sister, what’s the point of feigning ignorance? You’ve always known what I want.”


“I don’t intend to fall in love with anyone.”


Han Qian Cheng put on a meaningful grin, “Really?” He reached out and took a look at his own hand. Then, he rubbed his fingers and went on to say nonchalantly, “I think it isn’t because you don’t intend to fall in love with anyone, but because your heart already belongs to someone else.”


Su Yan replied, “If you understand, then you should know it’s pointless for you to persist.”


[You slut!] Han Qian Cheng cursed at her in his heart, [I’m the Young Sect Master of Red Clouds Sect, so how am I not comparable to that bumpkin!? I can’t believe you still can’t forget about him after so many years. You’ll soon understand the consequences of going against me. I’ll have my way with you all I want and only after you’re worn out completely will I toss you away!]


“That man is called Yang Kai, right?”


Su Yan’s eternally cold expression finally changed slightly, “How do you know that?”


She had only told Ruan Bi Ting about Yang Kai before, so other people were not supposed to be aware of his existence. The first thought that came to her mind was that Ruan Bi Ting had told other people about it, but she soon realised it was impossible. Ruan Bi Ting was her Master in Red Clouds Sect, and although they were Master and Disciple, they were as close as Sisters, and Ruan Bi Ting had always been good to her. So, there was no way she would mention such a sensitive piece of information to others.


“How could I not know?” Han Qian Cheng chuckled. It was the first time he managed to attract Su Yan’s attention, but he felt dejected instead of happy because she only showed interest at the mention of that bastard. Pretending to be nonchalant, he went on to say, “Let me tell you something, then. That brat called Yang Kai is in Red Clouds Sect right now.”


“What?” Su Yan exclaimed, “What did you just say?” She couldn’t believe her ears. After pulling herself together, she said, “Young Sect Master, please don’t joke with me.”


“You can ask the Elders whether or not I’m telling the truth.”


Su Yan looked hopefully at the two Elders behind him.


One of them nodded and replied, “Young Sect Master is right. Today, a young man called Yang Kai came to our Sect to look for you and said…”


“What did he say?”


“He said he’s your husband.”


Su Yan staggered as her doubt had been cleared. [Yang Kai really was in Red Clouds Sect! Did he come to look for me? Has he been in the Ancestral Domain all these years?] She had always been a dispassionate lady, but at this moment, she couldn’t help but put on a bright smile, one that seemed to make all the colours in the world fade away and dull.


Han Qian Cheng widened his eyes as he stared fixedly at her. He was eager to pull her into his embrace and do whatever he wanted to her when he saw that radiant smile. The feeling of becoming one with such an icy beauty must be different from his experiences with other women.


“It seems that he’s really your husband.” Han Qian Cheng snorted as he was burning with jealousy.


Su Yan uttered, “Young Sect Master, I want to return back to the Sect.”


Han Qian Cheng shook his head and replied, “No! Unless my father gives the order, you cannot go back.” He paused for a moment and grinned, “Moreover, it’s pointless for you to go back.”


“What do you mean?” Su Yan asked with a frown.


“The thing is…” Han Qian Cheng sighed, “That Yang Kai is far too reckless. It’s fine that he came to look for you, but he scolded all of us and destroyed our Sect Defending Array. Our Sect has been around for thousands of years, so we won’t let anyone humiliate us. By now… I presume he must have been captured.” He tutted, “He must be going through an unimaginable ordeal now.”


A sense of coldness that seemed able to freeze people’s hearts appeared in this searing cave all of a sudden.


Han Qian Cheng looked smugly at her, as his intention was to make her furious. [If you beg me properly, I might grant your wish and let you meet your lover before his death.]


However, he soon became startled, because her cold aura had disappeared in the blink of an eye as her expression turned dispassionate again.


He asked, “Junior Sister, aren’t you worried?”


“Worried about what?” She questioned.


Han Qian Cheng was rendered speechless, as her reaction was different from his imagination. [Isn’t she too cold-hearted? That’s her husband after all. Now that he’s in trouble, she should appear worried at the very least. Why is she still so calm and collected?]


“Shouldn’t you be worried about that Yang Kai?”


“There’s nothing to worry about.” Su Yan brushed her hair back behind her ear.


When Yang Kai left the Star Field, he was already in the Second-Order Origin King Realm. Many years had passed, and given his aptitude, his cultivation must be among the top in the Ancestral Domain by now. Although those in the Red Clouds Sect were strong, it would be hard for them to deal with him. Moreover, he was proficient in the Dao of Space, so he was unmatched when it came to escaping.


Han Qian Cheng was startled for a moment before he said, “He’ll end up in a miserable state.”


“He only has himself to blame then.”


“Junior Sister, he’s your husband isn’t he, how can you just ignore his well being? If no one begs my father, he might severely punish him. If that Yang Kai is injured or even dies…”


“It is up to the Heavens to decide his life or death. Young Sect Master, you need not concern yourself.”


“Junior Sister, I’m willing to put in a good word to my father to let him go. You know that he will listen to me.”


“Many thanks for your kind intentions, Young Sect Master, but you don’t have to worry about it. I’m certain you find this place stiflingly hot, so you should probably return.”




“By the way, if you go back and see my husband, please tell him to come over. I’ll be waiting for him here.”


“You bitch!” Han Qian Cheng couldn’t take it anymore and cursed.


Everything went differently from his imagination. He thought that after he told her this news, she would be flustered, and then she wouldn’t reject whatever request he would come up with. As long as she still cared about that bumpkin, Han Qian Cheng would be able to fulfil his long-held wish.


However, everything subverted his expectations. She didn’t even seem to care about that bumpkin’s safety at all.


[How is she so unfeeling and ruthless?] Even Han Qian Cheng felt sorry for Yang Kai. This kind of stone-hearted woman must be taught a lesson so that she would understand how it felt to be with a man.


At that instant, he couldn’t help but start snickering. [It seems that Yang Kai isn’t that important in her heart. However, since I’ve come here, I must obtain her.] 


He raised his head and stared lustfully at her.


Su Yan questioned, “Is there anything else?”


Han Qian Cheng replied, “Although this place is dirty, it must be quite fun to do it here.”


Hearing that, Su Yan scowled.


“I’ve never slept with a woman in this kind of place. I’m looking forward to it. Will you scream after I strip you bare?”


With a clang, Su Yan summoned Profound Frost as a cold glint flashed across her weapon.


A sword wave rapidly swept toward Han Qian Cheng’s eyes as he was engulfed in the fear of death. Although he was in the Origin King Realm, his cultivation was built almost entirely using Spirit Pills. He had never battled against anyone before, so there was no way he could parry her attack. If no one saved him, he would be killed on the spot.


Just then, a big hand landed on his shoulder and pulled him back while at the same time, another hand moved past him and confronted the cold flash.


After a clang, the sword wave scattered and Su Yan withdrew her sword and straightened up as she watched the middle-aged man clad in grey and white clothes before her eyes. This man was in the First-Order Dao Source Realm, the same as Su Yan.


On the other hand, Han Qian Cheng had been saved by another Elder. Although he was fine, he felt as though he had just escaped from death’s door. After he stabilised himself, his cold sweat started streaming down his forehead as he growled, “You! You dare try to kill me!?”


The attack just now was no laughing matter. If the sword wave had hit him, he would undoubtedly have died.




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  1. Good! Show the world women are powerful and can destroy two mere flies on the same realm. Please, author… I beg you, don’t have her becoming an useless cute giggling princess to be saved, when she used to stronger than everyone, with the best potential.

    I’m genuinely scared for the story. Make YK arrive to 2 dead Daos and one useless Sect Master that doesn’t even need crippling.

      1. Don’t you know, every woman in the martial peak world just wants to find a reliable man, that is all they ultimately and instinctually care about. Once they have that they become a plot device for YK to be rescued in some way.

        1. Yeah… one can dream at one point? Falling in love with strong, incredible women, only to make them lose their friends, power, and be only enamored with a MC is really a narcissist simp’s wet dream.

          I’d wish her to stay the strong, incredible woman that decided to venture in the AD herself and stay strong no matter the adversity, and kick some balls at the same time. You know, once in a while in the story?

          1. “Narcissist simp’s wet dream”, perfect description of how the author writes romantic relationships. It’s like the author was describing their dream woman on a dating profile and you can’t tell if it’s satire.

    1. You ALL do realize that this a chinese novel With totally different culture, right?
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      Su Yan, qing’er, Shan qing luo, the one who desguises as a Man… The only chinese “rolê model” is the alquemist one

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